tony would be harry. everybody he cares about is in constant danger cause of him and always dies.

clint would be ron. that dude is always hungry or sleepy and everybody underestimates him, but he just downplays everything and he can outdo anyone if he’s up to it.

natasha would be hermione for sure. the cleverest and the one always saying saving the day.

but while harry, ron and hermione are all gryffindors, tony would be ravenclaw, clint would be hufflepuff (i mean, hufflepuff common room is by the KITCHEN HELLO!), and nat would be slytherin.

but they would still be bffs, tony, nat and clint would find a way to be together as much as possible and they would be the scary bffs that nobody would want to mess with.

Homecoming Spoilers

ok no, i have a problem, i realised something on the toilet

how did no one realise that someone on the academic decathlon was spiderman? and how did no one realise it was peter. i mean spiderman is in new york right? the academic decathlon was in washington, now i’m not from america but i’m pretty sure they’re no where near one another? was no one smart enough to be like “????? spiderman is in new york, we’re from new york, spiderman is in washington and the only person conveniently not here that’s supposed to be is peter?” like if i was there i’d be like, “peter’s spiderman?” and id be so confused as to why no one else realised

idk maybe im talking shit but i see something there

It’s Avengers Week!

I’m going to reblog all the Avengers Imagines/ One-shots/ Smuts! I’ll also be posting new imagines etc…


You can make requests about The Avengers only for this week! Enjoy!

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OMG This is hilarious!!!!! Their facial expressions!!! :’D

“(Y/N) is your new mission, I want her dead.”

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