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Spy Date

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Dad!Tony x Daughter!Reader, Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Summary: The Avengers spy on you and Peter on your first date.

Word Count: 2,660


Tony jumped at the sudden intrusion of your voice. He looked up to see you, a bright smile on your face.

Tony sighed, wiping his hands with a dirty rag, “Try not to do that when I’m working. Unless you want things to blow up, in which case, do it all you want.”

You blushed, rubbing the back of your neck, “Sorry.” You took a deep breath, “So, I have some exciting news.”

Tony raised an eyebrow, “Does it involve me?”

“Not really.”

He waved a hand, “Then I’m not interested.”

You rolled your eyes, “Daaaad.”

Tony chuckled, “I kid. Seriously, I’m not that heartless. What’s up, buttercup?”

You put your hands together, grinning widely, “Peter asked me out!”

Tony froze, processing your words. “Peter? As in Peter Parker? Spiderling Peter Parker?”

You put your hands on your hips, “Do you know any other Peter Parkers? Of course, it’s him, Dad.”

Tony nodded but said nothing. Instead, he started to walk out of the lab.

You raised an eyebrow, “You’re not going to say anything?”

He stopped, turning back to look at you. He placed a hand on his head, “Sorry, hon. Uh, that’s great. Where’s he taking you?”

“Well, first we’re going to eat at the Brooklyn Diner.”


You narrowed your eyes slightly at him, “Then, he’s going to take me to Central Park.”

Your dad scoffed, “That’s not much of a date.”

“It is only the first date.”

Tony blinked, “First date? Are you planning on having more?”

You shrugged, “Well, assuming it goes well, probably. Plus, I really like him. So, yeah, we probably will have more.”

Tony rubbed his chin, “Interesting.” Without saying another word, he walked out of the lab.

You furrowed your eyebrows, confused, “Ooookay?”

“(Y/N)’s going on a date.”

Clint chuckled, “Is that why you called us?”

Tony crossed his arms, “This is very serious, Barton.”

Natasha rolled her eyes, “No, it’s not. You’re making this serious. She’s a teenage girl.”

“My teenage girl. “ Tony said, pointing to himself.

Sam shrugged, “What difference does it make? Let her have her fun. Besides, it’s only the first date. Nothing ever happens on the first date.”

Steve nodded, “And, besides, she’s going out with Peter. He’s a good kid. He’d never do anything to your daughter, Tony.”

Tony sighed, “Cap, you don’t know that. He’s a teenage boy. You know how they can be.” He looked at Steve again, “Okay, well, maybe not you.”

“You are being dramatic, Stark.” Thor said, pointing Mjolnir at him, “Let the young ones have their fun.”

Bruce nudged the billionaire, “You always say you want her to be happy.”

“I thought you were on my side. Anyway, they did it all wrong. If a guy likes a girl, he has to ask the girl’s dad before asking her out. That’s like Dating Etiquette 101. Apparently, Parker didn’t take that class this semester.”

“That’s a little old-fashioned, don’tcha think, Stark?” Clint popped a chestnut into his mouth.

Tony scoffed, “No. It’s common courtesy. He should have asked me before asking her.”

“Would you have said yes?” Nat raised an eyebrow.

“Ye - no. Maybe. But, he didn’t ask so I couldn’t have said anything.”

Steve sighed, “Okay, we get it. You don’t like the idea of her going out. But, is that the only reason you called us here?”

Tony chuckled, “Oh, no. As (Y/N)’s father, I only care about what’s best for her. So, I need volunteers to help me spy on them.”

Bruce rolled his eyes, “I knew something like this was going to happen.”

Tony raised his hands, “Hands? Come on, I’m not playing spy by myself. Clint, Widow, you’re spies. Help a guy out here.”

Clint stood up, stretching, “This is gonna be hilarious. Sure, I’ll go.”

Natasha sighed, standing up as well, “I’ll go. To make sure that you don’t ruin their date.”

Tony rolled his eyes, “I’m not going to ruin their date. I’m going to make sure that he doesn’t ruin her.”

Steve crossed his arms, “Tony, don’t you think that’s an invasion of privacy?”

Tony clasped his hands together, “Well, we know who’s not coming. Anyone else?”

Sam chuckled, “Sorry, Stark. I’m not spying on your daughter.”

Thor held up Mjolnir, “I shall come.”

Tony squinted his eyes, “Yeah, no offense, Point Break. But, you’re not exactly subtle. I guess this will have to do. Nat, use your spy skills to find out when her date is.”

Natasha placed a hand on her hip, “Can’t you ask her yourself?”

“I already asked her where. Go on. She trusts you.”

Natasha let out a sigh, “Whatever.”

With that, she walked out of the meeting room.

You were in your room, typing away on your laptop when you heard a knock on the door. 

You closed your laptop, “Come in.”

The door opened, and Natasha came walking in, “Hey, (Y/N).”

You smiled, getting off your bed and meeting her halfway. You wrapped your arms around her waist, “Hey, Nat. It’s good to see you.”

She hugged you back, rubbing your back, “You, too. Anyway, I heard that you’re going on a date with Spider-Man.”

You chuckled, pulling away from her, “My dad is such a gossip.”

“Are you excited?”

You nodded, “Oh, definitely. I’ve had a crush on Peter for so long. I was thinking of asking him, but I didn’t want to risk being rejected. Plus, my dad would most likely have murdered him if I was rejected. But, he asked me out, so I was worrying for nothing.”

Nat patted you on the back, “I’m happy for you, (Y/N). When are you going?”

You hugged yourself, “Saturday night. He says that Central Park is more romantic at night.”

Natasha smirked, “So, he’s the romantic type?”

You giggled, “Apparently. I’m really looking forward to it. Oh! Do you think you can help me pick an outfit? I want to look nice but nothing too fancy.”

“I would love to.” She gave you another hug before walking out the door.

Saturday had come quicker than you expected. But, you weren’t complaining. Natasha helped you pick out a cute outfit, and you were eagerly awaiting the arrival of your date.

“I want you home no later than eleven, got it?”

You rolled your eyes, “Okay, Dad.”

“And if he does anything to you, let me know.”

You raised an eyebrow at your father, “Dad, this is Peter we’re talking about. Without the mask, he’s a stuttering sweetheart. He’s not going to do anything.”

Tony shrugged, “Hey, it’s been known to happen. And, if he starts to get boring, you can walk out.”

You shook your head, “Oh, brother.”

The ding of the elevator drew your attention away from your dad. The doors slid open, revealing none other than the Spiderling himself.

He smiled upon seeing you. He walked over to where you and your dad were standing.

“Hey, (Y/N). You look great.”

You smiled, “Right back at you, Peter.”


Peter gulped, nervously looking at Tony, “Uh, h-hey, Mr. Stark. Good to, uh, see you, too?”

Tony glared at him, “Bring her home by eleven. And, don’t touch her. You ought to be lucky that I’m allowing this.”

