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Pairing: Steve x reader

Summary: Steve Rogers was an innocent bunny. His innocence was what made him your best target to embarrass or tease. it was your favourite game until he decided to no longer play the victim.

Author’s Note: it was so fun to write. I always love Steve being an innocent angel while all the others try to ‘corrupt’ him, I just love it. The only hard part was righting the heated up scene(I am still red). I was giggling all the time while writing this. The reader’s power is fire manipulation. Hope you like it!

Warnings: inappropriate jokes, flirting(?)

Word Count: 1480

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Steve rogers; the innocent golden retriever puppy and the butt of all the avengers’ dirty jokes.

It all began when you were all relaxing and drinking and tony decided to play a game of never have I ever. The game heated up quickly and became the filthiest game of never have I ever.

‘never have I ever done it with handcuffs.’ Clint said in a slurred voice.

Natasha, Bucky and Tony were the ones to sip their drinks. You were just grinning when you noticed Steve’s bright crimson face.

‘what’s wrong with you Stevie? You grinned and folded your arms. He looked up from the drink he was holding as he muttered something.

‘first time’s always a shocker.’ Tony said and the room was filled with drunk giggles.

‘that’s it.’ Steve got up and left the room.

From then on, it became your favourite time pass; making Captain America blush.

You were walking in the kitchen, it was around 4p.m so you thought of getting a fruit as a snack. You saw Steve and Bucky chatting by the counter. A plate of fruits with a knife kept neatly was what grabbed your attention. It had two bananas and you had an idea to embarrass Steve. You got a big banana and walked towards them.

‘hey,Steve,’ you said and they both turned to look at you. ‘mine’s bigger.’ You waved the banana in his face. He looked confused for a few seconds until he got your reference. A pink smudge appeared on his face. Bucky smiled a little before grabbing one himself.

‘mine’s the biggest!’ he held it up in the air with a dramatic proud look on his face. Steve felt a heat rise to his face.

‘why do you have to do that!’ he walked out stomping his feet. You both busted in laughter seeing his childish reaction.

The other time something like this happened was when he was sitting peacefully with newspaper and a good cup of coffee. Bucky and Sam were having a whisper fight in the background but he couldn’t care any less. He was finally serene.

‘great day, great coffee, no worries.’ he sighed out of relief as he looked around. ‘I wonder where’s-’ his thoughts were interrupted when he saw you walk in. Normally, he would just smile and glance at you while you returned it but today was different.

You were wearing shorts and a top with a very deep neck which wasn’t something you would usually wear. All three of them looked at you with varying expressions of shock. Sam and Bucky stopped arguing, Bucky’s jaw hung down while Sam’s eyes grew wide. Sam recovered from the shock and whistled as you walked were all of them were sitting. You smiled brightly and took a seat opposite Steve.

‘what’s with the sudden change (y/n)?’ Sam folded his arms.

‘why? Do I look bad?’ you pouted.

‘no, you look hot.’ Buck closed his mouth. ‘It’s just that it’s a very sudden change.’ he ran a hand through his hair.

You noticed Steve’s expression. His grip of the newspaper had become tighter; his eyes were wide and never left the sight of you. you smirked and decided to do something.

‘what’s with you Steve? have I made you uncomfortable?’ you looked at him innocently while you leaned towards him.

‘what?’ he looked dazed. ‘no! no, I, um, you-you look great!’ he tried to cover up as he tore his eyes away from you. Bucky and Sam tried to stifle their laughter. You leaned a little more forward giving him a full view of your cleavage.

‘really? You seem to look a little too red. Do you have a fever?’ you touched his forehead and his breath hitched. your plan was working. ‘you know what?’ you moved back in your seat. ‘they don’t talk.’ You kept a hand on your chest.

  ‘I-I wasn’t looking at your-, you know.’ He moved his hands violently trying to explain himself. Sam and bucky were almost rolling on the floor seeing his state. He glared at them but it only made them laugh more.

 ‘I hate you.’ he covered his face and groaned. You moved near him and bent down to his face.

‘you love me.’ You whispered in his ear and walked out of the room.

 Only if you knew what sensations had you ignited in him by just that very comment. he saw how you left the room bouncing a little at every step.

‘she’s going to be the death of me.’ He breathed.

‘hell yeah.’ Bucky straightened up in his chair while Sam was still giggling.

‘she surely knows her ways,’ Sam wiped the tears from his eyes. ‘I mean damn, she seduced Captain fucking America.’

‘that’s not my name.’ Steve folded his arms and glared.

He was finally getting tired of this game you were playing with him. he may be ‘innocent’ but he wasn’t clueless. he couldn’t take your teasing anymore so, he simply took a step on the right time.

All others were on a mission or busy somewhere else. It was just you and Steve in the tower that night. You were lying on your bed listening to your favourite song, occasionally making fireballs in the air. The song didn’t seem all that interesting anymore, you took your headphones off and sat up. You were thinking of what to do until the thought of Steve popped in your mind.

‘just what I need.’ You thought and headed out to find him.

He knew you would come to him sooner or later. He just waited patiently. He was completing a charcoal drawing until the little sheet of paper he was using to protect the drawing from smudging flew out of the gate. He had just gotten up to pick it until he saw you already standing there.

‘miss me sugar?’ you smiled and winked. he felt the heat rise to his cheeks again that only you could make him feel. He realized what he was doing and straightened up.

‘actually, yes.’ he leaned on the door by one shoulder. You were taken aback. Was he flirting back? You shook your head and decided to continue for this new side of him intrigued you.

‘looking for something?’ you quirked your brows and he nodded. ‘this?’ you pointed at the little piece of paper tucked in your tank top’s strap.

‘mhm, can I have it back?’ he moved his hand towards it but you took a step back.

‘no hands, Mr. Rogers.’ You gave him a cheeky grin.

‘alright, then.’ He leant down to your level. He stayed near your neck for a few second making your breathing uneven. he gently pulled the paper out, brushing his lips against the skin of your shoulder. He took it and waved it at you in a teasing manner.

‘won’t ask me in?’ you pulled yourself together.

‘of course, come in.’ he opened the gate wider and followed you in. you stood in his room admiring the drawings scattered around.

‘these are great.’ You examined them.

‘thanks.’ He smiled.

‘you wanna know the main reason why I came here?’ you turned to him and he replied in affirmative.

‘I was seeing this movie the other day and I don’t know why, but it’s very intimidating when someone does this.’ You pushed him lightly to a wall and kept both your hands on the wall near either sides of his head. You both locked eyes with each other before he broke the silence.

‘doll, I think you missed something.’ He spun you around and got you in the same position. ‘it’s the guy who does it.’ He smirked.

‘what’s gotten into you?’ you breathed.

‘well, let’s just say I got, very tired of all this.’ He mumbled as he closed the distance between you. ‘do you know how I feel when you do all these things to me?’ you could feel his breath on your face. ‘I am just left craving for more. I just want to touch you.’ his voice barely above a whisper. His eyes flicked to your lips. ’would you slap me if I kiss you?’ he tilted his head slightly.

You rolled your eyes and captured his lips as you pulled him by his collar. He wasn’t lying, you could feel how much he craved you by the way he kissed you. you pulled back while he looked like he wanted more.

‘aww, was I that bad?’ you teased him as you folded your arms.

‘no, I just wanted it to last longer. It was… fun’ he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer. You moved back and he gave you a confused look.

‘take me on a date first, then, we can do much more fun stuff.’ You ran thumb on his cheekbone. ‘deal?’ you quirked your brows.

