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Noticing the dark red eyes staring at her and with them baring their fangs at her as well. Darcy quickly swept her hair off to the side before tilting her head to the right, giving them more access to her neck so that they feed easier.

Feeling them bite down, Darcy let a little gasp out and placed her hands on their arm, that was around her waist to keep her from moving, as they drunk from her, A moan escaped her lips as she lent back against the chest, in joying the feeling she was getting from.

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After visiting New York Donny made a work connection through DC which sparked Donny’s interest since he never considered DC when he should have.It’s the perfect place for his work.

Donny met with a new employer that gave him a mission of a robbery against a congressman in the city.It seemed simple enough like other cases he has done in the past so he felt comfortable even in a new city.He made the plans for the robbery in the evening when the congressman was attending a party.As Donny made his way to the home he gets a call from the employer to do a double robbery.After the congressman’s house he ironically had to go to the building where the party was held and grab security codes for a future plan to steal from their vault.That wasn’t really his thing to steal information but it’s still stealing so he would do it.

Donny easily made his way into the house and snooped around until he found the safe.



The farm was…well big. No matter how much he craned his neck, he couldn’t actually see another house, just…fields and trees. It was nice, free and with plenty of space. Maybe, that would be better when he eventually got back onto his feet but that wasn’t happening anytime soon.  He was confined to the wheelchair for now and having to undergo regular physical therapy to essentially relearn how to walk.

It was infuriating for someone with the power of speed, to be left like this and as such, he was often in a grumpy mood. In fact, there were all of about three people he could actually tolerate in such a mood. Wanda, of course, as well as Clint and Natasha. Clint particularly had spent a lot of time with him, helping him out and it was because of him that he was here now.

You'll be mine ( Closed RP with Hawkeyeagentbarton )

Loki was bored. It had been a year now since the incident with Malekith and the Dark Elves and two years since his failed attack on Midgard. But now Asgard was his, everyone thought him dead, Odin was in a place where no one would find him and he took the place of the Allfather instead. Still Loki had the feeling he missed something, but what?

The god let his thoughts wander when he got a sudden idea. Of course! Now he knew what he missed. His favorite little pet from Midgard. Agent Barton from SHIELD aka Hawkeye. The man had been so loyal to him until this annoying Black Widow interfered and ripped him free from his control. He had so much plans for his little Hawk. The dark god wanted to keep him at his side during his reign on Midgard. Ah well it seemed like he had to just bring him to Asgard instead. Grinning Loki stood up and made his way to his personal library to search for the necessary spell that would Barton to him.

Remember me...


When Natasha came back from her mission she had a message from Fury, telling her he wanted to talk to her urgently. Natasha walked to where he wanted to see her and as she saw him she got nervous cause she knew Clint was on a mission.

“What happened?” She whispered.

“Natasha.. Barton had a breakdown.. His mission went wrong, the target wanted you and he wanted to sacrifice himself to save you.. We found him, it didn’t look good..”

Natasha felt how her heart skipped a beat and started pounding inside her chest. “What… Is he.. alive?” She whispered.

“Yes he is.. But we have no other choice Natasha.. He’ll be safe and you’ll be safe too.. We gave him a different past.. A new life.. Without you..”

Natasha stared at him “but.. He.. He won’t remember me?”

“He will.. As his friend.. He won’t remember loving you.. It’s the best for you two..”

Natasha didn’t know what to say, the pain she felt was too strong and she just nodded “okay.. Can I see him?”. Nick nodded and Natasha walked into the room where Clint laid on a bed, resting from his injuries. She walked next to his bed and rested her hand on his “Clint..” She whispered and looked at him.

It was nice to get away with Clint,he was so happy he had him to travel with.It was also going to the be the first time he goes to Brazil for fun and not on the run,plus not being on the run meant he didn’t have to stay in a shack.

When they land in Brazil Bruce looks over to Clint with a smile as they were leaving the airport.“I think the place we got is pretty nice."he says. 

Just a Dream?


Again that dream. It was so painful and the worst torture to see. She dreamed of the man she loved the most, with his daughter. The most beautiful little girl she ever saw, sometimes a boy but mostly a girl. It was the worst torture to see them cause Natasha knew, she could never give Clint a child.

Natasha was awake in her bed, thinking about her dream. The calm breathing of Clint next to her calmed her down as well but she was still upset because of her dream. Natasha rolled on a side as she felt that sick feeling growing.

Just a Little Kiss || Closed RP


It was just one small kiss… Bruce knew he was moving in with his aunt now so he wouldn’t be coming back here. The kids wouldn’t be able to make fun of him here for this because he’d be in New York. Bruce had had a crush on Clint for a while and since he was moving he thought it would be a good time to just say or do something about it, “Th-thanks for letting m-me do that…” He said before running home. He still had a few things to pack up before his aunt came to pick him up.

Bruce was gone by the next day. No notice or anything. He moved and the only people who were informed were the teachers. Bruce was glad to be gone from that place, but… part of him would always miss Clint. Clint was the only kid that ever stood up for him, and Bruce had never experienced that before. 

~ ~ ~

It wasn’t until they were in college that they would meet again. Bruce had pretty much blotted out any memories of his childhood, and sadly that included Clint. Bruce just wanted to focus on the future, on the fact that someday he might be a famous scientist. He didn’t want to dwell on all of the bad that had happened to him. Bruce was glad that he had been put in a dorm by himself (the school had made a special allowance for him since he was on a full scholarship at the moment. 

Bruce walked out of his dorm and rubbed the back of his head shyly. His dorm neighbor had just walked out and Bruce couldn’t help but think of how cute he was. “U-um… do you know wh-where the b-best place to get s-some food is?” He asked lamely. 

Evangelyne Hawke had always tried to live a simple, peaceful life. Sadly this was a goal she had yet to achieve. 
From a very young age, she had never managed to keep her mouth shut or her head down, no matter the consequences. It was better to be right than pleasant after all? Maybe not better, but her father had been a righteous man. Always telling her that doing the right thing was more important than doing the easy thing in life. 
Therefore her life had never been simple, peaceful or easy. 

For the last few weeks there had been several bank robberies. The newspapers had been filled with eyewitness accounts that said that the robber had ‘strange powers’ in the Form of ‘burning hands’. And even if not everyone believed in those stories it had a lot of people on edge. 

Evy hadn’t been inside a bank since the time she had initially opened her account but a few days earlier her ATM card had stopped working and she simply couldn’t avoid to get a new one at this point. 

It didn’t even really surprise her when the bank robbery started. It had to happen during her visit to the bank hadn’t it? She tried to play along, lying down on the ground, holding her head down, until the masked man decided to take a child hostage and threatened to burn it with his flaming hand, in order to keep everyone still.
Why on earth was his hand on fire? Why didn’t it hurt him? Why weren’t his clothes on fire? 
This would all have been good questions to dwell upon.
But no, Evy “ no matter the consequences” Hawke got up and without thinking threw the robber against the wall. The impact made him let go of the child. 

Unfortunately, that had been the entirety of her “plan”. Now she was standing there, arms outstretched in front of her, pressing the stranger against the wall with an invisible force. Usually she used her powers to get her remote without getting up. She felt herself getting weaker and it wouldn’t be a pretty picture if she’d let go of him now. 

Something moved in her peripheral vision and she turned her head to see a man. Had he been here the whole time? Had he just entered through the doors? She hadn’t kept track of her surroundings. 

“ I know what this looks like, but I swear he started it!” she tried to tell him, and then it hit her, something about the man looked familiar. “  … wait, Clint? Is that you?”