Ten most expensive planes and helicopters of the U.S. air force

1. B-2 Spirit – $2 billion 1 million
2. F-22 Raptor – $146.2 million
3. C17A Globemaster III – $316 million
4. P-8A Poseidon – $115-150 million
5. VH-71 Kestrel – $400 million
6. E-2D Advanced Hawkeye – $80 million
7. F-35 Lightning II – $83.4 million
8. V-22 Osprey – $116,1 million
9. EA-18G Growler – $102 million
10. F/A-18 Hornet – $29 - 57 million


Secret Invasion: Runaways / Young Avengers #1-3 covers 


Issue 1 cover = Hulkling (Teddy Altman), Xavin, Wiccan (Billy Kaplan) and Nico Minoru 

Issue 2 cover = Victor Mancha, Patriot (Elijah Bradley), Karolina Dean and Speed (Tommy Shepherd) 

Issue 3 cover = Chase Stein, Molly Hayes, Klara Plast, Old Lace the dinosaur, Vision II and Hawkeye II (Kate Bishop)

Marvel Ask Meme
  • Professor X: What's one thing you wish you knew about the person you love?
  • Magneto: Are you a good person?
  • Cyclops: When was the last time you were a good leader?
  • Iceman: When was the last time you were intentionally cold to someone?
  • Angel: Most unique thing about how you look?
  • Beast: What's your biggest intellectual accomplishment?
  • Phoenix: When was the last time you felt powerful?
  • Havok: How do you express your anger?
  • Darwin: How do you handle change?
  • Nightcrawler: Do people judge you on how you look?
  • Wolverine: How do you deal with your problems?
  • Storm: Who do you think respects you the most?
  • Shadowcat: What is something you wish you hadn't seen?
  • Rogue: What strengths do you get from others in your life?
  • Gambit: What item makes you feel safe?
  • Jubilee: Do people take you seriously?
  • Mystique: Who do you wish you were more like?
  • Hope: How do you best help others?
  • Ms Marvel: When are you at your strongest?
  • Deadpool: How well do you understand sarcasm?
  • Wasp: What do you feel you didn't get enough credit for?
  • The Hulk: What's a part of you you don't think many people see?
  • Hawkeye: What's a talent you've worked really, really hard to hone?
  • Quicksilver: What's something you should've taken more time on?
  • Scarlet Witch: What is something you consider yourself the best at?
  • Black Panther: Do you consider yourself a fair person?
  • Falcon: Do you think you could change the world?
  • Daredevil: What do you always pick up on that others might not?
  • Squirrel Girl: If you could kick any superhero's ass, who's would it be and why?
  • Wiccan: What's one wish you'd love to come true, but are scare of the consequences if it does?
  • Hulkling: What's something that defines you?
  • Hawkeye II: Ever done something out of character just to prove a point?
  • Speed: How's your relationship with your sibling?
  • Patriot: Have your grandparents done anything amazing?
  • Noh-Varr: Are you a good flirt?
  • Colossas: Do people tend to forget about you?
  • Sister Grimm: Do you think you possess magic?
  • Lucy In The Sky: Do you feel like other people erase your identity?
  • Princess Powerful: What was your favourite thing about yourself when you were a kid?
  • Talkback: What do you think makes you special?
  • Arsenic: Have you ever run out of time before you finished something really cool?
  • Old Lace: Your thoughts on dinosaurs?
  • Victor Mancha: Has anyone ever lied to you about your past?

iconnu  asked:

Is DC going to use the 2017 crossover as a way to show once again how "evenly matched" Cap and Batman are? Last time I checked Cap has the super soldier serum, a hell of a lot longer to develop his fighting skills, and when it comes to Batman's gadgets - well if Cap can get through some of what Stark hit him with in Civil War I think he can deal with Bruce Wayne. Just saying is all. Also, if we get "movie Superman" who kills people isn't it a bust unless The Phoenix rolls into town?