Peter rubbed the back of his neck, “Y-yes, sir. Uh, come on, (Y/N).”

You nodded, quickly hugging your father, “Bye, Dad. See you later.”

Tony hugged you back, “Not too much later.”

Eventually, you and Peter made your way out of the Tower.

“All right. Commence Operation: Spy Date.”

“Spy Date? Is that the best you can do?” Clint walked into the room, twirling an arrow in his hand.

“Uh, what are you doing with those arrows?”

Clint raised an eyebrow, “Uh, what I always do with these arrows?”

Tony chuckled, “I’m sorry, maybe you didn’t hear me. I said spy. We are spying. Meaning we don’t want to draw attention to ourselves. Those, Legolas, will draw attention.”

“Don’t act like you know anything about being a spy, Tony. Because, you don’t.” Natasha walked into the room, wearing a black leather jacket over a grey tank top and jeans.

Tony held out a hand towards Nat, “See? Guess we know who the better spy is.”

Clint held his arrow above Tony’s head, “Don’t make me make a kabob out of you.”

“You know, Peter and (Y/N) are not going to be out all night. You want to spy on them, Tony? Then, I suggest we head out.” Natasha got in between the two men and pushed them away from each other.

“Widow’s right. Let’s go.”

The three Avengers got into one of Tony’s cars and drove to the Brooklyn Diner.

Clint and Nat got out of the car, but Tony did not.

“What are you waiting for, Stark? This is your daughter we’re spying on.” Clint placed his sunglasses over his eyes.

Tony nodded, “Exactly. She’ll most likely recognize me no matter how much I disguise myself. Now, go in there and do what spies do. Don’t pick a table too close. I don’t need them getting suspicious. Talk to me through your coms and let me know if he does anything.”

Natasha rolled her eyes, “You better hope she doesn’t recognize us either. Come on, Hawkeye. Let’s get this over with.”

“Can we order food? Cause I’m starving.”

Natasha and Clint got a table not too far from (Y/N) and Peter. They held their menus up to shield their faces.

Clint huffed, “Does he want us to listen in on their conversation? Because, we’re too far away.”

Natasha sighed, “Stark is making too big a deal out of this. He ought to let her enjoy her night.”

Uh, you know your coms are on right?” Natasha winced at the sudden intrusion of Tony’s voice in her ear.

She placed a finger on the com, “So what if they are? They’re not doing anything. From what I can tell, they seem to be having a nice conversation.”

Clint reclined in his chair, “Yeah, and besides, they’re sitting across from each other. The most they can do is hold hands.”

No holding hands on the first date.”

Nat shook her head, “Tony, you’re being too much of a dad.”

Uh, I’m sorry. Who has kids around here?”

“(Y/N) just laughed. He must be funny.”

“She laughs at everything. Seriously, if you just look at her, she’ll start laughing.”

“Well, they just got their food. Looks like Parker got a burger while (Y/N) got a cheesesteak.” Clint looked at his menu, “Are we supposed to watch them eat? Because I’m hungry enough as it is. If I knew we were coming to a diner and not going to order anything, I wouldn’t have come.”

(Y/N)’s a very fast eater. She’ll be done soon. And, if you’re hungry, there are plenty of hot dog carts around New York. Just hope there’s one near Central Park.”

“Fine. But, you’re paying.”

About ten minutes later, the two teenagers had finished their meals and were heading out the door.

Nat pushed the button on her com, “Tony, they’re heading out the door.”

I see them. They’re not holding hands, but they’re standing a little too close. Six inch rule, anyone?”

Clint chuckled, “Six inch rule? You are such a dad.”

They’re down the street. You can come out now. We’ll take the long way to Central Park.”

Nat sighed, “We’re on our way.”

Ten minutes later, the three Avengers arrived at Central Park.

“Sweet. Hot dog cart at six o’clock. Pay up, Stark. You owe me.” Clint stuck out his hand, waiting for some money to be placed into it.

Tony rolled his eyes, fishing out a twenty from his wallet. “Here. I expect change.”

Clint looked down at the bill, “A twenty? That’s it?”

Tony put his wallet back in his pocket, “You don’t need a hundred to buy some weiners. Now, go. Before I change my mind.”

“Fine. Nat, you want anything?”

She shrugged, “See if they have corn dogs. If not, just get a dog with mustard and ketchup.”

Clint gave a two-fingered salute before heading over to the hot dog stand.

Tony clasped his hands together. “All right. Let’s go find the kids.”

It didn’t take long for Tony and Natasha to find the two teenagers. (Y/N) and Peter were leisurely strolling along the sidewalk.

“I feel so sorry for her. This must be the most boring date in the history of boring dates.”

Nat rolled her eyes, “Tony, why do you have to be like this? Let (Y/N) enjoy her night. They seem to really like each other.”

Tony shook his head, keeping his eyes on the two teenagers from the bush they were hiding behind, “I don’t care. She’s not ready to start dating.”

“Or, maybe you’re not ready to let her start dating?”

Tony blinked, looking over at Natasha, “What?”

She smirked slightly, “You don’t want her growing up, do you?”

“No. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I’m back. Here, Nat. No corn dogs, sorry. You didn’t want any, right, Tony?” Clint handed Natasha her hot dog and crouched down beside them.

Tony didn’t answer.

Clint raised an eyebrow, “Cat got your tongue?”

Nat took a bite of her hot dog then wiped her mouth with her sleeve, “I think Tony doesn’t want (Y/N) to grow up.”

Clint smirked, “Ah, now it all makes sense.”

Tony sighed, “Okay, fine. Maybe you’re right.”

Nat put her hand on Tony’s shoulder, “She’ll always be your little girl, Tony.”

Tony chuckled, “Yeah, but she’s not so little anymore. It’s tough, sometimes. In two years, she’ll be old enough to live her life on her own. I don’t know if I’m prepared for that.”

Clint smirked, “If you can handle robot armies, you can handle your kid growing up.”

“Well, kids and robots are two very different things. But, I guess I have no choice.” Tony looked up to see the two teenagers with their hands intertwined.

He smiled, “We’re done here. Let’s go.”

About half an hour later, you came walking through the front doors of the Tower with a huge smile on your face.

You entered the elevator, “To my room, JARVIS.”

Right away, Miss Stark.”

After a few minutes, you had arrived on your floor. The elevator doors opened, and you were surprised to see your dad standing there.

“Hey, Dad.”

Tony pulled you into a hug, “Hey, hon. How was your date?”

You blushed, remembering the good night you had with Peter. “Well, this is definitely not going to be the last date.”

Tony smirked, “Ah, so are you two a thing now?”

You grinned, “I’d say so. But, don’t worry. He didn’t kiss me. Well, he kissed my hand, but that’s it.”

Tony smiled, placing his hand on your head, “Well, I’m glad you had a good night. Parker’s a good kid.”

