Demonstration of how to perform tracheostomy care for a patient. -This video is [one of many] by my favorite nurse channel on youtube, called Hawknurse.

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Claire/clint for the song prompts? Linger by the cranberries.

Pairing: Claire/Clint
Word Count: 400

A/N: Angst ahead!  Warning you now!  

Linger-The Cranberries


Claire slipped under his arm, the one that was draped over the back of the couch, snuggling up to his side.  

Lucky’s head dropped down in her lap and she reached down to rub his head absently.  

Clint was staring straight ahead.  Glazed eyes were pointed at the TV, but he wasn’t looking there.  He wasn’t even with her on this couch right now, as far as she was concerned.  His body was there, going through the motions, but his mind was somewhere else.

With whoever it was that kept him from ever being fully present.  

Claire knew that look well. Had become well versed in it with Matt. Of course, with Matt, it hadn’t been another woman.  It had been another life.  

But, she supposed another woman could mean another life as well.  

She gulped and kept scratching Lucky’s ears, working up her courage to do what needed to be done.  “Are you ever going to tell me?  Or are you just going to wait for me to stop coming over?”

“What?” his brow furrowed.

“Clint.  I’m not stupid.  It’s Bobbi, isn’t it?”  

“Claire…”  she waited for him to continue, but he didn’t.  No rebuttal, no denial.  Just pained silence.

She shook her head.  “I like you a lot, Clint.  But not enough to sit around and be a replacement for someone else…” she dislodged Lucky from her lap, patting Clint’s leg as she stood.  “No hard feelings, okay?”  

She could feel something inside her break when he nodded, taking a sip of the beer in his hand.  “I’m sorry…”

Claire pressed her lips together.  “Heart wants what it wants, Big Guy. We had fun, though, didn’t we?”

He looked up at her, nodding again.  “Lucky’s gonna miss you…” Something in the way he looked at her said that the dog wasn’t the only one.  

She crossed her arms in front of her.  “Well…maybe someday soon, I might be able to come hang out with Lucky again.  Just explain to him that I need some time.”  

The corners of his mouth pulled upward and he nodded.  “I’ll tell him.”  

“Thanks…”  she walked over to the kitchen counter, grabbing her purse.  She needed to get out of this apartment before she started crying.  Because maybe she liked him a little more than she was letting on.  Despite swearing off all superhero types.  “Take care of yourself, Clint.”

“You too, Temple.”