‘deal.’ He smirked and tightened his grip around you.

Like Hell She Did : Alternate Ending

Warnings: Swearing

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A/N: Here you all go, the alternate happier ending to Like Hell She Did! I am so glad you all have enjoyed this story line! If you guys think I should continue this, please let me know! :) I did not want to break it into two, because I did not want you all to lose interest. 

So, this is a LONG Steve x Reader fluff! <3


The men came running out the room to see Wanda looking around the corner with her hand over her mouth and wide eyed. Natasha had her arm wrapped around her, as she stroked Wanda’s long brown hair calming her down. When they came by their sides, they all had different look of expressions, as they seen Sharon’s deceased body lying on the floor surrounded by a puddle of blood. Steve still had the gun pointed at her, anger and surprised emotion on his face, “She pulled this gun on me, I fought her off–” Natasha cut him off, “No one is questioning you Steve.”

“Well, I mean, you didn’t have to shoot her.” Tony scoffed, “We lost our only intelligence to find (y/n), because you had to turn into Deadpool and unload that gun on her.”
“Well, I honestly don’t regret a damn thing. Maybe if you would stop being a smart ass and actually try locating where the source of those damn live feeds are, she’d be home by now!”

Steve shoves the gun into Tony’s chest as he pushes by, once out of hearing distance, Clint breaks the awkward silence, “He just swore twice in one sentence, he is turning into Deadpool.”
Bucky looks at Tony, “Do you have anything on where the source could be?” Tony looked at the concerned face of Steve’s best friend, “FRIDAY was able to get a rough area, b–” he was cut off, “Show me…I have been to almost every HYDRA facility. Please, I am part of the reason (y/n) is in this predicament, let me help.” His blue eyes showed nothing but regret, anxiety, and determination. Tony nodded as he out stretched his arm to show Bucky the way, as the rest of the team went their separate ways.
                                                                                                                          Steve sat at the foot of the bed that he and (y/n) shared, staring at the last picture the two of them took on his phone. Tears droplets blurred the picture, but Steve could not careless at this point. Honestly, he did not care about anything except finding her. His heart was aching, emotionless, only numbness was the only thing he felt. Steve was so zoned out, he did not even notice Sam open the bedroom door. He walked in and stood in front of his broken friend, glancing down at the screen Sam did something that he has not done since the abduction. He smiled. Steve’s blue eyes radiated with happiness, his grin from ear to ear. (Y/N), she looked just as joy filled, she was kissing Steve’s cheek as she sat in his lap. As Bucky stood behind the two love birds, using his hands to form a heart above their heads. Sam remembered that moment, he was the one taking the picture. He thought back to that moment, it was the day that she hinted at Steve that she wanted to get married. Him being his clueless self, Steve did not catch the hint, when she excused herself to the bathroom. It took him and Bucky to make Steve believe the hint, and that was the moment Steve went shopping for the perfect ring for his perfect girl.
                                                                                                                        Steve finally broke from his thoughts the screen shut off, he jumped at the sight of Sam standing beside him. Sam sat next to Steve on the bed, “We will find her Steve, and when we do, you will ask that girl to marry you! The two of you will have an amazing honeymoon, and one day start a family.” Steve gave his friend a look of desperation, he wanted to believe him. He wanted to have that mindset, but he couldn’t. Sam looked into his friend’s eyes, and his heart broke, there was emptiness in Steve’s eyes. No hope, joy, or even sadness, they looked dead. The whole appearance of him, it looked dead. The two of them sat in silence, staring at the wall. Sam didn’t need to say a word, just being there for Steve was enough. He knew there was no words that could bring Steve comfort, at least, at this moment. Bucky burst through the door, making the doorknob make a hole in the wall when it hit, “WE KNOW–” he didn’t even have to finish the sentence, Steve jumped off the bed and took off for the quinjet bay.
                                                                                                                        Bucky was close behind his friend, not wanting to miss this chance to make things right. The two of them get into the jet, the doors close, and Steve guns the engine full throttle. It shoots out the bay doors in a flash, the rest of the team enters just as the jet gets out of eye sight, they take off to another jet. On the way there Bucky realizes Steve is in a workout shirt and sweat pants, he looks back and does not see his shield.


"I don’t need the uniform nor the shield, by the time I got dressed–I could not risk being late.”
                                                                                                                        When arriving, Steve looks at Bucky, “If you kill him before I do. I will never forgive you. Understand?” Bucky nods as Steve continues, “When we get in there, we find (y/n), you get her to safety as I kill him. There is a reason why I didn’t wait for the rest of the team.” Steve hits the button to open the quinjet door, “I got your back Steve, till the end of the line. That’s what we agreed to right?” Steve nods as Bucky smiles at him, “Now, let’s go get your girl.” The two friend take off in a full sprint to the facility, taking out any man that came into view. They came to the facility, Steve took a deep breathe before kicking the locked door right off the hinges, which led to taking a guy out that was in the path way. Steve readied his gun, shooting anything that moved. Bucky walked backwards following Steve, constantly having his back, and making sure he does not get sneaked up upon like before. Sharon may be dead, but that does not mean another person could inject him with that damn fluid that makes him change.
                                                                                                                        Steve turned a corner and dropped his gun in shock at the sight. (Y/n), hanging by her hands that were wrapped in chains, her ankles wrapped and attached to a weigh having both set of ligaments pulled at straight as possible. She was stripped of her clothing, covered in a variety of wounds, Steve’s eyes watered at the sight. His eyes full of pain looking at his girl in this painful condition, his facial expression changed when he looked over to see the man responsible. Steve’s face turned red from rage, “Buck.” His name being called broke him from his gaze toward (y/n), being as stunned as Steve. Okay, well not just as stunned, but close to it. He looked at his friend who’s eyes were locked on his target, “What are you waiting for? Kick his ass.” Steve cracked a small smile as this friend’s remark and took off chasing the man. Bucky stayed behind, he went over to unbound (y/n). He took slow careful movements, afraid any sudden ones would break whatever was not broken on her blood covered body. She was unconscious, and Bucky was thankful for that, having to touch her would have cause discomfort and more pain for her. He took her in his arms bridal style, and made his way back to the quinjet, with his gun pointed out under her body.

Steve was chasing after the man, going up the stairs skipping three at at time, is anger grew and grew stronger and stronger with each step he took. He finally came to stop when he entered a room, the man stood in the middle with a devilish grin on his face, “So the time has finally come.” Steve glared as he chose not to respond, “You know, even if you kill me, I still won. Would you like me to explain how?” He chuckled at the annoyance on Steve’s face, “I would like you to shut the hell up. You didn’t win a damn thing!” He sharply responded. The man shook his head as he wiggled his finger side to side, “Tisk tisk, Captain America needs to watch his language. You do not want the children to hear their super hero saying such language.” Steve slowly made his way toward the man, glaring at him with his head slightly angled down, fists balled up so tight his knuckles were turning white, chest rising and falling as he breathes deeply. “This is your fault, all you had to do was give me what I asked and she wouldn’t have been suffered so many injures. I scarred her, not only physically, but mentally as well. I scarred the two of you’s relationship. You failed her, you were not there to protect her like the–” he was cut off by the impact of Steve’s fist meeting his cheek. The man fell to the ground, “Maybe your best friend James can help heal her, they have that in common now. You letting them dow–” Steve kicks the man in the stomach, sending him a few feet away. The man hunched over groaning in pain, Steve slowly made his way and stood over him. Quickly the man swung his leg around knocking Steve’s feet out from under him making him fall on to his back, crawling on top of Steve the man took out a knife and went to stab him. Barely being quick enough to grab his wrist, Steve snapped it, he let out a loud scream as Steve rolled them over so he was straddling the man.

