You said you’ll wait forever but I blinked and the world was gone…
—  “And the world was gone” by Snow Ghosts


I can finally reveal this. This is an official Marvel Avengers print that I did with Hero Complex Gallery.

Thank you to everyone who came out to show and saw me while I was in LA. I had a great time and the show was a blast. Leaving tonight but already looking forward to coming back!

I need to lose weight but how can I when things like these exist ?

Rare photo.

I’m actually very sad that we aren’t getting to see the beautiful dysfunctional human disaster clint barton in the mcu. like yeah I bet he would’ve at some point in the future have had a family but it was never that easy for him and skipping over his beginning and his struggles with maintaining close relationships and the metric ton of issues he’s had to go through and going straight for the happy ending leaves him feeling hollow on screen. 

I’d give anything to see the world’s best marksman be the most human of them all and getting beat up and fucking up relationships and waking up alone in his flat and drinking coffee straight from the pot. It is so IMPORTANT and it makes him feel so REAL that he is STRUGGLING not with the weight of the past or the responsibility of being a genius or a god but with being a PERSON. That’s what Clint Barton is all about.

Editor Emily Shaw divulges just some of the clandestine tenderness in store for readers, including Michel Fiffe’s take on Daredevil and Typhoid Mary from Karen Page’s perspective; Felipe Smith’s interpretation of what happens when Robbie Reyes and Kamala Khan perchance to meet; as well as love among the ruins with writer Jeremy Whitley on an America Chavez/Kate Bishop romance.

One of the relationships in Secret Wars: Secret Love is Kate Bishop/America Chavez.