You nodded, “Yeah, he is. I’m going to bed now.” You gave your dad another hug, “I love you, Dad.”

Tony hugged you back, kissing the top of your head, “I love you, too.”

You pulled away then smirked, “You left earlier than I thought.”

Your dad raised an eyebrow, “What are you talking about?”

You placed your hands on your hips, “You really thought I wouldn’t notice?”

Tony looked down at you, “You know?”

“Yup. I saw your car when we left the diner. Come on, Dad. Did you really think I wouldn’t recognize one of your cars?”

Tony sighed, “Why must you be so smart?”

“I’m your daughter. That’s why. Did you really have to spy on us?”

Tony placed his arm around you, “I’m sorry, (Y/N). I guess it’s just hard for me seeing my little girl grow up.”

You smiled, leaning into your father, “I know, Dad. But, it’s going to happen eventually. But, no matter how old I get, I’ll always be your daughter. Nothing will ever change that.”

“I know that now.”

“Leap of Faith”

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: After hiking up a beautiful cliff overlooking the ocean, you confront Steve about why he hasn’t acted on his feelings for you.

“Castle on the Hill” (Ed Sheeran)
“Stronger” (Clean Bandit)
“On Our Way” (The Royal Concept)

A belated one for JinWoo, the master of taking leaps of faith.

A/N: This one has been in my queue for about a month, and I rewrote it yesterday after a horrible session of therapy. Forgive me for the bumps and mistakes, I’m still not used to writing for/about Steve. - j xx

“Whoa… This is beautiful..”

“Yeah, it is…” Steve breathes out, silenced by his awe of the view.

The isolated cliff you stand on sits tall, almost angrily, breathing in the salty air of the ocean below with small gasps. There’s a rocky edge that looms over the majestic sea, which spawns fantastic waves. Boasting a gradation of shades ranging from a peaceful sea green to a deep blue, the ocean dances the line between raging waters and a lulling calm.

The hike up to the high point had been a rather challenging one, but anyone who endures the hike is rewarded with with a stunning vista of the surrounding area. While the rest of the Avengers have chosen to frolic and relax on the beach, you and Steve toughed the upward hike and are treating your eyes to a view worthy of the gods.

Steve glances at the you with a small smile. “You okay, (Y/N)?”

“Peachy, Captain. Just peachy,” you sarcastically wheeze. You use the sleeve of your shirt -why on Earth did you wear a long sleeve on a hike?- to dab your forehead before shooting the blonde an infuriated look. “How are you not sweating? Does the serum also make you look like a model even after a six mile hike?”

Steve glances down at his body before shrugging. “The wind blew it off?” he weakly offers. The super soldier bursts into laughter as you dramatically roll your eyes at his answer. “Sorry, (Y/N). I probably should have warned you about this hike’s difficulty.”

“Mmhm, no wonder everyone else opted to skip the hike.” You take in a deep breath and allow yourself to bask in the warm sun and salty air. “But man, they’re really missing out,” you happily sigh.

“Yeah, they are…”

This time you glance at Steve, letting your eyes wander over his physique, which is fantastically showcased in his tight blue workout shirt. Your eyes return from its journey only to make eye contact with his brilliantly blue eyes. Knowing that he caught you ogling at him, Steve arches an eyebrow. You, shameless about your lustful admiration for his body, deviously bite your lower lip and wink.

“One day that look will get you in deep trouble,” Steve grumbles. He’s suddenly aware of how hot his face is and looks away, hoping the ocean air will cool him down.

“Too late, Captain. I’m already in too deep.”

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Halloween (Thundershield / WinterIron)

Ok so… more Cap and Thor because I love them. Also, I LOVE WinterIron as an established relationship where Tony is just loved and cuddled to death and all Bucky does is smile, so I think there will always be domestic WinterIron in the background of ThunderShield now.

This ended up longer than I assumed it would be!
As always, my Thundershield fics are for my darling @werewolfbuckybarnes.
This one is also for @littleredhotridinghood (you’ll see why lolololol)

Enjoy :)

Halloween at the Avengers Tower was fun.

Mostly because Tony regressed to about eight years old, ate nothing but candy for a solid month, ran around designing insane themes, demanding that everyone wear elaborate costumes (and usually providing the costumes) and throwing the biggest party of the year Halloween night.

“Buckybuckybuckybuckybucky!” Tony came sliding into the kitchen, a sucker in his mouth, waving his hands wildly.

“Hey.” Bucky raised an eyebrow but kissed his boyfriend’s sticky lips. “How many of those have you had today?”

“A whole bag.” Tony made a face and wiped his goatee. “I think I need to wash my face.”

“And maybe eat some grown up food?” Bucky teased, and Tony just rolled his eyes. “What’s on your mind, honey?”

“Steve doesn’t want to wear his costume.” Tony was basically pouting, glaring at the big blond who came entered the kitchen behind him.

“Tony, I’m not going as the Cowardly Lion.” Steve folded his arms over his chest. “Absolutely not.”

“But Maria is going as Dorothy, and I’m Tin Man and Hawkeye is Scarecrow, so we need a Lion! Tell him, Buck!”

Bucky sighed. “Steve, we go through this every year. Just wear the costume. October is over tomorrow and Tony will go right back to being a mature–” Steve snorted- “well behaved, valuable member of our team. Just let him have Halloween.”

“Yeah, Steve.” Tony widened his eyes dramatically. “And we do do this every year. You would think you would stop bitching about it. I let you live here for free, the least you could do is dress up like a lion when I ask.”

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No, no!

They’re right!

Let’s remove Tony from everything. Just get rid of his character.

Well, ok, so there’s no MCU to begin with. But aside from that, he didn’t stop the helicarrier from falling, so they’re all dead. Which means no Hawkeye, Widow, or Captain. Or Fury. Or Hill. Huh. Oh yeah, anyway; he doesn’t fly the nuke through the portal, so they’re all dead AGAIN, +Manhattan. And let’s face it, without Tony, Bruce wouldn’t have stuck around. So now we are down to…. Thor. Well, alright. Thor has to go back to Asgard. Shit! While he’s dealing with that, there’s no Avengers to stop Hydra in the Winter Soldier. So that millions more dead and now Hydra is kind of in control of the planet…. Ouch. So Thor comes back and he’s like wtf, and tries to stop them. But alas! He has to fight hydra, the Winter Soldier, quicksilver, and scarlet witch. We all now how Thor vs. Wanda went last time so there goes Thor. Rhodey wouldn’t have War Machine and Hydra would def label him as a threat, so he would be dead. Sam wouldn’t get his wings. Peter wouldn’t get a functional suit. So right now, we have a whole ton of Hydra, no shield, no Avengers, but I guess Spiderman can try his best.

