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Mapleshade: *kills all these cats after her mate lies leaves her and her kits die because she goes insane and thinks its the right thing to do* Fandom: omg I love Mapleshade! She's my favorite! Ashfur: *tries and fails to kill 4 cats after he's dumped* Fandom: dISGUSTING BURN HIM .... Im confused like why?????? Is this cause Maple is like, one of the only female villains or

first of all that medicine cat was a snitch. frecklewish didnt die and appledusk was an asshole. ashfur was a meninist who overreacted to getting dumped. at least mapleshade had an actual reason to lose her shit unlike melodrama mcchemical romance. also calling ashfur a villain is kind of a stretch, he tried to do one thing, failed, and then got fucking decimated.

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Fluffy Klance- Lance gets so flustered whenever someone flirts back and Keith doesn't know this until this one alien girl flirts back and Lance just flushes and starts stuttering a bit. Keith has been pining on him for a while now so he musters up his willpower and then lays a really good(bad) pick up line on Lance. Lance just stops processing for a good minute and Keith starts to wonder if he broke him when Lance stutters out a reply before running and hiding his red face behind his hands


writer notes:

  • immediacy is brought about by: tactile detail, short sentences / paragraphs interspersed with long ones, ‘conversational fillers’ (huh / what / really / etc) that express surprise or affectation
  • narration from limited points of view (first, second, third-limited) can/do double as character voices — choose your verbs / adjectives / descriptors accordingly
  • when stuck on how to get from point A to point B, start at point B and work backwards (in your head, if you write as chronologically as i do) — start with ‘what would bring about point B’ and then ‘what would bring about that’ and just keep working backwards until you see a link
  • music helps
  • so do caffeine pills and multivitamins
  • remember that it’s okay to take breaks to think once in a while
  • work ‘til your idols become your rivals