@spiritedbirb the deed is done

tessa1978 replied to your phototessa1978: @deichqueen yep i even propped him…

@kickerwrites, yes! he is REALLY HARD TO KILL. I had to go back upstairs and steal power armour.

I couldn’t because then I would have had to face Ingram and just NO. not after Haylen, not after Quinlan, NO. 

incidentally, this is also what made me start writing. I just couldn’t deal with thE EmOTionS of betraying these people I hadn’t even realised I’d gotten attached to because BoS SUX AMIRITE and had to go back and justify why the fuck anyone would actually say ‘yeah sure Dez I’ll blow up a ship with kids on it instead of going up there and just yannow negotiating with them from a position of tactical strength’ :adjusts Minutemen hat:

especially Ruby who was part of a counter-terrorism squad pre-war. hawkward.