well, for the record, after much research, here is the official list of all the  people that could easily beat up batman…

A-Bomb, Abe Sapien, Abin Sur, Abomination, Abrades, Absorbing Man, Adam Monroe, Adam Strange, Agent, Agent Bob, Agent Zero, Air-Walker, Ajax, Alan Scott, Alex Mercer, Alex Woolsly, Alfred Pennyworth, Alf, Alien, Allan Quatrain, Amazo, Ammo, Ando Masahashi, Angel, Angel, Angel Dust, Angel Salvadore, Angela, Animal Man, Annihilus, Ant-Man, Ant-Man II, Anti-Monitor, Anti-Spawn, Anti-Venom, Apocalypse, Aquababy, Equaled, Aquaman, Arachne, Archangel, Arclight, Ares, Ariel, Armor, Arsenal, Astro Boy, Atlas, Atom, Atom Girl, Atom I, Atom II, Atom III, Atom IV, Aurora, Azazel, Azrael, Aztar, Bane, Banshee, Bantam, Batgirl I, Batgirl II, Batgirl III, Batgirl IV, Batgirl V, Batgirl VI,  Battlestar, Batwoman, Beak, Beast, Beast Boy, Beetle, Ben 10, Beta Ray Bill, Beyond, Big Barda, Big Daddy, Big Man, Bill Harken, Billy Kincaid, Binary, Bird-Brain, Bird-Man, Bird-Man II, Birman, Bishop, Bizarro, Black Abbott, Black Adam, Black Bolt, Black Canary, Black Canary, Black Cat, Black Goliath, Black Knight III, Black Lightning, Black Mamba, Black Panther, Black Widow, Black Widow II, Blackout, Blackwing, Blackwulf, Blade, Blaquesmith, Bling!, Blink, Blizzard, Blizzard I, Blizzard II, Blob, Bloodaxe, Bloodhawk, Bloodwraith, Blue Beetle, Blue Beetle I, Blue Beetle II, Blue Beetle III, Bolt, Bomb Queen, Boom Boom, Boomer, Booster Gold, Box, Box III, Box IV, Brainiac, Brainiac 5, Brother Voodoo, Buffy, Bullseye, Bumblebee, Bumbleboy, Bushido, Cable, Callisto, Cameron Hicks, Cannonball, Captain America, Captain Atom, Captain Britain,  Captain Cold, Captain Epic, Captain Hindsight, Captain Mar-vell, Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel II, Captain Midnight, Captain Planet, Captain Universe, Carnage, Cat, Cat II, Catwoman, Cecilia Reyes, Century, Cerebra, Chamber, Chameleon, Changeling, Cheetah I, Cheetah II, Cheetah III, Chromos, Chuck Norris, Claire Bennet, Clea, Cloak, Clock King, Cogliostro, Colin Wagner, Colossal Boy, Colossus, Copycat, Corsair, Cottonmouth, Crimson, Crusader, Crimson Dynamo I, Crystal, Curse, Cy-Gor, Cyborg, Cyborg, Superman, Cyclops, Cypher, Dagger, Danny Cooper, Daphne Powell, Daredevil, Darkhawk, Darkman, Darkseid, Darkside, Darkstar, Dash, Dazzler, Deadman, Deadpool, Deadshot, Deathlok, Deathstroke, Demogoblin, Destroyer, DL Hawkins, Doc Samson, Doctor Doom, Doctor Doom II, Doctor Fate, Doctor Octopus, Doctor Strange, Domino, Donna Troy, Doomsday, Doppelganger, Dormammu, Dr Manhattan, Drax the Destroyer, Ego, Elastigirl, Electro, Elektra, Elle Bishop, Elongated Man, Emma Frost, Enchantress, Energy, ERG-1, Ethan Hunt, Etrigan, Evilhawk, Exodus, Fabian Cortez, Falcon, Fallen One II, Faora, Feral, Fighting Spirit, Fin Fang Foom, Firebird, Firelord, Firestar, Firestorm, Firestorm, Fixer, Flash Gordon, Flash I, Flash