I’m going to have to re-watch the episode later because there was a storm and it kept cutting out the sound on my TV during the second half of the show.

Some general thoughts:
-I don’t want Zach to go home UGH
-I already disliked Christine but now I REALLY dislike her
-I know it’s weird to be both a Haycole and Zankie fan, but screw it, Nicole is great! She wants to make big moves in this game!
-Hayden is smarter than anyone gives him credit for
-Jocasta’s DR sessions are life
-There was a major lack of Zankie
-There was a major lack of Donny
-It makes me happy that Cody’s only relevance is his love for Zac Efron
-Frankie is clueless
-I’m rooting for Victoria
-I don’t even know what to think about Caleb
-Zach’s meltdown ripped my heart out
-Derrick is a mastermind and they should just hand him the 500,000 dollar check right now

Nicole spilling the beans on her time in the jury house with Hayden. Apparently he realized how much he missed her once he was evicted and started tearing up a bit when she showed up in jury, and he gave her lots of forehead kisses, and would make her breakfast every morning

EDIT; THIS JUST IN: he also picked her roses from the garden aND WROTE HER CUTE LOVE NOTES

7/21/14 - Part 3

*Flashback is an hour off, likely due to the time change, so I’m listing both times.  The 1st time is the ACTUAL timestamp that should be entered into the flashback calendar.  The 2nd is the time that BBViewer shows when it plays the flashback.

10:54 AM ¾         (showing as 11:54 AM)  Nicole comes back outside and asks, “Am I interrupting?”  Frankie says, “No, we were just talking about the veto competition and how everyone’s such a fucking idiot.”  She asks, “How what?”  He says, “Except for you.”  She asks, “What’d you say?  Ohh.”  He says, “How you’re the only person…”  She says, “That’s so funny.  I don’t think they’ve ever seen that happen before.”  Frankie says, “America’s gonna be like, ‘Thank God for Nicole.  Everyone else is a fucking moron.’”  Nicole almost knocks over her stein and says, “Oh shit.”  She sits on the couch and says that her dad doesn’t watch the show and isn’t gonna understand why she didn’t take the trip to Germany.  Frankie says, “No.  Every superfan’s gonna be like, ‘You’re a hero.’”  Hayden asks, “Can I see your wiener schnitzel?”  She says, “Yeah.  It’s broken,” and tosses it to him.

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