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Imagine Being Natasha’s Mate

For My Followers

Heels clicking on the tile, you softly hum as you walk towards your bosses office.

You’re Phil Coulson’s kick ass assistant.

Opening the office door you stroll in without a care only to stop short upon seeing Black Widow with Clint.

“Phil! Clint has something to tell you!” you call and shuffle your feet nervously. The Widow is staring at you with her piercing green eyes.

Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, was sent to kill Black Widow but it seems he decided to bring her in.

“(Y/N) meet Natasha Romanoff,” Clint greets and gestures to the red head. You hold out your hand to her and she takes it.

As soon as your skin touches your knees buckle and you gasp.

This is her, this is your alpha.

Before you collapse to the ground Natasha scoops you up into her arms and nuzzle her head in your neck.

“What seems to be the problem (Y/N)?” Phil questions and comes walking in. Natasha promptly growls at the presence of a new alpha. Clint is Phil’s omega mate. “Oh.”

“Phil! Look Black Widow is (Y/N)’s mate! That means we have to keep her!” Clint exclaims and barrels into Phil’s arms. “She’s not that bad I promise.”

“If you don’t leave me with my mate right now I promise I can get that bad,” Natasha threatens in a voice that makes you swoon.

“I’ll be fine Phil! Leave!” you insist.

Phil rolls his eyes and lets Clint pull him from the room.

Once you’re alone the Widow places you on Phil’s desk and cups your face.

“Can I mate you?” she asks in a gruff voice. “I promise I’ll never hurt you. I vow to care for you until my dying day.”

Gazing into her eyes you end up completely disregarding everything she’s done and just nod your head.

“Yes you can mate me,” you reply. Natasha purrs and captures your lips in a bruising kiss.

You can see yourself enjoying your future together.



 ■ jemma simmons as natasha romanoff protege;

 ■ leo fitz as clint barton protege;

“Даже у героев есть свои слабости. Герои не бессмертны. Рано или поздно их славе приходит конец, а их силы теряют свою мощь. Наталья Романова была из тех героев, которые проиграли битву…// Even heroes have their weaknesses. Heroes are not immortal. Sooner or later, their fame comes to an end, and their forces lose their power. Natalia Romanova was one of those heroes who lost the battle…”

the idea comes from this amazing one she deserves all the praise!


Tried to find a second gif to add for this part but I failed; aside from Thor, no other characters took real precedence. Ah well, I’m not too fussed. In fact I’m pretty proud of this chapter and just you guys wait for the next one - I hope it’ll be just as good. Once I’ve finished Stolen, I’ll return to requests but right now I’m loving this plot too much to do anything else. @vastudent3, @doctor13th, and @meganlpie were looking forward to this. So enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt:  YAY!! Just read part 6 and thank you! Idk if I’ve told you this already, but you are one of my favorite writers!


Nice one! Tony’s introduction was hella good. 

Stolen (Part 7)

Part 6

You had never thought that you lived in the fast lane, but now there was no denying it. Everything in the Avengers Towers seemed to run at double the speed, and it put your old life to shame. You had presumed that the life of a billionaire was relaxed and luxurious, but it seemed that Tony was up every day at the crack of dawn – building things, fixing the tower, sometimes even just sitting in the lab and looking at paperwork. He really cared about putting his life back together, regaining some normality.

Of course you wouldn’t have known all of this if you hadn’t also been awake. At first you were restless in your new quarters, and the overwhelming comfort of the expensive mattress kept your eyes from staying closed. Then it began to feel more like insomnia. You simply couldn’t sleep when you felt like you should be looking over your shoulder for Loki all the time. You could picture him in your home, you could picture yourselves talking as if he wasn’t a monster, so it was all too easy for you to picture him appearing out of nowhere in your new home.

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One time, Steve hosted Avengers Baseball Night. It was a disaster since everyone fought over the game to be shown; Carol wanted the Red Sox game, Coulson the Reds game, Steve wanted the Mets game, and Clint demanded the Iowa Hawkeyes collegiate game. Tony was disinterested and Logan spent the whole time complaining about the lack of hockey. Baseball Night never happened again.

How to Avenge 101 [Part 17]

[Master list]  [Part 16] … [Part 18]

A/N: Sorry for the delay everyone! Here’s Part 17. I promise there is a gradual story developing, it just needs to take a while to get there, so we get some more character interaction :)

Word Count: 4,112

Warnings: Mention of a past near-death experience

“Told you so.” Natasha grinned at you.

You let out a shaky laugh.

“Agent Romanoff will you take Agent Maximoff to her training session now?” Coulson including his head kindly at Wanda.

