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Can we get the SF skelebros (and maybe any others you feel like) opinions on the "broken nose from customer service" and "black eye from roller derby" situations?

* Link to the other skelebros reacting to the “broken nose from customer service.”

* Link to the other skelebros reacting to the “black eye from roller derby.”

( * I added Underfell Grillby {because he’s hawt} and Undertale Burgerpants {because he’s not} )

Broken nose from customer service– extra!

In which their S/O who works in customer service deals with an irate customer, gets their nose broken, and then calmly sets it back into place like it’s no big deal.



He starts shouting something along those lines, while marching his sassy self toward the irate customer, but it’s too late.  They’ve already started throwing punches! Immediately, he throws himself into the scuffle, making things way worse than they are.  It’s unclear how his S/O breaks their nose (was it Blackberry or the customer or did it happen when they tripped?), but as soon as Sans notices, he breaks the customer’s nose in retribution.  And then he just keeps hitting them, completely missing the fact that his S/O just popped their nose back into place.  It’s his brother who happens to walk by that ends up pulling Sans off the unfortunate jerk and having to talk to security while Sans frets over his S/O’s nose and mutters death threats toward the customer.  In the end, Papyrus has to teleport them out of there because they’ve drawn such a crowd.  The S/O is on their own when it comes to explaining this mess.    


His lazy grin becomes rather chilling the minute his S/O starts getting yelled at over something that they obviously have no control over.  Yeah, he’s used to that happening to him, but it’s not something he’s going to let happen to his S/O.  He interjects into the conversation and ends up insulting the customer and making thinly-veiled threats that only raise their level of rage to beyond boiling.  They strike.  He smoothly dodges.  They.. hit his S/O in the face.  

Papyrus breaks into a string of curses at the same time he swings for the customer.  They’re caught completely off-guard and crumble to the ground as bone connects with flesh.  Yeah, screw magic; Papyrus is pissed off enough to bare knuckle brawl.  However, he’s more concerned with his S/O right now, and he goes to their side, gingerly reaching for their nose.. only to watch as they set the bone right then and there.  The pop makes him jerk, cringing, but he can’t help but find it so.. sexy.  Man, they’re tough!  It makes him feel proud that someone like that wants to be with him.


Grillby is not okay with this in the slightest.  He likes to think that as a business man, he knows how to handle customer service.  The customer is NOT always right.  In fact, they’re often wrong and just trying to get discounted services, in his experience.  He crackles a brilliant purple as he smoothly walks to the desk, setting a hand down and leaning in toward the customer.  The sight of a LITERAL BALL OF FIRE IN A SHARP SUIT is enough to make the customer pause in their tirade, and Grillbz leans in.  He doesn’t always radiate heat, but right now, his close proximity is making the customer sweat all over.  The top of the customer service desk beneath his hand starts to melt and sizzle, and the customer takes notice.  Everyone is silent.  

“….problem?”  The word is barely able to be heard–whenever Grillby speaks, it sounds distorted beneath the roaring crackle of fire–but once it finally processes for the customer, they shake their head vehemently.  They can’t find their voice.  The flamesman grins, white-hot and jagged, and the customer moves to leave.  Grillby reaches out with his free hand and grabs them by the front of their shirt, jerking them toward his S/O.  There’s a long moment of silence where the customer is looking between the two and then at the melted portion of the desk, and yeah, they don’t want to be burned.


“I’M SORRY, I’M SORRY, I’M SORRY!”  The customer is on the verge of both tears and a panic attack.  Grillby’s grin spreads and he finally releases them to stumble over themselves in their absolute haste to never come back here again.  

The perks of dating fire?  The heat, obviously, but also the fact that anyone that messes with you is going to get burned.

But the negative is that the melted desk comes straight out of your paycheck.  Nice.


Burgerpants starts having PTSD flashbacks the second he witnesses his S/O getting yelled at by the customer.  He’s useless in this situation.  In fact, he somehow ends up behind the counter with his S/O as if he works there, too, and the both of them get chewed out.  He accepts everything while nodding and muttering “Yes.. Yes.. You’re completely right.  I’m sorry about your quality of service.  Should I get a manager?”  His S/O actually gets annoyed and tells him to shut up because he doesn’t even work there.  This enrages the customer and when the scuffle begins, it’s Burgerpants that ends up with the broken nose!  But it’s okay; he’s used to it!  He sets his nose right there on the spot and instructs his S/O on the proper way to set their nose should it happen to them.  

Plot-twist:  it does.  But they’re not dating him when it happens.  

Black eye from roller derby– extra!

In which the S/O (fairly early into the relationship) shows up to a date with a black eye from roller derby practice.