Steve began punching him in the face, with every impact flash backs of the moments he seen (y/n) being tortured flashed through his mind. The horrible sound of her screams that filled his ears, never again will he ever allow it to happen again. He continued to punch him over and over again, as tears fell from his face, every emotion he balled up poured out. Sam and the team rushed in and froze at the sight, he rushed over to Steve wrapping his arms under Steve’s pulling him off the now deceased body of the man, who was barely noticeable. “Steve! Hey! It’s over! He’s dead!!” Steve quickly turned his dead and through his sobs, “Where is (Y/N)!? Is she–” Sam interrupted him, “She is safe, Bucky is heading back to the facility with her. She is stable.” Steve dropped his head and let out a gasp as he looks at the roof, “Thank you..” 

Steve sat in the waiting room, finishing the sketch of the engagement ring. Though the sketch was a bit shaky due to the fact he was using his leg as a desk, and the fact his leg was bouncing slightly from the anxiety. “Steve?” the familiar voice caught his attention, he turned to see James standing there behind him. Steve stood up quickly, “How is she?” James smiled, “Why don’t you go and find out?” Jogging through the halls, he instantly froze in the door way at the sight. (Y/n), was laying in a bed asleep, both legs are in casts, her face was bruised, bandages all over her body, but to Steve she still looked beautiful. The nurse came up to him, “She will be okay, we think she will wake up in the morning.” Steve gave her a nod as he walked in the door, the nurse closed the door behind her when she left. He slowly made his way to her bedside, his eyes watered as he took off his shoes, and crawled into her bed. Somehow, in her unconscious state she knew it was Steve, she snuggled by his side. The bed was small, but to Steve it wasn’t small enough, he wanted her as physically close as he could. He choked, but in a good way, he could not believe she was in his arms again. Feeling her breath on his skin, the burden on his went away.  He rubbed her back softly and slowly, running his fingers through her hair, embracing each second of this moment. 

That next morning, (y/n) yawned as she opened her (y/e/c) eyes. The first thing she seen was Steve asleep as he held her close, she instantly bursts into tears of joy. The sound of her sniffling woke Steve up and seen her smiling face looking up at him, “Good morning beautiful.” He wiped the tears from her eyes, “How are you feeling?” She took his hand, “Much better, now.” Steve’s eyes watered, “I am glad.” She looked into his blue eyes, she thought she would never see those baby blues ever again. “Steve, can you do something for me?” He quickly gave her a nod, “Of course, anything.” he sat up in the small bed, “What is it?” She strained but sat up and angled herself toward him the best she could, “Kiss me.” She did not have to ask twice, Steve placed one hand on her cheek softly, and he placed his lips onto her’s softly but passionately. She slides her hand up his chest and onto his neck, pulling on it to deepen the kiss. The two of them held the kiss for several moments, Steve slowly pulled back and put his forehead on her’s, “Now, can I ask you for something?” She opens her eyes meeting his, she could feel his breathe on her lips, “(Y/N) (Y/L/N), will you marry me?” Her face lit up, “YES!” She nods quickly, “Yes!” She wraps her arms around his neck and buries her face into his neck. They could hear applauding, they turn and see the team cheering outside the room’s window in the hallway. The two lovebirds burst into laughter as they watch their teammates, snapping pictures. 


(Y/N) is standing on a small stand as ladies fix her dress, butterflies were soaring in her stomach. She had a smile on her face for the last few months, even in her soreness, Steve kept her mind off of it. Now, here she is, stronger and happier than ever. She was deep in thought, thinking back, but not on the capture. She was not even thinking about the days of torture, no, she was thinking about the days of wedding planning. Going dress shopping with Wanda, planning decorations with Pepper, and catering plans with Natasha, she would not lie. It was stressful, healing, physical therapy, and planning, but her friends helped her and Steve every bit of the way. 

“(Y/N), you ready?” Nat broke her from her thoughts

“Yeah, I’m ready.” She turned in the mirror one last time.

“You look wonderful!” Wanda said, her eyes watering.

“Please don’t cry Wanda!” (Y/N) said turning from her. 

Everyone was seated, waiting for the ceremony to begin. The church decorations were beautiful, and the church was packed. Tony made sure there that paparazzi stayed as far away as possible, he wanted the day to perfect for Steve and (y/n). The music began turning the congregation’s attention toward the doors. (Y/n), wanted it to be a phone and camera free zone, the only one aloud to take pictures were the hired photographers. The Preacher walked down the isle, followed by Steve, the groomsmen and bridesmaids followed. Steve was not focused on them, he was standing on his toes trying to catch a glimpse of (y/n). 

Then the moment he and everyone was waiting for came. The bride’s song came on and the congregation stood on their feet. Steve’s breathe caught in his throat as his mouth drops. The entire walk seemed to take hours as the two of them never broke eye contact, in the middle of the walk, (y/n) could not take it anymore. SHE RAN DOWN THE ISLE causing an uproar of laughter from everyone. Natasha face palmed, Bucky licked his lips as he looks Steve, who was laughing as he looked up at the ceiling. When she came up to him, everyone became quiet, and that was when Steve was fully able to see how beautiful she looked. He looked in her eyes, giving her a half smile, and said, 

She blushed as the preacher began speaking. It was obvious to everyone Steve and (y/n) was not listening, they had that look in their eyes. The look that they do not see anyone else in the room, only each other. The look that they are not hearing a word being said, their attention to each other broke by the preacher clearing his throat as some giggles and chuckles came from some people. Bucky elbowed Steve, who looked around and at the preacher, “Im sorry, what?” Bucky chuckled, “Bro, just say ‘I do’.” Steve nodded as his face flushed red, “I do!” the preacher turned his attention toward (y/n), “I do!” she giggled. 

Bucky handed Steve the custom made ring, (y/n) had yet to see. Because she would not let Steve see her dress, he would not let her see the ring. The two of them wrote custom vows for each other, he slid the ring on her finger, smiling at the sight of her mouth dropping slightly. 

“(Y/n), as you know I have lived a long time, but over the years I can honestly I have NEVER seen or met a more beautiful, talented, funny, or outgoing person. I could go on and on for hours bragging about how wonderful you are, but for the sake of everyone here I won’t take up as much time as I would. I love you with all my heart, I have never been happier than when I am with you. I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you.” 

“Steve, you the kindest, humblest, and charming man I have ever met. You always put others before yourself, and you never ask for anything in return. I love you more and more every day. I too, am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you.” 

“I now pronounce you, man and wife. Steve, you may kiss your bride.” 

Steve bit his lower lip, sliding his hands from her hands up her arms slowly, sending chills through her body. Bucky, “Uh-oh, careful Steve. Save the seduction for tonight!” Steve stopped and turned to his friend, giving him a look making everyone laugh. (Y/n) put her fingers on Steve’s chin turning his face back towards her, “Hey Captain, kiss me already!” He smiled as he pulled her into a kiss, everyone applauded standing. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, I now present, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rogers.”

“(Y/N) is your new mission, I want her dead.”

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A Little Bit of Poison

Pairing: Pietro x fem!reader

Summary: you were the girl who could freeze hell over from just a glance but it didn’t stop Pietro from exploring your soft side. You became good friends and even ended up developing feelings for each other. It only took some venom to confess them.

Request: Anon: Hey can you do a peitro imagine where the reader has the power to change into any animal.