….Huh. ok, let’s take out Captain America. Honestly, how hard would it be for someone to just shoot Red Skull. Steve could have done it without the serum. And what else did he do? Gave some orders during the battle right? They really weren’t needed, but I guess someone else could say “Hawkeye, get somewhere you can snipe. Because you’re a sniper. Also, Hulk go break stuff” and he did stop the helicarriers but Tony could of hacked them in like 15 seconds and stopped the whole thing while drinking a smoothie. Sorry. This is awkward.

(Dear Lord this is going to offend so many people.)


Black and Gold

Part Two

Warnings - swearing, mentions of violence and death, anxiety and depression.


My eyes were wide open yet I felt glued to the metal slab which I lay upon. Tubes were surrounding my body, plugged into me as it fed information to the many machines surrounding me. Much like before, like with HYDRA, I felt trapped with no chance of escape.

No way out.

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Clint Barton/Hawkeye - A Different Call - Part 1

Originally posted by fandomnationwhore

You are a rogue agent who used to be part of HYDRA but escaped after they experimented on you and gave you the power to use fire. You became a vigilante and started taking down HYDRA bases. Through your missions, you ended up on the Avenger’s radar, they’re sent to kill you. However, the one who calls himself Hawkeye makes a different call and makes you an offer to join him and his team. 

Pairing: Clint x Reader (eventual)

Characters: Reader, Clint Barton, Steve Rogers, Wanda Maximoff, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanoff. Nick Fury (Briefly mentioned)

Warning/s: Swearing, Mentions of death

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The Simple Brilliance of David Aja

As usual, I am late to the party: Fraction/Aja’s run on Hawkeye is one of the best things Marvel has done in the past few years.  I had already owned a few issues that I quite like, but sometime between the weekend Matty Frac-fracs was matching donations from his Welovefine shop to Futures Without Violence (wherein I purchased a sweet Hawkguy messenger bag) and a sale Comixology had on Hawkeye issues, I finally partook of the series as a whole.

And holy sweet shit Aja is brilliant.  I had read Fraction doting on the guy, and obviously I read #11 and knew that anybody who could throw together that issue was special, but my goodness he’s clever.  There are just too many examples, too many small things to focus on, so let me just take you through a few pages in Hawkeye #6.

Here’s page 9, not counting the cover and the credits:

This is as close to a perfect comic page as you are going to see: writer, artist, and colorist, all firing on all cylinders.  I mean, we’re talking about a page covered in the word “bro,” where Clint gets called “Hulk-Guy” but dismisses it with a sentence containing the term “joyous-ass Kwanzaa.”  Delightful.  Not to mention Hollingsworth, who is always solid, making that panel where the arrow hits the bat just purple enough so that you know what’s up.  Ugh, so good.

But Aja is on another level here.  Literally.  Because what do you think this page is about?  The arrow hitting the bat?  Nah.  The punk girl coming out and letting him know about the bros?  Nope.  This page is about Clint seeing what’s downstairs.  That’s it.  It’s not about him being a hero (at least not directly, not yet), it’s not about nobody knowing how to say “Hawkeye,” and it’s not about him being ready to pew-pew some bros: it’s about seeing the bros, and then acting accordingly by going downstairs.  

It’s a page about… well, about downstairs.  And what does Aja do?  He gives you that fifth and, especially, that sixth panel.  That glorious fucking comics move where an artist uses a gutter to divide time but not space.  Specifically because he does that, we get the exaggerated effect of really feeling like Clint and Co. are running to the side of that building and then looking over: it gives the reader a little bit of extra vertigo, and it completely determines how you ought to read this page.  As the sixth panel descends to ground level, we get the seventh panel of the bro shouting “HEY, BROOOO.”  And then, as the sixth panel cuts off before the ground, the eight panel puts us at ground level, looking at the bros, just before Clint’s arrival and the extra dose of juxtaposed silhouetted genius.

Do you know how boring this page could have been?  That sixth panel giving all that gravity to the page is a very specific and effective artistic choice, one that 9/10 artists don’t make, even if a couple of them make pretty good choices.  Aja does this constantly: he takes something simple and he makes it wonderful in a way that only comics could make something wonderful.  Here’s the page immediately after:

Okay, what is this page about?  A confrontation?  That happened last page.  An ass-beating?  That happens on the next page.

This is a page of a story that is about people getting out of fucking vans.  That’s it!!!  Imagine reading something akin to this page in a textual narrative: “Two vans pulled up.  The doors opened.  A bunch of reinforcement bros got out of the vans and charged at Clint, bats at the ready.”  Who the fuck cares.  Sure, it builds supsense: obviously setting up a bunch of people about to kick the shit out of someone and then ending it before the beatdown will build suspense.  But that doesn’t really make a bunch of dudes getting out of a van interesting.

But Aja does.  Aja actually makes a page about men climbing out of a fucking vehicle interesting.  How?  Symmetry, bro.  Mirroring, bro.  Clint comes out, across from the bros.  Next beat, we see him talking with a bro, juxtaposed next to the bro.  So we get distance, and then closeness.  Then we see the vans pull up across from each other (distance), then we see that mirrored, flipped around (closeness) yet still divided by white space in order to give Clint’s words prominence (which creates distance), and then end the page by seeing the bros close the distance between them and Clint.

The best part of this symmetrical mirroring juxtaposition stuff that Aja’s got going on here?  Clint is in the center of the page the entire time.  The page is about dude’s getting out of vans, but obviously we ought to be considering the fact that the object of their vodka-fueled ass-kickery is one Clint Barton.  The only time he’s not right in the middle of the page is when his words are the only thing in the middle of the page, which allows for an extra beat of suspense.

It would be one thing if Aja only turned in these two pages, but the dude is consistently making simple actions and interactions seem like magic on the page.  I just hope that every writer, like Fraction, recognizes how special this guy is and hands him Marvel-style scripts.  AJA IS BETTER THAN YOU, WRITERS.  HE IS BETTER THAN YOU.

Avengers x Reader: Laser Tag Pt.1

Originally posted by captainamerica1-6

Clint leaned on the center piece in the car from his middle seat in the back, between you and Natasha, and asked, “So, where are we going?”

“How many times do I have to say that it’s a secret?” you respond with a question and grip the steering wheel ‘til your knuckles turn white. He raises his hands in surrender and sits back again, between Thor and Steve.

“I have a question," said a distance voice, although the owner of the voice was yelling. "Why the hell do I have to be the one in the truck? This is my car!”

“Because you annoy everyone.” You turn the volume on the radio up a little higher. Natasha gave you a light fist-bump with a little smirk.

It was silent, safe for the singing that came with the loud music. Arriving at the destination, you turn the car off, and Tony lets himself out of the trunk. The team stares at a bright neon sign reading 'Headpinz’.

“Bowling?” Tony asks distastefully.

“Nope.” You head inside the contrasting building with Natasha at your heels. The rest of them follow in.

On the inside, It was dark with bright moving lights illuminating everything. At the far end of the building, there were bowling lanes. On the left, a fancy restaurant and bar. On the right, a huge arcade, and an obstacle course suspended in the air over the open room. There was a sound of surprise that moved over everyone.