“No need to be so formal Coulson.” Nat replied. However she smiled at Wanda, indicating to follow her out of the room before glancing at you again. “I’ll be in training room A if you need to find me. We’re working on stealth.”

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Imagine Going To Pride With Your Girlfriend Natasha

For Anon

Bright colors, glitter, and almost naked bodies flood New York. The Avengers tower is lit up in rainbow colors and all the Avengers are trapsing around New York enjoying the festivities.

Thor is leading an army of pansexuals through all the parks.

Tony and Steve are starting a bisexual safe place in one of Tony’s clubs.

Clint and Phil are collecting aromantic and asexual people together to give positive self esteem seminars.

Fury is actually participating too and hanging out at a Demisexual picnic lunch.

Maria is leading a support group for transgender and transsexual people.

Pietro is living it up at a gay bar.

Vision is hanging with the gender non binary community.

Wanda is explaining how to be an ally to all the cis straight friends that were dragged to Pride.

All the while you and Natasha are scheming with the lesbians on how to take over the world.

“So are we going to kill all the men?” Caren asks. You and Natasha had easily learned the louder girls names.

“I say no we need slaves” Natasha replies.

“I like how you think darling” you say and kiss her cheek.

“Thanks honey. Happy Pride” Natasha whispers in your ear.

“What about misogyny we have to destroy that first” someone shouts.

“Agreed” you and Natasha state at the same time. “We will just have to start a Twitter movement.”

ONE SHOT: Sense of Humor

Sense of Humor
Pairing: Clint Barton / Natasha Romanoff (Clintasha)
Wordcount: 2318
AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/4302651
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When Steve says he’ll meet her at the bookstore, he fails to mention that Clint will be there too. Or maybe it’s not so much a failure as a deliberate trap.

Natasha knows that they’ve been getting on everyone’s nerves with their little feud for the last two weeks. She knows that Steve is “fed up to here” with it in particular, and also fed up with Clint’s teasing him about being such a “cranky old dad”—though it is a legitimate taunt. If one is being honest, Steve Rogers does carry the attitude of a long-suffering soccer dad sometimes, as if he must irritably endure the behavior of several super-powered and super-skilled children in Avengers costumes on a daily basis. Natasha doesn’t tease him about that, but she does keep recommending he ask someone out, because if he’s going to be such a dad, Steve should at least find someone to be the mom.

Maria Hill doesn’t count, and anyway, Steve’s not her type.

Anyway, the feud. She assumes that the bookstore trap is Steve’s way of saying he doesn’t want to endure this particular childishness anymore, and to be fair, Natasha is getting a little tired of it herself at this point.

But Clint freaking Barton can be the most obnoxious, smart-mouthed, line-crossing, oblivious, self-indulgent ASS

“What are you doing here?” he says when he sees her walking into the U.S. History section where Steve had said to meet, which just annoys her even more. He’s sprawled in an armchair that he must have dragged from one of the bookstore’s little sitting areas, because there is not enough space between the shelves for the store management to have deliberately put it there, with a book in his hand about K-9 soldiers. He doesn’t get up when Natasha comes into view, just scowls at her from his lounging state. She briefly muses that he resembles that picture Stark taped to the dining table, of the hawk that got into someone’s house and flopped all over the place: foolish, ridiculous, and in poor control of his limbs.

“Steve said to meet him here. I would assume he asked you as well.”

“…aw, man, this is a set-up.” Clint makes a face and shoves the book back onto the shelf.

“That does appear to be the case,” she agrees, crossing her arms and raising her chin a little.

It would be easy to walk away, head back to the tower before Clint can get out of his stupid chair, and dribble heat-activated adhesive into all of his underwear. Perhaps into his shampoo as well.

But as noted before, Natasha is tired of the feud now.

“Are we going to talk about this?”

Clint rolls out of the chair and starts pushing it away from her, through aisles of books. “About what?” Natasha follows in his wake, irritated again.

“About what an ass you are,” she grumbles.

Clint swivels his head and smirks at her over his shoulder. “Yeah, it is quite the ass.”

Natasha blinks. “What? No, not ‘what an ass you have,’ Clint. What an ass you are!”

He grins just like an ass would, and Natasha realizes he is screwing with her, even as he taps his ear and lies, “Sorry, hearing aid must be out, didn’t catch that.”

She almost wants to hiss.

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This took far too long to write and it isn’t even that exciting of a chapter. However it does introduce some interesting aspects for the story which I’m excited about. Hooray for Hawkeye! Apologies to @meganlpie, @animefreak808, and @doctor13th for taking so long with this. Coursework levels have shot up recently. In the meantime, enjoy!

Prompt:  Part 5 was really good! I was so glad Steve came in when he did.


