The road to the CFB Playoffs is full of dangers!

Last week two conference favorites (Ohio State and Penn State) were upset as they battled on the road, causing major damage to their playoff hopes. And this week it sets up in a very interesting parallel. Both Alabama and Georgia, the two best teams from the SEC, face road battles against good teams. Do not take a second for granted!! 

A/N- This was fun to write haha x 

“No way man I’d be Iron Man, you’d be hawkeye” Dean stated as he opened the slightly rusty door of the 67′ chevy.

“In your dreams Dean… Cas would be a better Iron Man than you” Cas and Sam exited the car, entering into the cool night of Lebanon Kansas. Dean rolled his eyes and walked towards the bunker.

“He’s right Dean, I have the capabilities of the man made of iron” Dean dug out the keys for the bunker in his pockets while he rolled his eyes. Dean was about to retaliate when he got cut off by your wounded body falling in front of them from thin air. Dean jumped back in shock and reached for his gun in instinct knowing it was still useless. You lifted your head so your features were visible during the moonlight and immediately Cas recognized you, pained expression or not.

“Y/N!” Castiel exclaimed as he ran over to you picking you up in his arms, you weakly smiled at your brother while he pushed away your hair from your bloody face.

“Hey Cassybear”You hoarsely whispered, drained from the battle that just occurred. You were told only 14 demons were gonna be there, not 34. Cas looked behind to the two unmoving brothers who waited for the angel’s command.

“Help me get her inside” Castiel effortlessly picked you up while Dean cleared your path and opened the door to the bunker. Your vision became blurry and slightly red as the blood seemed to make its way into your eyes. You cursed under your breathe when you felt as if you were dipping in and out of consciousness. Dean walked ahead, leading you to a spare room.

“What have you done, Y/N? I knew you shouldn’t have left heaven so early! You were suppose to prove you can survive! ” Cas authoritatively said but you heard the hint of affection in it, brotherly affection of course.

“I thought I could take out a bunch of demons and hey I did damn good Cassie.” Cas looked down at your drowsy smile and the anger arose quicker than smoke. He hated knowing filthy demons had their hands on you.

“And?” Cas questioned as they entered your temporary room.

“I was wrong” You laughed but immediately stopped as you viciously coughed up blood. Cas examined your body and noticed the bruises covering your once untouched skin and your face was black, blue and red.

“You’re an absolute child, you’re too weak to heal yourself, Y/N…Just lay back.” Cas sighed as he sat on the chair next to your bed, he rolled up his sleeves and touched your forehead.

He felt the energy flow within his body and through his arms, the light touched your face illuminating your lethargic skin and you drifted off into a deep sleep. Cas saw your wounds closing as if he pressed the rewind button, your skin slowly became the untouched canvas it was and your swollen lips had returned to it’s original size.

He concentrated, searching for further injuries towards your vessel and he sensed your right leg had been fractured completely from the hip to the knee. He sighed and pressed further into your forehead until the mistake had been fixed. After a few moments he removed his hand from yours and noticed the blood on your clothes.

“Dean?” Sam and Dean didn’t leave the room, they heard so much about you from Cas so they felt like they knew you, like you were already family.

“Yeah Cas?” Dean stood up from his chair and walked over to the exhausted angel.

“Can Y/N borrow a shirt and a pair pants from you, please?” Dean nodded with ease, replying with an ‘of course Cas’ before walking off with Sam, leaving you two alone.

“What am I to do with you, little one?” Cas had taken away all traces of blood from your face and hair which made it easier for him to move. He pushed it away from your face and watched you sleep peacefully.

Dean entered with the clothing and set them on the table beside your bed while Sam set a water bottle with it. Cas kissed your forehead and appreciatively smiled at the boys as they walked out the room together, leaving a sleepy angel behind.


Your eyes fluttered open and your body stiffened. You remembered what had happened and you didn’t want to move your body drastically incase you’d get hit with a massive wave of pain. You slowly moved your arms and you felt fine, you moved your head and you felt fine and lastly you moved your legs and you were fine. You unravelled your wings stretching them and they also felt intact, you hummed in pleasure as they unfurled fully, extending themselves fully. You got out of bed and noticed your drenched in blood shirt, you groaned until your eyes landed on the spare clothing beside your bed.