Author’s Note: I wanted to concentrate on writing better fight scene and this one was pretty helpful. So, the reader can turn into any animal and is a good fighter. Sorry, I am not very active in writing imagines, I have a whole lot going on. Hope you like it!

Warnings: violence, blood and weapons.

Word Count: 1721

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You were walking to your room from the gym after some intense training. You were humming with your bag of weapons dangling in one hand until you noticed tony with two people you had never seen before. You noticed a boy and a girl roughly about your age. Tony had decided to show them around but he wasn’t looking like he wanted to do the task.

‘who’s that if I may know?’ Pietro asked when his eyes landed on you.

‘that’s (y/n), she is new just like the two of you.’ tony explained. ‘hey (y/n)! come over here!’ he shouted and you obeyed.

‘Maximoffs, this is (y/n) a.k.a the hunter.’ Tony introduced you to the duo.

‘that’s a new alias.’ Pietro quirked his brow and folded his arms. Tony knew what was coming and smirked.

‘the person named “quicksilver” said what?’ you turned your head in his direction and he unfolded his arms.

‘well, I-um, that’s my alias because I am quick and- ‘

  ‘and silver.’ The girl said in a teasing tone and he glared at her. ‘please ignore my stupid brother, my name is Wanda, nice to meet you.’ she smiled and shook hands with you.

‘I like you.’ You shook hands with her.

‘well as for my alias,’ you turned to him and took out your knife. ‘I am called the hunter because no matter how small or big my target is I hunt them down with ease. My target never gets away.’ You stood awfully close to him as you snarled with your fangs out. ‘so get this, blue ken doll,’ you toyed with your knife and turned your eyes to that like of a beast’s. ‘I can kill anyone in a million ways, anything that can harm, I, can use.’ You took a step back and he gulped.

‘better be careful than sorry.’ You stated simply and put your knife back in your pocket. You turned to Wanda who looked like a scared bunny.

‘aww, did I scare you?’ you grinned and turned to your normal self. ‘don’t worry I won’t hurt you, until the time demands it. Come with me I’ll show you around.’ You took her hand and she followed you, too scared to do anything.

‘blue ken doll’ tony snickered.

‘you let something like her walk around free?’ Pietro turned to him.

‘hell yeah, who needs security when you have her and Nat?’ he said. ‘oh, and one more thing, she can turn into any animal of her choice, so, don’t piss her off. Her bites are pretty damn vicious.’ He started walking away leaving Pietro with wide eyes.

It was the next day and Pietro had just finished training with Steve. He was getting himself a bottle of water when he saw you sitting there all by yourself. Your hair were down and you looked peaceful. You were nothing like that girl who was about to rip his throat yesterday. You just sat there cleaning something shiny and sipping your drink. He decided to approach you.

‘hey (y/n), what are you do- ‘he noticed what you were cleaning; a gun.

‘hi Pietro.’ You smiled at him. ‘what’s wrong?’

‘uh, nothing.’ He tore his eyes away from the scattered knives and guns. ‘Can I sit?’ he asked and you nodded. ‘you are not mad at me now, are you?’

‘of course not, I just get a little angry when people criticize me that’s all.’ You chuckled.

‘great,’ he smiled. ‘so, that’s the first thing you do in the morning?’ he pointed at the table.

‘no, not really. They just needed some cleaning and I was free today.’ You kept a cleaned knife aside. ‘what about you? liking it here?’

  ‘yeah, its nice being around good people.’ He looked at you and you nodded. ‘tony told me you can turn into any animal. Is it true? Any animal?’ he tilted his head.

‘yeah. Didn’t you get a glimpse yesterday?’ you took a sip of your drink.

‘how can I forget; I couldn’t sleep at night.’ He said and you laughed. ‘so, people call you the sexy beast?’ he grinned.

‘not twice.’ You looked at him and his eyes narrowed. ‘can’t take a joke Maximoff?’ you grinned.

‘not when they scream murder, no.’ he said and you both laughed.

After that day, you became good friends. He would irritate you sometimes but he was great company to have. He too loved being around you. In his opinion, you maintained a scary exterior but you were cuter than a damn bunny once you were close to someone. He realized that his feelings were changing towards you, not in the bad way but in a way, he feared. Little did he know you were going through the same. He was looking at you as you read a book. Your expressions changing every time a drastic event took place in the book. He loved seeing you lost in your own world, it was the only place you could truly be yourself.

‘you like her?!’ Wanda whisper shouted behind him causing him to jump.

‘are you crazy? You can’t just sneak up behind people and read people’s mind! She could’ve heard you!’ he faced her.

‘that doesn’t answer my question.’ She folded her arms.

  ‘yeah, alright, I like her.’ He messaged his temples. ‘But if you tell her anything I’m going to kill you.’ he pointed a finger at her.

‘she likes you too, idiot.’ She grinned.

‘Shu-, what!?’ he said aloud.

‘is there a problem?’ you looked up from your book.

‘no, I was just asking him not to take my stuff.’ Wanda looked at you.

‘alright kids.’ You muttered and resumed reading.

‘how can you be sure?’ he lowered his voice.

‘I can read minds, remember? You’re so fucking dumb.’ She said in an irritated tone.

‘I am not dumb.’ He glared at her. ‘how do I tell her?’

‘that’s the task.’ She patted his shoulder.

Tony suddenly walked in the common room everyone else were quick to follow.

‘what is it?’ you kept your book aside and straightened up.

‘hydra’s enhanced this person and he is a major threat. We need to wipe out the base and get him.’ Steve explained.

‘does he have a name?’ Natasha asked.

‘all records of his past are were wiped.’ Steve said.

‘what kind of powers does he have?’ Clint asked.

‘the guy’s venomous and has enhanced healing. They call him viper.’ Tony looked up from the file. ‘nails and teeth only. He’s kinda like you (y/n). you are immune to poison, right?’ he looked at you.

‘yeah.’ You folded your arms.

‘you will have to take care of the guy if he gets out of hand.’ Steve said and you nodded. ‘everyone suit up. We have to get there as quick as possible.’ He said and everyone left.

You reached the base, it was located deep in a forest and was surrounded by tall trees and wild animals.

‘finally home,beasty?’ Pietro zapped too your side and smirked. You rolled your eyes.

‘flirt all you want after this, kids.’ Tony said. ‘(y/n) I need you to fly above the base and give me some details.’ You nodded and turned into an eagle.

You flew above the base and examined it properly. You came back and changed to your normal self.

‘armed guards at the gate, enhanced in the cell. More agents near the centre.’ You informed them.

Everyone soon scattered after discussing a strategy. Tony and Steve took out the guards while Clint, Natasha and Wanda took care of the agents. You and Pietro were looking for the cell.

You were checking the last cell until you heard faint footsteps behind you. you turned to see viper standing in front of you with his fangs out to attacks. He had bright blue veins running on his face and arms. His face showed no emotion.

‘we found him.’ Pietro said in his com.

He lunged forwards and you attacked him with your knife. To your surprise, the wound you had created healed instantly. He gave you a sinister smiled and threw you backwards. Pietro pinned him to the wall, but he sunk his fangs in his neck. Pietro let out a scream before the man threw him in a corner.

now you were enraged.

‘Wanda come here quick and look after Pietro.’ You said through gritted teeth.

You turned into a large wolf and aimed for the man’s neck. Wanda reached there and kneeled beside Pietro with teary eyes. You growled and licked your muzzle. The man hissed and you charged at him. you got hold of his neck. You separated his head from his body and threw it in a corner.

You turned to yourself again and wiped the blood from your face. You sat beside Pietro, his breathing was getting shallower every second. his face and lips were turning blue.

