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for those of you who don’t know who i’m talking about, i’m referring to this awesome guy. He’s from the beloved anime of my childhood: Kodomo no Omocha, or Kodocha for short. If you haven’t watched it, WATCH IT. IT’S HILARIOUS. AND SAD. AND SO GOOD. PLEASE.

Akito was my first anime boyfriend or anime crush or whatever. (i was like 10 or 11. don’t judge me) Not just because he’s cute. I could relate to him on a personal level. He is a rebel and acts like an apathetic punk. The reason for that was because he was mistreated at home. His family hated him; blamed him for everything…..because his mother died giving birth to him. He was blamed for her death. He suffered a lot of verbal abuse from his father and sister. So he shut everyone out and started causing trouble for everyone at school. He became a gang leader in his elementary school (yeah i know that sounds ridiculous. whatever. but this punk blackmailed his freaking teachers by using a photograph of them kissing. omg)

But after Sana barged into his life, everything changed. she confronted his family for being so abusive to him; a couple of my favorite quotes are:

“But what do you expect? Calling him a monster his whole life and he’s gonna start acting like one; even I know that!”

“You call him a monster, but what about you? You people are nuts; fruitcakes! You’re all mixed up…yEAH! LIKE SOME KIND OF CRAZY STEW!" 

This anime and manga in general helped me a lot with my own situation. I could see myself in both Akito and Sana; so that’s why this anime and this character will forever hold a special place in my heart.

I mean come on. Akito Hayama. Despite being a rebellious punk, he’s cool and collected. He’s athletic (and excels at karate), intimidating, and is very loyal and protective of his friends. He’s also one sassy little mofo. and also very smooth. He’s ….somewhat reclusive. He also loves sushi. I tried sushi for the first time simply because he liked sushi xD And he has acrophobia….which i sort of developed but it turned into Bathophobia lmao. He’s obviously had a giant influence in my life and i am thankful that he exists. I don’t care if he’s fictional. He exists. and he’s wonderful and I love him to death. 

I got really off topic but anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

My first OTP

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Anime OTP Challenge

KODOCHA - Akito Hayama and Sana Kurata

Since this IS an art blog, figured I’d expand a little. Don’t worry, I have plenty of RWBY art still to give you all and STRQ is still my main obsession!

Some of you seemed curious about my previous interests beyond RWBY. Well, while I was never in any ‘fandom’ at the time (there wasn’t even such a thing as ‘Tumblr’ or even ‘Youtube’ when I watched some of these shows and shipped the relationships I did), I did watch anime and read manga as if there was no tomorrow all through my childhood. As such, I’ve gained a vast knowledge of 80′s anime/manga all through what we have today!

So, why not share my OTP’s with you all? Once a week, you’ll see a couple that I ship and maybe introduce you to an anime you’ve yet to see.

Here we have one of my first OTP’s, Sana and Akito from KoDoCha! 

They were such screwed up little kids, both affected by their environment and upbringing, but nothing was unbelievable about their childhoods. The show tackled real issues that kids face every day, including adoption, divorce, and how a broken home can foster a violent school bully. The show was very aware that children are not stupid and witness what adults do and how they feel about said adults putting them into compromising and shitty situations.

It was also super silly and heartwarming, too. Just a good mix of feels and happy times.

An oldie, but a goodie, first on the list is KoDoCha!