The other day it was snowing a lot huh!!

Because of that the event im Tama Plaza was cancelled。。。


No one can do anything to weather。。。yeah。。。

Considering safety, maybe it cannot be helped too。I regret it。

Maa、but we was able to do event on Sunday right!!

It was fun\(^o^)/

and then!!
To be able to make this feeling becomes high!
“Snow is falling hard!
Because it was long awaited!”

Though only in a short time、during that time we played with all our might(≧∇≦)♡

There wasn’t a lot of time since we might catch a cold!!That is not good!!!

Somehow it seems like it’s heavy snow in 10 years right!!

Because the snow was smooth and soft too.
“ It was icy but cold!!”
seems like there was no feeling like that in my imagination。

Everyone played snowfight seriously。

The true face of girls that shoud not be shown。

Girls are serious when it is time to be serious too。

By the way, the remote controller for watching recorded video has disappeared In Miki’s room.。

We searched for it together but in the end we could not find it(°_°)

…remote control where are you remote control。

Because I always see remote control、appear to be seen to rikomon*?* okay。

…what is rikomon。

Somehow it’s a little bit cute。♡

Well then、see you again(≡・x・≡)

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Good evening!!

Today is Rikako’s 18th Birthday。

Though when we met she was 15, in the third year of Junior High School、time sure flies。。。

You are really going to be adult。

But、you are an airhead、you easily got influenced、yet remains reliable、an older sister。。。

I really really really feel…

The opposite of hate

To Rikako。

Because we both love our hometown and we have the same hometown, we talked about our hometown at that time (debut)。

The two of us went to eat things such as sushi and pasta together。(haha)

Rikako is the member I took photos with the most。
Purikura too

I’m attaching those photos today


Get taller soon♪(haha)


Today we are doing Nico Live at nightー!

Hokago Fairies

Please certainly see it okayーーーーーーーー*  ( ¨  )  *

/ ̄ヽ   / ̄\ お
レ⌒ヽ>──く/⌒ | め
ヽ/     \_ノ で
゜/   _   ヽ と
| ●/●\● ┃
+ヽ¨(  人 )¨ ノ〇
┏┓〇 ┓
┃┗┛  *。 * *。 。* * 。*
┣┛┗APPY 。゜
┣━━┓ °。°☆祝☆° 。°
┃゜D*┃°。☆おめでとぉぉぉ☆ 。゜
┃*D゜┃ 。゜

Well thenー!


Ah、Bye bye!


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[ Mahiro’s tweets on 25/07/14 ]
• Q: what do you want to this summer?
A: I wonder what~。(*´・ω・)
I want to do things like BBQ and going to beach

• Q: Did you do fireworks?(*^^*)
A: I didn’t 。。。
I want to(*´∀`*)

• Q: recently it seems like Mahiro wears skirt a lot😊💕

A: Really??
I think recently I wear one-piece a lot。。。(haha)

• Q: what is your most favorite school event?💓

A:I kinda like the sport festival。(haha)
Our class’ strength as an unity is really great。(* ̄ω ̄*)

• Q: when I went to the festival there was tomato candy😳😳 haha
Did you know?

A: eh!? Tomato candy!? What’s that(゚д゚)!
It sounds delicious!

• Q: does anyone call you ‘Mahi-chan’ at school?

A: they call me Mahiro!!!(* ̄ω ̄*)

• Q: Do you prefer long distance running or short distance?

A: short distance!!!
I’m not good at the long distance(´・ω・`)

• Q: Do you have any nickname?

A: Mapiro, Mapi, Mahiron, Mahipero, Mahi-chan, etc…(* ̄ω ̄*)

• Q: Do you still like bears now?🐻

A: I looove bears♡♡

• Q: Mahiroーーー♡
What application are you using when you take pictures?♡

A: Yes♡
I’m using Camera360( ❛ᴗ❛ ( ❛ᴗ❛ ♡