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"Please don't be scared. I'm still the same person... dead or not."

haunted starters

Tears bead along Ryū’s lids, staring at the incorporeal form of her friend. Wilting, she feels the ground beneath her knees as she loses her legs.

“…not you, too,” she whispers, palms resting against the earth as she bows her head. Her fingers curl, digging into the dirt as she feels anger at herself bubble beneath her skin.

How many more? How many more people that she loves will she let die?!

She already lives in a maelstrom of spirits within the abandoned compound. Voices, whisper-like touches, shadows in the corners of her eyes…they surround her every waking moment. Both a comfort, and a constant reminder of her failures - of the past she can no longer touch.

And now…there is one more.

Looking up to Rei, she whispers, “I’m s-sorry…I’m so…sorry…”

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Angst symbols: drugs in handbag

⚈: my muse’s reaction to finding drugs in your muse’s handbag

“Whoa, easy there!” Catching Rei’s arm, the medic gives her a smile. “You must be more tired than you look. Here, I’ll take your bag - you just focus on the stairs, okay?”

Before Rei can protest, Ryū slips her purse off her arm by a handle, the other loose and letting it flare open. Moving to catch the lip before anything spills, she stills as a bottle meets her eyes.

She can feel Rei tense beside her, but ignores her.

Plucking the bottle out, Ryū’s brow draws as the sound of pills rattles within the plastic. Her voice is quiet.

“…what are these…?”