‘it’ll be okay.’ You assured them and sat beside him. You looked for the wound and placed his head in your lap when you found it.

‘it’s gonna sting a little.’ You extended your fangs and bit into the wound. He pursed his lips to muffle a scream. Wanda held his hand. You then sucked out the venom. He sat up slowly. Everyone had reached there by then.

‘what just happened.’ Natasha breathed after witnessing everything.

‘she took ‘biting someone’s head off’ quite literally.’ Clint said with wide eyes.

‘that was some real strong venom.’ You got up. ‘you’re okay, right?’ your gaze softened when you turned to Pietro. Steve helped him up.

 ‘yeah, thanks.’ He smiled weakly.

  ‘I couldn’t have forgiven myself if something would have happened to you. you mean a lot to me.’ You moved towards him and hugged him tightly.

‘it took you me being poisoned to realize you like me?’ he pulled back and smirked. ‘I would have kissed you if you weren’t covered in blood.’ he ran his thumb on your cheekbone you scrunched your nose but smiled.

‘back to the jet love birds.’ Steve said.

‘oh, and (y/n), please shower as soon as we reach there.’ Tony pointed at your face.

 ‘I’ll help you with it.’ Pietro whispered in your ear as everyone started walking.

‘I would love that.’ You grinned.

Title: Steve to the Rescue

WARNINGS: The reader gets injected with a drug making her pass out by some men, who have been stalking her. 

 Swearing: The phrase, “Like hell…” and the word “bastard”

“Yes Tony!! I made sure to get everything. You know, if your so worried about me screwing this up, you could do it yourself.” Steve is walking out of the grocery store carrying several bags in both hands using his shoulder to hold the phone to his ear. It’s around midnight, the team sent Steve to get some late night snacks, it wasn’t uncommon for the team to come back from a late mission and want to relax by drinking and eating snacks. They always take turns on who to send, this time it happened to be Steve. “Yeah, yeah..I’m at the–” he stops speaking when he hears, “STOP RESISTING!!" 

 Tony: At the what?? Did you forget? Don’t be embarrassed, your getting at that age– 

Steve: Tony I gotta go..

 Tony: Everything o– 

 He puts down the bags and hangs up the phone before Tony could finish asking him what was going on, and he slowly made his way toward the commotion he was hearing. He came around a corner to see you pinned to the ground by a man who is surrounded by two more watching as the man on top of you holds your hands down as another is just now injected you with some form of drug. "She’ll be out soon, then we can have our fun!” One of the men said laughing as he gazed at your eyes that were fighting to stay open, “I don’t think so!” Steve boomed anger filling his face, startling the men, “Let her go!!” , “Like hell we are! We have been following her for days! Just waiting for this moment, and Captain America isn’t going to ruin it for us! GET ‘EM BOYS!” They all stand up grabbing their metal bats, Steve’s exhaustion was subsided by adrenaline when they all charged at him. 

 You try forcing your body to stand up, but once you get on your feet you collapse to the concrete again. “Stay where you are!” Steve shouts at you as he fights your attackers, your vision is slowly turning black and what you can make out is fuzzy. You try standing up one more time ignoring what Steve said, just as you stood up you collapse again this time you feel your head hit something on the way down. Steve watches as you knock your head on a dumpster, and he instantly turns his fighting up a notch, not holding anything back. He gets the last guy knocked out, pulls out his phone and snaps pictures of each man, and rushes by your side. “Don’t worry, you’ll be alright.” He scoops you in his arms bridal style and walks over to the car he drove, “Good thing I didn’t drive the motorcycle.” He thought to himself as he uses his foot to open the car door, he slides you into the passenger side and buckles your seat belt. He is about to get into the car, but not before picking up the groceries he dropped by the car and throwing them into the backseat. 

 He pulls into the facility’s garage and picks you up back up bridal style and rushes into room where everyone is, he kicks open the door getting the team’s attention instantly. “Umm, who’s that?” Tony asks pointing at you with a raised eyebrow , “I have no idea, but she needs medical attention right away!” Bruce jumps out of the chair he was sitting in, “Lay her on the couch!” He rushes out of the room to get his medical supplies as Clint and Bucky get off the couch as Steve lays you down, gently brushing some strands of hair out of the bleeding wound on your forehead. “Soo, what happened?” Clint asks as he watches Steve ever so lightly rubbing your face, the question pulls his thoughts away as he clears his throat and stands up. “I came out of the store when I heard a man yelling, 'Stop resisting’, obviously that phrase alone will catch anyone’s attention–” , “Don’t tell me, was she-” Natasha interrupts, “Yeah, there were four of them. One had her pinned down as another injected her with something..the other two just watched with smiles on their faces.” , “Sick bastards..” Bucky chimed in as he looks back at you, “she fought back, hard, you can see it on her fists.” Bruce added as he sits down by your side, as he begins tending to the wound. “They said the injection would knock her out, that way they could–” Steve could not get himself to finish the sentence. “We know what you mean Rodgers, you did good.” Sam said as he walks over to watch Banner, “When will she wake up?” , “It depends on how much they gave her, being four men, I say enough to keep her knocked out for at least two hours.” Steve pulled his phone out and pulls up their pictures, “Is there a way we can get these pictures off my phone and onto paper so we can give their pictures to the police?” Everyone except Bucky chuckled, “Yeah, I think I could do that.” Tony said as he took Steve’s phone. 

Just after the two hour mark, you begin shifting around, “Bruce! She’s waking up!” Steve let out, Bruce opens his eyes from the chair he fell asleep in rubbing his eyes he walks over to your side. Everyone is in bed asleep except Steve, he stayed by your side the entire time. You open your eyes only to squint at the light, “Where-where am I?” Your voice barely coming out, Steve gave you a sad smile, “You’re at the avenger facility. What is the last thing you remember?” Bruce helps you sit up, you hold your throbbing head letting out a small groan, “Umm..I remember, walking out of the store. Then a man picked me up from behind and he carried me over to the side alley with a cloth over my mouth, so I could not scream. That’s when I seen the other men, I tried fighting them off but they—” You grip your chest as your breathing quickens, eyes watering, “Hey, hey..shh your safe now!” Steve scoots beside you and takes you in his arms. You lay your head on his chest, Steve rubs your back slowly with one hand and his other is stroking your hair. Bruce gives Steve a nod and walks out of the room, you glance up into Steve’s blue eyes, full of concern. “I never said thank you, so, umm, thank you..for saving me. I know it’s your job, but I still greatly appreciate it.” Steve gives you a small smile, “Your welcome. I never got your name.” trying to keep your mind off the recent event, “Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N..” , “A beautiful name for a beautiful doll.” He said has cups your face and uses his thumb to wipe the tears away. You could feel the redness on your face taking over as you let out a small giggle and look away. Steve stands up from the couch, “I’ll let you rest, I will see you in–” he glances at a clock, “5 hours, good night, Y/N” , “Good night Steve..” You lay back down and stare at the ceiling until you fall back asleep.

Hey guys ! I just discovered something amazing so yesterday I was currently bored and I wanted to read comics and so I found a website call viewcomic.com and it literally has so many free comics to read ! Hopes this helps

Cheeky Warrior

Pairing: Natasha x reader

Summary: you were a warrior. With your sword you were invincible. Natasha couldn’t quiet put a finger on it but she was gravitated to you, in such a way she couldn’t understand.

Author’s Note: okay, so I had this in mind for a while and I finally wrote it (yay!). so, the reader’s good at sword fighting and fighting as well.its something short and fluffy I came up with. Hope you like it!

