Hay Adams Hotel weddings Washington DC
Hay Adams Hotel weddings Washington DC Hay Adams Hotel Weddings DC 800 16th St NW Washington, District of Columbia Hotels which provide all in one service an...

Hay Adams Hotel weddings Washington DC

 Hay Adams Hotel Weddings DC

 800 16th St NW 

Washington, District of Columbia 

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Hay Adams Weddings DC 800 16th St NW Washington, DC 20006 HAY ADAMS HOTEL WASHINGTON DC WEDDING HERE EVERY MOMENT IS UNFORGETTABLE. Any wedding at the historic…

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Hay Adams Weddings DC 

800 16th St NW Washington, DC 20006 


bbkld  asked:

If I were ever to make a list of the 100 most interesting Americans never to be President, John Hay will be in the top third. Fascinating career and history. Have you read anything about his relationship with Robert Todd Lincoln?

I definitely agree. John Hay was like the Forrest Gump of last half of the 19th Century and the first few years of the 20th Century. Hay was a very fascinating figure in our history, and underrated as a diplomat, as a Presidential adviser, as a writer, and as an influence on the events of his times.

There are some really good books that have been released within the past couple of years on Hay, the Hay-Adams circle of friends, and Robert Todd Lincoln. First and foremost is John Taliaferro’s All the Great Prizes: The Life of John Hay, from Lincoln to Roosevelt (BOOK | KINDLE), which was published in 2013 and is the definitive biography of Hay. I think I had listed it in the top three or top five books that I read in 2013.

I’d also recommend Joshua Zeitz’s 2014 book, Lincoln’s Boys: John Hay, John Nicolay, and the War for Lincoln’s Image (BOOK | KINDLE), which focuses more on the influential roles that Hay and Nicolay played as President Lincoln’s private secretary during his Administration, and their efforts (along with Robert Todd Lincoln) to shape and secure Abraham Lincoln’s legacy following the assassination, particularly through their exhaustive, 10-volume biography of the 16th President. They also played an important part in Lincoln’s literary legacy by editing his complete works. Both collections are available online for free through Archive.org.

Two other recent books on John Hay that are worth your time are Philip McFarland’s John Hay, Friend of Giants: The Man and Life Connecting Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, Henry James, and Theodore Roosevelt (BOOK | KINDLE), and The Statesman and the Storyteller: John Hay, Mark Twain, and the Rise of American Imperialism (BOOK | KINDLE) by Mark Zwonitzer. McFarland’s book covers the entire career of Hay and makes it clear why I said he was like the Forrest Gump of the 19th Century. Zwonitzer narrows his focus to the last act of Hay’s lengthy public service, particularly Hay’s time as Secretary of State under President McKinley and President Roosevelt. 

And for more on Robert Todd Lincoln, the best choice is Jason Emerson’s 2012 book, Giant in the Shadows: The Life of Robert T. Lincoln (BOOK | KINDLE). Robert Todd Lincoln’s life is just as fascinating and full of quite a few Forrest Gump moments of his own: like being in proximity of three Presidents – his father, James Garfield, and William McKinley – at the time of their assassinations; like the fact that his life was once unknowingly saved, coincidentally, by Edwin Booth, the famous older brother of the man who later assassinated his father; like being present at Appomattox when Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant; like accompanying President Arthur on a lengthy, cross-country vacation to Yellowstone while serving as Secretary of War; and much, much more.

You can’t go wrong with any of those books. That’s a really fascinating era often overlooked because it took place after the Civil War and after Reconstruction but before the turn of the century and the beginning of the 1900s, and John Hay is one of the more interesting overall figures in American history.

anonymous asked:

I, as a resident of Massachusetts, can confirm that on februcembrr 39th we leave out some biscuits and hay for John Adams. If they are of good taste he will leave you a shiny rock

anonymous asked:

Please give me any headcannons about Ronan as an Exy player and Adam as his boyfriend

ok i have had this sitting in my inbox for days because i didnt know where to start. i have aus of aus of that au. its crazy. i have alternate versions of every scene. here goes a tiny fragment of it …… never hesitate to ask for more. alSO I HAD SO MUCH TROUBLE STAYING ON TRACK wtf

