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I’ve known for some time now that the Shape of Water film would NOT be an Abe Sapien spinoff/prequel, and have informed many of that since the trailer went online, but there seem to be a large number of people who have their minds made up otherwise, and I’ve had lots of people tell me I’m stupid, wrong, ignorant, etc. Please let this note from Doug Jones himself lay that to rest.

The realization that Virgil is attractive punches Richie in the fucking face like

They’ve been friends for years, back when they were both still chubby and held their parents hands to cross the street, and they watched each other go through cracking voices and knobby limbs and weird body odor and it’s just not even really a question to Richie, it never occurs to him to even look that closely. It’s just “Yup, Virgil. Dreads, baggy jeans, sometimes he wears a hat. That’s the guy.”

He almost sees it the first time Virgil goes out as Static, hovering in the gymnasium with crackles of lightening all around him, in his mask and coat, but the thought is gone as soon as it’s there.

Then finally one day they get back from patrol, and it’s been a night from hell. They’re both sweaty and beat up and exhausted, and on autopilot they’re both stripping off their clothes to crash on Virgil’s bed, and Richie looks up just at the right time to see the light playing off Virgil’s sweat-slick skin, his body all lean muscle and little hair-thin strands of electricity still zipping just barely visible between his fingers and down his arms.

And Richie just goes “Oh, fuck.”

so tell me what we choose

HELLO AND *jake in a dumb top hat voice* WELCOME TO THE BIG SHOW– okay yeah there is no big show there’s just… Pain. this is basically the dianetti post-finale fic but is also more Importantly,,,,, part 3 of Pain even though i’m seriously considering naming this Fools bc all the titles have been… what’s that word? whatever they r from the same verse in the song and DON’T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT I CAN’T WORDS RN and also Gina and Rosa?? they r being Fools™ just KISS ALREADY okay um. yeah my fault they r being this way also do they kiss in this?? who knows??? guess u gotta read to find out ;) okay this is getting ridiculously long- i just wanted to give you a heads up that this is 6.4k words long,,,, Part Three isn’t the last…. (sorry) and like for reference part one is only 3.4k and part two is only 2.7k (u don’t Have to read but its… highly recommended) so basically this installment is more than those two combined holy cr*p 

A sharp, burgeoning pain rips through Rosa’s skull harsh and throbbing as she comes to, in what feels like a damp and dingy void. She gags at the rotten stench that every crevice of the place seems to emit, but whether she’s six feet deep into the ground or on top of the Empire State Building is unknown to her, as she can’t see a thing. She hasn’t been blindfolded, so it must either be impossibly dark or- maybe Rosa’s blind.

She yearns to rub the exhaustion out of her weary eyes but Rosa’s hands are both tightly bound behind her back, as are her waist and feet which are tied to the chair she slouches on firmly. Typical. She’s been kidnapped, ugh. Rosa makes a feeble attempt to struggle against her restraints but quickly gives up because knowing the people she’s angered, there’s no way they’d leave her in an unguarded place giving her perfect opportunities to escape, let alone tie her up loosely.

A blinding light flashes on and Rosa grunts as her eyes shut in protest from the glare. Whatever reason she’s here, she hopes everything ends quickly. She needs a nap and sleeping in a chair for god knows how long left a crick in her neck.

When the room finally shifts into view as the fluorescent lights strangely fade into a soft amber glow, she gets the shock of her life because she’s not alone.

Okay, it isn’t the not-being-alone part that gets her heart pounding, it’s who she’s with.

Tied up just like her, sat in chairs just like hers across the room are two people.

On the right is her fiancé, Adrian Pimento.

And on the left… Rosa sees Gina. Oh god, what the hell was Gina doing here? Rosa feels her heart rate quicken, her breaths losing their individuality as her vision blurs, and she starts fighting blindly against her restraints- not giving up this time round. If she could just get to Gina, set her free, save Gina…

“Hello, Diaz.”

Rosa freezes at the sound of a sickeningly familiar voice, belonging to her new most hated person. Hawkins looms into the room, every step she takes mocking Rosa’s sorry state, Rosa’s seething state, Rosa’s will-kill-Hawkins-by-ripping-her-to-shreds-when-she-gets-out state.

“Fuck you,” Rosa spits, staring daggers into Hawkins as she keeps trying to break free, working herself into a frenzy. She knows how pathetic she looks, but with enough force and stubborn determination, those restraints will come loose eventually, and Rosa will make Hawkins regret ever stepping foot into this room at all.

“No foreplay first?” Hawkins taunts. “Okay, I’ll cut to the chase, Diaz-”

“Whatever the hell it is,” Rosa interrupts- an act that seems to annoy Hawkins and is therefore, a win. “You don’t have to keep them here, just let them go.”

Hawkins simpers, looking incredulously at Rosa. “Are you kidding me? What’s to stop you from escaping and fighting your way out if I let them go? They’re the only reason you’re still here.”

