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Humans are weird 4

On most alien planets there is one constant language with some variations on slang. So when humans come around and see that Aliens have translators that translate everything to your language well they sold out with in hours on Earth, the Aliens took it a sign as them wanting to connect with everyone in space.

That is until Hsiang was on ship with a pair of humans talking and he noticed his translator glitching when he tried to listen to there conversation almost like if they were switching languages but every planet had their one standard language right? At the moment he thought nothing of it until again he was visiting earth and was with a group of humans from all different parts of the planet and his translator was acting as if they were switching languages, it was getting annoying. Maybe his translator wasn’t used to the human language.

Hsiang was officially over it when hearing two of his crew mates talking back and forth his translator was glitching constantly, he decided to ask

“why is it that when I’m around you my translator glitches? Do humans have some sort of connection to electricity or what?“

“What do you mean?” They asked looking at him weirdly

“Well every time I’m around humans my Translator Glitches like if you were switching languages or something and it was Going hay wire around you two”

"We are”

Hsiang just stared "What.”

They proceeded to explain that there are many different languages that the people of earth speak. That there was of 100 languages and dialects and that some languages die out. Then everything kinda clicked why humans always had they’re translators on even when speaking to each other, why they looked at each other weirdly when one said an odd saying, why on earth there was always a big market of translators on earth even though most of the inhabitants didn’t venture out yet. One thing didn’t make sense yet

“Why is it when you speak in mid sentence my translator glitches ?”

“Oh that’s because we switch language mid sentence”

“Yeah it’s common on earth most people speak 2 or more languages since we didn’t have these nifty translators, although now people might not have a reason to learn another language, it’s actually kinda sad”

DAY 3284 (ii)

Jalsa, Mumbai              Mar 25,  2017                Sat 2:13 pm

Apologies for all the confusion .. tried to put up some pictures and it did not allow me to .. so copy pasted text which went completely hay wire in DAY 3284(i) .. 

So the pictires :

Love .. there are more but the post is not accepting it .. 


Amitabh Bachchan

Cooking with Dan and Phil would include

  • you guys would probably go in being all prepared and ready to make the best kick ass cupcakes for some up coming holiday
  • and phil would probably go all over board like it’s some master chef cooking show
  • like this man child would have judging sheets, narrate the whole process in some annoying announcers voice (”will y/n have enough time to ice and plate his/her creation???), and he’d have a whole array of utensils, that you’ve never even heard of, lined up and ready to go
  • dan would be trying to mix it all together and the mixer would probably go hay wire on him and fly out of the bowl, sending flower and sugar everywhere!! 
  • let’s be real, phil and you would be pouring the batter into the little cups and tins and finding less and less of it every time you go back for another scoop
  • and you’d find it all over dan’s mouth
  • “i didn’t eat it i swear!” (as he licks the raw dough off of his fingers)
  • phil would, again, go overboard with the timer and clock down
  • and once everythings done baking you guys would decorate the crap out of it all
  • and get covered in frosting
  • and in the end it would be a competition for world’s ugliest cupcake
  • cause you all epically failed 
It’s Just a Little Bump in the Road...

Request: “Hi could you please do one in which the reader is a meta-human with amazing powers which they can’t figure out and shes been in star labs for a while now and barry likes her”

Originally posted by rememberofbreathe

(ok so i totally made up this power so i hope it’s not super lame or weird)

“Barry…don’t tell me you like her…” Caitlin quickly patched the young man up, ignoring his little yelps of pain. 

“Ok, I do, what’s so bad about that?” he winced as she poppedhis shoulder back in to place.

“She literally sneezed and you got blasted into a wall!”

“So, that’s just a little bump in the road. Every relationship has a problem you just got to work around.”

“You are an idiot,” she shook her head.

“Love is love, Caitlin dear,” he laughed. 

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Enough with the hate already.

Listen here you fucking fucks. You’re about to read some 3 am hay-wired, naruto-binged ranting so buckle up and enjoy.

For people who call the SasuSaku fandom negative things for liking their otp is so disgusting.
Obviously you guys are certified counsellors/sociologists or something because you got sooooo much to say about it.
I for one (a fellow Naruto fan for 11 years) enjoy the canon. I know they were not the best couple to begin with but half of you fucking fucks probably never even had an actual relationship to begin with. I’m not promoting abuse in any form in general. But its a fUCKING STORY! (You guys must have fun with Disney movies!)
• Yes there were times Sakura pissed me off for loving such dickwad who was hellbent on revenge and was a douche to her.
• For those who complain about Sakura staying in love with Sasuke and she’s stupid for it; In Japan, women who fall in love with someone, they remain loyal to those that they fall in love with and can’t easily give up on them just like that. Hence why Sakura was giving Naruto advice about Hinata. (BTW. Kishimoto = Japanese. Not everything has to be fucking americanized, you ignorant fucks)
• Kishimoto even said he loved her but blocked her out because he needed to avenge his clan. He realized he loved her this whole time after the final fight with Naruto.
• No, Sasuke didn’t get away with everything by saying “sorry” to Sakura, he went on a journey of redemption. He obviously thought about how he hurt his comrades (AKA Sakura, Naruto and Kakashi)
• “He doesn’t love her”
‘Scuse me, in the Sasuke saga novel, you can read that he only came back to Konoha because of Sakura. (And no, she did not fucking beg like you fuckheads say she was.)
• Kishimoto said that the forehead poke was the ultimate expression of love. For those who state that its a “sibling” kind of relationship then why hasn’t he done it to Naruto???¿¿¿
• If Sasuke didn’t care for Sakura why did he try to save her when she was kidnapped in the novel?
• He’s a mysterious character. Yes, I wish Kishi did a better job developing the couple but Kishi was horrible with the romantic parts of Naruto (hence why he didn’t lead “The Last”, only supervised)
• Yes, Sasuke and Sakura were intimate. That is a fact.
• Sasuke is not one for PDA. There are plenty of parents who don’t show affection to eachother in front of their children. (If you don’t believe that, then you’re ignorant.) It is even said that Sasuke is the less dominant one in the marriage because of Sakura’s character. So Sakura isn’t some housewife who doesnt do shit all. She fucking raised her child, even trained her daughter while her husband was off doing a long-term mission that could save his family and village. “What kind of good father does that????¿¿¿” what do soldiers do??? Leave their families to protect their country while their wives/husbands take care of things at home.
• Sasuke isn’t good with talking about his feelings. How he interacted with his daughter at first is a fine example.
• “Why was Sasuke smirking when he left? He had to be happy to leave!”
First of all, like I stated before, Sasuke isn’t one for PDA. It was even stated that he’s more affectionate when they are alone. And he was fucking smirking because Sakura was being selfish asking for more affection after all the fucking sex they had when he came home for the night.

Now, if Sasusaku had developed like Naruhina, it would have been so much better. I agree with that part. But we aren’t going to get a movie. BUT. You can read the NOVELS that CLEARLY state their relationship.

