“There was a 7 second broadcast delay, it was my finger versus his.” 

I absolutely love Irrilia, this little cub is the cuteness in human-reptile form!!! X3

Generically… I don’t like OCs, but this one totally won me over!! <3 So here the first fast doodle I make about her, with daddy Raph and uncle Mikey ^_^

My DA page http://giulal.deviantart.com/art/TMNT-2012-Irrillia-Doodle-1-589162376

Irrillia belongs to Myrling http://myrling.deviantart.com/



“You’re too pretty to be an agent.” Clint said as he lazily lied on the sofa, his head on your lap. You looked down at him and frowned.

“I’m trying to read. You’re being distracting.” You said annoyed even though you were actually blushing slightly. You knew Clint had a thing for you. Everyone knew Clint had a thing for you! But he hadn’t got to the point of actually asking you out yet. 

“Now you know what it’s like for me when you’re around. You’re so beautiful it’s distracting.” You lightly hit him on the forehead as he continued to shower you in compliments, his hand slipping in yours at some point along the way. Pietro was stood in the doorway, watching as you and Clint flirted back and forth. He didn’t want to listen to it anymore but he just couldn’t move. Each time you blushed from something Clint said or returned a compliment, he felt his heart sink a little further. He knew Clint liked you but you never thought that you liked him back. 

“I think you should go on a date with me.” Clint said confidently. The blush on your face came back and a stupid grin was stuck on your face. 

“Only if you leave me alone for an hour to read.” You barely even finished your sentence when you saw a silver light at the corner of your eye. You shook it off as nothing and went back to Clint.

When Pietro heard you saying yes to Clint, he rolled his eyes angrily and ran *gif*. He couldn’t believe what he saw and never wanted to see it again.

Out with Conor Kennedy | Hyannis Port, MA | July 31, 2012

Vintage skirt

Ah, young love. What memories, am I right?

Waaaayy back in the summer of 2012 when Taylor was seeing Conor Kennedy, she mostly (and much to my sadness [but also delight]) relied on beautiful and 50s-inspired pieces like this midi-length floral skirt.