He buried his face deep into her mass of hair, and that was good because that way she couldn’t see how his eyes welled up, the relief overwhelming, his brain broken and reset and completely muddled, his body raw and naked and wrong angled, his arms too long, his chest too thin, his skin too white, not a man nor a boy, a wrong person.
—  New World, by River in Egypt (x)

So, here’s my first venture into the HP fanfiction world…

Title: Bag of Bones
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Draco/Hermione
Word Count: 5901
Genre: Angst
Rating: M
Warnings: language, secondary character death, mentions of suicide

Summary: And Hermione was afraid that what she saw in Draco’s grey eyes wasn’t hatred. But what disturbed Hermione even more was that she knew that if he gave her any reason to believe he’d changed, even the tiniest scrap of evidence, she would forgive him. It was just a matter of time before her heart, that damned compassionate thing, would give in. // Written for the Hawthorn & Vine Reverse Challenge 2014

Read it at: [h&v] [ff.net] or [ao3]

Surpassing the Lethe by DelicateScholar [MT]

Summary: Draco wakes up with no memory of how he ended up in Azkaban. St. Mungo’s employs a method of unconventional memory retrieval that has him rehashing his life, with all the amenities of cramped quarters, schoolboy grudges and horrible food. Somewhere between being supervised day and night by Aurors, constantly under examination Mediwizards, and stalked by unknown enemies, Draco is able to piece together where his life went…and for whom…

Searching for a Fanfic


Story Title: “It All Flows Forward” by monabhar (formerly Little_murmurs ??)

Description by gemin [Page Source]:“This is the kind of story that takes hold of every fiber of your being, exercising all of those lovely heart and gut muscles to their fullest. Hermione loses her voice after her world is turned upside down, and Draco is assigned as her Healer. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard Hermione so clearly, than in a tale where she doesn’t speak. Little_murmurs’ use of second person point of view really grabs the reader and lets you rummage around in her anguish for a few hours. The writing is beyond exquisite. It is a tragedy, wrapped so beautifully with love, topped off with a nice bow of hope.”

I found the title, a dead link, and the description on Hawthorn and vine. The description has me wanting to read it something terrible, and being unable to read it is an extra thorn in my ass, now.

I’ve done a bunch of searches to try and find it with no success.

Even finding the author to ask him/her about it would also be considered awesome and amazing in this case…

If anyone finds this story posted somewhere, has it saved as a .txt file, knows the author, IS THE AUTHOR, etc., please send me a message I’ll be exceptionally grateful :D <3

(Update: Someone was kind enough to share this story with me via .txt document! Thank you so very much to the wonderful person who did :D)


I have to say, I love going onto Hawthorn and Vine (dramione.org) and talking to everyone in the shoutbox. We’re all from different parts of the world (me being Australian) and it’s so nice to just talk and share things, even when it’s not related to writing and/or dramione. I like going on it everyday, seeing how everyone else is getting on, and the support that you get if something is going on is fantastic. It just gives me these lovely feels :)

~BelleBelles :)