hay shack

“It’s actually dark now Céilí, and this is going to turn into a blizzard - can we go home now?”

“It’s not my home.”

He let out a strangled cry. His trousers were soaked halfway to his knees and the wet material was beginning to stiffen and turn icy. “Would you stop being so goddamn infuriating? If we don’t freeze to death I will smother you myself -”

“Go back then, please do.” She stopped when the path came to a little field, in which stood an old, semi-abandoned hay shack. “I’m going to wait here until the snow stops.” She glanced over her shoulder at him and then disappeared over the low stone wall into the shack.

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” he grumbled, hunching down into his coat, and he followed her.

I had a dream that when Jess moved out he moved to like. a building called “The Hay Shack” where he just sold hay and other Farm Supplies and it was a rly run down and shitty building and we burned it down bc it was made of mostly hay