hawthorne hall

I’ve seen a few people ask about the Silas University Map – here you go! 

The little x mark where the victims were taken; the buildings are: North Quad (Betty), Dorms (LaF), LeFanu Reading Room, Kotex Caf, Lustig Building, Robespierre Building; Shunned House, Zeta House (Nat[halie]), Milgram Lab, (Elsie), Walter Freeman Building, (SJ= Sarah-Jane), Theophilus Library, Hawthorne Hall, Faculty Club. Not marked is the Summer Society House, but that could be where Elsie was abducted (she disappeared at the Summer Soc. Rush Party, Ep. 7/9). (I’ve linked to the references/what I think the references are, check them out  – some are really creepy!) [picture from hotladypants