You are entitled to your own opinion, just quit being fucking asshats to people’s otp. It’s a fucking story.

Rainbows and Acidic Precipitation.

Author: DDW

Words: I’m on mobile guyz.

WARNING: I write down anxiety like symptoms. But I don’t mention that the reader has anxiety issues but its kinda obvious if triggered easy by this don’t read.

A/N: It was longer but I decided to put for a part 2, IF YOU GUYS WANT ONE. SO TELL ME. PLEAZEEE. Summary, Highschool hatred + Gorgeous green eyed new kid ≈ ?

Highschool, even the name was an abomination. There was jocks, pricks, nerds, know-it-alls, and teachers. It was all the same plot. It was all never ending. In highschool you were a rare specie called “That one that never talks.” or “Quiet girl.” or literally anything that defined your silence. Hey, it wasn’t like you were on mute it was just nobody bothered to talk to you and you could care less the same exact way. Did you forget to list that you loathed high school and all its infinite mysteries it offers you. Your teachers were bitches, class mates, bitches, homework, bitches, the very floor you walked upon, asshole. Just about anything in relation to that nut house was a dick. You woke up every morning scowling, walked to the bus stop, scowling, sat in the class room, scowling. School did not bring you joy and rainbows, it brought you hells fire and acidic precipitation. “Oh but look at that eye candy,” said no one EVER. All the guys were douche bags with their pants below their crotch and ego game strong. With your luck if the school burnt down they would have the desks nice and ready on the crisp, burning, ash and your parents wouldn’t even protest. School is an eternity of torture and if you hear another adult tell you “Live the best of it because time flies, trust me.” Your going to honestly regurgitate all over them. Miracles happen right, swine flu, chicken pox, snow day in the summer, you needed a break, all this useless work for a some what steady life was over bearing. You were so done with school being a full on stripper sounded more comforting and profitable. But that was what you thought in till…nope your not spoiling details now, let’s get descriptive, deep. It’s story time;

Starting at 7:00 A.M, the blood boiling ringing escaping the speakers of your phone provides intellectual information that the day has now begun. You sit up hair tousled, eyes squinted at the orange glow seeping past your curtains. You stare into nothing for ten minutes questioning your life choices and the existence of living matter on earth and then its time, your bare feet touch the floor heading towards the bathroom that provides the supplies needed to start the day. You shower, dress, touch up, and poof your day to day look is sealed. Your obviously beautiful, you just don’t use it to your advantage because you don’t want to be them or part of them, you trust you, you rely on you, and as coo coo as it may seem you’re at times your own best friend.

8:35 A.M. Breakfast has been consumed, your bags have been packed, and you trudge out the door walking down the trail of tears. There is nothing worst than the feeling of seeing your bus arrive at the stop because all hope of it exploding is lost. Then you see faces, you see groups, you hear gossip, and the bus driver grimaces probably regretting her life choices. You sit way up in the front and pop in the head phones, its a long drive and you have to distract yourself with something or else your going to spew your guts all over the poor kid next to you.

9:00 A.M. The school is in view and your heart pumps about a million miles per hour, your hands get clammy, your legs get shaky, and you seriously feel like you gotta shit your pants. The bus halts and the doors swing open, you literally fly out not even looking back at who you might of bumped or pushed, you’re set on getting this day over with so it can be another line through your colander, so it can be another day survived.

9:05 A.M. You have arrived to your first class of the day, Mrs. Hitch but in all the irony of the state of her personality Mrs. Bitch would be the name. She teaches English a.k.a. Blah blah blah because you’re honestly a genius when it came to the subject so the class period on a day to day basis was literally you staring at the wall, dreaming of being surrounded by respectful, hot men in shining armor and conquering the world of course with your uni-dog-cat-bunny abomination. Hey it’s your world, you could do whatever the hell you wanted. Anyways back to the story line, the day was rather odd and different you could feel it in your bones as you took your seat and awaited for the bell to ring. Five minutes before the bell the usual group of class meddling jocks entered the room but instead of sitting way in the back where their loud voices sounded like whispers, they sat in the middle rows right behind you giggling like a bunch of stereotypical blondes. You had assumed the reason was for the playboy bunny sitting in front of you, but soon you felt a pencil nudging you on the back of your neck, turning around you sent a weaponizing glare causing the boy behind you to chuckle, “Hey. Hey, I’m sorry chick, we just wanted to know if you’d go out with him.” The brown haired annoying boy behind you ignorantly asked pointing to his Blondie friend across from him who sat there barely containing his fit of laughter. Before you could even retort a snark comment to the piece of shit the bell rang and you spiraled right back around in your seat, irritated as hell its self. ““Alright Class we got a new student!” Mrs. Bitch began her words finally not sounding like a bunch of random mumbles. “This is Dean Winchester. Say hello.” Of course nobody said hello because please…this is highschool not kindergarten, but man did you want to, right next to the teacher stood a tall, handsome boy, lush green eyes, salmon pink lips, leather jacket, just ug. Your ovaries. He looked so different, he looked sweeter, kinder, and hell yeah was he cuter than any of the slobs at this hell hole. “Well Mr. Winchester have anything to say?” The teacher asked showing an alienated kindness that would soon end by the next hour. “Not really sweetheart.” He replied, holy shit his voice, it was like honey, it was…holy oh god, beautiful…but his reply wasn’t so much in Mrs. Bitch’s favor you could tell by the angry native look on her face. “Row three, four seats down sir.” She voiced in her usual harsh tone. You were sitting in row two, four seats down, you danced happily in your head, you yes you got the lucky chance to breathe the scent of the mother of god sexy new kid. He took his seat with eyes following him, it was obvious his good looks weren’t going unnoticed, his eyes scanned the room and they seemed to stop at yours, it was kinda super awkward because you couldn’t pull your eyes off him and he seemed to do the same. A couple long seconds passed and he drew his attention to the blabbing Mrs. Hitch, your mind then going hay wire, Was there dry drool on your face? Did you have a booger, severe pimple, a mustache? Just why the friggin’ heck was he staring at you!? And then a stupid familiar voice rudely intruded your process of thinking… “Pst. Hey bitch you didn’t answer my question.” You ignored the douche the best you could, not wanting to cut his tongue off with witnesses around then the ass-hat decided to again probe you on the back of your neck with his writing utensils and honestly you were about ready to rip his penis off. But he breached your last nerve when he did it, the mother fucking righteous dick managed to poke you in your breast, this also caught Dean’s attention some how and man did he look as pissed as you did. You both managed to stand up at the same time the words “What the hell!” being used simultaneously. “Listen up you di-” you started before the ass-hole of an teacher halted you, “The both of you take your seats! You should know better Mrs. Y/L/N.” “But-” You both again shared, “Detention! Now I won’t tell you both again, Have a seat.” You did as told and plopped right down, Dean doing the same, the teacher continued her blah blah and the piss head behind you started to snicker with his frat bro’s, that was in till Dean sent them a deadly looked that shut them up on the spot, then he gazed at you again his damn sexy green candy apple eyes turning soft with sympathy. You sighed when he again looked away…it was going to be a long day.

