I realized I haven’t posted any more Kate Bishop on here. So here we go.

Amazing Photographer- @artemae

Looking for blogs!

Hallo my fellow Tumblrinas! I am following a few blogs, but I think a few more would definitely be awesome! So if you reblog any of the following, feel free to reblog if you want a follow 😄


- Star Trek, primarily AOS/TOS and some Next Generation. I especially love Bones, McKirk, McSpirk and Spones, but very happy for other characters and ships too.
- Karl Urban (he needs his own point)
- Sherlock (any ship, although I love Johnlock and Mystrade, or no ship)
- Supernatural
- The Walking Dead
- Harry Potter
- The Avengers
- Hawkeye and Jeremy Renner
- PewDiePie
- Merlin
- Red Dwarf
- Doctor Who

I do dabble in other fandoms too, but those are my main loves at the moment.

I am pretty flexible with my follows. As well as the standard, I enjoy shipping, Art, RP blogs and headcanons/fanfics. I am fine with NSFW in moderation, although not porn blogs.

I know I’m primarily a fandom blog, but I also like to follow real-life issues. I’m passionate about equality and fighting discrimination and ending the stigma on mental health, so I’ll give those a follow too!

Feel free to Ask anything too, I want to interact more with people here 😊