One Direction Preference- Your Son's Friends Think You're Hot & He Finds Out (Harry, Louis & Niall)


His phone was sitting face up on the counter, begging to be touched. You knew it wasn’t your business, that you shouldn’t pry, but you couldn’t help it. Ever since high school, Eric had changed. He’d grown up, matured. He started keeping secrets and staying out late. You didn’t expect any less from a teenager, but as a mother it still made you nervous.

You could see him through the glass sliding doors, playing basketball in the yard with his best friend, and it was with hawklike surveillance that you casually brushed a finger over the screen.

Enter Passcode. Shit.

You racked your brain. His birthday? Nope. The last 4 digits of his number? Nope. 0000? Winner.

You rolled your eyes at the stupidity of his passcode, but quickly got down to business, returning to the homescreen and selecting ‘Messages.’ The first conversation was with some girl named Melanie, but as you flicked through them, nothing too concerning grabbed your attention. A few winky faces, but that was all.

The next was with Devin, the best friend currently with him in the yard. You did the same, scrolling through the messages with ease, but this time something caught your eye.

I’d do her

Devin, stop

For real, man have you seen her?

Your mom is fucking hot

Yeah I’ve seen her a few times and you’re not gonna see her anymore if you keep this shit up

Just being honest ;)

You felt your cheeks tinge pink and your mouth form a tiny 'o.’ You could not believe what you had just read. Your racked your brain for instances of Devin’s eyes lingering too long, of conversations dragging on and wandering glances. It made you sick.

“Hey love,” you jumped, inhaling sharply as Harry entered the kitchen.

You spun quickly, hands gripping the edge of the counter, “Hey,” you said breathlessly, eyes wide.

He furrowed his eyebrows, shooting you a concerned look, “Is something wrong…?”

“I uh–” you tilted your head and pursed your lips, “I read some of Eric’s texts, and…” you nodded to the lit phone screen as Harry wandered nearer, his eyes focusing on the blue text bubbles.

You watched as he scanned the messages, a smirk growing on his face, “I like him.”

“What?” the surprise and perplexity clear in your voice.

“Hey,” he leaned back from the counter, moving to stand in front of you where you rested against the table, “He’s got good taste,” he chuckled, running his hands from your waist to your bum, “And you’ve got nothing to worry about, sweetie. You’re all mine.”


“So, Jason,” you smiled, twirling spaghetti around your fork, “Derek said you play for the basketball team?”

“Yeah,” your son’s friend mumbled through a mouthful of food, swallowing quickly, “Point-guard.”

“Very nice,” you nodded, “How’s the season going?”

“Could be worse,” he shrugged, “Started off pretty rough but we’re getting the hang of things.”

“Started off rough is an understatement,” your son scoffed, receiving quite the glare from his friend.

“You get any time or are you benched?” Louis tried to crack a joke beside you, but there was a tinge of something harsher beneath the surface.

Jason was caught off guard, stuttering out, “I–uh. Yeah I get time. I’m not a starter but I’ll get in the game more next year when the seniors are gone.”

“Not good enough to beat out the upperclassmen, aye?” you kicked Louis under the table, and he shot you a look, eyes narrowed.

“Uh, yeah,” he nodded, “Guess so.”

“Hey Lou,” you smiled sweetly, “Help me pull the roast out of the oven, will you?” you pushed your chair back from the table, rising to your feet.

“You can’t do it yourself, sweetie? I’m doing fine, here,” he jerked his head toward the teenage boy across the dinner table.

“Help me with the roast, Lou,” it was no longer a question as your smile morphed from sweet to threatening in an instant. He was immediately on his feet trailing behind you to the kitchen.

“What the hell was that!” you whispered once you were around the corner, jerking your thumb over your shoulder to indicate the scene you’d just left.

His arms extended in a gesture of surrender, “What?”

“You were interrogating that poor boy like he’s a serial killer!” you were practically shaking with anger, “What is your problem?”

He frowned, crossing his arms over his chest, “I don’t like the way he’s looking at you?”

You furrowed your eyebrows, “Excuse me?”

“He watches you like he’s seeing you naked for Christ’s sake! I don’t like it!”

You rolled your eyes, “Are you really feeling threatened by a teenage boy right now?”

“I am not feeling threatened–”

“You are intimidated by a prepubescent boy,” you were struggling to hold in a smirk.

“Am not!”

“Then get back out there and stop acting like it!” you placed a hand on your waist, jutting out your hip, “Go on,” you nodded.

He narrowed his eyes at you, “I thought you wanted help with the roast?”

“I think I can handle it.”


“Looking good, Mrs. H!” there was a whistle from behind you as you sat on the edge of the pool. You’d become used to the teasing of your son’s friends–it made you feel young, beautiful. Becoming a mother had pulled you away from the youthful, flirtatious girl you’d once been and their interest in you gave you a glimpse back into what you’d left behind.

You didn’t tease back like you normally would, flicking your sunglasses from your hair back to the bridge of your nose. Summer had come, and along with it, so had your husband. As much you loved the harmless flirtations of your son’s friends, Niall’s presence threw you off. He was usually laid back and confident, never the jealous type, but since coming back from tour, he’d made it very clear that he was uneasy about the hoard of boys living by the pool.