He’s annoyed, but when he realizes that it’s a bruise, he’s about to be on the war path.  "WHO DID THIS?!  I’LL KILL THEM!“  He won’t stop poking at the bruise, which is unfortunate, and he starts to go on a murderous tirade that makes it difficult for his S/O to get a word in edge-wise.  When he hears the roller derby explanation, he doesn’t understand.  The date is cut short so that his S/O can spend the rest of the night showing him videos and trying to explain the rules.  He seems satisfied.. for now.

The next practice, however, Sans is there.  Man, is he there.  He’s decked out in roller derby gear, complete with pads and skates.  He spent the last three days learning to skate, and he’s going to show off his skills!  He’s let onto the rink only because he pitches a fit (and kinda-sorta-maybe starts crying a little) and calls for Papy.  His brother’s intimidation works wonders with getting Sans some time to play, and he spends the entire practice round illegally blocking and targeting anyone that dares hit him.  In the end, both brothers are banned from the rink.


“babe..?  got a little somethin’ right.. there.”

Papyrus is pointing to his own eyesocket, but his gaze is sharp, and in the next instant, he’s cradling his S/O’s face and examining the bruise.  His expression turns dark and questioning, despite his calm demeanor.  The roller derby explanation catches him completely off-guard, but he’s relieved.  He’s not concerned about his S/O participating in the sport, but he tags along to a few practices to watch.  Yeah, he thinks it’s hawt.  His S/O has some moves, although one time, they end up bleeding after a particularly-nasty spill.  The next time they’re off the rink, Papyrus pulls them away to lick away with blood and simultaneously fluster the hell out of them.



He doesn’t say anything, but his stare is so intense that his S/O can feel it boring into them from behind his perpetually-steamed glasses.  The spike in his mood is punctuated by a loud crackle as a portion of his flames pop and rise.  The temperature in the immediate area kicks up a few degrees.  He tilts his head and extends his hand, rolling his wrist in a motion that has the S/O automatically launching into the roller derby explanation.  Grillbz relaxes.  The area gets cooler.  He’s intrigued, as indicated via a bright white fire-brow quirking from above his glasses.  His S/O spends the right of the date telling him roller derby stories and actually drawing a few crackling chuckles from him.  

Grillby works too much to go to any practices, but he shows up to the big games and quietly sits in the stands with a large berth of space around him.  Reluctantly, he actually gives his S/O’s team a discount in his bar, so after their practices/games, they always show up as part of his regulars.    


“uh, hey there, little buddy.. get into a fight?”

He’s nervous at the sight of the black eye because let’s face it; if his S/O is in some kind of domestic abuse situation where an ex is hitting them, Burgerpants is going to nope out of there so hard.  Just look at him–he’s not built to take on any violent exes.  He doesn’t even stand up for himself.  The mention of roller derby makes laugh in relief.  Oh, thank the stars.  He was about ten seconds from going to the “restroom” and then they’d never see him again.  He doesn’t ask to go to any of the practices because he doesn’t actually believe his S/O and doesn’t want to break the illusion.    

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I don’t


I don’t think… They know what the fuck they’re saying–

ain’t no body gettin’ healed bighit, we’re all just sad and broke af–

let us just burn in peace  o u o

"Peeta, como pode querer que eu fique calma sobre isso?" "Foi sua a ideia de mandá-la pra aquele acampamento inter-distritos!" "Bom, pra ela aprender alguma coisa... Não pra voltar namorando! Ela só tem 16 anos!" "A mesma idade que você tinha quando me beijou..." "Sai pra lá! É sério. Foi uma questão de sobrevivência, e agora nossa filha..." Peeta a abraçou enquanto ouviam a campainha. "Meu pãozinho. Fique tranquila. Nós vamos conhecê-lo, e ele vai ser uma pessoa incrível, porque nossa filha também é uma, e pessoas incríveis atraem pessoas incríveis. Certo? Veja só nós." Katniss revirou os olhos. "Ótimo. Vamos acabar logo com isso." Ao abrir a porta, foram sufocados pelo abraço da filha. Atrás dela, bastante tímido, estava um jovem alto, pele morena e olhos penetrantes. "Olá", cumprimentou, e Peeta sorriu amigavelmente para ele, enquanto Katniss- por algum motivo que não entendeu- sentia um arrepio. "Qual seu nome?" "Marcos, senhor. Marcos Hawthorne Mason." "Hawt..." O rosto de Peeta ficou azul enquanto Katniss, finalmente, soltava uma enorme gargalhada.

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but what about dean and cas comparing wing like cas making fun of how ticklish dean's new wings are because thsat's about as sensory as demony bat wings can get and dean retaliating by running his hands through cas' wings and whispering absolute //filth// in his ear until he comes with a shout and tries his best to make dean feel as good as he did (headcanon that the bases of demon wings have the same sensory input as angel wings and cas "accidentally" rubs at those after finding out that fact;)

asfsfasfsakfaslf omg that’s so hawt!! O///O