[ Mahiro’s tweets on 25/07/14 ]
• Q: what do you want to this summer?
A: I wonder what~。(*´・ω・)
I want to do things like BBQ and going to beach

• Q: Did you do fireworks?(*^^*)
A: I didn’t 。。。
I want to(*´∀`*)

• Q: recently it seems like Mahiro wears skirt a lot😊💕

A: Really??
I think recently I wear one-piece a lot。。。(haha)

• Q: what is your most favorite school event?💓

A:I kinda like the sport festival。(haha)
Our class’ strength as an unity is really great。(* ̄ω ̄*)

• Q: when I went to the festival there was tomato candy😳😳 haha
Did you know?

A: eh!? Tomato candy!? What’s that(゚д゚)!
It sounds delicious!

• Q: does anyone call you ‘Mahi-chan’ at school?

A: they call me Mahiro!!!(* ̄ω ̄*)

• Q: Do you prefer long distance running or short distance?

A: short distance!!!
I’m not good at the long distance(´・ω・`)

• Q: Do you have any nickname?

A: Mapiro, Mapi, Mahiron, Mahipero, Mahi-chan, etc…(* ̄ω ̄*)

• Q: Do you still like bears now?🐻

A: I looove bears♡♡

• Q: Mahiroーーー♡
What application are you using when you take pictures?♡

A: Yes♡
I’m using Camera360( ❛ᴗ❛ ( ❛ᴗ❛ ♡