  • PSU is recruiting six new foxes and ronan is kevin’s pick because he’s fucking good and he plays like he needs to take a personal revenge against the game + he’s an orphan with a record so he’s fox material (how the fuck did this kid even get to stay in the team he never set a foot in class ????? ‘i dont care i want him on my court’)
  • they went to henrietta to get him but if you want it on another post ask for it because it could escalate quickly
  • he rooms with matt and aaron. his first day, no one is expecting him but he comes in with a duffel bag over his shoulder an no hair, smelling faintly of oil, looking angry, eyes the empty bed, throw his shit on it and leaves again
  • aaron rolls his eyes like,,, serioUSLY another problematic one
  • matt is smiling because new friend and he makes him think of seth
  • if you want one with the first time he meets each of the foxes send me an ask because you asked me to focus on adam so i nEED to control myself
  • anyway! he’s relentless at practice and he works hard. kevin is satisfied (he doesnt tell ronan though bc compliments are against kevin’s religion)
  • he’s been in a few fights bc of people being smartasses but mostly he just wants to be left alone and he doesnt really bond with anyone
  • three weeks in and he still has never said anything personal apart from ‘fuck off you shitstick’ and a few niceties with matt on a good day. also he nodded respectfully at andrew’s car
  • all of the other new foxes are slowly letting their barriers down and becoming a part of the team one fight at a time, but ronan’s just… constant. not making an effort to fit in, in a way that would make everyone think he had a home waiting for him somewhere and being a fox wasn’t the main thing in his life (tssss)
  • he practices, doesn’t talk to anyone in the changing rooms, barely exchanges nods with aaron and is civil but unpersonal with everyone else
  • a month in, on a sunday morning he unexpectedly sees renee at church. they smile at eachother but thats all, respecting the other’s weekly moment of privacy
  • it all goes downhill from there because ronan starts to realize that even though he has his secured lifelong squad, maybe the foxes he’s about to spend 5 years with are worth getting along with (kidding, adam threatened him with no more skype sex/nudes until he started being nicer with his teammates)
  • nicky is absolutely crazy about ronan’s car and begs him to take him for a drive. ronan says no a million time until he’s starting to throw a punch at him to shut nicky up and neil is smoothly pulling nicky out of harms way without a word bc he can #relate to the kind of reaction nicky provokes
  • allison and ronan start street racing!!!!! and its the only form of dialogue they ever have. theyll just text eachother something like ‘race?’ or ‘streets?’ and silently flood the quiet street at night
  • a crazy ass fuck amount of betting develops on his ass because cOME ON the guy is a mistery and his file didnt say anything about him being antisocial and fucking weird wtf he was supposed to be just another rebel antisystem kid not a silent bald entity???
  • they even ask andrew to rile him up to see him react but the smol puppy couldnt care less and would rather kiss his nothing
  • ronan who started off thinking they were the college sports team version of aglionby student council boys => shallow and too mainstream for him is realizing theres more to them and some of them can be kinda fun but by now he doesnt know how te get closer to them
  • meanwhile ADAM is taking smart classes in his ivy league school and the threesome are having a morally questionable roadtrip. ronan still hates phones but he may do an exception at least 5 times a week for these assholes
  • in this au lets consider opal can take care of herself back at the barns???? in which case he’s 24/7 on facetime w her dont lie to urself and no one ever knows where he disappears when actually he’s just checking in on his daughter, nerd
  • anyway. everyone thinks he’s a tragic sob story and he’s got no one thats why he’s so quiet and closed off so the team takes him out to colombia to get him a lil drunk and see what’s up with this bitch (allison), make sure he’s not a danger to the team (andrew), make sure he’s really straight (nicky)
  • he totally insults everyone but he’s in his car on his way by 5pm, punk
  • ofc they dont have problems making him drink….him getting drunk actually takes a lot longer than expected tho
  • anyway theyre drunk and half the team is dancing and then nicky casually asks ronan to join and ronan says ‘yeah’ ??????
  • he dances ????? tHOSE HIPS!
  • renee tells him a joke in his ear and he laughs ?;!
  • you have to know maybe he would burn cities for adam’s smile but the world would willingly sacrifice itself by fire for ronan’s laugh
  • everyone is :o
