This artist is pretty infamous. He has a reputation for not only being a bad furry artist, but also an internet vigilante, and by internet vigilante, I mean he makes hilariously ineffectual legal threats against critics and the ED Forums.

This isn’t an internet drama blog, so let’s focus on Hayakain’s art and why it isn’t very good.


This fight scene is very stiff and unnatural looking. The art is static and doesn’t show any fluidity or momentum. The two furry women don’t look like they’re fighting, they look like they’re angrily posing next to each other.

1. The pink girl’s ankle is bent in a way that ankle joints cannot bend naturally. Again, there’s no momentum to the artwork so the pose has no credibility.

2. Red girl has a tiny little arm due to botched perspective. It just looks like the Red girl was born across the street from the Chernobyl plant.

3. Pink girl has spherical balloon tits that her jacket is struggling to contain. Hayakain apparently tried to research what breasts looked like on Wikipedia and looked up Weather Balloons by mistake.

4. Pink girl’s anatomy below the chest is a mess. She apparently has no ribcage because her tits connect straight to her waist and she apparently doesn’t have a pelvis because her legs look they’re growing straight out of her waist without anything that looks like hips.


This is a character design for a fire-based witch, I think…

1. Her tits and shoulders look regular size, but her fucking waist is awful. It’s ludicrously thin compared to her chest and shoulders and her hips aren’t much wider. 

2. Her head is over-sized  especially compared to her lower body. If you draw a woman with a head that is as large as her waist, you are doing something very wrong.

3. The fire is poorly rendered. It’s a transparent orange blob that’s been attacked by the Photoshop smudge tool. When designing a character that uses fire, it helps to actually be able to draw fire.


Foot fetish pic with Sally Acorn

1. The perspective of this is just embarrassing. Sally is supposed to be sitting with her feet facing the viewer, but it’s so poorly executed that Sally just ends up looking like she has giant clown feet.

2. Another part of the botched perspective job is the boots laying off to the side of the bed. They’re far too small to fit on Sally’s giant Sasquatch feet. 

3. Sally’s upper body is all amateur mistakes. Tiny head that doesn't align properly with the neck, perfectly round balloon tits and no ribcage, tiny little noodle arms.

4. Also, Sally’s back and waist are impossibly thin and bending in an impossible way. Did an evil wizard turn her spine into a spaghetti noodle or what?


1. The white Siamese cat girl’s head is turning in an impossible way like the girl from the Exorcist.

2. Buff cat guy has a huge forehead. This is a pretty obvious sign that Hayakain either does not build the structure of his characters or he just plain isn’t good at anatomy, or both.

3. Siamese cat girl’s body is the same body Hayakain draws for all his women. Her breasts are over-sized  perfectly round and defy gravity. Her arms are absurdly thin and have no musculature. 


Holy fuck this picture…

1. The red haired woman’s upper body is way, way too small.  Her head is too small in relation to her chest, her chest is too small in relation to her shoulders, her shoulders stick way the fuck out and her arms are awkward little scrawny stick things. And the whole thing is too small for her…

2. …Lower body. Her upper body goes into this ridiculously over-sized lower waist and hip region. The two halves of her body do not fit together at all and it looks like a fun-house mirror reflection that has come to life.


Krystal the fox picture.

1. Her head does not fit the rest of her body. It’s over-sized and this becomes especially obvious when you compare it to her tiny little neck. She looks like a fucked up bobble-head doll.

2.  Her breasts are facing opposite directions. God damn it, Hayakain. Have you ever even been in the same room as a figure drawing textbook?

3. Her waist is stupidly long and it’s bending in a way that is only possible for the slinky dog from Toy Story.

4. Lastly, her arm is once again too thin compared to the rest of her.


1. Her head does not fit the rest of the body stylistically. Her head looks like it belongs on a cutesy little cartoon animal and yet it’s been pasted on a very poorly drawn female body.

2. Giant tits, no ribcage, typical Hayakain.

3. Her waist is ridiculously thin, flattened-looking and bent forward so impossibly far that she looks like she’s turning into a table.

4. Her hips are wider than her torso and you can see one leg going behind the waist. Apparently, all of Hayakain’s women are made out of taffy.

Hayakain has surprised me. I never thought I’d actually see an artist with worse anatomy than Alex Ahad.