I can’t believe I just heard about part 5! Loved it, I’m very interesting to see what’s going to happen next. Loki’s in deep shit…

Stolen (Part 6)

Part 5

The Avengers Tower looked like a train wreck. There was construction equipment and scaffolding everywhere. Windows were blown out, things were falling off everywhere, and, every now and then, sparks would fly off of the side.
“You live here?” You asked as Steve helped you clamber off of his motorcycle. You were dressed in what you’d woken up in – sweats and an oversized shirt.

He chuckled.
“No, I don’t live here but you will. It’s safe here.”
“That’s… but I thought I was going to stay with you.”
“I’ll be around. I told you I was going to help you, didn’t I? I just won’t be the only one.” He smiled and took your hand, leading you inside.

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‘Stolen’ Masterlist

This is the masterlist for my all time favourite fic, Stolen. Hopefully it will be handy if you’re picking up where you left off - or re-reading certain chapters (as I will probably do in the hunt for grammatical errors). Enjoy, my darlings!

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 // Part 9 // Part 10 // Part 11 // Part 12 // Part 13

How to Avenge 101 [Part 10]

[Part 8] [Part 9][Part 11]

[Master list]

Word Count: 1,811

(L/N) = your last name

You were practically whisked of your feet with the speed at which the Captain was tugging you. You hadn’t had time to pick up your mission outfit, so you just hoped they’d already shoved your suit onto the jet or had something better than leggings and a long-sleeved shirt…

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How to Avenge 101 [Part 8]

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] … [Part 9] [Part 10]

Word Count: 1,293

You tapped on the table, still irritated from your rude morning awakening. Even though Pietro had gotten your ear piece to finally balance correctly, you’d had to remove it before coming into the meeting. This was admittedly after you had nearly crushed it under your foot in response to Stark’s arrogance. Someone had carefully taken it away from you for now, but you knew it would be back later…

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Headcanon: Phil Coulson lives, yes, but at this very point he knows for certain he must fake his own death. For the Avengers to work, Phil must die. Phil has to leave his life behind. He has to commit to this lie. He has to leave everyone, everything. He has to go into hiding. See the tracks of a tear down the side of his face? Phil sheds that tear for Clint. Clint who he leaves without saying goodbye too. Clint who will believe the only man he’s ever loved has been killed. Clint who he loves in return. Clint who had had plans to marry. Clint who he will never see again. 

Promise you’ll be brave (part two)

Originally posted by starrdork

authors note: this is part 2 for ‘promise you’ll be brave’ after the death of Coulson, y/n decided join the avengers for Coulson. follwoing whats right something far much worse was yet to come. *gif not mine* heres part one link if you havent read it yet. ( part one )


3 years later ;

I stayed at the stark tower known at the ‘avengers towers’ after the battle of New York. Bruce and Tony are in the lab while me and Nat are in the kitchen making something to eat.

“have you seen steve? “ i said concerned looking at Nat

she then gave me a smirk

“does y/n have a crush on capcicle?” she gave me a devious smile and i knew it was deadly. “No! i just think hes really cute please dont tell him and beside i wanted to trained with him “ i said throwing a grape at her, laughing she said

“ mhmm okay whatever you but i promise i wont say anything” giving me hug and then walking towards the elevator and then disappeared. “promise” i said to myself remembering the last time i made promise was with Coulson. tears started to filled my eyes.

“ y/n are you okay?” Steve said pulling up a chair next to me, he grabbed my hands which was turning blue and that’s how he knowns i was getting upset

“ i-i just miss phil..” wiping my eyes then looking at steve

“ everyone does y/n and its okay to be upset but we need to move on in order to become better, you’ve come so far , you’re strong and a amazing person. im not saying you should forget about it, but moving that thought somewhere else. don’t let that be an anchor that holds you down at sea”  giving me hug and a kiss on the forehead, putting his hands on my face

“now get ready, we found the HYDRA base that has loki scepter” giving me another kiss on the cheek then leaving the kitchen. i made my way to my room to put on my suit that tony had designed me, it was much like Nat’s but black but would light up when i use my powers. i made my way on the roof were the quinjet was and everyone discussing what we had to do on his mission to get the scepter. i settled myself in and then we were off.

*time jump*

Me and tony were in the building trying to find where they kept the scepter. as tony going through the computer trying to get what’s left i decided to look around, “JARVIS could you scan the room” tony said “ on it sir “ JARVIS said and a blue light appeared and moving around the room. tony approach a wall putting his hands on it “ please be a secret wall” he said and the wall opened up “yay” he said walking into the hallway, i followed. it was a big room with the big creature from the battle of new york and there in the middle was loki scepter.