Warnings: none!

Word Count: 1250

Originally posted by loveholic198

(y/n) (y/l/n). your name was the new buzz in the base. You were too good to be real; the perfect superhero ripped right out of a comic book. you had just joined the avengers and had fitted in from the first day. You were brought to the base when they had heard news about an unknown hero saving the day before them. Long story short, they took you down after some effort and found out that you were just trying to help. They offered to let you stay with them and ‘help’ in the proper way. You agreed grinning.

You were know living with them with six months know and they loved having you around, especially Natasha. She had taken a great liking for you when you had fought them. To say you were good would be an understatement in her eyes, you were simply great, great with the sword, in fighting. It wasn’t just about you being powerful that she liked you, it was how you were as a human. You were humble. You would make everyone laugh, cook for them or bought presents for them because you ‘simply can’. She had realized she had feelings for you when you had cut a bullet in half that would have hit her. What she found adorable was that you asked her if she was alright the whole ride back to the base.

She was sitting with Clint in a park lost in her thoughts. He realized she had drifted off again and sighed.

‘you still didn’t tell her, did you?’ he said keeping the ice cream aside. Being a spy she was always alert, she snapped her head instantly in his direction.

‘what do you mean?’ she played it cool.

‘I’m not fucking blind Nat; I have seen how you look at her when you think she is not looking.’ He said and she rolled her eyes.

 ‘everyone has noticed I don’t know how (y/n)’s still blind enough to not notice.’

‘so what should I do? tell her everything and risk losing her as a close friend?’ she faced him completely.

‘but you’ll never know if you don’t say it!’ he raised his voice.

‘but I might also regret it!’ she almost yelled.

  ‘Nat, you are the greatest flirt around can’t you just cast your spell on her or something?’ he kept a hand on her shoulder and tried to soothe her.

‘the hell I am.’ She folded her arms with a hint of smirk.

  ‘that’s my girl.’ He grinned. ‘you better do something or I might have to intervene.’ He got up and walked away.

‘no!’ she yelled and he ran. She started running after him. ‘Clint! I’ll break your fucking nose if you do anything!’

The next morning, she was walking to the gym for her training but stopped when she saw Clint moving in her direction.

‘you’re welcome.’ He patted her shoulder and walked away. Her eyes grew wide. ‘that little piece of shit had better not said anything.’ she was thinking as Steve approached her.

‘hey Nat! guess who you’ll be sparring with today?’ he wiggled his brows.

‘(y/n)?’she said as she rubbed her temples. she was happy but was also frustrated, why did they all have to play matchmakers?

‘correct!’ he grinned. ‘go get ‘em tiger.’ He said and ran away for he knew he might get punched if he hadn’t.

She groaned and walked in the gym. She took a deep breath. ‘I’m going to seduce this idiot.’ She thought and pushed the gate. the scene wasn’t what she was expecting. You normally trained alone so it was rare seeing you. you were wearing a black sports bra and some loose black sweats that hung low on your waist. You were in a stance to attack, your sword held up. You quickly hit the target and stepped back graciously. Your chest was heaving, your body glimmered in sweat. Natasha realized that she was staring and quickly corrected her expression and picked a water bottle. You seemed to get lost in some other world when you trained with your sword but your senses were sharp, you knew someone was in the room but didn’t pay much attention.

She whistled and you looked at her. ‘looking smoking hot Edward Cullen.’ She threw the bottle at you and you caught it in one hand. She quirked and eyebrow and you smirked drinking the water.

‘really? That’s the best you could do?’ you tossed the bottle away. ‘you have no idea, love.’ She winked and you chuckled.

‘so, are we gonna spar or would you rather play this game?’ you wiped the sweat and kept your sword aside.

‘well let’s train first and see where the things go.’ She took a fighting stance and smirked. You mirrored her. She threw punches at you which you easily dodged. You kicked her and knocked her down.

‘someone’s getting faster.’ She rubbed her ribs as she got up.

‘you have no idea.’ You said in her tone and winked she rolled her eyes and kicked you in the abdomen. You quirked your brows at her and she smiled. She threw a punch at you which you got hold of; you were stronger and she couldn’t get out of your grip. She threw another punch which you caught again and grinned.

  ‘the hell are you doing?!’ she moved around and you spun her away.

‘I don’t know,’ you shrugged and took your stance. ‘you look really cute trying to hurt me.’ You chuckled and she rolled her eyes. She threw a right hook at you which you predicted and you used it to pin her down.

‘hey!’ she looked in your (y/e/c) eyes and stopped. ‘you have beautiful eyes.’

‘you say that to everyone who’s trying to kill you?’ you asked breathing heavily.

‘no, you’re an exception and -’

  ‘shh…’ you hushed her mid-sentence. ‘I have heard you have a certain liking for me, am I, right?’ you leaned closer.

‘yes, but if you don’t- ‘she breathed. She loved this new dominating avatar of yours.

‘that’s a relief!’ you got off her.

‘what?!’ she said getting up. ‘well, I kinda like you too.’ You grabbed a water bottle and handed one to her. ‘a lot.’ You drank your water.

‘was it all planned?’ she folded her arms.

‘no, I just figured out it was time and today you were partnered up with me so, I did all this.’ You kept the bottle aside. ‘one more thing, I never train in just a sports bra.’ You winked and she chuckled.

‘you cheeky bastard. you beat the shit out of me there I think I deserve this’ She put her arms around your neck.

‘uh-uh, you’ll have to wait sugar.’ You held your hand near her face and she looked at you confused. ‘one of my rules: you never kiss someone without going on a date first.’ You grinned and she pouted. ‘tonight at 7, my treat.’ You winked.

You started walking away and she sighed and turned her back to you. You turned back and tip toed to her. ‘just kidding.’ You turned her and connected your lips to hers. She was surprised but soon melted into the kiss.

  ‘I didn’t know you were such a hopeless romantic.’ She grinned.

‘sweetheart, you are just getting started.’ You smirked.

‘finally!!’ Clint squealed from the vent.

‘you wanna beat someone else?’ Natasha looked up and then at you.

‘why not?’ you cracked your knuckles and both of you set out to get him.

hope you liked it!


Title: Like Hell She Did

Warnings: Swearing, torture, and an emotional Steve Rodgers

Tag Requests: @fashionavenger12 @writingfortheavengers 

 A/N: This is PART 1 of 2 (or maybe 3), I’m going to warn you all now this will be an emotional rollercoaster. Lines with characters will be crossed, so this is not for the faint of heart! Please, give me some feedback! :) If you would like to be tagged, or messaged when part 2 is posted feel free to let me know. 


 Steve and (y/n) have been dating for over two years now, and Steve has finally got enough courage to take it to the next level. Him and Bucky are in a jewelry store looking at all the different engagement rings, it wasn’t often that the best friends had the same day off. Bucky knew about Steve’s plan to purpose to (y/n), and he was more than happy to help with everything he could. 

“How about this one?” Buck said pointing to a ring,                                       “No, I want something unique. Not something that some other woman has on her hand, (y/n), is not like any other woman. She is unique, she needs a ring to match that.” Bending over to get a closer look at one, Bucky smiled as he listened his best friend speak about (y/n). He knew the moment he seen them together, they would get married and eventually have a family. James could not be more happy for his friend…his brother. 