“Fucking sweet” You quickly changed into the shirt noticing it was long enough to cover part of your legs, so you didn’t bother with the pants. You exited the room walking towards the noise of three men chatting. A library suddenly came into your view and you saw a distress Cas sitting with a beer beside him.

“Chill, Cas she’ll be fine” You heard what you thought was Dean, Cas never introduced you to the boys so you guessed what they sounded and looked like.

“Yeah Cassybear, I’m fine” Cas heard your voice and he jumped out of the chair while it scraped the wooden floor of the library. He rushed over to you and enveloped you into a comforting hug. The sudden impact caught you by surprise but you still laughed at your brothers antics.

“Y/N Y/L/N You! young lady have a lot of explaining to do” You were about to talk when you heard someone choke on their beer. You looked behind Cas and saw two brothers gawking at you, Cas turned around and he noticed what they were staring at and he immediately covered your body with his.

“Dammit Y/N. They gave you pants for a reason” You looked down to your legs and wondered what the problem was until you realised you could see your butt perfectly through this shirt. You shrugged your shoulders which earned an annoyed eye roll from Cas. He shrugged off his trenchcoat and made you wear it while he hid your body from the Winchesters. He led you to the library while you tried not to trip in his extremely large coat.

“So Y/N explain!” Cas folded his arms while he sat on the table and you sat on the chair.

“Cas don’t be rude, Hi Y/N i’m Dean and this is my little brother Sam” Dean extended his hand and you gladly took it, he winked at you and Cas coughed loudly, breaking you two apart. You shook Sam’s hands next and Cas stared down at you with his authoritative eyes.

“Okay I swear to dad I thought there were only 14 demons…turns out I miscalculated” You shamefully sighed.

“By how much?” Cas asked

“20” You said and mumbled really quickly which Cas didn’t get.

“How.Much.Y/N” Cas asked yet again.

“Fine 20… I miscalculated by 20 damn demons! Ya happy, flappy?“ You exasperated. The boys eyes widened in shock and Cas got up out of his chair and paced around the room.

“I am going to send them to perdition, then raise them from it only to smite them” Cas’s menacing tone scared you for a second but you ignored that part of you. You got out of your chair and shrugged the annoyingly large coat off of your body and stood next to your dramatic brother.

“Cas… i took care of it. They’re all dead, I swear” Sighing, Cas held you at arms length then kissed your forehead.

“I just want you to be careful, go rest up and we’ll talk tomorrow, okay?” You smiled and bid the boys goodbye. On the way back you heard Cas yell.

“SAM AND DEAN WINCHESTER, DON’T YOU DARE CHECK OUT MY BABY SISTER’S BEHIND OR SO HELP ME GOD, I WILL SEND YOU BACK TO PERDITION” you smirked and giggled. He may be overprotective but you wouldn’t have it any other way after all you were his fledgling.

100 Royai Drabbles (62)

I’ve been working on this one for months – before I even started on these drabbles. It originally was supposed to be one of those OTP prompts: Person A takes care of Person B when they’re sick. But then I added the whole arguing turns into shouting “I love you” and all that. It was difficult because the characters would not cooperate. Writing Riza as arguing is harder than I anticipated. But when I finally buckled down and finished it, I realized that it fit this prompt. So here you go! Long as hell not drabble.

62. A Reason to Quarrel

It had been an absolutely horrendous week at the office. Everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong. Paperwork had been lost; Grumman (President Grumman) had decided to dump every little problem on top of his desk; he’d gotten into an argument with General Armstrong (as usual); and it was raining like mad outside. To top it all off, Hawkeye had been out sick for an unprecedented three days, which meant that the entire office was a hazy, unfocused mess.

And it wasn’t like this day was any worse or any of his subordinates’ faults. But Fuery had spilled his coffee on Roy’s pants, which normally would’ve been fixed by Hawkeye conveniently having a spare change of clothes hidden somewhere, but instead, he’d had to attempt to warm his pants up with his alchemy. That…hadn’t exactly worked. Then it turned out that Falman had accidentally eaten his lunch, but he couldn’t eat Falman’s because he was allergic to some of the ingredients, and he was not about to eat at the cafeteria. Plus, Havoc’s two day attempt to quit smoking was driving them all mad.

