2017 Big Ten Coaching Power Rankings

The Big Ten had a fantastic 2016, though that is mostly due to the conference’s traditional powers all having great seasons. The middle and bottom of the league still poses an issue, and as a result there’s a big difference between the top and bottom coaches on this list. A number of coaches are making their debuts on here because there was a decent amount of turnover in the league since last year. Bill Cubit, Kevin Wilson, and Tracy Claeys were all forced out under controversy and as a result the rankings will be a little wonky.

If you want to check out what I wrote on each coach about this time last season, look no further.


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I finally rounded up the designs of my FMA: Mutual Bonds babies so I think there’s no better way to celebrate it than a pseudo-poster thing ♥

It has been a GOOOOOD while since the last time I drew the 4 of them together <3 I’m so happy right now!

Contrary to what her personality may suggest, Riza Hawkeye’s natural sleeping state is rather uncouth. Yet her mind only allows her to sleep as such if Black Hayate’s on the watch or Roy is close by. Only then does Riza feel safe and sure and can truly rest.

Roy realized this when they were forced to share a tent together on an extensive mission. He woke up to his Lieutenant sprawled out across her mat, almost overlapping onto his, her long blonde hair in tangles, maybe a hint of drool on the corner of her open mouth, and the softest store in Amestris.

Hawkeye denies all of it. Particularly the snoring.

It’s time we end Iowa’s stranglehold on the presidential nomination process

On Feb. 1, Republicans and Democrats in the state of Iowa will head to the caucuses in the first contest of the 2016 presidential nomination process. But if either party had any sense left in them, they would end the tradition of the Iowa caucuses being first in the nation for good. Put simply, having the Hawkeye State weigh in first is bad for both parties.

It may seem like déjà vu for Hillary Clinton — an insurgent candidate has erased her once-dominant lead in Iowa just days before the Democratic caucuses.

That’s what happened in 2008, when she finished a disappointing third behind Barack Obama and John Edwards. Now, it’s Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has closed the gap in the Hawkeye State.

“This feels like 2008 all over again,” Iowa pollster J. Ann Selzer said back in Augustafter her survey showed Clinton up just 7 points back then. It’s even closer now. And Sanders holds a lead in New Hampshire.

Despite the similarities, the former secretary of state told NPR’s Ari Shapiro in an interview Wednesday morning in San Antonio that she remained confident about her chances in the Feb. 1 caucuses.

“I feel very positive about the organization we’ve built, the enthusiasm and energy of the people who are literally showing up in below-freezing temperatures to canvass for me,” Clinton said. “My precinct captains, my precinct teams are really all so focused on doing well in the caucus.”

Flashbacks To 2008? No, Clinton Says, ‘I Feel Very Positive’

Photo: Ariel Zambelich/NPR

Once every four years we pay attention to Iowa

Like most, you might be confused about what actually goes on in each of Iowa’s 99 counties as they run a litmus test on our candidates. The Guardian takes a look at the Hawkeye State and its outsized role in the US presidential election, detailing the small and intimate voting processes of a caucus, and why it differs from the more traditional primary election.

Everything you need to know about America’s first vote is on the Guardian.