hayato uchiyama

a few weeks old but!! this was my submission for the world order international fanbook that was delivered during their 2017 art exhibition!

(there’s a clip of joony looking at it aaaa!!!)

Day 007

All of the men in World Order are beautiful. Hayato Uchiyama* is my favorite after Genki Sudo. He has a bigger role in their silly music video, Change Your Life, which makes my little fangirl heart very happy.

If I thought Genki was hard to draw, Hayato was even more so. It doesn’t look 100% like him, but I think I’m getting the hang of copying people’s likeness (and without a grid!) Pretty happy that I did this in about an hour. I think I’ll be focusing on portraits (preferably speedpaints) for a while until I get really good at it. :)

* Hopefully Google did not lead me astray while trying to match these guys to their publicized names.

Today marks the first week of my Doodle a Day challenge! It is usually around this or the second week that I start having trouble keeping up, based on previous attempts. I hope this year will be different.


I swear this is what POREOTICS is going to look like when they’re old. Ahaha, their tutting made my day. (Courtesy of Kai Goh)

須藤元気(Genki Sudo)「WORLD ORDER」の “2012

作詞:須藤元気  作曲:須藤元気/ Takashi Watanabe/今井悠
Music by Genki Sudo /Takashi Watanabe[over rockets]/Yu Imai  Words by Genki Sudo


After watching through the second time, paying attention to the main six, I decided to find out when Genki showed up. 4 or 5 times (ending scene), not including the cinematic cut in the beginning. That counts as one time.

He’s wearing the pink head and camouflage outfit.
Edit: I looked closer and there are animals on it. Sea horses, for example.

Last image is now my background.