3:35 P.M; You survived! Hoorah! All life’s obstacles dodged and demolished for the day. But wait… You still had detention.., damn it. If only you ignored the ass-hat but no instead of chilling at home with a plate of pizza rolls and TLC on the television, you would have to sit in a classroom for yet another hour. You checked the slip that Mrs. Bitch gave you, “Report to 188B after classes.” Son of bitch. That was downstairs two buildings from where you already were, you swore the school needed to invest in some escalator and moving sidewalks cause traveling around the school was some tiring business.

3:40 P.M; You walk into detention, zero students and one slobbering sleeping teacher. Thank god it wasn’t the bitch that sent you here, just some bald old dude who looked like he had nothing better to do. A few minutes passed and you heard footsteps from behind you and then a figure took the space of one of the seats next to yours. It was Dean, the high cheek bone cutie from earlier. The boy who made an attempt to defend your honor. “Damn. That guys out. Guess we lucked out.” Dean started, breaking the ice. You turned around facing him and replied with a damn smile and the most fake giggle ever…really!? Get it together. Use your words like a damn human. “I’m Dean by the way.” Dean said extending his arm for a shake. “Y-Y/N…hi.” You mumbled shyly returning the favor and shaking his hand. Oh my fuddgin’ god what was wrong with you. You cheeks were burning, your heart was racing a marathon, you were avoiding eye contact, some how forgot how to speak and you were shaking like a friggin’ chihuahua. “You okay sweetheart.” Dean asked in concern, was it really that obvious. “I don’t really talk to people much. I’m sorry.” You answered. Really why the hell did you say that!? Couldn’t of you said something else that made you look less of an antisocial teeny bopper. “Guess we’re gonna have to change that princess, tell me about yourself?” This guy was not only gorgeous on the outside he had a ton of beauty on the inside too. “Not much to say…I hate this school and I dislike a lot of people here. Can’t wait till it’s over.” you voiced out speaking what first came to mind looking down at the ground as if your words were somehow written there. “I can sure as hell second that.., by the way those douche bags don’t bother you all the time, if so I’ll surely put them in their place.” Ug. His voice. His beautiful beautiful voice. FOCUS! “No they don’t. But I’m pretty sure you shut their whole project down with just a look…its kinda intimidating. ” You were slowly gaining some confidence to look him in the eyes as you spoke…his forest green orbs. Hypnotizing and just mind blowingly amazing. “Intimidating huh?” he playfully questioned with a raise of an eyebrow. “Yeah. You got this whole bad boy vibe. Kinda rare around here you know.” You replied eyeing at his plump lips for a few dizzying milliseconds. He smiled at your words, holy shit. It was so smsjsmskksijsn. No words, no words to describe the level of sexiness his smile contained, how the hell were you talking to this guy, just how. “Do I make you nervous Y/N, your blushing.” He chuckled. “I-I’m Sorry.” You returned embarrassed at the level of tomato painted on your cheeks. “Dont be, it’s really cute.” Merp. Feels overload. He just- He just. You shoved your face into your palms because let’s face it your face had to be so ridiculously red maybe even to a certain extent of world record breaking. “Aww. Sweetheart. You don’t have to be shy around me.” He assured his hand grabbing yours and pulling them off your face. Your hands laid still in the palm of his, and he just sat there grinning at you like you were an adorable puppy or something. “Alright princess, I’ll take some of the load and tell you about me, I have a little brother Sammy he’s a little bit of nerd but extremely adorable, we travel around with my dad he sells stuff, uh… I’m really into classic rock and I guess you could call me a bit of bad boy.” He really was persistent on making you comfortable and strangely it was working, this boy was perfect, sweet, gentle, humorous, what lovely trait did he not have. “Wow. Bad boy love it.” Hell yeah. Smooth. So smooth. “Taking risks. Taking names. Not gonna brag or anything but I once crossed the street and I sure as hell didn’t look twice.” “Dangerous. Risk taker. Definitely my type.” Whoa. You definitely just went from shy school girl to one flirting hot mama. “Your type huh. Lucky me.” Maybe it was your mind creating a crazy illusion but you could of swore he was blushing as he flirted with you. You were making him blush. Wow you didn’t know you had it in you.

To sum up the whole detention period, there was one drooling, passed out teacher, two students exchanging flirtations and at some point digits. It was the most fun you’ve ever had with a human being at school. He was also the cutest human being you’ve ever had the pleasure to talk to and just when you thought you could never leave the bell rang…

4:40 P.M.; “How you getting home?” Dean asked slightly worried. “My mom should be here soon, you?” “It’s a short walk.” Dean replied with his eyes following as you sat upon the rough concrete outside of the schools main entrance. “You should start going then, it getting a little dark.” You stated in concern, this town wasn’t exactly the definition of safe, there was a ton of homicides and animal attacks, danger lied everywhere and it bugged you a lot. He kneeled down to your level his face in close perimeter of yours, “I’m a bad boy remember, the rules of nature don’t apply to me.” His fingers curled around your chin and with a tug his lips were sealed against yours. The kiss was soft, gentle, sweet, and blissful. Your heart was pulsating so roughly that it would be no surprise if it flew right out of your chest, “Mmmm. I don’t normally kiss the girl on the first date but your special.” He mumbled against your lips the vibration causing chills to run up your spine. You were relaxing under his touch taking the kiss deeper and hotter. Then you dreadfully heard it….BEEEEP! and your full name being called out harshly. “Shit. I gotta-I gotta go.” You said pulling away from the kiss and scrambling to your feet. “Bye Sweetheart.” He replied with a wink before standing up and giving you a kiss on the cheek. “Your going to get me killed Winchester.” You said while practically leaping to your moms car. Opening the door and entering you saw your mom sitting there gawking at you. “I know mom I’m shocked too.” “Tell mama everything dear.” Surprisingly she wasn’t as angry as her tone earlier, knowing your mother you should of known she was just flat out impatient, she wanted the deats’, she was just infactly one of those moms. “Ya might wanna put it in park mom. It’s a hell of a story.”


Unisex names, Crazy Exes, and other Gas-n-Sip Adventures

based on the “You’re a store clerk and oh shit I just spotted my ex please let me hide behind your desk-thing” prompt from this post

The check out guy at the gas-n-sip is really fucking cute. Like please-sit-in-my-lap attractive, and Dean can’t really focus on buying that six pack right about now, cus seriously he didn’t know that shade of blue even existed.

Dean is this close to asking for blue eye’s number when Aaron turns around the corner of the closest aisle and every alarm bell in Dean’s brain goes hay-wire screaming “CODE RED! CODE RED!

