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DAY 3 IN KOREA!!!!!!! 

so we went to Nami Island and Petite France!!!! omg ang ganda sa Nami island!! ang peaceful niya ganern tas we saw a peacock pagala gala lang dun AHAHAHAHHAHA but ofcourse, sulitin mo na din magpicture habang nandun ka diba! AHAHAHA while we were there naalala ko yung sa exs and whys HAHAHAHA sila liza and Enrique omg ganern hahahahha soon gusto ko din may magpropose sakin dyan sa Nami Island hay goals. walang may pake, ok? HAHHAHAA so yun after sa Nami nagsakay ulit kami sa boat or basta! then sakay ng bus papunta sa petite france and kung napanuod nyo yung My love from the star then for sure alam nyo yan!!!! omg do min joon my labs. HAHHAAHHAHA and ang cute dyan hehehe after that byahe na ulit pabalik sa hotel.


Bjarnarhöfn: In Bjarnarhöfn im Westen Islands an der nördlichen Seite der Halbinsel Snæfellsnes, gibt es heute noch einen großen Betrieb mit angeschlossenem Museum, der das Fleisch des Grönlandhais nach alter Tradition zur isländischen Spezialität Hákarl verarbeitet.

Nachdem der Hai vorbereitet und einige Wochen eingegraben am Strand oder lagernd in einer Kiste “gereift” ist, wird er einige Monate in der Trockenhütte  aufgehängt, damit das restliche, im Haifleisch enthaltende Ammoniak, entweichen kann. Erst dadurch wird das an sich giftige Fleisch für den Menschen genießbar. Es werden viele Märchen zum Geruch und Geschmack des Hákarl verbreitet. Die sind aus meiner Sicht aber meistens übertrieben. Das Fleisch riecht noch leicht nach Ammoniak aber ist vom Geschmack her völlig ok.

Hai-Silhouetten weisen bereits an der #54/#577 auf Bjarnarhöfn hin, das über die #5764 erreichbar ist.

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Hai visto che ieri sera non c'è stato temptation island??? :0

Hai visto che ieri mattina sono morte 27 persone fra cui un bimbo appena nato, diversi studenti liceali ed universitari, una ragazza che doveva sposarsi oggi, un ragazzo che era tornato dall'anno all'estero neanche 24 ore prima (..), una nonna che era lì col nipotino e i due macchinisti che quella mattina si erano svegliati per portare il pane a casa? :0

“Hey, dream machine!” - mainly for inspiration to get out of my own head and try the actual world out a bit. 

i. Step Out//Jose Gonzalez - ii. Tongue Tied//Grouplove - iii.  Excuse Me Mr.//No Doubt - iv. Arrival of the Birds//Cinematic Orchestra - v. Falling For The First Time//Barenaked Ladies - vi. Yellow Light//Of Monsters and Men - vii. Brave//Sara Bareilles - viii. Waiting for My Real Life to Begin//Colin Hay - ix. Island in the Sun//Weezer - x. Fallen//Imagine Dragons


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There was good news, and there was bad news. The good news was that no one got hurt, and only 3 fire trucks had to show up to out out the bookstore. The bad news was that the whole thing was Yvette's fault. The Brit surveyed the husk of the store with a worried look as paramedics checked out the crowd for injuries. ((Hi!!))

Willow was hyperventilating. Both from the crowd of people around her and from the flames that engulfed the library. It was an accident, of course, she’d never burn down a building on purpose! Wouldn’t even try! But if anyone who knew her saw her…they’d blame her.

Then it would be back to Bloomingdale.

She bolted, colliding into someone she didn’t see.