Even though I lost interest in the fandom, I’ve been wanting to make myself a new ponysona that represents most of my interests. Glittersweet is a colorful pony who loves anything glittery, holographic, colorful, sweets and of course a good hayburger. ❤❤❤

She also enjoys painting her hooves with glittery & colorful hoof polish.

In other words, she’s a colorful, glittery mess but I love her and is pretty much me as a sparkle horse~ ✧・゚*✧・゚


Also casually retconning a previous announcements on the TSSSF cards.

In favor of just not murdering myself, the TSSSF expansion that was previous mentioned is still planned but will be considered for the year afterward. Not only due to the fact drawing so many cards was admittedly unreasonable (and not worth the profit margin compared to other priorities atm), but we’re not 100% on the market for them.

Instead, I will be selling (~30?) sets of my OC cards (+ a Hayburger Pinkie card bonus) at BronyCon (and onward depending on sales impression). These designs may also be found on my dA with a rough text version. All of the text/names/ficlet/etc. have been reworked/improved now since then, with these finalized versions being con-exclusive. Yes all the Pony cards are Specials still.

A loud belch was heard from a distant cafe. The sign flipped from “open” to “closed” with an added note that read “SOLD OUT.” The double doors opened as a large blue blob with freckles came out. Or, it would seem like a blob from a distance. In reality, it was the pegasus known as Pepper Dust, and judging by her bloated belly, she had gone on a food raid. Again.

“Ugh, so full.” She groaned and hiccupped. “I couldn’t eat another bite. Actually, wait a minute.” She pressed a hoof to her gut and felt around. “Ballpark estimate but…I think I could actually fit TEN more bites in there.” She shrugged and kept waddling, her legs trying to hold up the weight of her body. Sweat dripped down from her forehead. “Shouldn’t…have skipped…leg day…” she said through gritted teeth. Even though she felt slightly sick, she had no regret. It was all-you-can-eat pancake day at ITROT. However, what the owner failed to realize was just how much a single pony COULD possibly eat. Unfortunately for the manager and other customers, they had to close early. FORTUNATELY for Pepper, she had the biggest and best brunch of her life.

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xxweedprincess420xx  asked:

Twilight hasn't eaten all day cause she's been nose deep in a book and she's trying to convince Rarity to share her Hayburger and Fries but Rarity refuses cause it's the best burger she's ever had.

“It’s just ONE bite, Rarity!” Twilight exclaimed. “You can’t even give me one bite?! Really?!”

It wasn’t that Rarity was a glutton, far from it, but dear heavens above, these burgers were truly from another plane of existence!

“It’s hardly my fault you forget to eat all day, Twilight,” she said, levitating a fry and almost teasingly waving it in front of the alicorn. “I did ask you several times if you wanted me to buy you something from the shop.”

Twilight’s eyes grew large. Her ears lowered. Her lip jutted out. Rarity froze. Oh no.

“Rarity…” she said, inching closer like a wounded puppy seeking comfort. “Please…”

Rarity bit her lip. “No, Twilight! You shan’t convince me! I don’t care how adorable you are! I asked you five times! FIVE!”

Twilight’s eyes somehow grew larger. Was she casting a spell?! She would!

“Rarity,” she whispered, leaning even closer, “for me?” “Oh, all right, fine!”

Rarity relented, turning away with a huff. “That was completely unfair to me! It’s cheating!” “Nope,” Twilight replied, taking a fry and levitating it towards her mouth. “It’s knowing your marefriend’s weaknesses.”

and here’s a drawing that i totally drew like i said i would. totally. im so good at art, its almost like someone else drew it

im accepting two more prompts maybe

send ur asks

Seeing a princess massacring a large hayburger combo is shattering his fragile reality, so he copes the only way he knows how; chewing on some fries and retreating into his imagination.