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Tom Welling, Hayden Christensen and Henry Cavill are ruining my life

Like JFC-LET ME LIVE! (Side note:I’m fully aware that I’m being over dramatic) It is so not fair for these three to be that pretty😩

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Happy Birthday to Stanley Kubrick, the incomparable genius, who helped to create some of the greatest villains of all time!


“You didn’t tell me you and y/n were dating!” Valerie whined as she met with Hayden,

Hayden’s brows furrowed, “What? How did you-”

“Stiles told the whole station,”

“I’m gonna kill him,” Hayden muttered,

“Oh come on, it was an accident, you could see it on his face afterward that he knew he screwed up… Besides, I’ve been on this ship all summer, why didn’t you tell me?!”

“I don’t know,” Hayden murmured, “I wanted things to get more serious before people knew I guess,”

“Hey, Hayden! Oh, hey, Valerie,” you greeted them both.

Hayden looked almost in pain while Valerie smiled brightly at you- almost too brightly.

“What did I just walk into?” You hesitated,

“Welcome to the family!” Valerie flew forward and hugged you.

You couldn’t help but laugh and return her embrace as Hayden rolled her eyes, her cheeks flushed.


Dylan Sprayberry as Liam Dunbar - Werewolf compilation - icons without psd

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Hayden Romero is a girl who loves her sister, who worked at a nightclub for shit pay with a sleazy boss so she can help her sister pay for her medication, because she, presumably, doesn’t have her parents anymore. She tried to help a girl, and ended up getting physically hurt because of it. Not five minutes later, she’s healed and doesn’t know how. A boy who she was mad at for years for punching her in the face on picture day, cost her $200. The boy then tried to pay her back, make her think he might not be satan incarnate after all. Then, that boy tells her she’s not human, there’s a supernatural world, and then changes into a werewolf and growls in her face. She punches him and, again, heals faster than she should. When she runs away from the psychotic freak who’s acting like a madman and could have seriously hurt her, she gets attacked by three monsters. The boy saves her again, protects her from something that she is scared shitless of. She’s just as scared as Liam was of the berserkers, wants someone to talk to, confide to, trust, help her navigate this brand new world that she knows nothing about, like Liam had with Scott, to teach him, and Mason, to comfort him. She goes to the only person in this new world that she knows, that she’s starting to trust. He says he’s going to protect her, that he’ll get her protection. And what happens? The person who she is told will protect her is using her for bait. She, and the boy, get kidnapped by monsters who experiment and torture them. They go through it together, with only each other. And then someone comes along to save them, and he does. He literally saved her, and the boys, life. She feels grateful and trusts him. Then, she dies. The boy tries to help her, but can’t. She wants to see her sister, but can’t. The boy who she’s grown to care about, to trust, leaves her. She dies with a woman she barely knows in a dark, dreary part of a hospital. She comes back to life, saved by the guy who saved her from being tortured, told that she is ‘his’, has no one else to help her understand all of this besides him. So, no, Hayden Romero is not ‘just a love interest’. Hayden Romero did not ‘ruin Liam’s character and his storyline’. Hayden and Liam did not hate each other one episode and then love each other the next. Hayden Romero is not a bitch for not going to Liam. Hayden does have a sense of loyalty. Hayden Romero is not a bitch for leaving Liam, who told her he would heal, to find her sister, who is being chased by a monster that could very possibly kill her. Hayden Romero is a strong, 3-dimensional character with flaws, personality traits, and a history. Hayden Romero does not deserve your hate just because you want to be with Liam, or because you’re misogynistic, or racist, or whatever other dumb-ass, ridiculous reason you have.

Remember how before 5B aired, Jeff said in interviews that we’d be learning why sisters Hayden Romero and Valerie Clark have different last names and why Hayden’s parents aren’t in the picture?

Remember how in interviews, it was teased that Mason is the youngest in his family, with lots of adult siblings, and that we’d be learning more about that?

Remember how the episode before Boyd died, we learned for the first time about his sister who mysteriously disappeared years before and is a huge source of guilt for him?

Remember how any time it came up at cons and in interviews that Danny’s last name means Full Moon, the coy response was always along the lines of ‘well you’d think something like that would probably have to be significant in a show about werewolves, huh’.

Notice how titular main character Scott McCall apparently has no family other than his mom and his deadbeat dad, not even a reference to cousins or aunts or uncles or grandparents, while we’ve seen multiple generations of the Argents, the Martins, the Stilinskis and the Hales?

It’s almost like there’s some pattern to which characters on the show just get their backstories and families and various other information about them teased, and which ones we’ve seen several generations of their families and delved deep into family history and the significance of their names and relationships and so on and so forth…..

Gosh, there’s something right in front of my face, I can feel it, now if only I could put my finger on it, hmmmmm.

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The only way in which the tw potcast is gonna be less messy then the show is that they won't have prop fails. No more Hayden Clark or Donavan and no need for half assed make up and CGI.

They’ll find a way.