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What *is* the most crucial thing about how EGT writes Elliot that she mentioned offhandedly? And what's the most crucial thing about how *you* write Elliot?


So we started writing this story the first week of April, wrote it all the way through and finished a complete 85k first draft in uh 29 days i think, and then began the process of dismantling everything we’d just written because it was all a mess. So over the course of May - June, we both wrote side fics trying to  figure out where our stories were diverging and whether we could reconverge them. And then one day in the middle of June, after we’d been in the rewriting / revamping process for literally 6 weeks, and fully 2.5 months after we started writing, EGT mentions casually that she sees Elliot as deeply insecure.

This was COMPLETELY antithetical to how I’d been writing. If you recall, my in-progress tag for this has always been “hipster emma,” while hers was “hipster my fair lady.” That’s significant because if you’ve read Emma, you know that her main flaw is that she’s well-meaning but vain, and that’s how i’d written Elliot throughout our original fic: he is well-meaning but a little narcissistic and inclined to careen off the deep end into his own schemes and messes of his own making if he’s not patiently reeled back in line and guided towards more productive things. Basically, I was writing him as a modern-day Emma. And I thought we were on the same page in that regard, because we’d talked about it so much. So when EGT was casually like, I always saw him as needing schemes to mask his insecurity, I was like, wait, what????

On a level, I think we both did write him as insecure, but in vastly different ways. EGT’s Elliot is insecure about whether his friends really love him, so he’s always getting moments where they reassure him and make it clear they love him. My Elliot is insecure about whether he’s really good enough, and it’s really still all about him, ahaha, and he has to consciously realize when that goes wrong and step outside of himself to empathize with other people and make room for them.

The other thing that’s crucial about how I write Elliot is that in Hays Code he’s extremely demisexual. In the original version we wrote together, he’s pretty demisexual, but not crucially so; in EGT’s version, he’s pretty demi, but it’s not really a huge motivator of the plot the way it is in my fic.

Actually wait, ahaha, I asked EGT and she said I am wrong, lol. “The most crucial thing about how you write Elliot is — no, I don’t think it’s the demisexual thing, I think it’s……..I want to say it’s something like your generosity and willingness to embrace all of him. But I guess, like, your Elliot is flawed and a mess and causes issues and you just let him be.” 

Which is very very sweet of her to say, because lord do I love Elliot in all his flaws <33333


Mucha gente cuando les preguntaba si estaban enamorados de alguien me
decian que no, que no habia nadie en sus vidas rellenando su corazon.
Y mucho tiempo de mi vida no lo entendia, hasta que me rompieron el
corazon por primera vez.

Despues de ese amor tan intenso que empezaba y terminaba, que empezaba
y terminaba una y otra vez. Entendi por que nadie quiere volver a
Nadie quiere sentir ese vacio otra vez.
Nadie quiere perder a su universo.
Pero todos queremos ser la persona especial de alguien. No como un
cigarro que se prende y se apaga en 5 minutos pero como una droga
poderosa, que no hay forma como pararla.

-Emma Nicole Bonatti; Guatemala 2016

Lo so. So che lei e’ piu’ bella, piu’ simpatica, piu’ magra, piu’ popolare. Lo so. Ma scegli me, perche’..perche’..No, hai ragione, scegli lei.
—  Emma | lacrimediunicorno.

(Photos By Tucker’s Corgmama)

When we are at the Fun Match this last weekend, there was a Barn Hunt demo going on off to the side. I could not resist, because Ms. Jelly Bean sniffs all the things instead of actual Corgility practice sometimes. I had to know if she is a secret Beagle.

If you don’t know anything about Barn Hunts, like me, they have tubes hidden in hay. In those tubes, are live Rats. Yes, LIVE Rats. The dogs are asked to find them, and there are actual requirements like going through a tunnel, etc. (It was explained to me really quickly. Sorry.)

When we walked into the little area, they took out a tube to let Emma smell. I told her it was a Squirrel, and she happily sniffed it. But, when they rolled back the opening to let her see the Rat - she jumped back scared. I was dying inside. ( Ford the record: It was a really cute rat, as far as rats go…)

So, we let her loose and she did well. She was confused by me telling her to find the Squirrels. Squirrels are in Trees, Mahm, not Hay. BUT, she did or rather they counted her as finding/locating two Rats. The first one she found, the tube was exposed and she hopped back scared.

Maybe.. Barn Hunt is not for us. But, it was a great experience. Everyone should give it a try. You know never, you could have a secret Beagle..or a real Beagle. (Looking at you, Jimmy.)

  • Regina: Gonna put my hand inside gurl get ready
  • Emma: Yes do it.
  • Regina's hand: Fuck yes so soft so bobbies
  • Emma's boobies: Hai babby
  • Regina: Then we're gona put half ur heart in Hook or whatever so he's not dead
  • Regina's hand: What was that? *REBELLION*
  • Emma's boobies: HELL NO *REBELLIONN*
  • Regina and Emma: Oops we tried oh well