 “Why don’t you just sketch one, and have someone make it? That way, it is unique, no other woman will have a ring drawn by Captain America!” Steve quickly looked at him, “That is an amazing idea Buck!” He gripped his shoulder, “This is why I have you around!” The two friends laughed as they exited the store, to head back to the avenger facility. When arriving (y/n) greets them at the door, giving Steve a kiss as she wraps her arms around his neck. “Where have the two of you been?” Steve instantly froze, even though he wanted to keep it a secret, he couldn’t get himself to lie to her. “We just hung out at some stores.” Bucky jumps in to save Steve. “Oooh, sounds fun!” (Y/n) slides her hands from Steve’s neck to his chest and gives him a pat, “I have a mission, with Sharon and Bucky! An unknown source gave us a location of a hydra base. So, James, suit up!” (Y/n) smiled at him, as he gave her a nod.

 Steve held (y/n) hand as they headed toward the loading dock, “Stay safe out there.” He told her between kisses, making the last kiss linger, as he grips her waist. She slides her hands up his chest and runs one hand through his golden hair and grips the fabric of his shirt with the other. Bucky sat in the jet, waiting patiently for (y/n), he never cut the moments between them short. He knew their jobs were dangerous, and never knew when one day, one of them may never make it home; however, Sharon was not as kind. “COME ON (y/n)!” She shouted as she rolled her eyes, making Steve, (y/n), and even Bucky jump. Even though the two of them were teammates, Sharon and (y/n) never really got along. Everyone figured it was the fact that Sharon was jealous of the relationship between Steve and (y/n), but no one really knew for sure. Steve gave (y/n) one more kiss, before she came onto the jet into the pilot’s seat. Bucky took his place in the copilot chair, as they head off to the coordinates of the hydra facility. 

 When arriving the three of them got off and headed for the building, there was not many hydra soldiers around which was suspicious. Nevertheless, they continued on, (y/n) took one side of a room which led to another. While she scouted ahead, Bucky stood guard at the entrance, while Sharon worked on the computer. Bucky felt a presence behind him, just as he turned around he felt a sharp pain in his neck, as he collapsed to the ground. 

 (Y/N), “Hey Buck, I need your help.” She whispered into the com, no response, “Buck? Sharon?” Still no response, she cautiously made her way back to where she left them, as she turned the corner her eyes widened. “James!” She said in a loud whisper, rushing to his side flipping him over onto his back. Her attention toward her friend was broken when she heard the quintet’s engine start up. She looked out a nearby window to see it take off, “What the hell?” (y/n) silently said to herself, her eyes caught a reflection in the mirror of Bucky standing behind her. The only issue is, his facial expressions showed he had relapsed into the Winter Soldier, she quickly moved to the side as she seen his fists coming toward her from the reflection. His metal hand broke through the glass, causing nearby enemies to come rushing toward them, and stopping to observe the two fighting avengers. James was holding nothing back, full force he was attacking (y/n), she finally realized, if she was going to survive this, she needed to stop holding back. (y/n) took a full swing at Bucky, but he grabbed her fist with his human hand as he full forced punched her in the nose with his metal fist. The crack of her nose was so loud that it made even the enemy soldiers cringe, (y/n) collapsed to the ground immediately, unconscious. James looked around, and something in him made him want to flee at the site of the hydra soldiers. He took off in a full sprint toward the exit and out of sight, the leader of the base came into the room, “Let him go. We have something more important than the Captain’s best friend, we have his heart.” As he admired the unconscious body of (y/n). 

Sharon arrived back at the facility, as she opened the jet doors, like always Steve stood there at the doors. He always loved being the first person (y/n) sees, but this time his smile faded as he only seen Sharon standing there. 

“Where is (y/n) and Bucky!?”                                                                       “Bucky relapsed..he attacked (y/n) first, she told me to come back here!” 

Steve’s heart sank into his chest, he gripped the jet so he would not collapse at the thoughts that ran through his mind. Bucky, his best friend..his brother, attacking you, his heart. He was aware of Bucky’s strength, he knew you were strong, but this is another super soldier you were up against. “Surely Bucky came to, before he injured her too badly.” He kept telling himself that, over and over again. Sharon stood there, looking at Steve, just as she was about to touch his shoulder, Sam ran into the room, “STEVE!!” He turned his head to him, “COME QUICK!” Steve quickly took off following Sam. Entering the conference room, he stopped at the doorway, looking at a screen. It was a live video feed, from one of the hydra leaders. “Ah, there he is! Captain America, come in, come in. Have a seat with your fellow teammates..” Steve slowly took a seat next to Sam, never looking away from the screen. The whole team sat in silence, looking back and forth between Steve and the man. 

  “As you know, your best friend and girlfriend got some confrontation here at my facility just now. Mr.Barnes, he got away, but agent (y/l/n)..” Steve’s heart began beating in his chest, hard and fast, “she wasn’t as lucky. Thanks to your friend, he knocked her out for us. So, it was easy for us to relocate her.” Steve gripped his pants, as anger fueled his body. “WHERE THE HELL IS SHE!?!” He boomed, making Tony jump. “Calm yourself Captain. She is here with us, the only injury she has is a broken nose. That was from the Winter Soldier, well the only injury so far I should say.” Steve’s face slowly turned red from anger, “Here, why don’t we bring her in?” He looks over his shoulder and gives a soldier a nod, Steve stands up and walks closer to the screen. The team follows behind him, the doors open, a man holding each of (y/n)’s arms. She walked slowly, blood dried to her face, pushing her into a chair they bound her arms to the arm rests. As one man ties her ankles, the other brings over a machine, they rip open her shirt and stick paddles on her chest. As she looks at the screen, instantly in Steve’s anxious filled eyes, “DO NOT GIVE INTO HIM STEVE!” A man punches her across the face, Steve’s automatic reflects kick in, wanting to attack the man, but he can’t. His blue eyes water at the sight of her spitting blood out of her mouth, 

“What the hell do you want!?” Tony chimed in, seeing the pain in Steve’s face. “It’s simple Mr.Stark, I want weapons, intelligence, freedom.”                       “Well you ain’t getting shit..” (y/n) snapped at him, making sure the team realizes she does not want them handing anything over for her freedom, “We don’t negotiate with terrorists.” 

 The man rolls his eyes as he nods to the interrogator, he grabs a metal pipe as he lifts it in the air Steve tightly shuts his eyes just in time to hear the metal meeting her body. She lets out a groan, he could hear her breathing deepen. He opens his eyes, her face is covered in blood. 

“I guess we need to show how serious we are. This machine here, will sent electricity through her body. It took a few test subjects, but we finally found the right technique. The first time, we will go easy on her. Once we finish this session, we will call you again and up the amps. We will continue to do so, till her organs are fried. Of course, we know that Captain America is too much of a gentleman to allow his best girl to have this slow…painful death. Right Steve?” (Y/n) shook her head at Steve, quickly at him. Steve remained silent, not taking his eyes off her. “Alright..start the machine.” A man switched on the machine, (y/n) eyes widened, gnashing her teeth together at the electrify began surging through her body. Steve refused break his gaze toward her, he wanted to ensure (y/n) knew, he stayed with her through this. He got light headed when (y/n) began to scream, beads of cold sweat formed on his brow. Tony had to leave the room, Bruce watched in horror trying to calculate how much damage was being done, Nat stared at the floor, Clint shut his eyes praying to anyone who was listening, Sam kept his eyes on Steve. After a few moments the torture, the machine turned off. The man looked into the camera, “Two hours.” As the screen shut off. 

Steve took a seat, his mind was blank, Sam gripped his shoulder. “We will find her Steve.” Sam glanced up at Tony as he walked back into the room. “FRIDAY?” Tony called as he tried to keep his composure.                             “I’m sorry sir, I could not find the location of the source of the video feed.” 