Rosa exhales desperately. “Please, I won’t try to escape- just let them go.”

Hawkins paces formidably towards Gina and Pimento, causing Rosa to make the heinous error of glancing at Gina, whose face is a sheet of porcelain white, unadulterated fear in her bloodshot eyes as she appeals to Rosa to save her please, she’s so scared and she just wants to go- it agonizes Rosa to no end knowing she’s the reason Gina’s here.

“Let’s play a fun game, shall we?” Hawkins suggests chillingly, making it obvious that this will neither be fun nor a game.

“Out with it,” Rosa challenges, her defiance conversely followed by a nervous gulp. She refuses to look weak, but knows that Hawkins has all the power here to make her very, very weak indeed.

“Choose. Choose who you want to live.”

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Sally Hawkins as Mrs. Mary Brown in Paddington (2014) 

 “Mrs. Brown illustrates adventure stories. Her latest is set in the old tunnels and sewers under London. She says she’s stuck at the moment because she can’t imagine what her hero looks like, but has no trouble coming up nicknames for her daughter Judy, like Twinkle and Coconut and Sweetiepops.”


Steve took Nancy of course, while Jonathan is in charge of your regular awkward prom photoshoot. Enter Hawkins’ power couple, Steve with his hair higher than ever and Nancy looking absolutely lovely in a light purple dress and semi-curled hair. There’s a distant look in her perfectly made up eyes, and Jonathan didn’t fail to capture it in a snap in midst of Steve’s friendly remarks.

The event goes on as usual. The alcohol-laced punch, the cheesy disco music, the fluorescent lights. While twirling around in Steve’s arms, she catches Jonathan in the crowd; flitting in and out like a cosmic presence, always there but hardly by sight. After a particular energetic number, Steve excused himself for a chat with Todd Hayes.

“Right now?” she questions curiously. The sounds of slow synth beats reverberates and she’d swear chick flick aficionado Steve Harrington would never missed this part.

“I got to talk about last week’s game before he ran off with Michelle Brenner, babe. I’ll go right back at you. In the meantime…” he glances over her shoulders and sees Byers fidgeting with his cheap rented suit. “maybe you can find some good company”

She turns her head at his direction and like a magnet to a north pole, found herself slowly gravitating towards him with no more encouraging. In that moment, the soft blue and magenta lights flickered into millions Christmas lights as the music ebbed away into the air. But she isn’t scared at all.

“I didn’t expect you to a wear a tie tonight”

He nearly jumped at her voice; his hand automatically reaches to his camera, slung on his shoulders. “well, my mom thinks I should look professional for my first.. semi-professional gig”

She smiles at the mention of her. A dainty hand reaches to his collarbone as she fumbles to fix the mess. “You should’ve gone to my father for this. Maybe for once in his life he can be useful for something”

He cracks a lopsided smile “Yeah. Thanks”

They fall in silence and watch the throng of couples circle around each other under a teacher’s watchful eyes (she takes a look at Tommy H and Carol; too late for that). The whole set-up is straight out of a Molly Ringwald movie. Saccharine, fabricated, procedural.

Suddenly she realized she contributed to it by talking about such important subjects like ties. Jeez pull it together, Wheeler.

Well, if she’s going to pretend that everything is alright for one night, might as well do it with the right person.

“May I have this dance?”

He was flustered for a second but took no time to accept her hand.

’ll be your lighthouse when you’re lost to see (lost to see)
I’ll keep my light on, baby, you can always come to me
I wanna be the place you call your home (call your home)
Just let me in your arms

“Not really the most inspiring lyrics, are they?”

She lets out the most genuine laugh in months. “oh, and I suppose wondering if you should stay or go is the most brilliant song-writing of this generation?”

He chuckles with her; she knows he secretly loves this song. She tightens her arms around his neck as she stares longingly at his crooked lips, the dimple prominent on his blue light-reflected skin. She wonders if this Jonathan looks better than Red Light-reflected Jonathan.

“You have a great smile” she catches herself saying “I’ll make sure I see more of it from now on”

He casts his gaze down in classic Jonathan Byers fashion. But as a subtle reminder of this confusing bond they have created, they rise back to her serene face, with nothing but assurance in his soft brown eyes.

“Right back at you, Wheeler”

Because they can be each other’s lighthouses when they’re lost to see.

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school days - chuck berry // it’s so easy - buddy holly // keep a knockin- little richard // little demon - screamin’ jay hawkins // playing for keeps - elvis presley // heeby-jeebies - little richard // summertime blues - eddie cochran // i’m ready - fats domino // oh boy! -  buddy holly // frenzy -  screamin’ jay hawkins

There was power in that music, a power which seemed to most rightfully belong to all the skinny kids, fat kids, ugly kids, shy kids - the world’s losers in short.  [LISTEN]