Ok, I don’t know if I posted this earlier and it got deleted somehow or I forgot to publish this, or Tumblr is glitching on mobile.

Anyway, I drew these two. It’s never to early for Halloween once it’s autumn!

The first one is based off a Brother’s Quay character. The spider lady is based off Sally from Nightmare before Christmas and Emily from Corpse Bride. I used Emily as reference for her hands.

A couple of dorky tigers which I have been meaning to draw for my writer friend which I have now finally drawn out. They were for the same writer friend whom I redrew in my style that elvish lady for.
I don’t know these two’s names but I’m sure she shall give them very good names. Like Hopscotch and Boomerang or something.

I really hope she doesn’t name them Hopscotch and Boomerang. That would be a tragedy within itself.

Working on my own stuff.
It’s a Hippocampus and if you can’t read my chicken scratch, it says

“How the unicorns and pegasi think of the hippocampi. Basically that they [the hippocampi] are barbaric creatures that quite different from other Equine Subspecies. (This is actually a stereotype handed down from Greek and Roman pegasi from way back when.) (meaning not at all truthful, unicorns, pegasi, and hippocampi are basically the same, culturally, although different, physically)”

So, background info, hippocampi are mythological horse-like beasts from Greek Mythology. If you’ve read Percy Jackson, you know what I’m talking about. In my story/universe/I don’t know what to call this, Hippocampi are peaceful creatures, mainly keeping to themselves and their watery domain, which is why there is so much distrust between them and their land-based counterparts. Blind fear is what it is.

Building my own universe of stuff and I thought I’d share it. I’m curious what you guys think.