hay i just met you


“It’s uh, nice to meet you…I-I’m not wearing a shirt…”

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give Jared Leto another Oscar for these reaction shots during Gucci’s Men’s SS17 RTW

“Guys. This is gonna be so FUN. Hey, I look good in green, tho, right? I think we can all agree on that. Helllooooo. New Joker-guy-person here, yanno?”

“Wait. *How* many looks involve shorts? Do any of them involve pantyhose? 3, oh, ok. Whew.”

“I’ve been paying very close attention this whole time… just had to turn away briefly to replenish my gum sitch…and here we go - brand new piece, very delightful and springy…ok I’m back! ALL IN.”

“This is all so full of whimsy.”

“Let me remind all you young boys, of my ability to be overwhelmingly adorable with just one lick of my lips. This is how it’s done.  Yes, whilst even on the sidelines…I do often steal the show. Deal with it.”

“Hmmm. Do I deserve some bread today?”

“Can I still pull off those short shorts? Wait. What am I saying. Of course I can. Oh, I don’t mean *me* *wearing* them. I mean, just in general. Pulling them off. Someone else.”

“Oh, hai. I know we just met so you may not realize I have an uncanny ability to spot any sort of lens that may be pointed at me at any given moment and peer deeply into that lens’ soul. And make it rethink its heterosexuality. Ask around.“

“Now this is a look we can all get behind. Donald Duck is A GODDAMN ICON.”


“OH MY GOD. WHERE AM I??? Is my hair green again? Do I still have my brows?? Is this another reshoot???? Why is it so green?!!?!?”

“Do I deserve some pizza today?”

“I have died and gone to gimme some stuff please lallo-iloveyou-heaven! That shrunken black leather bomber jacket with the yellow and purple and black and red piping will be mine. Check my snaps in a few weeks.”

“Guys. These kids are good. Tho, I am happy to say I could easily out-walk most of them. This ain’t papaleto’s first rodeo, ya dig? Insert Old Man emoji here.”

//  obvs all in good humor and lots of lurve.
Insert winking emoji & rainbow hearts here.