“Shit shit shit” Without even thinking about it Dean jumps over the cashier counter and ducks out of sight.

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I Might Hurt You, Steve Rogers

Hi, I’m Emma and this is my first time writing anything to do with Marvel. I’m super excited to see your reactions to this and hear your feedback. 


*Gifs aren’t mine.*

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

Y/N = Your Name.

Y/N/N = Your Nick Name.

Y/N was a hostage of HYDRA, used for experiments. They manipulated her for years, hoping that at the end of it all she’d be a killing machine like The Winter Soldier. Her older siblings were also once held captive by HYDRA, but they were long gone. 

Y/N was the youngest Maximoff child. Her older siblings were Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, aka the Scarlett Witch and QuickSilver. HYDRA experimented on them for years and they finally met HYDRA’s standards, whilst Y/N was lacking behind. Y/N was somewhat glad that her siblings were free from HYDRA, although the twins would have never admitted it, they yearned to be free. Pietro yearned for the feeling of wind on his cheeks as he sped through the city and Wanda yearned to save people, something neither of them could do in their cells.

 HYDRA, however, was extremely fond of Y/N, her powers like no others. She could manipulate electricity to her will, something HYDRA had never seen before. They wanted her to kill the Avengers, she seemed too innocent to cause any harm and HYDRA wanted to use that to their advantage. Y/N was soon on her way to their goal, but when she received tragic news, HYDRA was sent back to square one.

Y/N’s screams echoed down the halls as the grey-haired man informed her of her brother’s death. He noticed how blue sparks began to fly from her fingertips and quickly exited the room, slamming the door shut. The light flickered above Y/N as she lost all control of her powers. The room soon caught ablaze as Y/N screams and cries bounced off the walls, she pleaded that it wasn’t true, she prayed that this was an experiment, but it wasn’t and Pietro Maximoff was dead.

Steve looked down at the note, the messy handwriting unfamiliar and sending a shiver down his spine as he read the message aloud to his fellow Avengers.

In Saarland, Germany, there is an abandoned war base where HYDRA keep experiments, most of the time they’re failed experiments with little to no value to HYDRA. A certain guest will be of great value in the future.

Steve looked up from the paper, a painful silence fell upon the room, no one speaking, just glancing at one another, hoping at least someone would speak, give them the go-ahead.

 “We’ve to help them.” Wanda spoke up, breaking the silence in the room. Wanda felt for people who were mere experiments to HYDRA, like she was. She also hoped that her younger sister would one of the people they found, but HYDRA left her a message just weeks after Pietro’s death saying that Y/N had died in a fire at HYDRA HQ.

“Wanda, we don’t know if it’s a trap or not.” Nat sighed.

“But it might not be, did anyone sign the note?” Clint questioned, but Steve shook his head. The message was anonymous. 

“Tony, you must have a way to find out who wrote this, some kind of gadget.” Thor continued.

“No, not one. We’re blind on this one, guys, either we go or we don’t, we have no way to determine if this is a trick or not.” Sam grumbled, crossing his arms over his broad chest. “Captain, this is your decision.”

“I say we go. We don’t know if it’s a trap or not, and if it’s not and we don’t go, we’ll never know if there were people there or not.”

Y/N’s dull eyes flitted around the room she spent every waking hour in. Her eyes retraced the blank, slate grey walls for what seemed to be the hundredth time that day. She hoped time would go by quicker. 

It came to no surprise to Y/N when she found out that Wanda had teamed up with the Avengers, she always knew Wanda didn’t agree with HYDRA’s wicked ways and she was sure Pietro didn’t either. 

After Pietro’s death, Y/N’s powers went completely hay-wire and she killed anyone who stepped into her cell, because she had no control over them. They were turned into a burnt crisp as soon as they opened the steel door they kept her in cased in her room.

Months after his death, Y/N still remained coward in the corner of her cell, blue sparks darting across her skin. HYDRA tried their best to bring her back to sanity, to her her regain control her powers so that they could manipulate her into killing the Avengers, but it seemed useless.

She was un-salvageable, so they left her to go insane with the grief of her brother’s death. She was a failed experiment and there was no way to save her from herself.

Steve helped a helpless child with glowing purple eyes up the ladder, where Natasha picked her up and took her to the helicopter. The helicopter was set to auto-pilot and would take the children to the Avenger Tower to be revived back to full health.

Steve had never known HYDRA to be so reckless as to leave a bunch of unstable experiments alone and unguarded. Steve’s blue eyes darted across the halls, searching to see if there was a room that had yet to be raided. His eyes fell on a towering door, multiple steel locks and bolts decorated hit. The door was the most guarded door in the whole derelict base. He pulled his shield from his back and threw it at the lock, making it break almost immediately. 

Steve advanced to the room, picking up his shield and  cautiously pulling open the steel door. His bright eyes searched around the room, almost missing the bony girl in the corner. Her hair greasy and hiding the entirety of her face. A beige dress adorning her fragile being. He crept towards her, not wanting to startle her.

He crouched down a few meters away from her and he allowed his eyes to scan her being once more, trying to take notes of her appearance. She was one of the most mistreated ‘experiments’ of HYDRA he’d ever seen.

“Please, don’t come any closer.” She rasped, her voice raw and croaky. “I don’t want to hurt you. J - Just leave.”

“I won’t leave unless you’re with me, we don’t leave anyone behind. Anyway, a little electric shock won’t hurt me.” Steve chuckled.

“How do you know about my powers? Who told you?” She whimpered, her monotonous eyes meeting Steve’s welcoming azure eyes. “Who told you about this place?

“Someone important told me to keep a look out for you, she reminds me every time we raid these places. We got an anonymous tip that there were some hostages of HYDRA here.”

“It’s a trap.” Y/N whispered, Steve’s eyes  widening. A thud caused Steve’s head to whip around, a stubby, but muscular, man dropped through the hatch, holding a gun and aiming it at Steve. “Leave, Captain America, leave, you must.” Y/N advised, delivering a pathetic shove to Steve’s shoulder. 

Steve groaned as the man started to fire, missing Steve and Y/N by a long shot. Steve ripped his shield from his back and threw it at the man, causing him to hit the floor, unconscious. Steve turned back to Y/N and picked her up bridal style, ignoring the small electric shocks  she gave him, he continued to rush down the hall. He placed his shield back on his back and glanced down at the man. 

Steve looked up the hatch and saw the present Avengers fighting men in similar clothing to the man Steve had knocked out. Tony rushed to the opening of the hatch, a long cut across his cheek, and reached down, taking Y/N in his arms. 

Steve nodded, signalling to Tony that all of the hostages were out. Steve took a final look at the battered girl and joined the fight. Tony smiled sadly down at the abused girl and flew towards the second to last helicopter where some other hostages were hiding. He placed her in and commanded FRIDAY to take them to the Avenger Tower. Y/N smiled gratefully up at one of her many saviors and the helicopter began to raise from the ground.