“By the way,” you say. “You’re paying for everything, Tony.”

“Of course I am.” Tony rolls his eyes. "I’m the only one here with money.“

Thor spoke up, "What is this activity that we’re doing?”

Natasha answers, “Laser tag.”

“Laser what?” Steve raises an eyebrow.

“Yeah, you forgot that this guy’s a grandpa, and the other one’s an alien,” Tony spoke, crossing his arms.

You glare at him, “You don’t have to be an asshole. Don’t worry, Steve. Thor. There’s a video that’ll explain how to play.” Said heroes nod in understanding. “Tony, go pay for all of us to play twice.”

“Why twice?”

“One 'Free=For-All’ and one 'Team Play’.”

He shrugged, not complaining, and left to the counter tables.

When the time comes, everyone pays and enters a dark room. A large television was latched on the wall to the right. It turned on with an introductory video, explaining how to play, and the rules. It seems that this round was the 'Team’ round.

In the next room, there’s vests with plastic guns connected with names on them. You pick one up and announce your name. “I’m Cerberus.”

You heard a laugh and see Natasha raise her gun. “I’m Assassin.” The rest of you laugh with her.

“I’m Thief,” Steve says.

Thor raises his as well, “I’m Alien.”

“I’m Archer,” Clint says, satisfied.

Tony looks up, deadpanned, “I’m Clown.” Everyone laughs at the face he makes. “So, how are we gonna do this? Team Cap, Team Iron-Man?" He asks, looking around.

"I suppose,” Thor nods. “I’ll be with your Team, Tony.”

“I’ll be on Tony’s team, too,” answers Clint.

“Sounds good. I’ll be with Steve then.” Natasha looks towards you. “What about you, Y/n? Who’s team will you be on?”

Answer below or send an ask on who’s team you want to be on!

What Team are you? Team Cap or Team Iron-Man?

queen-elenya-hawk  asked:

Hello, can I ask for Royai + 26 please? :)

This ended up being much longer than a ten sentence drabble. Whoops.

And yeah, this kind of thing has been done before, sorry I’m not being original here, but I’m a sucker for this trope and jealous Roy, okay? Also, there’s a World of Warcraft reference in this fic. I like throwing in easter eggs for WoW for some reason.

Jealousy (Thy Name is Roy Mustang)

The Slaughtered Lamb was a seedy joint nestled in the back alleys of First Street in one of Central City’s more unsavory districts. On the surface, the tavern appeared to be nothing more than a scummy bar with shady patrons and blunt staff, but it was reported to be a front for illegal human trafficking networks focusing on prostitution. Mustang’s team was put in charge of the investigation into the matter.

After much deliberation on how they would go about infiltrating the place, Hawkeye eventually suggested that she go in as bait. The rest of the team would be in the area to watch her back, and she could certainly handle things on her own, but Roy still hated the idea and voiced his concerns. It turned into an argument and the rest of the team knew to keep quiet when Mustang and Hawkeye butted heads, so they remained silent and stationary in front of the colonel’s desk.

“That plan is too dangerous, Lieutenant, I won’t allow it.”

Riza sighed and glared at the colonel.

“And what other options do we have? They’ll certainly be suspicious if a group of men they’ve never seen before just waltz in like they’re regulars.”

“That’s still a better option than letting you go in there alone. Safety in numbers.”

“You and Havoc can keep watch inside the bar while I attempt to draw their attention. What about that?”

That gave Roy pause and he leaned forward in his chair, running a hand through his hair and sighing in frustration. She had a point. She was always right and he didn’t know why he ever tried to argue with her. He rarely came out the victor in any of their spats. He grit his teeth and frowned as he struggled to think of a better solution before finally taking a deep breath, letting it out in a low growl.

“Fine. We’ll go with your plan. Havoc, you’ll accompany me inside the bar and help keep an eye out for suspicious activity and make sure the lieutenant isn’t harmed. Fuery, you’ll be stationed in a hotel room across the street to relay the situation back to Falman who will be here in the office. Breda, you’ll be hidden in the alleyway to back us up. The usual. You’re all dismissed. See you tomorrow night.”

The team saluted and filed out of the office, but Riza hung back, knowing Roy was not finished griping to her about the mission.

She was right.

“Lieutenant,” Roy said, gesturing into his interior office. “A word?”

Riza held back a sigh as she draped her coat back over her chair and stepped into his interior office. He closed the door behind her and crossed his arms, glaring at her. She returned the gesture, mimicking his posture in preparation to defend her stance on the subject until he dropped it.


The night of the undercover operation was overcast and cool. Rain was in the forecast for the evening and that was just another thing added on to the list of reasons why Roy Mustang was in a foul mood. The main reason being his beautiful first lieutenant smiling and giggling uncharacteristically on a stool at the bar next to a greasy yet well-dressed man whose hands were wandering to places that made Roy fume. He wanted to burn the man’s hands off, but instead, he composed himself and averted his gaze, taking deep breaths so he wouldn’t do anything drastic and blow their cover.

Hawkeye was wearing a form fitting black dress that barely reached her mid-thigh and had a high collar with a scooping neckline. She was gorgeous and for someone else to be touching her while she looked like that was killing Mustang. If they didn’t get out of there soon, he was going to torch the place with his jealous gaze alone.

Havoc was sitting on the other side of the bar in a booth kiddie corner from Roy and he glanced at his superior officer warily. Even from his distance it was easy to see that the colonel was agitated. He lit a cigarette as his eyes drifted back to Lieutenant Hawkeye. He’d have to be extra alert tonight. If anything slipped by his notice, Mustang would definitely chew him out and that was something he’d much rather avoid.

Riza was uncomfortable, but did her best not to show it. Roy was an excellent actor and Riza could match him when it came to pretending to be someone she was not. She tried not to look at Roy too often throughout the night, knowing he was not happy.

Nothing suspicious had caught her eye yet so there was no reason to get Roy’s attention. As much as she wanted to go over to him and scold him for acting so childishly, she kept her focus on the man beside her, the supposed owner of the tavern and possible leader of the illegal prostitution ring. With any luck, he’d attempt to coerce her into joining his business and that would be all the proof she needed to put her gun to his head and place him under arrest.

Focusing on the weight of the gun in her thigh holster was helping to get her through the night. The man next to her was wearing too much cologne and was far too friendly and handsy for her liking. It was definitely a show and Riza matched his good natured facade with her own Elizabeth persona, flirty and loose, but ready to whip out her gun at the detection of even the slightest bit of hostility. She only hoped that Roy would also keep his emotions in check until the time was right to act.