Steve slammed his fist on the table, causing it to crack, before storming out. Sharon stood by the door, she grabbed his arm, he instantly pulled back and glared at her. His eyes red from tears, anxious sweat on his face that was full of wrath, “DO NOT TOUCH ME!! YOU LEFT HER!! YOU COULD HAVE HELPED HER!”                                                                                                             “Steve, she told me–”                                                                                     “LIKE HELL SHE DID! EVEN IF BELIEVED THAT, YOU ARE HER TEAMMATE! YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO STAY AND HELP, NOT RUN AWAY!”                          He stepped closer to her, he bent down inches from her face, “This is your fault…” Before pushing past her. Her face went to anger, she let out a huff before storming off the other direction.

Painted Blind -1/6 (Clint/Natasha, Explicit)

Painted Blind

or Spyjinx in Scandinavia

This is the biggest chunk of writing that I did for NaNo, and it’s been sitting for a while, marinating on my hard drive. The plot is shamelessly lifted from an episode of La Femme Nikita (the one with Peta Wilson), but even if you’ve seen the ep in question, I think there are some surprises in here for you. 

There are six parts; this prologue, four chapters, and a short epilogue, which feeds (more or less) right into my series Taking the Edge Off

I have to thank EuphoricSound and brbshittoavenge for their cheerleading and encouragement (and for not freaking out when I sent them a fic that was 17k). 

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Pietro Has Lost It

Pietro logged in

Pietro : y/n !!!! Y/n !!! Y/N !!!

Wanda logged in

Wanda : get out before Cap comes to know.

Clint logged in

Pietro : i doNt CarE Waaandaa, mooi deer sistA. toDayyy i fizghT FOR Ze womAn i Luvvv.

Clint : Hel- woa….

Tony logged in

Tony : whats going….. Wow. I should bring popcorn.

Y/n logged in

Y/n : tony told me to be here. Someth—- what the hell ??!!!

Steve logged in

Steve : Ton—-

Pietro : HiEeeeee y/n . U Soooooo PrettAYY. I Wanttttt you To be Mynezzz

Wanda : Steve um…. dont mind. He is drunk.

Steve : …..

Natasha logged in

Bruce logged in

Bruce : Whats so exciting here that made Tony forget his work desk and stick to his phone?

Natasha : i knew this was coming.

Pietro : 🎶 BABY imZ URzz… Baby I’m youRzzzz

Bruce : WOW…. Just WOW

Y/n : calm down Pietro

Steve : …..

Clint : Could you pass me that popcorn Tony ?

Tony : sure. Wait. Do you want the caramalized or the cheese ?

Y/n : shut up you two !!!!

Pietro : WHAT do yoU seebsjskaja iN MR. FUCking Captain amRicazz ?! i am beTter jabslalakxbs

Wanda : i cant.

Wanda logged out

Steve : Pietro. ENOUGH !

Natasha : Steve he’s a kid.

Y/n : pietro stop this !!!

Pietro : Look. Myzz HEArt fo Uuuu.. ❤️❤️❤️

Y/n : no Pietro no.

Pietro : 💔💔💔

Bruce : ughh…. I guess i’ll give him a dose to sleep it off.

Bruce logged out. *goes in search of Pietro*

Tony : boooo party pooper.

Natasha : shut it Iron ass.

Clint : lololol hahahah

Natasha : you too legolas

Tony : lmao !!

Pietro : no ! NO ! injEctions

Bruce logged in

Bruce : i cant he’s fast… Ugh… But maybe i injected… myself ….. Zzzzz

Bruce logged out

Natasha logged out *carries Bruce to his room*

Pietro : wHTA ajdbs. About THe dayWe Kisseddddd ?!!

Tony : WHAT ??!!! Well this is certainly getting interesting ??

Clint : we need popcorn refill….

Steve : y/n ?? What ? When ?

Y/n : oh my god you two assholes. Steve yes we kissed but that was before you and i started dating. I mean like it was just once and not so much of a big deal. Pietro and I resolved it the very next day.

Clint : hmmm… Lady’s gotta to do a whole lot of explaining.

Tony : damn right gurl.

Pietro : my LOVe… My preciOus beauty.. i want to FEELLZZ BABBA ThoSe lips AGAIN….

Clint : Dont ‘gurl’ me

Tony : i wasnt calling you—- well forget it watch the show.

Steve : why didnt you tell me ?

Pietro : Steve !!! i ChallenGe yOu… FiGht me..

Y/n : i swear clint barton, tony Stark, i will kill you two .. Stop it pietro !!

Y/n : well because i didnt find it important enough to tell you. I mean Pietro … I never thought he felt that way… I .. I… It was just supposed to be silly.

Pietro : 💔💔💔

Pietro logged out

Clint : great you broke the poor boy’s heart.

Tony : how can you??!!!

Steve : Guys, i am requesting you two to leave us before i come and pucnh you both in the face.

Tony logged out

Clint logged out

Y/n : I’m sorry Steve. I should have told you before. But right now I gotta look after someone. Dont worry i love you.

Y/n logged out *goes after Pietro to handle his drunken broken heart*

Steve : i love you too *feeling sad*

Wanda logged in

Nat logged in

Wanda : i suggest you to go after her and Pietro. I dont trust my brother. He’s been having this feeling for her since a long time back. He just didnt have the guts. But then you came in her life. Every time he would see the two of you together he would be so broken hearted. You know you proposed her right on the day he was planning to do so too….. Um.. Anyway he may want to kiss her.. And he’s damn adamant when drunk.

Natasha : Y/n’ll be fine. She knows how to handle such situations. But still Steve you should check. Poor kid.

Steve : i feel bad for Pietro now that you told me his story, but I’m not ready to give up on her easily. Knowing that i was very close to losing her just makes me want her more. Thats why i wont go after her. I know she loves me and i trust her very much.

Steve logged out

Wanda : you thinking what i’m thinking ?

Natasha : let me tug in Bruce.

Wanda : i know whAt Pietro’s thinking. We better hurry.

Nat : *tugs bruce and kisses him on his forehead* lets move.

Wanda : pietro’s room in two.

Nat logged out

Wanda logged out

Thor logged in



Thor : HELLO ?!!!!

Normalcy (Clint/Natasha, M)

Whenever they could, they spent their time off together. Sometimes at his apartment in the city, sometimes at hers, once at a series of increasingly abysmal roadside motels - that part didn’t really matter, as long as they got to spend it in the same place.

A post-movie fic about decompressing and taking the time to figure yourself out. 

Thanks to EuphoricSound and brbshittoavenge for taking a look at this beast at various times throughout the writing process, for cheerleading, for telling me where to fix things, for listening to me gripe about NaNo, and for generally being awesome people. Much love!! Written for the cottoncandy_bingo prompt: Ordinary Day in the Life

If you’ve got a moment, I’d love to hear what you think!

Keep reading

They’d been separated for a while, a deep undercover mission in Rio for her, surveillance for him watching a human trafficker in Nepal, so they were a bit giddy. They’d had too much to drink and not enough smarts to stay away from the kitchen, but microwave popcorn wasn’t going to cut it. Neither of them were at all inclined in the culinary arts but chex mix couldn’t be that hard, right? It’s fucking cereal. When Coulson found them they’d set the oven on fire somehow and were each armed with a fire extinguisher before turning to him like guilty children. Both nodding their heads in the other’s direction. 

“His idea” and “Her idea” sprang from their lips before they both burst into laughing fits while Coulson just shook his head, exasperated.