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My Ed Concert AKA You can see my ugly mug in his Insta Crowd Pic.

Alright @tenerife-lucy@karesera  You asked for it.  But first the background story.  I’m an Insane Fan Lady of Singer Songwriter Ed Sheeran, and so for my second show, this one in Toronto in Fall of 2015, I may have gone on Stubhub and gotten kickass floor seats.  I took Kaia, my 8 year old with me because she is/was also an Insane Fan of Singer Songwriter Ed Sheeran.  She even made herself a guitar,


We got there, bought T-shirts, found our awesome seats, and promptly discovered we were seated behind the Jolly Green Giant.  No joke, dude must have been like 6′8′.  Poor Daughter Child could not see, so we spent a good 80% of the show sneaking her up on my shoulders/up on the seats, between being yelled at by the security dude that she wasn’t allowed to do that. Oh, and some completely HAWT big muscled dude offered to put Kaia on his shoulders for a couple of songs, and it was adorable. It was awesome. Ya know, except when she decided SHE NEEDED TO PEE DURING TENERIFE SEA.  I may have cried,  


So Ed disappears for his little wipe-down before coming back out to do YNMIDNY, the highlight of any Ed show, when suddenly, the security guy is frantically gesturing at Kaia with his hands out and says FOLLOW ME as Ed rushes back on stage!  He totally brought her RIGHT UP TO THE FRONT with a perfect view of the whole stage and stood with her until he finished Sing!  You can bet I followed her up as fast as my butt would take me.  I’m talking I could count sweat drops and beard hairs.  I. NEARLY. DIED.  So please excuse the fact that in the pic below I look like an Alien in the midst of a Grand Mal Seizure.  That got long.  I am sorry.  Here they are:  Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Fall 2015.