  • anyway after a while they go to get another drink and allison/nicky/two newbies are scanning the crowd for people to make out with
  • nicky (still trying to be subtle) : ‘ronan that girl over there is SO checking you out’
  • ronan : *snorts* not interested
  • nicky : *dramatic eye roll* oh pLEASE, dont tell me you dont swing either
  • ronan : *quirked eyebrow* oh believe me i do
  • thats it he goes on dancing, so frustrating because nicky still doesnt know!!!
  • from that night on theyre slightly closer but ronan rarely shares anything about back home. they dont know if he has any friends so they assume he doesnt because he’s a fox and they slowly start accepting him in
  • he did disappear for three whole days once but well,,, whtever
  • then thanksgiving weekend happens
  • they have a game on friday afternoon (idk man im not american how does it even work) & since its the upperclassmen’s last year they decided to have a fox thanksgiving at abby’s
  • the game happens, they win, everyone is happy and most of the foxes are on the parking lot going back to their car
  • ronan was held back by wymack who needed to talk abt something
  • nicky screams
  • because,,, leaning against the side of the black bmw there is a boy which 1) whO IS HE HE SO PRETTY 2) why is he against lynch’s car 3) wtf he’s gonna get killed
  • so of course its only his civic duty to protect a fellow citizen when he goes up to this boy ….. he just wants to warn him whose car he’s leaning against
  • ‘hey there. my name is nicky, im with the foxes, hm, whatcha doing here …? cuz this is kind of our friend’s car and hm he really cares about it so…’ while using his pretty man face and making weird gestures in the direction of the car
  • the boy stays silent for like, three lives before saying ‘you’re a friend of ronan? nice to meet ya, im adam’
  • everyone who of course stayed behind to listen is now ??????? who is this adam ? why did they never hear about this pretty boy ? is he just a fan or somthg? ? also is this an aCCENT
  • awkward silence. no one knows what to do. flies are rubbing their hands together. adam is still pretty.
  • renee moves forward. ‘hello adam. we’re ronan’s teammates, who r you?”
  • adam smiles ‘im adam’ he repeats uselessly i swear to god this bitch is useless
  • another awkward silence
  • and then ronan lynch first of his name gets out on the parking lot, looking very angry but no more than usual, walking towards his car without noticing that everyone but a few newsbies is huddled around it
  • when he looks up his face turns even angrier (was that possible???) because what the actual fu–
  • when renee turned around to face him she moved a little and now he can see A Boy Leaning Against His Car
  • you have to imagine ronan lynch’s face at that moment it is a pure source of emotions, shock, confusion, joy, more confusion, self-consciousness, happiness, a poor try at indifference
  • he coughs ‘hm. h-hi, i thought you hm. wasnt i supposed to meet you tomorrow?’
  • ‘thought we could leave tonight and drive home instead of flying’ says tHE bOY
  • and okay this is a key word here home? they have a home in common? is this adam family? but it doesnt look like it and they dont look like eachother and dont have the same vibe at all besides ronan never mentionned any family apart the brothers nicky knows to not be called adam bc he’s checked
  • also there is tENSION between these two you can feel it in the air
  • ronan : ‘can yall fuck off or would you like to climb in the back as well ?’, charming as always
  • the team backs off and they start going to their cars when they realize ronan’s okay but they go suspiciously slow and silently so they can hear/see whats happening
  • ronan and adam r staring at eachother and those nerds cant help but grin at eachother, how gross. they literally cant look eachother in the eye without grinning
  • they havn’t seen eachother irl in a month which :(((
  • adam : ‘nice game.’
  • ronan : ‘i know,’ before kissing him senseless and hugging him at the same time and omg HE HAS MISSED HIS BOYFRIEND SO MUCH LET HIM LIVE
  • nicky is screaming and dropped his bag
  • aaron and kevin are rolling their eyes
  • everyone else is gaping or grinning
  • they make out a bit but then they get in the car because privacy and they have magical threesomes and dreamed up daughters to discuss
  • they were supposd to fly home on their own the day after for thanksgiving, turns out adam thought maybe they’d like to have a roadtrip together instead. also he said matthew and opal sent him a snapchat they’ve already started cooking so they better hit the road fast
  • have you seen ronan lynch’s smile in that moment? probabaly not if you’re still breathing
  • they stop on they way to buy gifts for their daughter
  • allison and nicky receive a picture of ronan, opal, matthew and blue fighting in the hay taken by adam ‘dont tell him but you know he has a soft side’