Roy nursed his whisky on the rocks and glared at the man whose arm was wrapped far too low on his lieutenant’s waist. Every time Riza giggled and scooted closer to the man, whispering in his ear, Roy’s fingers twitched, itching to snap. He shouldn’t have agreed to this mission. It was too risky and it put Riza into the worst kind of situation. It took every ounce of control to not stomp over there, pull her from that greaseball, wrap his own arm around her waist, and punch the man in the face. But Riza would kill him for such a stunt, so he gripped his glass tighter and waited, staring at his reflection in his drink to distract himself from his anger.

The sounds of wood scraping across the floor brought his attention back to the bar where the man stood from his stool and held Riza tight against his side as he casually made his way toward the back of the bar. Roy’s eyes narrowed in suspicion. Riza would never have allowed herself to be half dragged like that. Something was wrong.

Roy made eye contact with Havoc and the second lieutenant seemed to have come to the same conclusion, because worry lined his face as well. They moved simultaneously, but the moment Havoc stood, his legs gave out and he fell into a crumpled heap on the floor.

Panic flared in Roy’s gut. If they had drugged Riza and Havoc’s drinks, then his was probably drugged too and that meant their cover must have been blown from the very beginning.

Mustang was suddenly grateful that the man had distracted him so much. He only had a couple of sips of his drink and felt no different then he had when they arrived two hours earlier. But that meant that Havoc and Riza were out of commission and, with no time to run out the door and contact Breda, Roy was on his own.

“That’s as far as you go, pal,” came a voice to Roy’s right and he turned to see the beefy bartender had a gun trained on him.

Roy frowned and his mind worked double time to come up with a way to get Havoc and Hawkeye out safely. Thankful for his foresight, Roy lifted his left gloved hand and snapped, singeing the bar tender’s hand and surprising the man enough that he yelped and dropped his gun. Roy dove over the bar and grabbed the gun before the bartender had time to recover.

“I’ll be taking this,” Roy said to the man before knocking him out with the butt of the gun.

With the bartender taken care of, Roy hurried to follow Riza, cautiously opening the door she and the bar owner disappeared through. He found himself at the top of a staircase and he descended quietly, gun held at his side, hand raised and ready to snap. At the bottom of the stairs was a long, dark hallway, damp and musty from lack of use, and Roy crinkled his nose when the scent of mold and decay hit him.

A light was on in a room at the very end of the hall, the door to which was slightly ajar, and Roy picked up the pace, jogging over to it and counting to three before bursting in, his gloved hand held in front of him.

Mustang froze at the sight before him, rage bubbling up inside as he took everything in.

A half unconscious Riza was still being held closely by the bar’s owner whose hand was paused midway from lifting her skirt. A shocked expression was on his face as he stared at Roy who had interrupted his inspection of the newest asset to his line of goods.

“So, the drugs didn’t affect you, hm?” The man asked, taking his hand from Riza’s skirt to place it on her shoulder. “This beautiful specimen is part of your team, I take it?” The slimy bastard smirked and ran his hand down Riza’s side, pointedly brushing the side of her breast before stopping below her waist. “She’ll make an excellent addition to my collection.”

“Get your hands off of her,” Roy growled, low and menacing.

The bar owner took an involuntary step back under Roy’s furious gaze.

They were supposed to bring the man in to be jailed, but all Roy wanted to do was burn him alive for hurting the members of his team and especially for what he was doing to his most precious of subordinates. The way the man was touching her was disgraceful, and Roy couldn’t stand it. Orders be damned. He put the familiar pressure into the motion to snap, but before he could, Riza’s voice broke the silence and he stopped, gaze focusing on her.

“Colonel, don’t.”


Roy started to argue, but Riza, even in her near oblivious state, was coherent enough to reach for her gun and shoot the man in the leg. He went down with a cry of surprise and Roy immediately sprang into action, rushing to Riza’s side to catch her before she fell. Roy pressed his gun against the bar owner’s temple and smirked in triumph.

“It’s over for you,” Roy said just as hurried footsteps approached from behind.

Roy gripped Riza’s waist a little tighter, holding her closer to him in preparation for trouble. If the bar owner had backup, Roy would protect Riza at all costs.

Thankfully, it was Breda who ran into the room, gun held high. Once he took in the situation, he holstered his gun and leapt forward to grip the bar owner’s arm, tugging him to stand up then handcuffing him.

“I’ve got this asshole, boss, you take care of Hawkeye.”


“He’s fine, sir. A little disoriented, but he didn’t drink enough of whatever drug they used to cause problems.”

“Good to hear. We’ll follow you, now get him out of here.”

Breda nodded and practically dragged the man out of the room.

Roy turned his attention to his lieutenant pressed against his side and she gave him a tired, weary smile. Things had almost gone very badly and she knew he was going to reprimand her for it. She had been careless with her drink, having taken several sips to keep up appearances in front of the creepy bar owner.

“You were too reckless, Lieutenant. I told you this was a bad idea.”

“It worked… out though,” Riza replied, barely able to keep her eyes open.

Roy sighed heavily.

“But it almost didn’t…And the way he was touching you…”

Riza cut him off with a light press of her index and middle fingers against his lips.

“But you… stopped him. You… wouldn’t have let him…do anything. I trust you.”

Roy smiled softly and squeezed her hand.

“That’s enough talking, Lieutenant. I’ll get you to the medics, so don’t push yourself. If you pass out, I’ll be here to protect you.”

Riza returned his soft smile before succumbing to the effects of the drugs in her system.

Roy slipped his hand under her knees, placing the other over her shoulder, and carried her out the door. They captured the criminal and Riza was safe, and the latter was all that really mattered.


I ended up rushing the end because I just couldn’t stop writing. Lol Sorry. It could have been so much better but eehhh I was sick of writing for this. xD Hope you enjoyed this anyway.

Royai Week 17: Day 4

So, do you all remember what I wrote for day two of this week? Yeah, cause here we go again. Only this time the script is flipped. Enjoy.  

Day One Day Two Day Three

Theme: Promise

Words: 1,141

Soldiers kept their voices quiet as they walked past the woman on her knees. The words they spoke to each other carried half-truths and slander, loud enough for her to hear, but quiet enough for others to mistake.

They needn’t have worried. While she may have heard what words they said, she didn’t hear them.

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The Avengers Preference - Types of Kisses

Bruce Banner/The Hulk:

He often does little finger kisses that reassure you and comfort you. He’s not one to show too much affectionate but when he does it’s because he wants to remind you that he does adore you and he’s listening. 

Bucky Barnes:

The ‘sweet and sensitive’ kisses. Bucky has done some stuff that he regrets so being able to come home to you and be with someone who he can be gentle and loving to is the best thing for him. He’d savor these types of kisses. 

Clint Barton/Hawkeye: 

Lots of quick, funny and kind of desperate kisses. Both of you do these kinds of kisses as a little joke but it’s also because you worry that you’ll never be able to kiss him enough. Just one of the cons of having an assassin and an Avenger as your boyfriend. 


The “I know we don’t have much time so kiss me now” kiss. It’s not one that many people experience but you and Loki would go through it. A lot. 

Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver:

Young, desperate kisses. Kisses that make you never want to let him go. What more would you expect from Pietro? 

Steve Rogers/Captain America:

Steve would pepper your face with little kisses. He loves being able to show you affection; to prove to you that he adores you. He has so much built up emotions so being able to come and just kiss you all over your face and make you giggle pleases him. 


You wouldn’t be able to see Thor very often and when you do, he’d probably be a very nervous kisser. He’s all about being a gentleman but he doesn’t want to waste your time together so in your kisses you’d probably take the lead. 

Tony Stark/Iron Man:

Dorky, fun bed kisses is what Tony lives for. He’s not so tensed up and filled with sarcastic comments when he’s around you and he knows what you like and he adores being able to make you happy. These are his favourite kisses. 

Ghostly Visions Part 1/12

(Not my Picture)

Warnings: Swearing (as always with my writing) Eventual smut, violence

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name

A/N - Reader has visions of the future, but is afraid to face what she sees when it comes to Bucky. 

Ghostly Visions: Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5 II Part 6 II Part 7II Part 8 II Part 9 II Part 10 II Part 11 II Part 12

Steve was nervous about bringing Bucky into the Avengers headquarters. He knew there would be some residual issues that he would have to deal with and he wasn’t sure what kind of reception they would get from the others. The only one he knew would be welcoming was one of his closest friends, Y/N. He walked into the common room with Bucky and Sam right behind him. Pietro, Nat and Tony were playing a card game in the corner while Vision, Banner and Thor were watching TV.

“Hey guys? I… um…I have someone for you guys to finally meet.” Steve announced to the group. “This is Bucky.”

Slowly the team looked up at Steve, Sam and Bucky but no one seemed to move. Finally Nat stood up and walked over to them.

“Hi Bucky, it’s nice to finally meet you. Steve has told us a lot about you.” She reached her hand out to shake his but he just stared at it so she lowered it awkwardly.

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Fake Geek Boy?

Today, I had my first full blast encounter with a person who clearly considered me a “fake geek girl." I had my running clothes on and had stopped at my local comic book store. Agonized over which comics to get with a gift card I had and left. That was swell.

Then I went to a book store I also had a gift card to and went to the comic book section. I flipped through Guardians of the Galaxy, thinking I might pick it up since the pieces I have read seem pretty good. Also grabbed She-Hulk because I have heard good things.

A guy comes up behind me and goes, "Do you like Guardians of the Galaxy?”

I look up. “Um, well, I will find out, but I what I have read so far seems pretty good so I think I will enjoy it.”

Him: “Did you see the movie?”

Me: “Yeah, but I am not expecting the comic to be like the movie.”

I seem him begin to posture for his mansplaining. “Well, you see, movies and comic books are nothing alike.”

Me: “Yeah, I know. I read a lot of comic books.”

Him: “Yeah? Like what?” his tone is one that clearly does not believe me.

I know I shouldn’t have to defend that I read comic books, but I felt so much on the spot I responded with the first thing I could think of. 

Me: “I really like Thor.”

Him: “Thor isn’t a real super hero. He is based off of Norse Mythology which isn’t supposed to be in comic books. It is like saying Odin should be the hero or something.”

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So only two people actually voted for this - not exactly the outcome I was expecting but hey ho, this is the result. Both people voted Loki and so here he is. And they all lived Happily Ever After. Sort of. I wasn’t entirely sure about the outcome of this chapter so let me know what you think. It’s darker than I usually write (she says having written scenes about people chopping their own hands off) so I’m sceptical. This was a continuation of the request by fuckyeahheedus. Enjoy, my darlings!

“Conceal, Don’t Feel” (Part 3)

Part 2

You laced you fingers in between Loki’s. Steve’s jaw set as the trickster pulled you looped an arm around your waist.
“You were planning this all along.” He growled.
“On the contrary Captain,” You purred, “I am simply loyal. I remind you of my earlier iterations: He’s been playing you all like chess.” Loki smirked and placed his lips to your neck.
“Checkmate.” You said as the pair of you shimmered out of sight.

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Ms. Powers Part 5

Ms. Powers Part 1

Ms. Powers Part 2

Ms. Powers Part 3

Ms. Powers Part 4

He stayed with you until 12 at night when you insisted that he go and get some sleep. Both teams of men had returned safely to camp but the sand storm was still going strong so you were still in charge of protecting the base. The storm finally cut out at 4 am- just in time for everyone on base, including you, to start their day. You dropped the force field and made your way to the dinner hall for some, much needed, breakfast. “A little reading material for your morning meal,” a file dropped next to your plate of fruit. You looked over and saw Key standing behind you. “Goodmorning to you too Key,” you examined the file. “What’s this?”

“What don’t feel like using your x-ray vision,” he said sarcastically.

“Please. You know I don’t have x-ray vision.” You flipped open the folder.

“That’s the newest intel we have of the terrorists. Shows that they had three vans drive to their ghost town last night before the storm hit. Intel was unable to confirm what was in the vans but, as you can guess, it’s probably not good.”

You nodded along as he talked. “Ok Key, thanks for keeping me up to date. Let me know if you find anything new.” He nodded and left. You immersed yourself in the file that he had just given you, which contained all the information you had been given since receiving this mission, and were brought out of focus by someone sitting across from you. You looked up, “Good morning Clint.”

“Morning boss. Nice work on the field last night,” he said tossing an apple up and down in his hand. You muttered thanks. “What’s that,” he was looking at the file. You slid it over to him.

“Compilation of all the mission information. Key got some new stuff so he brought this to me this morning.” Clint opened the file and began reading the new information. Red hair swooped over and slid down next to Barton.

“Secret file? You know I love secret files,” Nat slid closer and started reading over Barton’s shoulder. She grabbed the apple Clint was tossing out of the air and took a bite out of it.

“Really? That’s my pre-breakfast.” You opened your hand as a apple flew from the counter and landed like it like a ball in a glove, “Here,” you passed it over to him.

“Thanks. That’s why I keep you around, telekinesis really comes in handy,” a smug smile played on his face.

“Sure. That’s why you keep me around. What time is it now,” you had forgotten your watch in your tent last night.

“6:30,” you turned and saw Steve had just entered the mess hall.

“Thanks,” you smiled up at him.

“Don’t mention it. How’d you sleep last night.”

“I didn’t. The storm let up at 4 and then I came here so…no sleep.”

Nat cut in, “You used a lot of energy last night. Don’t you even want to try and sleep,” her question was more stated like a fact.

“I’ve slept less and used more energy, Nat, I think I’ll be good. Don’t worry.” Although she was an ex-assassin she was one of your closest friends and always tried to take care of you. “Is the rest of the team up?”

“I saw Stark and Banner in their makeshift lab on my way over and I think I heard a couple of the young agents challenging Thor at something so I’m sure he’s with them,” Natasha answered. She changed the subject quickly, “Can we discuss how hot it is right now and it’s only 7.”