II, Flash III, Flash IV, Forge, Franklin Richards, Franklin Storm, Frenzy, Frigga, Galactus, Gambit, Gamora, Garbage Man, Gary Bell, General Zod, Genesis, Ghost Rider, Ghost Rider II, Giant-Man, Giant-Man II, Gigantic, Gladiator, Goblin Queen, Goku, Goliath, Goliath II, Goliath III, Goliath IV, Gorilla Grodd, Granny Goodness, Gravity, Green Arrow, Green Goblin, Green Goblin II, Green Goblin III, Green Goblin IV, Groot, Guardian, Guy Gardner, Hal Jordan, Hancock, Harley Quinn, Havok, Hawk, Hawkeye, Hawkeye II, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Hawkwoman I, Hawkwoman II, Hawkwoman III, Heat Wave, Hellboy, Hellcat, Hellstorm, Hercules, Hiro Nakamura, Hit-Girl, Hobgoblin, Hollow, Hope Summers, Howard the Duck, Hulk, Human Torch, Huntress, Husk, Hybrid, Hydro-Man, Hyperion, Iceman, Impulse, Indigo, Ink, Invisible Woman, Iron Fist, Iron Man, Iron Monger, Isis, Jack Bauer, Jack of Hearts, Jack-Jack, James Bond, Jason Bourne, Jean Grey, Jennifer Kale, Jesse Quick, Jessica Jones, Jessica Sanders, Jigsaw, Jim Powell, JJ Powell, Johann Krauss, John Constantine, John Stewart, John Wraith, Joker, Jolt, Jubilee, Juggernaut, Junkpile, Justice, Kang, Katniss Everdeen, Kevin 11, Kick-Ass, Kid Flash, Kid Flash II, Killer Croc, Killer Frost, Kilowog, King Shark, Kingpin, Klaw, Kool-Aid Man, Kraven II, Kraven the Hunter, Krypto 5, Lady Bullseye, Lady Deathstrike, Leader, Leech, Lex Luthor, Light Lass, Lightning Lad, Lightning Lord, Living Brain, Liz Sherman, Lizard, Lobo, Loki, Longshot, Luke Cage, Luke Campbell, Luke Skywalker, Luna, Lyja, Mach-IV, Machine Man, Magneto, Magog, Magus, Man-Bat, Man-Thing, Man-Wolf, Mandarin, Martian Manhunter, Marvel Girl, Master Brood, Master Chief, Match, Matt Parkman, Maverick, Maxima, Maya Herrera, Medusa, Meltdown, Mephisto, Mera, Metallo, Metamorpho, Meteorite, Metron, Micah Sanders, Micro Lad, Mimic, Misfit, Miss Martian, Mister Fantastic, Mister Freeze, Mister Mxyzptlk, Mister Sinister, Mister Zsasz, Mockingbird, Mogo, Molinder, Molten Man, Monarch, Monica Dawson, Moon Knight, Moonstone, Morlun, Morph, Moses, Magnum, Mr Incredible, Ms Marvel II, Multiple Man, Mysterio, Mystique, Namor, Namora, Namorita, Naruto Uzumaki, Nathan Petrelli, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Nick Fury, Nightcrawler, Nightwing, Niki Sanders, Nina Theroux, Nite Owl II, Northstar, Nova, Nova, Offspring, Omega Red, Omniscient, One Punch Man, Onslaught, Oracle, Osiris, Overtkill, Paul Blart, Penance, Penance I, Penance II, Penguin, Peter Petrelli, Phantom, Phantom Girl, Phoenix, Plantman, Plastic Lad, Plastic Man, Plastique, Poison Ivy, Polaris, Power Girl, Power Man, Predator, Professor X, Professor Zoom, Proto-Goblin, Psylocke, Punisher, Purple Man, Pyro, Quantum, Question, Quicksilver, Quill, Ra’s Al Ghul, Rachel Pirzad, Rambo, Raven, Razor-Fist, Red Arrow, Red Hood, Red Hulk, Red Mist, Red Robin, Red Skull, Red Tornado, Redeemer