hayden mcclaine

The signs as AHS Murder House characters

Aries: Constance Langdon

Taurus: Vivien Harmon

Gemini: Chad Warwick

Cancer: Nora Montgomery 

Leo: Hayden McClaine

Virgo: Ben Harmon

Libra: Moira O’Hara

Scorpio: Tate Langdon

Sagittarius: Larry Harvey 

Capricorn: Billie Dean Howard

Aquarius: Adelaide “Addie” Langdon

Pisces: Violet Harmon

Among all the ghosts in the house, Moira is the only ghost to have a change in appearance even after her death. Theory says Moira keeps getting old because her body is still in the house. What would mean that Vivien's stillborn and Hayden also continue aging.