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Life sure is strange


Another one of these Life is Strange model swaps.

Pompidou is a great driver.

20 Life is Strange icons - PART 2 OF ? (SPOILERS.)
  • Made by me while playing episode FOUR.
  • Credit not necessary, but it would be nice if you liked this post if you use/save the icons! ᕙ(`▿´)ᕗ
  • In my game, Kate Marsh is alive and I have played through the scene in the hospital with her. I have not played the alternate scene (I’m guessing there is one.) however I am planning to and possibly will make icons out of that.
  • Characters include: Max, Chloe, Warren, Victoria, Courtney, Hayden, Mark Jefferson.

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I would give whatthefuckever to go to another Vortex Club party with the whole LiS cast just being happy and partying.