hayden bryerly


Does anyone else see Jonnor as a younger, more innocent and less abusive version of Gallavich?


Here’s my logic:

1.Connor comes from a home where he has an abusive, homophobic father! Which is exactly like Mickeys father!

2. Looking at Connor as Mickey means we can also draw the parallel of Mickey making the first move, which is just like Connor making the first move. Connor with the pinky or kiss and Mickey in 1x07! These characters making the first move is interesting since they’re the ones to deny they’re gay (at first in Ms case)!

3. Ian and jude are both very open with there sexuality! They are very clear from the beginning that they are/could be gay!

4. Jude comes from a big family who really support him and his confusion over his sexuality, much like Ian’s family do for him!

I love what the writers are doing with these ships! How gay relationships are portrayed on TV are so important, because these stories can really help people going through this! Yes these stories are very different but they are also very similar!

Gallavich are a lot further along in their story since they’ve had 5 seasons of development, where as Jonnor has only had 2! The fact that Mickey said ‘I love you’ and Connor made a move on Jude inside the space of one week was really interesting for me! And made me compare my two favourite ships!

Can anyone else think of other parallels?

And if you haven’t seen either of these shows WATCH THEM!!!