You leaned back on your arms, fingers splayed against the cool concrete as you twirled your legs through the clear blue water. The house was directly across from you, lined wall to wall with floor to ceiling windows and sliding glass doors. You watched with a smile as Niall trotted down the spiraling staircase. He was shirtless, swim trunks hung low on his hips. After 17 years of marriage, he still made your jaw drop.

He made his way out to the poolside, staring at the mass of boys behind you, unblinking the entire time. You sighed; he was never like this, establishing his dominance, but you had to admit, he was very sexy when he was jealous.

He sat down beside you, legs slipping under the cool water as he leaned over to press a fleeting kiss to your exposed shoulder, “Hey babe.”

“Hey handsome,” you smiled, “Sleep well?” you chuckled, it was nearly 2 in the afternoon.

“I’m just enjoying not sleeping on a bus for the first time in months, you can’t judge me.”

“I guess I can’t,” you shrugged, kicking your legs around in the chilly pool, “It’s really hot.”

“It’s because you’re out here,” he flirted, leaning in to press his lips to your shoulder again, the connection longer this time, “I missed you a lot,” he breathed on your skin, moving to press his lips to your neck next.

“I missed you, too,” he nipped at your skin, working his way down your collarbones. You shifted away, “Niall, what are you doing?” you glanced over your shoulder at the crowd of lingering eyes, “They’re watching us,” you hissed.

“Good,” he mumbled, chuckling a little and pulling away, “Gotta let em know who’s in charge around here, yeah?” and he winked.


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Ashton would be the bad boy that got sent away for a few years for his delinquency and would come back senior year to surprise you. Cause let’s be honest, you were his favorite person to torment even though he never realized how awful he really was to you. And you would regret his arrival, hoping that it was just a sick joke but when you seen his perfect face in the hall, you couldn’t help but scurry far away before he seen you but you knew damn well his hawklike eyes could peep you out in a crowd of thousands and when the footsteps could be heard behind you in the almost empty hall, you couldn’t help but hurry fast down the hall. He screamed for you to slow down, just a little so he could talk to you but you only hurry faster, almost running over a lonesome freshmen that looked lost. But he finally catches up and snatches you lightly by the arm into his now matured body and god did he feel amazing against you. And he’d plead for you to just look at him, just once and he was only taken aback by the tears streaming down your face and he couldn’t help but feel like the dick of the century because he knew it was because of him. And he hugged you. He hugged you so close that all you could do was cry into him and your hands clenched his shirt in hopes it’d some how make everything better and his roamed over your back soothingly and that’s when he promised himself he’d do everything in his favor to make up for it, and he promised you everything would be different, everything would be better. But fuck, everyone hated you and you were always weary, and this for sure was not going to work out for you. Especially when your main torment since he’s been gone was your ‘ex-best friend’, you knew it was bound to go downhill. She made sure to keep the tormenting going and once Ashton found that out, he made sure to crush everything that she was. But you told him not to even worry and that he made it clear before he left he didn’t care that you were bullied, hurt, and damaged for many years. And you walked away from him, leaving him alone to let it rot his mind away and eat at him because in all honesty, it wasn’t a lie to a certain extent. You stayed away for days and hid every time you seen him round a corner and he felt fucking awful for how much he put on you the past years but he wanted to help and you aren’t letting him and this anger bubbles in him. But not towards you, but to the she-devil herself and he’s been watching, knowing how she treats you and how everyone else does and that was not something that he wanted to happen, ever. And even during your prepubescent years with a little too much weight covering your body, the boy was in love with you and he only got your attention in the worst of ways and he knew he was only a fuck up for it. But now you were more beautiful than ever and stronger than you were four years ago and his desires only enhanced but not because you lost a little weight or grew your hair out, but the fact you took everything on by yourself for years and you were still going strong. And everything about you sent a tingle through his body and he couldn’t help but want you and need you and for years your ex-best friend was deeply in love with the boy and you always thought they’d look amazing together, their personalities matching soon enough. But he never wanted her and never liked her, having a bad feeling for the longest. And he stayed away from her even when she was throwing herself at him ever since he got back. But he did whatever to get your attention and keep hers away. So he kisses you one day. In front of everyone and even in front of the girl that was hopelessly in love with him without a care, because reputation meant nothing and you meant everything and he couldn’t go another day without you. And she would stomp away in fury because how dare you kiss her love, but he could never like her, never want her or need her in the way he needed you. Your hands would clench onto his as they cupped your face and your knees would buckle right from under you from the kiss and it was the best thing that’s happened to you in awhile. Your stomach fluttered with butterflies and you felt like you could never hate him, everything disappearing before your eyes. You were breathless and speechless beyond words and you knew everyone was just staring, not believing what was happening right before them, because let’s be real here, no one seen this happening in a million years. And you became nervous because you knew what was running through everyone’s head but he held your forehead to his and stared deeply at you, calming words falling past his lips and calming you to a quiet tremble you could handle. And his hands run through your hair as you close your eyes in content because honestly, you were truly content in the moment and you would make sure to live it out for as long as you possibly could. Seeing how everything was finally falling in place by the one who once smashed everything to pieces, you knew love had its own twisted fate.