Joining The Team Pt 4 (Avengers X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Mention of torture, mental problems


Request: Joining The Team Pt 4 

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It had been a few weeks since they had Wanda look in your head. The change in you shocked everyone. You went from confident and psychotic to broken and afraid. You used to tease and scare the agents and other avengers, now you sat quietly, holding yourself and rocking. If they entered, it was you who showed the fear, not them.

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Purple Hair

Request: “Could you please write a Clint Barton x reader where the reader has powers like wanda but instead of red her powers are purple and she has bright purple hair and dresses grungy xx” -Anonymous

A/N: This is my first imagine so I’m sorry if it’s not the best but I still hope you like it! 

Pairings: Clint Barton x Reader

Warnings: I’m pretty sure none.

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      “Hey how’s it going Twlight?”

      You roll your eyes at Tony’s comment.  You had been an Avenger for almost a year now.  You would have thought that by being part of the team for that long that you would’ve gotten some respect especially considering you powers but that definitely wasn’t the case.  On the contrary, it was rare for you to go a day without hearing some cheap joke about your “grungy” appearance (usually coming from Tony).

      “Wow, how original Tony. You’re hilarious. Have you ever considered becoming a comedian?” You ask with obvious sarcasm.

      “Actually I have.  Have you ever considered joining Nirvana? You’d-”

      “Come on Tony, leave her alone unless you want her to kick your ass.” says Clint as he cuts Tony off while walking into the kitchen.

      Clint was the Avenger who you had grown closest to ever since you arrived.  He tried his best to help you feel welcome and never said anything negative about your purple hair or your way of dressing.  He was also very protective of you and everyone knew it.  Of course you just thought he liked you as a friend or even a sister and nothing else.  However, you liked him more than a friend but you never thought he would want to be with you.

      “What’s wrong Clint? You always the first to make fun of people! You know what? Now that I think of it I don’t think I’ve ever heard you say anything bad about Y/N. Oh My God are you two-” Tony says teasingly.

      “Tony…” Clint warns.

      “So I’m right? You’re just defending your girlfriend? How did I not see that coming?”

      Using your powers you levitate nearby apples and throw them at Tony’s direction. “Hey! Alright alright I’m sorry! I’m leaving!” Tony yelled as he dodged the apples.  You and Clint couldn’t help but break out laughing and you of course couldn’t help but love the way Clint laughed.

      “You’re the best, Y/N.” Clint sighed as he took a seat next to you.

      “Thanks Clint.” You smiled.  Both of you sat in an awkward silence for a bit but you couldn’t help but notice that he kept looking at you. “What?”

      “Nothing it’s just about what Tony said about you and me,” he paused “Well I was wondering if you-you don’t have to if you don’t to-but I was wondering if you want to go out sometime.”

      “You want to go out with me even though I’m constantly being judged by how I dress by literally everyone else.”

      Clint take his hand into yours. “Listen I don’t care about everyone else and you shouldn’t either. If you like the way you look and it makes you feel happy then you shouldn’t let other’s opinions bother you.”

     You smile as you look up at him “So you really want to go out with me? Purple hair and all?”

      “Yes purple hair and all. After all, purple is my color.”

The Assassin Connection | Part 1

Avengers x OC Reader Katya Ivankov …Relationship development later

Summary: New “recruit” brought in by Fury, too bad she’s got history with several Avengers and it’s not a happy reunion. How’s this going to go? We’ll have to see.

Warnigs: Lots of fucking cussing. Angst I guess. Nothing else right now.

Word count: 1,617

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So here you were sitting in the last place you thought you’d ever be…with the Avengers. You were finally found and “recruited” by Nick Fury and you are sitting in a conference room in Stark Tower getting ready to be introduced to the team. Little did they know (of course Fury did) that you had history with some of them and this was not going to be pretty. Standing at the head of the table was Fury with you to his right side sitting in a chair, you had Captain Wonderboy standing on your right. Sam “Falcon” Wilson sat next to Steve and Bruce the freaking Hulk Banner sat next to him. Bucky “The Winter Soldier” sat in a chair in the corner near Bruce and the seat at the other end of the table and the next one was empty. You knew who the two were that were supposed to occupy them, but they had not shown up yet. The gigantic blonde god himself Thor was diagonal from you nearest the door, with the cute lil witch Wanda next to him. Then last but not least is Tony “I’m a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, Ironman” Stark on Fury’s left side. Well isn’t this one nice happy family.

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Tony Stark and Spiders

Pretty sure that Tony is terribly afraid of spiders.

Always has been, for as long as he can remember. He managed it when he was only a small child, but then he got invited to some friend of his dad’s who had a collection of living spiders, and he was forced to stand there and not move while a big, hairy mygale walked on him, and all the adults laughed.

After that, it became a real phobia. On the good days, when there was one in his room, he could call Jarvis and ask him to kill it, or get it out. On the bad days, Jarvis wasn’t there, and it was either tell his dad and get hit, or try to sleep in a room with his biggest fear in a corner.

Then Rhodey was there, and God, he knew that he had found a true friend when the guy didn’t complain when he got a call in the middle of a night before an exam because there was a spider in Tony’s room. Just ran in there, got rid of it, and draped himself around Tony’s shaking form in his bed.

Afghanistan didn’t help, either. Being stuck in a cave and tortured sucked enough as it was, but add to that giant, dangerous spiders, and you got at least a panic attack a day. Yeah, Yinsen was great, but what was less great was when his captors understood what it was that made him hyperventilate and played with it. Waking up with a spider on your face? Not fun.

Truth be told, when he was informed that he would have to work with someone called Black Widow, he laughed for so long that his stomach hurt – and didn’t offer any explanation to Coulson’s surprised raised eyebrow.
But the thing was, the team is awesome about it all. Admittedly, at first he was ashamed and denied everything, but when they watched the Harry Potter films and he started to hyperventilate and shake at the giant spiders scene, he couldn’t pretend anymore. And now, he has an official Spider Killer Squad, just need to say “spider” and Jarvis will call for help.
Natasha is gentle with them, and like to get them out rather than kill them. She does it in a way which guarantees that they won’t come back in a minute, though, and always takes care of staying far away from Tony.
Clint throws shoes at them. And never misses. He’s also super talented at noticing them before everybody else, and they have a secret code for when Tony needs to avoid a room.
Steve plays the big meanie with them, is not a huge fan of the things either, so he just crushes them with anything he can find, hard. He’s already physically dragged Tony away from them, too. Twice.
Thor went back to Asgard to ask for a special magic potion thingy so they fully avoid Tony’s penthouse. That’s probably one of the best things that’s ever happened to him.
And Bruce… well, Bruce manages fine enough, but the Hulk gets the occasion to be a true hero, too. Because one day, they get called somewhere near Central Park, and when they get there, there’s an army of alien spiders waiting for them. And the Hulk is the one to stop Tony before he crashes down, and takes care of leaving them far enough before smashing all of the spiders.

Needless to say, when they learn they’ll have to wait with a kid named Spider Man, things get tense. Until a few days after Peter arrives, when he shrieks and leave his bathroom naked, because one tiny tiny spider was in there.

(Also, Tony’s squad was there when the video of him running away from a spider at a gala became viral. And you don’t want to piss them off. They never heard about the guy who filmed that again.)

(Author’s note: if you feel like I have a spider-related problem, you are right. There’s one in the bathroom right now and it’s ugly and I’m too shy to ask my host for help. Please send one of the Avengers)