And so that was how Roy Mustang found himself slumped back in his chair and arms folded across his chest, glowering at his subordinates. Fuery coughed. Falman glanced at the clock. Breda kept his head down. Havoc tapped his pencil for the millionth time.

Roy jumped to his feet. “I’m leaving.”

Havoc looked up. “Does that mean…?”

“Do whatever you think is best,” Roy snapped. He didn’t really mean to snap at his team – he wasn’t particularly mad at them – but he just couldn’t be around them anymore.

Throwing his coat on as he walked out the door, he spared none of them an apologetic glance, though he’d feel the guilt later. All he wanted to do was go home, hide out, and recover from whatever hell this week had been and hope tomorrow was somehow better. He couldn’t help but scowl once he opened the door and found it still pouring. Pulling his coat over his head to hide from the rain, he ran to his car and sulked inside of it for at least five minutes before heading home.

Once he was home, Roy didn’t leave his house for the entire night.

The next day, Roy knew what he had to do in order to ensure that this awful week came to an end. He got ready for work earlier than normal and drove directly to Hawkeye’s apartment. “Lieutenant?” He knocked on the door and leaned in close, but could only hear Black Hayate scratching on the front door. That was odd. Hawkeye never let Black Hayate do something like that. “Lieutenant, are you there?” Well the light was on, so she had to be here. She never went on a run without her dog.

Finally, there was some mumbling from inside and the scratching stopped; and then the door opened to reveal his Lieutenant.

Hawkeye looked as if she’d been hit by a bus. Her hair was in a tangled, sideways ponytail, a much duller blonde than normal, dark circles under her eyes, shoulders slumped, her uniform halfway on. She looked as if she hadn’t slept in the days she’d not been at work. “Sir,” she mumbled, her eyes darting down, stepping back to let him inside and shut the door behind him. Within that one second, everything he’d been thinking was shot down the drain and he knew what he had to do.

“Hawkeye…” Roy stopped to look at her more carefully. “Don’t tell me you’re coming in to work today.”

She tugged on her uniform, trying to straighten her jacket, but it was a little impossible since she’d buttoned it up improperly. “Sir, I’ve been out for three days. I can’t afford to be gone a fourth.”

“And I can’t afford you to get the entire office sick,” Roy countered. “You’re not coming in today or tomorrow.”

It looked as if Hawkeye had been struck in the face. “I can’t do that. Being out an entire week is absurd. There is so much work that needs to be done. The office…the amount of disarray it’s probably fallen into…”

“Oh, hey now, give us some credit,” Roy said, feeling slightly offended. Except that it was completely true. The office had fallen into disarray without her there to help guide them. They got work done, but it wasn’t exactly the most organized or productive.

“I’m coming into work,” Hawkeye stated, standing up straight and looking him dead in the eye, almost sounding like her regular resolute self – and then she stumbled and nearly fell into the wall. The only reason she didn’t fall flat on her face was because Roy leapt forward and grabbed her by the arms.

When she looked up at him, there was almost shame in her eyes. Roy sighed. She was so stubborn and prideful. The last time he’d seen her look this bad, she’d been bleeding out of a wound from her neck. (The was one of the last things he remembered seeing before his eyesight had been taken away from him for a period of time on that fateful day.) He forced himself to soften and steel himself at the same time.  There was only one way to negotiate with a woman of this caliber.

“Listen, I know you’re concerned about not holding up our end of our deal,” Roy told her, leaning slightly forward to look her in the eyes, “but you’ve done more than enough. You need the rest. I’d rather have your best work than your half-assed, sick work.” He smiled crookedly at her. “C’mon, lay down. I’ll make you some soup or something. Sick people like soup, right?”

Hawkeye jerked herself out of his grip, nearly stumbling again, and then meandered over to her couch where she collapsed. Black Hayate jumped onto the couch with her, snuggling up against her and whimpering, as if he knew she was sick but also knew he could do nothing to help her. “I don’t need your help,” she mumbled, refusing to look at him. “Now that you’ve sentenced me to home confinement–”

“Well that’s a little dramatic,” Roy huffed.

