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☆ Halduron!!

☆ - happy headcanon

I have so many headcanons, it’s hard to choose one x)

He spends as much time as possible with his rangers and when he’s there they usually organize different competitions. Usual archery competitons, hawkstrider riding, wrestling, everything. He loves seeing his babies, ehm, I mean rangers having fun, and he hates when they try to be gentle with him or let him win because he’s the ranger general.

I also headcanon that he comes from a very happy big family, but it’s more like a childhood headcanon :)

quelloras asked:

6. What they wanted to be when they grew up.

Elwelune was determined to be a hawkstrider. She didn’t realize this was physically impossible. After figuring out she couldn’t be a hawkstrider she decided she wanted to be a scholar.

sophysa-the-hunter asked:

36. Are they trained in riding? Who taught them? What sorts of animals or vehicles do they know how to ride? What about flying?

Are they trained in riding? 

Yes, he is. He actually really enjoys riding whenever he can get the chance. He likes the feeling of being one with his mount and the freedom of having the speed and strength he doesn’t have alone.

Who taught them? 

He was taught riding when he was a young boy by Loril Dawnwood, who was his tutor in many ‘gentlemanly’ things, such as riding, archery, and dancing. When he was an adult and training for the first time as a mercenary, Wethsen Sunspear taught him quite a bit as well.

What sorts of animals or vehicles do they know how to ride? 

Taighan’s favorite and most familiar type of riding animal is horses or horse-like creatures, such as quel’dorei steeds. He also like Talbuks and wolves quite a bit. He is not particularly fond of hawkstriders and doesn’t have much experience with raptors or kodos.

For flying mounts, he has a fondness for rylaks and wyverns, although he had had an occasional ride given to him by a willing drake.

He is quite good at driving bikes, but is not very good at flying machines or heavy war-machines.

What about flying?

Yes, he does know and enjoy flying mounts. There is a sense of incredible freedom. The best thing he’s ever ridden in the sky is definitely a drake that was kind enough to give him a lift, but he also enjoys the speed and agility of rylaks and wyverns.


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The ghost of his sister currently lives in his townhouse. He’s not entirely sure what to do about it, Xanelen’s the only person that can actually see her, but she’s never been violent ever so right now he’s okay not dealing with it. 

He plays the fiddle and violin. His current instrument’s pretty old and has lovely stained carvings in the back and mother of pearl inlay on the fingerboard.  

He grew up on a hawkstrider farm! He’s pretty fond of the birds. 

While he’s not a full blown engineer, he’s pretty handy with little things around the house and is pretty good at fixing shit when it breaks. 

Thanks @turning-through-the-never!

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Are they trained in riding? Who taught them? What sorts of animals or vehicles do they know how to ride? What about flying?

Yes, the family had older warriors who taught the children the basics of riding. It took Solas three months to not fall off the horses saddle, and then even longer to understand its concept. He prefers hawkstriders and horses… just recently obtained a wolf from Draenor so he’s enjoying its friendship and tenacity. I say he’s an okay rider now, and yes he’s more skilled in flying then riding believe it or not.