He still wasn’t used to his new title. Colonel. The military medals clinked against his chest, and the dress uniform felt strangely loose; a rank that didn’t fit, he wondered.

Of course, he wasn’t the only one with new titles to bear. The room was full of soldiers, no, veterans now, all newly decorated and promoted. It made sense that she would be here; after all, she had earned every damned medal as much as he had. His eyes naturally found her as she entered the room, and he couldn’t help but stare.

“Wow.” It was a gasp, the ghost of the word escaping his lips as he watched her, effortlessly gliding across the floor. Dressed in a floor length scarlet gown, short blonde hair neatly pinned, with the hint of lipstick and dainty jewelry, she was stunning.

She’s beautiful, isn’t she? The voice in his ear whispered, and he found himself nodding, transfixed by her. Gone was the soul shattered girl from Ishval, pale faced and terrified; in her place stood a strong, confident young woman, graceful and elegant. 

“Yeah…yeah, she is.”

He had sworn that conversation had stayed inside his head, but by the speed at which the voice gleefully whispered back, it had obviously not, and he quickly realised said voice was instead Maes Hughes himself, smugly muttering in his ear. 

“ You know, I’m starting to think you really sorta like her more than you’ll admit, Colonel.”

Doing his best to suppress the rising heat to his cheeks, he turned to his companion, plastering his best smile on, eyes murderous. “ Is that right, Lieutenant Colonel? I think you are sorely mistaken. Besides, she is an enlisted soldier now.”

“Love knows no rank, Roy-boy.” That damned nickname. The sing-song tease in his voice dropped, and a very knowing smile beaming across that smug face of his. “You don’t get to chose when it hits you.”

He opened his mouth to argue, to debate, to refute everything the bespectacled bastard was saying, but he spoke first, smug grin never faltering. “ Lieutenant Hawkeye. What a pleasant surprise.”

And there she stood, eyes wide at the introduction, straightening up as a good soldier would, staring at him as he spun around. There was silence as they eyed each other, both skirting around the traditional introductions, before Maes cut in, grinning as he backed off.

“I’ll leave you two to it.”

Roy’s eyes desperately asked him not to abandon him in his time of need, but Hughes was gone, leaving him stood alone, her golden eyes still on him.

“It suits you.” That was what he managed to fumble from his mouth, waving a hand, before instantly tripping over himself in an attempt to rectify the quickly deepening hole he was digging himself. “I meant your new rank. Not that your dress doesn’t.” 

She sighed, a patient smile forming on her face. “Good evening, Colonel.”

#59 - Wow


Dangerous thoughts raged in his mind, but Roy could always pretend that the truth was simpler. That the sudden rainstorm had caught him close to her place as he ran an errand by foot. Riza would scold him for his lack of foresight, then accept his excuses. Then, a joke about rain making him useless, a laugh at his expense, before she turned on the heat and offered him a drink. It would be a quiet afternoon in her cozy apartment. He needed nothing more.

However, Roy had forgotten one important detail. Riza wasn’t easy to fool. One glance, and her concern was apparent, so he couldn’t look at her as she closed the door behind them. He searched for a corner to leave his umbrella to dry, then he took off his coat and hung it on the rack, slowly, deliberately. Anything to postpone the moment in which he’d have to face her.

But the moment came, and his resolve started to fade.

“Sir.” Riza’s address was almost a plea. “What happened?”

Her face, her voice, her eyes. It shattered him.

Roy found himself holding her as tightly as he could, shaking, clutching her shirt, burying his face in her shoulder and breathing her in as if he could never get enough of her. Silent tears drowned in fabric, one after another. A few seconds passed before she slowly wrapped her arms around him. It was like a prayer, like he’d been running for miles in the dark only to fall right back into home. Riza was shocked for sure, upon seeing him break down in such an unprecedented manner, with such a blatant display of affection. But she still held him patiently as he unleashed his demons. Her warmth was soothing in ways he didn’t deserve.

“Colonel… please, talk to me.”

And that’s when those thoughts Roy hadn’t wanted to force on her found their way out.

“When I first asked you to shoot me if I ever… I didn’t think…”

He didn’t think it would come to it. He didn’t think they would come to care for each other so much. Roy had once called it a right, for her to have some measure of control of the power she’d given him.

He was just another heavy burden for her to carry.

“I did what I had to do, sir. And I will do it again if I have to.”

No, she shouldn’t have to. And the only way to ensure she wouldn’t…

He’d heard it a million times. A man should change himself before thinking of changing the world. If Roy couldn’t be just a little better for the most important person in his life, then he had no hope of being the leader Amestris needed.

He let go of her, meeting her eyes. Determination was steadily growing within him; a new beginning, a different goal.

“You will never have to point that gun at me again, Lieutenant. This is a promise.”

Riza was quiet for a few instants, her expression unreadable. Then she nodded once.

“If you truly intend on keeping that promise, Colonel Mustang, you’re going to have to stop being so stubborn and start listening a little more.” Her voice had no sting to it, no resentment. It was even softer when she spoke next. “I must admit that I’ve always admired how you are so… aware of your own weaknesses, sir, that you could ask me so bluntly to protect you from them.”

“A man’s weaknesses can change over time.”

“I just hope that you’re not losing sight of the flaws that make you human.”

“That’s not—”

Listening, sir.”

Roy couldn’t contain a soft smile, marveling at Riza’s ability to talk him out of his despair in straightforward, sincere terms. A wave of gratitude set in his chest and spread all over his body, but he knew better than to express it. She wouldn’t want him to.

“Listening. Got it.”


“War is war, and Hell is Hell, and of the two war is a lot worse.”


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