Y/N couldn’t help but pray that her saviour would survive the battle.

Y/N was seated in the medical room, her hair being brushed by one of the assistants whilst the nurse assessed her health, examining her extremely closely. Y/N’s eyes were firmly planted on her lap, watching as her slender fingers danced across one another anxiously. She was to be meeting her sister for the first time in years in just a few minutes and she couldn’t be more nervous.

She could hear her sister’s voice from the hallway, pleading for Sam to let her in. Sam reluctantly obliged and Wanda ripped open the door and rushed in, causing the nurses to groan in annoyance.

“Y/N!” Wanda squealed, nearly tripping over her own feet as she ran. She embraced her sister into a tight hug, tears streaming down both of their faces. “You’re okay…” She whispered into Y/N’s head, planting multiple kisses on her hairline. 

“I’m okay…” Y/N mocked, it stunned her that she was finally free and reunited with her sister, it almost felt like a dream.

Y/N had almost completely recovered and the Avengers were training her everyday and Wanda was constantly trying to help her regain control of her powers. She felt content, being with the Avengers. They made her feel safe and welcomed, she finally understood why her sister loved it here.

Y/N pulled on a cardigan and slipped on a pair of shoes. She smiled at Vision as he waved at her. 

“Where are you going today, Miss Y/N?”

“I’m going to talk to Steve, I have yet to thank him for rescuing me. Do you know where he is?”

“He should be in the training room or in his room. FRIDAY, where is Steve?”

“Steve is in his room, on the balcony.” The monotone voice replied. Y/N nodded once more before skipping up the stairs.

Y/N’s knuckles tapped faintly on the door, hoping Steve would hear. 

“Come in.” Steve called.

Y/N gently pushed open the door and stepped inside of Steve’s organised room. She glanced around, the room was decorated blandly and there was barely anything to show it was Steve’s, apart from his shoes at the foot of his bed. Y/N made her way to the balcony and glanced down at Steve, who was seated on the steps and drawing away in his sketchbook. 

She took a seat next to him. She stared out, watching the dark sky. Lightening rippled through the sky and she smiled, storms were always so calming.

“Is there something I can help you with, Y/N/N?” Steve shut his sketch book, turning to the girl. She smiled up at him.

“I just wanted to thank you for saving me, I’m also sorry I gave you a ton of electric shocks, I’m sure that wasn’t… pleasant.” She chuckled, rubbing her thighs with her hands as the cold nipped at them.

“It’s my pleasure, after all that’s what us Avengers do.” Steve smiled fondly at her. “You’re an Avenger now too.”

“Isn’t it strange though? I was used for bad when HYDRA kept me captive and now I’m an Avenger, it’s mind-boggling.” Y/N sighed.

“They manipulated you, you were just doing what they brain-washed you to do.”

He was different. He was modest and quiet. He didn’t know how many girls wished for his affection. He was him, and that’s all I could ever ask for. He was the classical music to my hay wire brain. He was the calming shore to the ruckus of my heart. Although I’ve nearly said but 10 words to him, I felt so much towards this boy. I felt like our hearts were connected by string and that we were destined to be. How funny and silly I was. He was but a mere crush, but God I thought I loved him.
—  m.N.d

Flash: The Untold Stories

So we all know the main story with Barry and the Meta-Humans, but what about the those stories they never told? the Meta-Humans we never met? Look below and you have some of them- these are those stories of the ones we don’t get to see, so let’s begin.

Mike Wesler: Mike was your average everyday Joe Shmo. He’d wake up, have his cup of coffee and head off to work. Mike was just an ordinary handy man- well, he was until the day of the explosion. Mike was working in his shop when it all happened, when the Partical Excelerator when hay-wire and things went bat-shit crazy. Mike was now a Meta-human. His power? To turn any part of his body as hard as a hammer, and he uses it as just that- to keep doing his job and keep working away at what he was used to- just better than ever. So no- Mike’s not exactly exciting or dangerous, but it is definitely- as he would say- the weirdest, yet most thrilling thing to ever have happened in his life.

Rachel Feler: Rachel you could say is a bit of a trouble maker. Cash, wallet’s, jewelry, clothing anything and everything she could get her hands on she’d take. You could say she had quite the case of sticky fingers. Well after the explosion that’s exactly what she had- fingers that stuck to everything. Apparently stealing while a DNA altering explosion is going on, isn’t a good combo. Rachel dosent steal much now a days but then again it’s not all bad I guess.

Alex Mendez: Alex is an artist. Sure maybe his work isn’t featured in the Louvre but all the same, its still art. Alex does street art. So Alex being who he is was out on the night of the explosion creating his art, minding his own business and doing what he loved when that wave of freaky dark matter hit him. Well as you can guess one thing led to another and he woke up with powers. What kind of powers exactly? Alex can spray paint out of his hands. Sure its not fancy but he seems to enjoy it so there’s that also he says it actually makes him paint better.


Well I hope you enjoyed my tale of untold story’s and of unknown Meta-Human, I mean the more you know right?


Once in a Lifetime: Chapter 13

Once in a Lifetime: A Harry Styles AU Imagine Series


Hello lovelies! I really enjoyed writing this chapter so I hope you like it!

Chapter 13: Choose Me

Vindicated by Dashboard Confessionals

May 2020: London, England

Niall’s POV

After I got to my hotel, I settled in and checked my emails from work to see my schedule for tomorrow. Even though I was jet-lagged and I needed sleep, I couldn’t. So after half an hour of answering emails, I decided to go to the Chiltern Firehouse, where Harry insisted I go, since it’s one of his favorite places in London.

Damn I have to be here for a whole week without any of my mates and I have to work all week? I am going to go insane.

I decided to sit at a high top table, so I could watch the chefs at work in front of me. I really wasn’t hungry until I stepped into the restaurant and smelled the aroma of food.

I ordered a lager and sipped on it as I mulled over the menu.

I felt a pair of eyes stare at me and I couldn’t help but smirk. Call me cocky if you will, but I know I look damn good in a suit.

My peripheral vision spotted a gorgeous brunette sitting to my left. She was trying to determine the brand of my suit, which was Armani and eyed my watch, which was Rolex. She probably just wants to use me. Tch.

But why not have fun Niall? You’re hardly ever in London.

I turned to her, “Sorry do I have something on my face?” Play innocent.

“No, I just think you’re incredibly sexy.” She said in a sultry voice. You mean rich.

“Me? Sexy? That’s a first.” I sipped on my beer.

“I highly doubt that. I’m Mary-Beth.” She daintily held out her hand.

“Niall.” I smiled and kissed the top of it. 

We both talked a little about our jobs, she was a manager at a boutique and when she heard I was in business, her body language changed. I could tell she was the type that craved to be wined and dined with the finest. Hell, I’ve slept with enough of them to know.