“You can leave. I’m fine.”

Roy folded his arms across his chest. “You know, you don’t have to do everything on your own, right?”

“I don’t need you to take care of me, General,” Hawkeye practically bit out.

“Then don’t think of it as me taking care of you,” Roy replied. “I’m trying to help you.”

Hawkeye rolled her eyes. “That’s a first.”

At first, Roy wasn’t quite sure he heard what he did. He tilted his head towards her, as if that would help him hear what she’d said in the past, and then gave her a rather offended look. “Excuse me?” Hawkeye didn’t respond, wouldn’t even look at him, so he stepped closer to her. “I don’t think I heard you correctly because I have damn well helped you before.”

“Yes, sir. I misspoke.”

That just irritated him even further. She was closing in on herself, just like she always did. She never let anyone in anymore, not even him. After the Promised Day, he’d thought that maybe they could be more honest with each other, more open, just as he’d secretly hoped for so many years, but instead she’d shut him out even further. It had wounded him more than he liked to admit. But now he was more than a little bothered.

“No, I don’t think you misspoke,” Roy said, advancing on her. “I think you don’t remember – or you don’t want to remember. Do you recall what I did for you in the Ishval desert? Because I can assure you: I do. And I didn’t want to, but you asked me – you pleaded with me – and I still have nightmares about your screams. I still wonder if I could’ve carried you faster to the medical tent. I still wish that I’d never agreed to take your father’s alchemy from you after his funeral. But you asked for my help, and I gave it.”

“I remember.” Hawkeye looked down at her hands, a hint of shame in her eyes. “Of course I remember.” She took a deep breath. “And that is why I don’t need your help anymore. I’ve already asked too much of you.”

Now she was giving him exactly what he wanted – but that only frustrated him even further for some reason. Roy groaned and threw his hands up in the air, like he was done with her, but he couldn’t be done with her. This was the problem with Riza Hawkeye. She was such a damn good subordinate. She knew him in and out, knew what he needed, knew what he wanted, and so she was able to manipulate him in ways he usually didn’t notice. Except sometimes he did and it bothered him. It was like she was on autopilot with him at times, and he didn’t want that. He missed the times when their interactions seemed effortless and natural, not automatic and mechanical.

“You’re absolutely impossible.”

Hawkeye gave him an almost confused look. “I don’t know what you want me to say, sir.”

“First, stop calling me ‘sir’.”

“Fine, General.” She did that on purpose. It was something she did when they were children whenever he asked her not to call him ‘Mister’ or anything like that. Even now that they were adults, they were stuck with titles to call each other by.

“And definitely don’t call me ‘General’.”

“Anything else?” Hawkeye asked him, sounding suspiciously sarcastic. He could hear the ‘sir’ tacked on at the end even though she didn’t say the word. “Or are you done playing the hero?”

Roy narrowed his eyes at her. “Can you just let me be here for you for once? As more than your boss? As your friend?”

“So you didn’t originally come here to convince me to come back to work?” Hawkeye raised an eyebrow. This caused Roy to halt, just for a second, but it was enough for even a sick Hawkeye to catch him. Nearly nothing escaped her. He’d rather hoped that her being so sick would cause her to not be so sharp. She lowered her head, looking more wounded than angry. “Of course. You can leave now.”

Roy rubbed his mouth. He’d been an idiot and one hell of a jerk, but he couldn’t back down now. He didn’t want her to feel this way. “I’m not leaving.”

She didn’t look up at him. “I was being selfish and I am truly sorry about that, but I know—”

“No, you don’t know,” Hawkeye interrupted, standing up suddenly. It was too quick and she almost fell again, but she practically shoved him away from her when he went to help her. “Stop it! Just leave, please.”

“I’m not leaving until I know you’re okay – or you’re at least in bed,” Roy snapped back. “You’re going to run yourself ragged at this rate.”

“Well, your magical visit cured me. Hurrah. I’m fine. You can leave now.”

Roy blinked back in surprise at her viciousness. “You are not fine. You’re far from fine. You look like hell.”

Hawkeye scoffed. “You sure know how to compliment a lady. No wonder you get all those dates.” Before he could even respond to that remark, which sounded bitter than anything else, she waved a hand in the air. “I don’t care. Make me a soup, tuck me into bed, read me a story – do whatever you have to do to fulfill your hero complex, so you’ll leave me alone.”