Avochie Castle, Scotland

Avochie Castle is a ruined tower house, dating from the 16th century, or early 17th century, around 4.5 miles north of Huntly, east of the river Deveron, in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The modern Avochie House is just to the west.

This was originally a property of the Gordons of Avochie, who were active in the conflicts of the reign of Mary Queen of Scots and her son James VI. The castle was the property of Adam Hay Gordon in 1871.

The stroke of midnight: Watsky’s new album, X Infinty, is officially out.

Trust me, this bonus track alone is worth the price. It’s a nearly 10 minute long track about a robot apocalypse & saving themselves and the liquor. It is the This Is The End of rap songs: you’ll be crying about how fucked up this apocalypse is as you hold your sides sobbing with laughter. I went to summarize it, but really, I’ll just let their lyrics speak for themselves…cause this shit is genius.

Adam, ha
I didn’t mean to scare ya
Dude, that’s not a robot
It’s just Iggy Azalea
Must’ve hid up in the bar
To learn about who we are
Then report back to the captain
Of the folks attackin’ my favorite rap stars
Oh shit
Hit her with some fuckin’ duct tape
She came to sing-rap
And give us all some undercut fades
Lo-fi beats transmittin’ telegraphic autotune
Help, she’s inside my head
And I don’t think I am immune
Been repo-d
And I think I’m in deep
I am weepin’ at the seams
Forfeitin’ my dreams  
Of keepin’ the streets G-code
Only way to outrun it
Is doublin’ up on the track
Any and everyone get up and meddle
I mean just puttin’ a pedal into it
Now we taking over the tempo and tunin’ it
Never gon’ let a lesser lemon ruin it
So I’m inducin’ it
Doomin’ em all, I’m undoin’ it, deuces I’m dippin’
Who comin with the kid? I’m out
Headed to dojo
Diggs got pistols hidden in his fro though
These robots think we’re bitch, Diggs, gimme some loko
And let me borrow your Jefferson robe, bro, I’m goin postal
Bay boys ‘bout to put this barrel into some fuckin blowholes

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up, cash
You see I’m trimmin’ my mustache up
I heard all these newly brainwashed rap chicks are really down to fuck (oh no!)
I comb the pistols out the fro and they sittin’ on the table
And there’s two cheesesteaks out in a fully gassed up LeSabre
I’m ready to ride on these haters, let’s go
But you better drive cause you already know
That apocalypse or not, when I’m behind the wheel
My black ass is sure enough gonna get stopped
And we ain’t got the time and the tags are expired
You know how it is, I am really not tryin’ to die today
By cop or by a geek robot
Whoa, stop
Lemme go bottle up this kombucha I’ve been brewing on the back porch
Grab the backpack out the closet, it’s got all of our passports
I’ve been plannin’ this for a minute, seen the writing on the walls
If we survive and find a civilization, they’ve got to know who we are
First, we swoop up Chinaka
In case we need some muscle
Or some reason, or anything other than our indiscriminate hustle
Then we roll through the hood real slow bumpin’ something all of these monsters know
Like a Watsky song? Lo and behold, they’ll follow our car wherever we go
Let’s lead em out to Napa and let em gentrify that bitch up
Start the car, homie—no, we are not stoppin’ for any swishers
Or a McFlurry, blood; there’s no time for that shit
Hold up, there go Nak right there, pull over.
Ayo Nak!
Ayo Nak, get in the car!