“Niall?” I heard a familiar voice say my name which immediately pulled my attention away from Mary-Beth, one I haven’t heard from in months. I turned my head to see Gemma and another beautiful woman standing next to her.

“Hey Gemma!” I slid off my seat and hugged her, completely forgetting about Mary-Beth.

“Niall, this is my mum, Anne. Mum this is Harry’s best mate that he met in France.” Gemma gestured her hand back and forth between Anne and I.

“Wow, now I know where Gemma gets her good looks. It’s great to meet you ma’am.” I shook her hand.

“Oh, he’s charming.“ Anne chucked at Gemma then looked back at me, “I like you but please, don’t call me ma’am! That makes me feel old. Anne will do!”

“Please don’t let me hold you up from dinner,” I held out my hand.

“Are you here alone?” Gemma asked, peering at my seat.

“Yeah, I’m here all week for work and Harry told me this was his favorite place in London to eat at… so I decided to try it out.”

“Oh! Everything here is delicious! Niall, please, join us!” Anne held out her hand.

“I couldn’t do that! No please, don’t let me intrude on your mother-daughter date.” I grinned.

“Oh non-sense, it’s not intruding if we invite you! Any friend of Harry’s is always welcomed.” Anne nodded.

“Come on, Niall! Just sit with us!” Gemma waved me to follow.

I felt my face flush. Why is this happening right now? I felt myself get slightly nervous.

“Alright, let me just grab my beer.” I swallowed the lump in my throat.

I could tell that Mary-what’s her name was pissed when I told her it was nice to meet her and left her alone, but I could care less at that point.

That night, I got to know Gemma and Anne a bit more. Even though Harry talks about his mum and sister a lot, it was nice getting to know them myself. I ended up ordering the Crab Linguini, while Anne ordered the Spring Lamb and Gemma ordered the Blackened Salmon. For dessert, the frozen apple panna cotta, Harry insisted I tried it, so I ordered it for the table to share.

When the waiter came with the check, I immediately reached for it and slid my card in.

“Niall! No!” Anne tried to grab the black leather checkbook but I held it against my chest.

“Ladies, please, I insist!”

Gemma glared at me, “I’ll kill you, you leprechaun.”

“Well that’s not very nice, is it?” I winked and told the waiter it was going to be on me.

“Niall, thank you. Please come have dinner with us before you leave!” Anne insisted.

“Homemade dinner? Actual homemade English food?” My mouth watered at the thought of homemade food, even though I just ate.

Gemma chuckled, “Yes, Niall.”

“Count me in. I haven’t had homemade English food in Lord knows how long!” I scratched the back of my ear.

“Friday night, you can come over and I’ll make a plethora of homemade English food for you!” Anne gave me a hug before she got into her car.

“I guess you’re going to need my number if I’m going to be coming over.” I nervously laughed at Gemma. Wow Niall, smooth.

“I guess so.” She held out her phone for me to take and I quickly put my international number in.

I looked over to see that Anne was in the car and her door was closed.

“Gemma, wait.” I quietly said. God what the fuck are you doing Niall?

“Hmm?” She looked up at me.

“Can I- would you- wouldyouliketogooutwithme?” I said rather quickly and in one breath.

“What? Sorry I didn’t catch that?” She grinned at me. She bloody knew exactly what I asked.

I took a deep breath, “Would you like to go out with me tomorrow night?” 

“Like on a date?”

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“I would love too.” She bit her bottom lip and smiled.

Harry is going to kill me.

That entire week, I saw Gemma every single night. Every day after work, I would head straight back to my hotel, shower and change then pick her up from her job or meet her some where for drinks or dinner.

I could feel myself changing, it was weird. It was like I was being drawn to her. Every time she smiled, I felt my nerves rattle; when she laughed, my heart melted; when she touched me, whether it was just for a hug or playfully hitting me, that area felt like it was on fire.

I, Niall Horan, was starting to have feelings for someone. 

What the hell. It’s been almost 8 years since I’ve had feelings for anyone.

On Saturday night, the night before I left, I took Gemma out to dinner one last time. I had been trying my best to be on my best behavior all week since she was Harry’s sister after all.

I drove Gemma back to her place and she asked if I wanted to come in for a drink. Since my flight wasn’t until Sunday afternoon, I didn’t mind staying up late talking to her for a while.

Gemma was flirting with me. I knew she was but every time I tried to flirt back, I would get tongue-tied and all my nerves would just go hay-wire, so I just stuck to being my silly self.

Maybe it was the whiskey that we were drinking that gave me the confidence, but I ended up leaning in and kissing her first as we sat on the couch.

Gemma was the one that wanted more and I didn’t want to hold back.

It was amazing.

I have had some great sexual experience, but with Gemma it was… mind-blowing. She didn’t even have to do anything crazy; just being with her, feeling her touch, kissing her, all of it set fireworks off inside me. It was incredible. Is this what it’s like to have sex with someone you actually have feelings for? 

“About time Horan!” She panted as we both laid side by side on her bed trying to catch our breath.

“What?” I turned my head to look at her.

“It took you long enough to make a move! You had to wait a whole week and on the night before you leave?” She grinned.

“I-I- I don’t know! I was fighting myself all week about it!” I admitted as I wiped the sweat off my forehead.

“Why?” She turned her body towards mine and pushed her hair back.

“Because you’re my best mates’ sister! God Harry would kill me if he found out!” I covered both my eyes with my hands.

“Then don’t tell Harry.” 


“Yeah. I really like you Niall, but we should try to figure out what this is… plus how do I know you even want anything more after tonight?” She shrugged.

“Gem. It’s not like that for me, I really-” I took a deep breath and turned my body towards her, “I’m sure Harry’s told you stories about me. But it’s different with you. I really like you. I haven’t had a girlfriend in a really, really long time, so I don’t know what I’m doing.” I admitted.

“We’ll let’s just see where it goes from here, I mean, we are an ocean apart.” She lightly kissed me on the lips.


That night we went another round and then stayed up until the sun came up curled in each other’s arms, laughing, joking, talking, learning more about each other. I haven’t done that with any woman before. My last girlfriend was in high school and she broke my heart during our first year of college. So it’s been a long time since I’ve felt a connection with someone on this level.

After I went back to the States, Gemma and I called each other almost every day. We messaged and emailed each other constantly and I tried my best to video chat her once a week.

I was falling for her.

Harry could tell I was different and that I had changed since I completely stopped hitting on women at the bars.

He called me out on it a few times and I admitted to him that I was tired of one night stands and wanted something real. He was very surprised but very proud of me. 

I bet he wouldn’t be proud if he knew it was because of his sister.

Harry is seriously going to kill me.

- - - - -

June 2020: Manhattan, New York City (Present Day)

Your POV

It was almost the end of the June. 

Sophia and Liam have picked out a color scheme, venue, planned out their menu, had their cake ordered, picked out a band, ordered our bridesmaid dresses, had the groomsmen measured, and of course Sophia found the most perfect dress. Liam is going to melt when he sees her.

