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I’m not going to post it, but in the last couple of hours, videos have been released showing a man walking his dog, recording Hawthorn PD do a raid on a house. The street is full of people also recording (including the camera we’re seeing it through, obviously). 

While it is perfectly legal to record such things, two police officers thought otherwise and decided to approach him, cuff him, and I can only assume they were about to frisk him or arrest him. 

However, the man had previously just put the dog back in his car and it was clearly in distress seeing him being handled like that by police officers. It eventually got out of the car through the car window and continued to bark at everyone. 

The man pleaded to be let free so he could put him back in the car, but instead these fucking cunts decided it was appropriate to put about 5 bullets into the dog in front of everyone instead. 

I’m not a big animal person, but fuck me, I’m angry and sad on levels I didn’t know I could feel from a video on the internet. 

You can find discussion and the video on reddit, but as I said, I’m not posting the video here.

Edit: I’m serious. You almost certainly won’t want to see the video. I’ve indirectly linked to it because everyone should have a choice to see it, but I strongly recommend not watching it if a dog being shot by police and squirming afterwards will effect you in any shape or form. It’s fucking awful.

I really do not know how I feel about this whole Hawthorne PD scandal.

Well I mean, I know how I feel. I bawled my eyes out after seeing the video. I’m torn because I used to have a Rottweiler & she was the best ever.

On the other hand I’m trying to understand the cops point of view because anyone would be terrified seeing a 120lb canine charging you. But I remember my Rottweiler, if anyone would yell in my house she would haul ass to the scene. If anyone even “pretended" to hit the other, my dog would haul ass to the scene.

When the dog sees his owner being surrounded by a bunch of men it’s only normal for the dog to haul ass to the scene. But let the fucking man go! You only arrested him in the first place because he was video taping you! They could’ve let him loose & had him control the dog. Not fucking shoot it 3-4 times & just let him wither in pain on the street.

Fuck man. Like I said, I’m torn. The cop probably felt like his life was threatened but don’t cops have tasers? Wouldn’t a gun shot to the ground scare the dog? You wouldn’t shoot a person for no reason. & you only shoot if they have a weapon, ;/ idk. Poor max.

y'all know that I think dogs are the greatest creatures on earth and that I adore them unflinchingly and I am not trying to be snide, but seriously, fucking seriously, this is what makes people go “oh my god the cops are terrible people and there is no goddamn excuse for this and maybe the culture of combativeness intrinsic to the operation of the police fleet is possibly mighty fucked up”

but when police officers attacked Kiki Gray, it was “oh not all cops are monsters”

“maybe Kiki was suspicious”

“maybe they thought Kiki was dangerous”

Always trying to find some excuse as to why killing a child could possibly be explained or excused

and when they do it to a dog you finally see them as the monsters they are

because you can’t say “maybe it was the dog’s fault” the way you can say it about a black child, right?

And I have not seen one chime in with “not all cops are monsters! Bad apples! Et cetera!” and with most posts that I’ve seen about violence against POC by cops, that’s one of the first reactions I see.

And I am in no way saying you cannot be concerned about this outright cruelty while at the same time being appalled by all of the other violences committed by cops/the prison industrial complex. I’m just saying that if you put the former before the latter as an example of why there is clearly something VERY FUCKING WRONG with the way cops are recruited, trained, and allowed to act this way, then I don’t care for you or your opinions because you’re really gross. 

Remember that they shot his dog to get back at him for daring to file a lawsuit after they broke his ribs during a previous illegal arrest. 

They did this because they knew that this kind of violence is encouraged in police culture. this is not one bad cop doing a terrible thing and being reprimanded, this is a pile of shit who knew he would get away with it, who knew he does not risk losing his job when he commits crimes while wearing a uniform. This kind of violence happens frequently. It’s not bad apples, it’s a rotten orchard. 

Just saw the video of a Hawthorne PD officer shooting a man's dog...

…While I don’t know the whole story, it’s clear the officer provoked the dog into attacking, he basically lunged at the dog with his gun drawn and shot him. I come from a family of law enforcement officers and have the highest respect for those that are professional and dedicated. This man however, doesn’t deserve a badge, much less a gun.

The video is graphic so I decided not to post it, but it isn’t hard to find online.

anonymous asked:

Why wouldn't I shot a dog that is lunging at me to bite me when they can bite up to 328 psi. Thats enough to crush your hand.

Why not taser the dog to stun him and keep him alive? Why not let the owner get control of him and put him back in the car? Why was using a GUN on an ANIMAL, that probably weighed a third of what those men weighed, the only option? There were multiple people who could have easily taken control of the animal. Sorry, but that dog very clearly wasn’t there to bite anyone. He probably hadn’t learned that it’s not okay to get excited and jump up on people. And if a police officer, who puts his life on the line in far more dangerous situations, is worried about a dog bite, then he shouldn’t be a police officer. He’s a coward.