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Comparative anatomy of the Bactrian and Dromedary Camels, and the human.

Humans domesticated Bactrian camels (Camelus ferus) over 4500 years ago, and Dromedary camels (Camelus dromedarius) even earlier - around 4000 BCE, or 6000 years ago. Domesticated Dromedary camels are so ancient that even the first dynasties of Egypt were thought to use them, from archaeological remains.

While Dromedary camels have survived relatively unchanged in the wild, Bactrian camels have been significantly altered by domestication. They’re shorter, far more amenable to human interaction, and have been bred to have longer fur and greater milk output. There is over a 3% difference in the genetic code between domestic and wild Bactrian camels - more than exists between humans and chimpanzees.

Comparative anatomy as applied to the purposes of the artist. Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins, 1883.

"Captain Amelia is one of the most feminist characters of all time" by Matthew S. Robinson

I’ve decided tumblr does not appreciate Captain Amelia from the underrated Disney film “Treasure Planet”

I mean seriously think about how awesome this character is just removing all bias of how you felt about the movie as a whole her being a woman or her being a man, human, cat humanoid, space alien whatever this is a totally awesome character who has one of the most intense and just flat out magnificent character introductions in animated film…

Okay now let’s add on the other layer she is a woman and in fact one of the only women in the entire film. She’s arguably the most tough out of all the active characters, one of the most intelligent who proves to be not only a physical match for most of the crew but also is an intellectual match with Doppler (the assumed smartest character) as she knows just about as much about astrophysics as he does. And she does it like it’s a Tuesday.

She’s clearly a character used to taking crap for being a woman she makes a point to tell Hawkins to call her either Captain or Ma'am which is clearly more a test to gauge his respect level than a pronouncement of her ego. When Hawkins calls her Ma'am she coldly replies “That will do.” So she doesn’t even get bogged down on it, she’s got a ship to run. And when that ship comes under attack she’s already ready to throw down.

So okay she’s a tough and fearless leader with grade A intelligence but that’s just one aspect of what makes her a great female character. Sometimes people (including myself) complain that tough female characters either have to be over sexualized or their sexuality is totally removed. But Amelia manages to never have a “sexy scene” and still never loses charm or sexuality. They never overplay her femininity over her position but make sure that she represents a woman who can lead men but still be very much a lady.

What’s more after she and Doppler form a relationship they both manage to make their feelings known without it enveloping her character and removing what made her unique. Then after all of that she still manages to; get married, have kids and keep her job (possibly even be promoted to Admiral by that point) 

In closing Captain Amelia is 100% Certified Bad Ass