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a good autistic character, hallelujah

Watch Dogs 2 has an autistic character and for once it’s actually not a total disaster.

Which type Josh has is never stated outright (or I just haven’t gotten that far yet) but he covers a general range of behaviors that strongly imply that he has Asperger’s syndrome, which was confirmed in interviews with the voice actor. He lacks understanding of metaphors, hyperbole and rhetorical questions, is generally awkward in social situations, acts a bit obsessive over particular interests (hacking, taking down corruption), and seems pretty neurotic as well. He’s quick to panic and blame himself when something goes wrong.

Thing is… I like him. Mostly because the people around him like him. His friends never demean him for his quirks. They correct his social mistakes without any negativity, and are quick to reassure him when he panics. He’s welcome. His input is appreciated and his help is valuable. That’s very important, and shows people, autistic and allistic alike, how a person like him can still function among other people.

So… yeah. Good job, Watch Dogs 2. Brownie points.