It’s been a little over a week since I’ve seen Harry. I was a mess. A complete fucking mess. I felt like shit the entire week and I knew that it was affecting my relationship with Zayn. Every time he touched me, every time he made love to me, my mind would wander back to the night with Harry. How terrible of a person am I? It was like I was cheating on Zayn, emotionally and mentally. 

I missed Harry. I missed him so much. I was trying my best to avoid him since our last conversation. He made me feel so guilty, hearing him believe that he meant nothing to me; it wasn’t like that.

He was the one that broke up with me ten years ago. He was the one that gave up on us and I tried my best to move on. I fell in love again,with someone that really loves me and then Harry walks back into my life and expects to just leave Zayn? I can’t do that! That wasn’t fair to Zayn. He’s done nothing wrong.

“Y/N? What’s going on?” Sophia’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts as her, Eleanor and I went through all the RSVP’s for the wedding. Sophia had a chart sitting on an easel, arranging seats for the reception.

“What? Nothing?” I quickly replied and looked at the RSVP from one of her cousins that was in my hand.

“You’ve been distracted all week. Talk to us, please? We hate seeing you like this.” Eleanor put her pen down and looked up at me.

I needed to talk to someone about how I felt. Liam had been out of town all week, busy at a training camp for an American football team so I hadn’t been able to talk to him and I definitely didn’t want to discuss this issue over the phone.

“It’s Harry.” I exhaled.

“Harry?” Sophia raised her eyebrow.

I forgot that I hadn’t exactly told anyone except Liam and Eleanor about my night with Harry. Sophia knew that Harry was my ex-boyfriend; she knew how we use to feel about each other and she knew that he still was in love with me. I guess Liam didn’t mention that we slept together recently.

Eleanor let me catch Sophia up on everything that happened and then I proceeded to tell both the girls how I felt and how torn I felt at this point.

“Now I don’t know what to do. I’m not even sure I’m happy anymore.” I sighed.

“Who do you love?” Sophia asked when I was done.

“I-I think I love them both.”

“No Y/N, you know in your heart that you honestly love one of them more, you just are afraid to say it out loud because you don’t want to hurt either of them.” Eleanor looked me in the eyes.

“No matter what, someone is going to get hurt but sometimes you have to just take that chance, you deserve to be happy too.” Sophia nodded.

- - - - -

Zayn’s POV

“Zayn, I’m going to need you to go to Chicago tomorrow to procure a collection for me.” My boss, Angela, said to me.

“Really? For how long?” I looked at my phone to see a text from Y/N.

“You should be back by Sunday. Is that okay? This could really benefit our gallery.” She nodded.

“Of course, sure.” What was I suppose to do? Say no? This is my job.

I have been walking on eggshells around Y/N. After we got back together and I embarrassed myself by proposing to her after our fight, things have been different. She had been different. I tried my best to do whatever I could to make her happy, but there was something about us that changed and I couldn’t figure out what it was. I didn’t want to press her about it because the last time I did that, I thought I was going to lose her. 

I tried my best to push it out of my mind, even asking myself if may be it was all in my head. I asked Louis about it one night but he said I was probably over thinking it. 

When my boss told me that she needed me to go to Chicago for three nights, I slightly panicked. I was afraid that if I left something was going to change, like if she had time alone, she would realize that she didn’t need me. Which is quite pathetic because I was the one that needed her.

I went grocery shopping that night and decided to cook dinner for her at my place. I bought her favorite wine, a bouquet of roses and even bought her some desserts from Harry’s bakery. He wasn’t there when I stopped by but I was really impressed with the amount of customers that were there.

Y/N was really surprised when she came over to a nice candlelight dinner, I swore I saw tears in her eyes. 

“What’s all this for?” She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me tenderly.

“Well.. I have to go to Chicago for a few nights for work and I wanted to do something nice for you before I left. I’m going to miss you and since we haven’t had our weekly date, I thought to have it tonight.” I kissed her forehead.

“Zayn, you’re so sweet, thank you! It smells amazing it!” 

I pulled a chair out and gestured her to sit down.

During dinner, I felt as if we were getting back to normal, which made me not want to leave at all. God I was fucking paranoid. 

I was surprised when after dinner she pulled me into my room and made love to me. It had been a while since she initiated it so it made leaving tomorrow so much harder.

After we both finished, she laid in bed and watched me pack, telling me the restaurants I needed to try when I was in Chicago.  We both joked around and laughed, she kept teasing me because of my hair which oddly made me happy. Damn I was really in love with her. 

It was finally starting to feel like us again.

- - - - - 

Your POV

The day after Zayn went to Chicago, I decided to join the group at the bar that Friday night, since I haven’t seen anyone in almost two weeks so I had really missed everyone. Liam had just came back from the training camp he was at that morning and he wanted to see me. 

Liam and I met up a little earlier to catch up and I told him what I had told Eleanor and Sophia earlier that week and what they told me to do.

“I think they’re right. But I also think that you need to figure it out soon. What if Zayn proposes again You aren’t sure if you want to marry him anymore. You can’t keep dragging this out Y/N and yes Eleanor’s right, someone’s going to get hurt or hell, all three of you guys will.” Liam clicked his tongue.

“Liam… what if I just be alone?” I looked at him.

“You mean not be with Zayn or Harry?”


But before he could answer Niall and Louis walked into the bar and waved at us.

“We’ll talk more later okay?” Liam whispered and I nodded.

Half an hour later, Eleanor, Sophia, Andy, Kat and Eleanor showed up. Harry was last.

He looked tired. His hair was in a bun, which I don’t know why, but I loved it. His eyes looked sunken in, which meant he wasn’t sleeping well. His posture indicated that his body wasn’t getting the rest he needed. I felt my heart break when he refused to even acknowledge me when he came in.

In fact, Harry ignored me all night. He didn’t look at me, he didn’t even listen to me when I spoke and it hurt like hell. When the subject of Zayn came up, he stood up and left to get a drink at the bar.

I knew he was hurting, which hurt me too. God damn it.

That night, I came home and cried myself to sleep. I hadn’t done that in a very long time.

That Saturday, I decided to spend the day with myself, trying to sort out my feelings. Liam was right, I needed to figure it out soon because I couldn’t keep doing this to Harry or Zayn, it wasn’t right.

But first, coffee.

After breakfast, I decided to go buy something for Liam and Sophia for their wedding. I know that I have already bought two things off their registry for them but I wanted to get them something special. I never had any siblings and Liam was the brother I never had and Sophia and Eleanor were like my sisters, so I planned to spoil them all.

I called Liam’s parents, knowing that they were in charged of the honeymoon aspect of the wedding planning. I told them that I want to purchase the plane tickets for wherever they picked, which was the Fiji Islands.

His parents emailed me the information of where they were staying and I made sure that they got the best suite and ordered a few roses petals and candles for their first night there.