Ay Rafa, get backseat
Make room for ya
 fam, friend
I’ll give you this McShake and the end of
 my Hansen
Now what the fuck y’all talkin’ it’s the
 of the world
I been on Pinterest tendin’ to the
End of
 my curls
I mean the sky is always purple
People runnin’ on vapors
I mean the Tribune been gone
I ain’t gon’ read it in the papers
Nothing’s all that different, been the same for black women
When apocalyptic breakfast follow revelation dinners
The lights been out
The water smellin’ of flint
Exquisite corpses layin’ where the bodies had been
No bombs over Baghdad, just drones with grenades
So when life give us citrus, we learn to drop Lemonade
So, okay fellas, shall we get in formation?
Bump some pied piper R up out the trunk this scraper
Do the end of the world stylin’ in our fitteds and gators
Lure these stupid mufuckas on a goose chase
Use whatever’s already in our suitcase
I got this old-world jones for this open road
And my flow so cold, we don’t need AC
I popped fo’ No Doze, I’ll read this formal prose
Bet you Butler knows how to make us free
A Lauren Olamina in Trumped up world
A black magic woman still bein’ called girl
But the only constant is change, Holmes
So let’s get the supplies and then dip up out our Bay homes
Got the earthquake kit and six gallons of gas
I got Diggs in the driver and Raf in the back
Got this passenger seat
 and the last of these sweets
Go north, Daveed, just gun it til wine country
Do it movin’ fluid, like turfin with iDummy
It’s the Bay moves we learned as natives gon’ keep us safe
It’s that forty water-water and an instrumental tape, let’s go
They’ll get tired behind us
I mean half of ‘em hybrid but n*gga, most of ‘em wind-ups
We got nothin’ but power, we got nothin’ but time
I got Kwudi’s new beats and Music of My Mind
But nothin’ left in Napa but the scent of the grapes
No palate-cleansing tapas for discriminate taste
Nothing left in Calistoga but one popped bubble
We got just two dudes and like, one Nak, trouble
Like how the hell we suppose’t repopulate humanity
The two of y’all and me, that’s like, actual insanity
Like ew
That’s really gross, guys
It’s like
Not Diggs
And not Rafa
Not nobody else
Just Getback
Just doin’ it stylin’ in wine country with
Nothin’ else

laserae mentioned earlier that she wanted fic about naps. I totally did work on original stuff this evening, so I let myself do this too. I hope this meets your needs, dear. ♥  (And now I’m off to take a nap of my own!) 

Adam can fall asleep anywhere. It’s funny until it isn’t, and even then it remains a joke much longer than it should. It isn’t funny because the reason Adam can fall asleep anywhere is that he works himself half to death. It’s still a joke because being a little mean to someone is how Ronan Lynch shows he gives a shit about them.

They’re in the back of the Pig on their way home from the forest. Noah’s been sitting between them, but the minute Adam’s head dips onto his shoulder he raises his eyebrows at Ronan and blinks out. Adam barely wakes as he tilts further sideways, reaching for another person to lean against. He presses his temple to Ronan’s shoulder and loosely curls his fingers to clutch at the fabric of Ronan’s t-shirt and leather jacket. Blue, sitting shotgun, catches Ronan’s eye in the rearview mirror and raises her eyebrows in a reflection of Noah’s silent question. Ronan scowls at her. She smiles and sticks her tongue out and then looks out her window at the countryside whipping past.

Everything is loud–from the cold wind tearing in through the open windows to the engine to Gansey prattling on about god knows what over the sound of the radio–and Ronan finds it both incredible and obscene how none of this is keeping Adam awake when sometimes the drip in the shower keeps Ronan awake from two rooms away. He wonders if it’s a power he can steal. He tilts his head sideways until his cheek is pressed into Adam’s soft, unruly hair and lets his eyes slip closed. The wind and the radio and the Pig and Gansey continue to drone on at deafening decibels, until they don’t.

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hamilton things that haunt me
  • sir
  • and peggy
  • WERK
  • i will kill your friends and family to remind you of my love DA DA DA DA DA
  • “we are outgunned” “whAT”
  • “hamilton, how come no one can get you on their staff?” “sIR!”
  • W E K E E P M E E T I N G
  • we’re reliable with the LAYYYYDIES
  • laughin at my sister cause she wants to start a harem
  • i’m just sayin if you really loved me you would share him
  • “she’s married to a british officer” “oh shit”
  • the entirety of wait for it honestly wow good shit
  • i’m a general! wheeeeeee!
  • “can we agree that duels are dumb and immature?” “sure”
  • everyone give it up for america’s favorite fighting frenchman LAFAYETTE
  • okay 19 words in 3 seconds Daveed is a god
  • awesome 
  • wow
  • un deux trois quatre cinque six sept huit neuf
  • “alexander” “hai”
  • john adams doesn’t have a real job anyway
  • “stayyyyyyy” “hey……”
  • honestly wtf hamilton you sack of shit
  • “president john adams” good luck
  • you, you, you
  • i hope that you burn
  • one two three four five six seven-
  • un deux trois…
  • sept huit neuf… sept huit…
  • it’s quiet uptown
  • a dot ham
  • a dot burr
  • best of wives and best of women
  • WAIT

so yeah feel free to add to this list of emotions