hay horse

why do people expect farriers to discount for multiple horses

why do you think trimming several horses is LESS work

  • Obi Wan: [in horse costume] Hi, Satine.
  • Satine: Wow, a horse.
  • Obi Wan: That’s me, Obi Wan.
  • Satine: What are you doing in there?
  • Ahsoka: [hiding in horse, to Anakin] Say, “I love you more than hay!”
  • Anakin: [also in horse, to Obi Wan] Say, “I love you.
  • Hey!”
  • Obi Wan: I love hay.
  • Satine:
  • Obi Wan:
  • Satine: Oh, that’s nice. ‘Cause you’re a horse.

Конёк-Горбуно́к (The Humpbacked Horse)

29 in x of animated feature film history
Release: Jan. 10th, 1947
Country: Soviet Union
Director: Ivan Ivanov-Vano

“The Humpbacked Horse––dubbed in the United States as The Magic Pony––is a 1947 Soviet film directed by animator Ivan Ivanov-Vano and produced by the Soyuzmultfilm studio in Moscow. The film is based on the poem by Pyotr Pavlovich Yershov, and because of this everyone in the film speaks in rhymes.

A young peasant boy named Ivan witnesses a magical flying horse eating hay from his farm at night while his older brothers sleep. The horse gives him two large black horses and a small humpbacked horse, all of which have magical abilities. When his brothers attempt to sell the black horses behind Ivan’s back, he instead sells them to the Tsar himself, becoming their official caretaker. Jealous of Ivan’s sudden success, the Tsar’s right-hand man prompts the king to make wild demands of Ivan, such as capture a fire bird or retrieve a rumored Tsar-Maiden. Ivan completes all these tasks with the help of his humpbacked horse.

Yershov wrote the fairy-tale poem “The Little Humpbacked Horse”––his masterpiece––in 1834, at the age of 19. It brought him instant fame. Censors banned the complete story for over 20 years in the mid-19th century because it made the Tsar appear foolish. Until 1856, the tale was published with dots representing omitted verses and songs in many sections. The tale is meant to be a satire on the absurdities of Russian feudal and bureaucratic life at the time.

In 1975, the film’s director, Ivan Ivanov-Vano made another version of the same film. The 1975 film is 70 minutes long; 15 minutes longer than the original. Although the progression of scenes and their plot content is usually the same as in the original, the animation and specific actions of the characters are different; for example, a scene may be taken from a different angle or in a different location (all of the backgrounds were also newly-drawn).

This was done because the original film was then in a very bad shape and the technical expertise for a restoration did not exist.

The 1975 version was redubbed, recut and released in the United States as The Magic Pony in 1977, with Jim Backus as the voice of the Tsar and Johnny Whitaker as Ivan.”

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The Humpbacked Horse is available on YouTube without English subtitles.
You can also find a 1949 English dub here.

5 Things Meme

I was tagged by the wonderful @skyler10fic, who shockingly knows who I am and is also apparently following me??? Like I did not realize amazing person was following me?? My evening has been made??

Five things you’ll find in my bag:

1) My wallet… (duh??) It’s the Pandorica Opens exploding TARDIS design. ^-^

2) Extra phone battery

3) A surprising amount of loose change (mostly pennies)

4) Hay? Like horse hay. Because it’s everywhere.

5) Garage door opener in case I lose my house keys.

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom:

1) … my bed. I know, right? Who’d have thought I’d have a bed in my bedroom?

2) My saxophone

3) Two DW cosplay outfits and a Kylo Ren outfit (plus Twelve’s sonic and a few other assorted thingies I really don’t need)

4) TARDIS alarm clock


Five things I’ve always wanted to do in life:

1) Professional, published author (working on it!!!)

2) Professional equestrian rider (currently planning to attempt to make it in that field)

3) Change the world

4) Travel Europe

5) Uhm, pics with David Tennant and John Barrowman and Peter Capaldi and Christopher Eccelstone and Jenna Coleman and uh yeah I think you get the idea…?

Five things I’m currently into:

1) There’s this thing called “graduating high school” and it’s been pretty like time-consuming I think I’m a part of its fandom now

2) Recently I have embarked on a dangerous mission to discover everything I possibly can about the EU and Faction Paradox and such things (I blame you, @the-voice-of-light-city)

3) NaNoWriMo.

4) Sherlock season 4 (Haven’t been able to finish the last episode because we had a TV malfunction so I’m really depressed)

5) 70s soft rock.

Five things people may not know about me:

1) I will talk Headcanons with you and Theories and I will fangirl over your fanart and I will write you ask box fics and I will be Friendly but not unless you approach me

2) I’m not good with people, like, at all. ADHD, anxiety, depression, I’ve got some developmental issues. :P


4) if you talk to me I will love you forever

5) I’m writing a science fiction/fantasy novel and the experience of it has improved my writing SO MUCH it’s unbelievable

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just a fun little character game. fill in the below categories with 3-5 things that your character can be identified by.  REPOST & TAG AWAY !

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  • 001. Hopefulness
  • 002. Nervousness
  • 003. Melancholy
  • 004.  Embarrassment
  • 005. Joy


  • 001. Alfalfa Green
  • 002. Starfish Orange
  • 003. Ocean Blue
  • 004. Scotchbutter Yellow
  • 005. Mulberry Silk Brown


  • 001. Salty ocean wind
  • 002. Grass after rain
  • 003. Hay and horse manure 
  • 004. The paper of new books
  • 005. Wet hair after walking in the snow 


  • 001. Spiral notebooks with torn corners
  • 002. Old converse shoes ripping at the toe
  • 003. Damp pebbles smoothed by the ocean
  • 004.  An old paperback fantasy with curling pages
  • 005. Bits of hay stuck to a shirt


  • 001. Shifting from one foot to the other
  • 002. Talking to the ground instead of a person
  • 003. Nervous smiles 
  • 004. Fingers twisting together
  • 005. Blinking back tears


  • 001. Old stone ruins on green Scottish hills
  • 002.  Quiet barna early in the morning
  • 003.  Rocky beaches during low tide
  • 004.  Hidden corners at the back of libraries
  • 005. A friend’s living room, late at night, lit only by the flickering TV on low

According to fb I am a horrible horse mom bc I don’t weigh my horses hay before giving it to them and grain (when I was giving it).