Tony was walking up to the scepter when a girl with long brown hair approach him and sent a red glow towards his head, i pulled out my gun pointing at her when a gush of wind threw me against the wall falling the the ground i looked up “what you didn’t see that coming?” he said with a strong accent, grabbing the girl and leaving behind a blue blur. Everything went black.

4 days later ;

i woke up in the hospital bed feeling dizzy and nauseous, i looked around and i saw a white-silvered haired guy and a brown haired girl that seemed familiar. “w-who are you and why am i here?” i said trying to sit up, he got up and pushed me down “ no dont that, im pietro maximoff and this is my sister wanda,i um was the one that pushed you to the wall..im so sorry” he said with a strong accent, looking at me, i could feel my heart pounding his icy blue eyes filled with regret and sadness,i looked down when i felt my cheeks turning red.god am i feeling something towards him i asked myself, shrugging if off.

tracing back from what happened at the HYDRA base, i remembered going unconscious and then i went black. “why are you here? where’s tony ?” i said sitting up on the bed pushing out the way. “ y/n please get back into bed “ a nurse said grabbing a hold of me, i touched her head with my hand that formed a blue energy, then she fell to the ground, i didn’t kill her i just her to sleep.

walking down the the lab where tony and bruce was working on something that was in the middle it was a cradle that has someone in it.

“ whats the hell is going on ?!” i said screaming at tony.

he looked up and ran to grabbing me in a hug

“thank god you’re okay” breaking the hug he ran back to the computer which was making a beeping sound.

“i’m rerooting the upload” he said.

i looked back and see Steve walking in with the twins. before you know steve throws his shield towards tony’s computer, tony blasts at steve sending him flying backwards. Bruce grabs the maximoff girl “ go ahead , piss me off” grabbing on to her arm, she stood there scared.

looking back to the cradle , thor appeared and jumps right on top, he throws his hammer in the air creating lightning before slamming it on the cradle. thor pulls back, everyone standing looking confused. the cradle exploded sending anyone that was close to the ground, i manage to landing on top of pietro, he looked at me and i looked at him “what you didn’t see that coming” giving him a smirk i got up, looking back at the cradle seeing vision standing their. he looked around confused , thor throws him through the window sending vision flying towards the window he stops and looks.

Vision turned around heading our way “im sorry that was.. odd” Vision says as he turns towards thor. “thank you” as he bowed his head, analyzing thor he created a suit for a cap. “thor you helped created this?” i hear cap say. tony looked mesmerized. “ Ive had a vision. a world pool that sucks in all hope of life and at its center” thor pointing to the gem on visions forehead. “what about the gem?” i said confused.

“its one of the sis infinity stones, the greatest power in the universe, un-parallel, its destructive capabilities”

“then why would you bring it..” thor cuts Cap off  before he said anything else.

“because stark was right”

“oh, is definitely the end of times” you hear Bruce say with a shaking voice.

“the avengers cannot defeat ultron” thor says facing the team

i stood their confused, i had missed so much when i was in the hospital, but i heard before from Tony about the ultron program, i guess from the sound of it, ultron was not a program to keep the world safe but for its destruction.

everything was coming to me all at once and i couldn’t handle it, my chest started to hurt, i couldn’t breath , my heart was pounding the loud. was i having a anxiety attack??!! the last thing i saw before i left the room was vision picking up thors hammer. i ran to my room closing the door and then a energy blast escaped my hands destroying my windows. my knees went weak and fell to the ground, crying badly ,screaming, shaking, the only thing i hear is my heart pounding in my chest.

“You y/n are something else. “ i hear a voice coming from outside of my window, i looked up and see i think was Ultron, i stood there not knowing what to do.

“You’re tangled in their strings” he hovered towards me 

“whats that suppose to mean?” he grabbed me by the neck, pushing me against the wall. trying the escape , i yelled for help hoping someone would hear me. “I got no strings on me” looking into his red eyes, i looked down seeing his hand going through me, i gasp for air, feeling the sting as his hand pulled away and taking off he soon disappeared. 

i fell to the ground. looking down at my wound, seeing it bleed, my mind was going black, i was feeling dizzy, i felt weak. i heard a pounding on my door and then it was blown up. a pair of hands grabbed my face “hey, hey stay with me. y/n!?” pietro looking terrified. the one and only , the one that made me heart race, looking into his icy blue eyes i manage to get out a few words, everyone was surrounding me. “ i guess ill be with Coulson again” giving a tiny smirk.

”does each wave of suffering teaching us how to swim?” before i could hear him say a word, it all went black and the only thing i heard was screaming and crying.

A/N ; really sorry this story line is really long and so their will be a part 3, it’ll be up by tomorrow, i hope you like it! request is still open, !