I decided to buy Sophia two new bathing suits and a new lingerie set. For Liam, I bought him a very nice underwater camera and watch that he could wear when they went scuba diving, which I knew Liam loved to do.

After I dropped off the gifts at home, I decided to go out to dinner alone and then to one of my favorite bars. It wasn’t anything fancy, actually it was more of a hole in the wall bar but I loved the back patio. I grabbed one of my favorite books, ‘The Great Gatsby’ and headed out the door.

- - - - -

Harry’s POV

I saw her walk into the bar I was at. I immediately knew it was her even though I was in my own world but for some reason, every time she walked into the room, I knew.

I knew she was hurt that I ignored her last night, but seeing her hurt me. Seeing her happy, laughing, knowing that she was with another man, kissing him, touching him, loving him after what she did with me, that fucking hurt.

I couldn’t even look at her without feeling like my heart was going to burst from all the pain.

She didn’t notice me at first, until she walked up the bar and ordered her drink. I was sitting at the corner of the bar top and her eyes widened when it came into contact with mine.

I had been drinking for almost two hours, so the alcohol was already in affect. Actually, since the night I realized her and Zayn got back together, I had drank every single night. I might not have gotten drunk every night, but I wanted too. I had to remind myself that I had a business to run. Hearts and stomachs to warm, even if mine was broken.

She smiled, mouthed ‘Hi’ to me then grabbed her drink and went out the back door that lead to the patio.

I sat at the bar and thought about everything that happened between us, not just our childhood but also our past relationship from ten years ago and then everything that happened when she came back into my life. I knew she loved me. I knew she felt what I felt and it made me fucking angry to know that she was pretending like what we had, what we still have, was nothing.

After I finished my crown and coke, I wiped my mouth and went out the door to see her sitting at the very back end of the patio at a table by herself, immersed in a book. I smiled to myself, she always loved to read.

“Y/N. Can we talk?” I scared her and she clutched her chest.

“Jesus Christ Harry, why do you keep doing that?” She shook her head.

“Sorry.” I leaned against the table, I didn’t feel like sitting anymore.

I ran my fingers through my hair. I was angry, I was nervous and I was heart broken.

“Why are you doing this?” I finally asked her.

“What do you mean?” She closed her book and looked up at me.

“Why are you pretending like you don’t want this?”

“I’m not pretending Harry.” I still loved the way my name rolled off her tongue. 

“Yes you are! I know you love- no, I know you’re still in love with me.” I felt my heart rate quicken.

“Harry.. I can’t just do that to Zayn, okay? He has been nothing but great to me and…” She paused, “I can’t just leave him for you when you’re the one that left me ten years ago.” She cried.

“I know I did!” I threw my hands up, “I know I did and I fucked up, okay?” 

I saw tears spring to her eyes as I raised my voice.

“Then why do you expect me to just come back? You left me without even giving me a good explanation. You broke my heart Harry. Do you know how long it took me to get over you? Fuck! I’m still not even over you!” She took a deep breath trying to hold back her tears, “But I eventually learned how to live without you and then I met Zayn and he was the first guy to make me feel that it was okay to love someone again.”

I felt my heart break even more with every word she spoke and I felt like my ribcage was crushing me.

“Y/N! You should be with me and you know it!” Now I was fighting to not let the tears fall.

Y/N wiped her tears and stood up and tried to walk past me, “Harry, I’ve got to-”

“No! Listen to me! Don’t you understand? I love you Y/N. I am still deeply in love with you to the point where I feel it within my bones. I have always loved you and only you. No one else.” I made her look me in the eyes.

“Yes, I’m sure Zayn is a great guy, and I don’t doubt that he loves you and I’m sure he treats you right, but I KNOW with every fiber inside me that he doesn’t make you feel the way I do. Does he? I know you don’t feel the way you do about him like you do with me.“

“Can you honestly tell me that he knows you the way I do? Tell me, can he love you the way I can? Can you tell me that you love him more than me? Can you honestly say that we don’t belong together?”

I took a deep breath.

“I fucked up. God, I know I fucked up a long time ago and I let you go and I regretted it every single day for the last ten fucking years. I hated myself for it for a very long time.” My vision was blurring and my voice was waivering. “But now, you’re here, you’re back in my life and I know that it has to mean something. I’m blessed with a second chance to be with you and I’m asking you to choose me. Choose me Y/N. I know that I don’t have a right to ask you but I’m going to do it anyways  because I love you and I’m not going to give up. I promise you with everything that I have that I will spend the rest of our lives together, making it up to you. I will spend the rest of forever, loving you.”

I saw the tears streaming down her face. My heart raced against my chest as I poured out everything I’ve been dying to say to her.

My voice softened, “I have never felt happier with anyone than I do when I’m with you. You’re my other half and I need you. When I’m with you, I feel at home. You’re my home and I’ve felt so lost the last ten years without you, so please…”

I felt the tears streaming down my face now as I took one last deep breath.

“Please, I’m asking you now, pick me.”

“Choose me.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

What the fuck. I’m crying so much. What the fuck did I just write?!

Please let me know what you think! I’m going to put on some sad music and cry some more now.

<3 M

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Everyone is in a blind panic, they do not know where the sex tape photos came from and the 'Facebook Drama' went hay wire. Fizzy was planned but the family reaction was defiantly not, Ashley Jessica went off script again and fucked up. AJ was suppose to write this huge spiel on 'fake/photoshopped photos' and defend both families, B would have gone off on one shortly after. -MTA

Damage ‘control’ will be commencing shortly, sorry to each and every one of you for this shit again. -MTA

Well, it definitely seems like Ashley fucked up so there is that. Again, can’t tell how legit you are, but everyone is kind of expecting damage control as well so there’s that, but if there is something coming then *shrug* can’t unsee the things I’ve already seen. :)

Deaged Betty

Tony sighed as he called his friend to come get his wife, not because she was hurt or drunk, but because the alien plasma that they had been experimenting with had gone hay wire and Betty was no longer old enough to drive, the five year old girl sat on the table in her boarding school outfit, smiling at the man with the phone as she told him all about where she was supposed to be and what she was supposed to be doing. She had a big smile on her face and could not care less about the fact that she had no idea what was happening. That was normal for her.. Tony could not take much more, he loved kids but Betty was so overbearing and he hadn’t slept in a few days. When Bruce answered the first thing that came to his mind to say was
“Hey come get your kid.”

yougotjinxed  asked:

I had a game where there was a girl in it and she was support and my team went hay wire and made up stupid shit to make her feel bad and the adc was just baiting her to die so I told her to just come too with me and after that she ended up carrying the game and the other on my team where baffled and apologized at how great she did. There really needs to be a better community some times with league and people need to stop over reacting to girls who play its normal I mean seriously

Awwwww that’s such a sweet story! This shows that you should never rage at your team mates. It really does put them on tilt and make them play worse. Good on you!