“I’m not trying to fulfill some complex!” Roy shouted. “I’m worried about you! I love you, for God’s sake!”

Silence fell over the room, smothering the both of them, as they stared back at one another. Hawkeye wavered in her stance and the urge to help her swelled in his chest, but she’d pushed him away the last time. Even worse, he didn’t know if he could move even if he wanted to. His proclamation settled over them in a slow, horrified manner, time ticking by both slowly and far too fast.

But he did love her though. He’d loved her for years.

His precious subordinate. His precious woman. He could’ve sneered at those words used against him, like the homunculi and such knew exactly what she meant to him, like he had known the extant as well. She had been precious to him since they were teenagers, laughing and bright, unaware of what the future held for them. And he had known that he cared for her as more than a superior officer cared for his subordinate. He was fonder of her than any person should be of his adjutant. But he always tacked on the fact that he’d known her for so many years as an excuse.

Then she’d nearly died and she alone convinced him to hold himself back from human transmutation, and he’d realized right then and there that he loved her. Resolutely. With everything in his soul.

But it was one thing to know that and another to know that he could do nothing about it, especially as he watched her pull away from him in an attempt to remain professional. Something had changed between them during that time, something he couldn’t ignore or fight, and so she’d done the only thing she could do to protect him. She’d stepped back from him. She had done what he couldn’t do, even now.

Roy placed his face in his hands. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have…” This was normally where she stepped in. If he started to cross the line between them, she stepped back, apologized even when he was at fault, and then they moved on. But he couldn’t do that anymore. Gods, he didn’t want to fight it anymore.

“You shouldn’t say things like that, sir,” Riza said in a quiet voice, looking down at the floor. “It’s dangerous.”

“It’s true,” Roy countered, pulling his hands away. He’d seen Truth, hadn’t he? And when he’d been dragged through his gate and every bit of the world had been buried into his mind, she had been the last thing he’d seen. She had been in everything. Holding her hand out to him, smiling at him, so loving and knowledgeable. She was the truth now. “I love you. I’ve loved you for years and didn’t even know it. I almost witnessed you die without telling you that. How can you stand to follow a coward like me?”

“You’re not a coward,” Riza snapped, and this time, when she faltered, she didn’t shove him away when he moved to help her. She placed a hand on his arm to steady herself, leaning into him. How had he ever thought to convince her to come to work today? This was supposed to have been a simple visit. And now, here he was, laying himself bear to her. He was such a selfish idiot. “You’re the strongest man I know. And sometimes… Sometimes being strong means being able to ignore what you want for the greater good of others. I’ve always admired that about you.”

Roy smiled wryly. “Admired.”

When Riza looked up at him, even through her sickness, he saw a gentleness that only he seemed to know that she was capable of. “Loved. I’ve always loved that about you.”

Truly it was regretful that she was sick because all he wanted to do was kiss her in this moment. Her grandfather certainly would have approved, and he was the one in control of everything, including the fraternization laws. Instead, he leaned his forehead against hers, noting how hot and sweaty she was. It didn’t matter. She was still the most beautiful person he’d ever seen and he still loved her.

“Will you please go back to bed?” Roy asked.

Sighing, Riza pulled away from him. “You still won’t let that go.”

“It’s only natural that I worry about you,” Roy pointed out. He worried about her twice as much since the Promised Day, though he never told her that. He’d been too careless with her. His worry about his subordinates had spiked after what had happened to Havoc in the Fifth Laboratory, but for some reason, his worries hadn’t fully extended to her, as if his mind simply hadn’t been able to comprehend something happening to her. Now though, he knew it was only too simple to lose her, and he was terrified about that.

Riza bit her lip and then nodded her head, allowing him to guide her back to her bedroom. “You weren’t…” She closed her eyes, her shoulder slumping.

He didn’t need her to finish her statement to know what she was meaning to say. Quite frankly, he felt a little insulted that she would even insinuate it, much less say it out loud. “No, I didn’t say that to merely win this argument or goad you into doing anything.” When she opened her eyes and looked at him, she at least had the decency to look embarrassed and slightly ashamed of herself. “Everything on this world be damned, I love you, Riza Hawkeye, and I have for quite some time. You’ll have to forgive me for that, I’m afraid.”