II, Redeemer III, Renata Solid, Retro Girl, Rhino, Rick Flag, Riddler, Rip Hunter, Ripcord, Robin I, Robin II, Robin III, Robin V, Robin VI, Rocket Raccoon, Rogue, Ronin, Rorschach, Sabertooth, Sage, Sandman, Sasquatch, Scarecrow, Scarlet Spider, Scarlet Spider II, Scarlet Witch, Scorpia, Scorpion, Sebastian Shaw, Sentry, Shadow King, Shadowcat, Shang-Chi, Shatterstar, She-Hulk, She-Thing, Shocker, Shriek, Shrek, Shrinking Violet, Sif, Silk, Silk Spectre, Silk Spectre II, Silver Surfer, Silverclaw, Sinestro, Siren, Siren II, Siryn, Skaar, Snake-Eyes, Snowbird, Sobek, Solomon Grundy, Songbird, Space Ghost, Spawn, Spectre, Speedball, Speedy, Spider-Carnage, Spider-Girl, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Spider-Woman II, Spider-Woman III, Spider-Woman IV, Spyke, Stacy X, Star-Lord, Stardust, Starfire, Stargirl, Steel, Stephanie Powell, Storm, Stormtrooper, Sunspot, Superboy, Superboy-Prime, Supergirl, Superman, Swamp Thing, Swarm, Sylar, Synch, T-1000, Tempest, Thanos, The Cape, The Comedian, Thing, Thor, Thor Girl, Thunderbird, Thunderbird II, Thunderbird III, Thunderstrike, Thundra, Tiger Shark, Tigra, Tina Fey, Tinkerer, Titan, Toad, Toxin, Tracy Strauss, Trickster, Triplicate Girl, Triton, Two-Face, Ultragirl, Ultron, Utgard-Loki, Vagabond, Valerie Hart, Valkyrie, Vanisher, Venom, Venom II, Venom III, Vertigo II, Vibe, Vindicator, Vindicator II, Violator, Violet, Vision, Vision II, Vixen, Vulcan, Vulture, Walrus, War Machine, Warbird, Warlock, Warp, Warpath, Wasp, Watcher, Weapon XI, White Canary, White Queen, Wildfire, Winter Soldier, Wiz Kid, Wolfsbane, Wolverine, Wonder Girl, Wonder Man, Wonder Woman, Wondra, Wyatt Wingfoot, X, X-23, X-Man, Y, Yellow Claw, Yellowjacket, Yellowjacket II, Ymir, Yoda, Zatanna, Zoom, and Zora 

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Young Avengers Presents #1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

Issue 1 - Patriot (Elijah Bradley)

Issue 2 - Hulkling (Teddy Altman) 

Issue 3 - Wiccan (Billy Kaplan) and Speed (Tommy Shepherd)

Issue 4 - Vision II

Issue 5 - Stature (Cassie Lang)

Issue 6 - Hawkeye II (Kate Bishop)


Who the #*&% are the Young Avengers?

[ young avengers fancast ] ➼ requested by dogstarblues

ryan potter as billy kaplan/wiccan and tommy shepherd/speed

brenda song as kate bishop/hawkeye ii | eli goree as teddy altman/hulkling

francia raisa as america chavez/miss america | imani hakim as danai alleyne/prodigy  

dev patel as noh-varr/marvel boy | sinqua walls as eli bradley/patriot ii

Fashion Fit For… Kate Bishop

Although she is not the first to wear the mantle of ‘hawkeye’ she does the title justice with every hum of her bowstring. Born into a life of luxury, she wanted to reach a higher level of self-actualization than ballgowns and brunches could ever give her. A human in a world of enhanced and super humans, and yet she has never been the weakest link.