Her chest rose slowly, steadily, as she looked at him, but he could tell that she was having a difficult time breathing, and it wasn’t from her being sick. He didn’t need for her to say the words back to him. He’d long ago figured out that she didn’t speak most of what she meant. The most important words, the things closest to her heart, she kept in her eyes and never said aloud, and so he’d learned to see her in that way. His heart warmed under her soft, open gaze. This was her way of protecting herself and him, and he could respect that.

By the time he had her changed into her pajamas and back in bed, promises of not seeing her at work for the next day days, Roy felt strangely lighter, despite the fact that he would be forced to face the office without her. It was the complete opposite of his intent upon coming here this morning, but things felt better than ever before. After all, it wasn’t like he wouldn’t see her in the next two days. She was his precious subordinate. He needed to come back so that he could check that she was okay. Only they had to know the truth behind his reason.

2017 Top Games of the Week: Week 10

Week 10 looks real good. We’ve got a ton of good games that will go a long way towards deciding many of the conference and division races. Some of the Group of 5 games have already been played, but I’m a busy guy so if the MAC wants to play on Tuesday and Wednesday they can go ahead, but I’m not gonna accelerate my timetable. I’m already on a bit of a time crunch so these are gonna be short, at least the less important games.

AND! Since the Playoff rankings are out this blog will now be using those instead of the AP Poll for rankings.

Top Ten Games of the Week

10. Texas 4-4 (3-2) at #8 TCU 7-1 (4-1)

TCU’s nose has been bloodied, now we get to see how the Horned Frogs react to adversity. In past seasons they’ve been pretty good at dealing with this kind of thing.

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Democrats Prepare for a Very Different Debate
After the Paris attacks.

The Democratic presidential candidates prepared for weeks for Saturday’s debate, a contest that was going to focus heavily on questions about the economy, immigration and domestic issues.

Then came the attacks on Paris.

With the City of Lights reeling from the deaths of at least 129 people after blasts and half a dozen firearm attacks on Friday night, the Democrats will seek to prove their mettle as strong commanders-in-chief in a perilous global moment. The Democratic debate is likely to be a subdued and somber affair.

Hillary Clinton will aim to affirm her status as a confident and collected leader during Saturday night’s debate, while challengers Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley will strive to show they are knowledgeable beyond their relatively limited foreign policy experience.

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It may seem like déjà vu for Hillary Clinton — an insurgent candidate has erased her once-dominant lead in Iowa just days before the Democratic caucuses.

That’s what happened in 2008, when she finished a disappointing third behind Barack Obama and John Edwards. Now, it’s Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has closed the gap in the Hawkeye State.

“This feels like 2008 all over again,” Iowa pollster J. Ann Selzer said back in Augustafter her survey showed Clinton up just 7 points back then. It’s even closer now. And Sanders holds a lead in New Hampshire.

Despite the similarities, the former secretary of state told NPR’s Ari Shapiro in an interview Wednesday morning in San Antonio that she remained confident about her chances in the Feb. 1 caucuses.

“I feel very positive about the organization we’ve built, the enthusiasm and energy of the people who are literally showing up in below-freezing temperatures to canvass for me,” Clinton said. “My precinct captains, my precinct teams are really all so focused on doing well in the caucus.”

Flashbacks To 2008? No, Clinton Says, ‘I Feel Very Positive’

Photo: Ariel Zambelich/NPR

Once every four years we pay attention to Iowa

Like most, you might be confused about what actually goes on in each of Iowa’s 99 counties as they run a litmus test on our candidates. The Guardian takes a look at the Hawkeye State and its outsized role in the US presidential election, detailing the small and intimate voting processes of a caucus, and why it differs from the more traditional primary election.

Everything you need to know about America’s first vote is on the Guardian.

On the eve of Day One of this years RAGBRAI, the small town of Rock Valley in the northwest corner of the Hawkeye State, welcomed some 10-thousand cyclists to their community. There was a huge street festival… And this aerial sculpture of bikes, forming a steel & spoke garland across a downtown street.