“We are in a desert Nat,” Clint replied.

“We could go swimming,” you offered.

“Right in the invisible pool,” Nat sassed you.

“There’s no pool now but I can easily make one. Drop part of the ground down. Bring up some water and keep it cool. No problem,” she raised her eyebrows thinking over the idea. Before she could tell you if she wanted to swim Roberts ran in the tent. “Y/N, they need you in HQ right away. Something’s happening,” you all shot up quickly and ran with him to the HQ.

“Status report,” Captain called out as you all walked in.

“We found out what was in the vans. And like I said this morning…it wasn’t good. You walked over to the large monitors setup in the middle of the room.

“Who are they.” On the monitor you saw 6 little kids being rushed from one building to the building in the center of the town.

“We don’t have specific names but there’s been talk of kidnappings happening around villages and towns about 100 miles away from the village their set up in. We think it’s probably those kids. Their parents all have ties to the government, government officials, natural resource reserves, and mass wealth for the region.” Thor, Tony, and Bruce walked in in time to hear the information on the kids. “What’s the call Ms. Powers?” All the eyes in the HQ tent turned to you. You looked at your team. “Boys”, you referred to your original team, “stay here and keep an eye on the area. Radio me on anything that changes. Avengers…suit up.” The Avengers left to get ready. You ran quickly to your tent and put on your uniform.

Much like Natasha’s you suit was a black body suit that hugged closer to your body- easier to move in stuff like that. The outer part of the pants were colored a dark blue color, as was the middle part of the top, and your black boots completed the look. You threw your hair up into a ponytail and rushed to the QuinJet. Being the first one there you got the Jet ready for flight. The rest of your team got there quickly and you sprang into action. “Bruce, you’re going to be based here for backup. If things get too messy we’ll fly you in. Hawkeye, when we get there you’ll get stationed at the top of the building to the right,” you said and pointed to a picture of the village that you had posted in the Jet. “Tony, I need you to get him up there. Once you do that I need you to use Jarvis and sweep the buildings. Find what they’re hiding in there. Natasha and Captain, you’re on this building here. The kids were last seen going into this building so it’s your jobs to get them out. I’ll fly Nat up to the top so she can work her way down and Captain you’ll work your way up from the ground floor. Thor, you and me will be in this building. Intel shows that this is their HQ. If all goes as planned 40% of them should be in this building alone so we’ll be getting some heat. Can you handle that?” He nodded in reply. “Our first priority is to keep those kids safe. Alert us when you find them,” you looked at Captain and Nat. “Let’s go.” The ride was quick and the Jet wasn’t exactly quiet so you all had to spring into action quick.

Things happened very quickly. Tony took Hawkeye up to his ‘peak’ and started going through the buildings looking for any dangerous technology that they might be storing. You flew Nat up to the top of her building took off to the one you were taking care of with Thor. He was already in action smacking the enemies with his hammer. You joined in and started taking care of the problems that emerged.

“Found the weakling. Looks like we got a runner,” you heard Barton call through your earpiece.

“Don’t let them leave,” you heard Steve call out in a rough voice.

“Any luck on the kids,” you asked.

“One second,” Nat replied. You heard something thump in the background before she started talking again. “Nothing on my levels. Cap?”

“Nothing yet. I cleared the first 2 floors; I’m going to the basement now.” Having cleared your building you and Thor ran outside to the middle of the village square. The sound of gunfire was prominent now. Stealth time was up and the remaining enemies were ready to fight. The building across from you starting raining bullets at you. You deflected the first round before they could hit you and Thor. “Get to the sniper,” you yelled at Thor; he flew to the building quickly and you saw a wave of electricity coat the building.

“We’ve got the kids,” Cap called from the ear piece.

“Keep them down there until I get there! It’s not safe out here right now.” You weren’t getting an answer from him or Nat. “Do you copy?!”

“A little busy right now,” Nat grumbled. Before you could leave to help you heard Tony’s voice.

“We’ve got a problem. That thing they were hiding…it’s a big explosive. Set to go off in 5.” You quickly asked him where. You felt the ground shake as he landed next to you. “The building back there,” he pointed, “behind where they are keeping the kids.”

“Steve, Nat, I’m on the way,” you turned your attention to Tony. “See if you and Jarvis can figure it out. Keep us updated.” You ran to the building that held Captain, Nat, and the children. When you arrived to the basement you saw pieces of wall were scattered on the ground. Nat and Steve stood banging on the far side of the basement; there were no kids in site. “Where are they?”

“There were too many guards. They kept us busy and lead the kids being this door.”

“Whatever security they have,” Nat added, “is top notch. I can’t crack it.”

“We think it’s a tunnel that lead to the next building,” that caught your attention and you turned to leave. “What’s wrong?”

“That’s where the bombs at Steve. You and Nat get to the Jet. We need it close to get the kids out.” You made your way, quickly, to the building the kids were now in. “Stark, any progress,” you called as you listened for any sign of the kids.

“It’s not looking too good. Jarvis is still working out the bomb but we need a code and I don’t know how long it’ll take to run all the possibilities. We have three minutes left.”

“Get to the buildings on the outskirt of the village. Our goal now is to contain the enemy and take them out before they can leave the scene. I’m going in for the kids, they’re in the basement. Everyone get ready to cover us when we leave.”


“Can you fly this by yourself,” Steve questioned as Nat buckled into the pilot’s seat.

“It’ll be a little difficult but I’ve had worse circumstances,” she retorted. They set the jet down two blocks from the building, hoping that the large structure in front of the Jet would add some extra coverage for the kids when they were evacuated.

“Get to the buildings on the outskirt of the village. Our goal now is to contain the enemy and take them out before they can leave the scene. I’m going in for the kids, they’re in the basement. Everyone get ready to cover us when we leave,” Y/N’s voice came in through the earpiece.

“Copy,” Nat said sharply. “We’re set up two blocks West of your location. Contact when you are ready to go.” Nat and Captain took off towards the outskirt of the town to stop those trying to get away. They had 5 people to stop, not to hard when you are the Black Widow and Captain America. Just as they thought they were done a man stepped out from behind one of the getaway cars.

“It’ll be hard to save the children when they are reduced to ash,” he said. Steve wasn’t sure what he meant until he saw the man hold up a small device with a large black button on it. Before Nat or Steve could react the man pressed the button and the ground shook as the bomb detonated. The intercoms of the team were silent as they all turned to look at where the shaking came from. They looked just in time to see the building that Y/N and the children were in come crumbling down upon itself. The brown bricks concaved on themselves as they dropped over it’s own structure.

“No….” Steve whispered. He had no time to truly process what had happened as he and the rest of the team were forced to kick back into gear. The last wave of enemy forces were making their last stand. The few minutes it took to take down the rest of their forces felt like a lifetime. The team gathered around the fallen building slowly unsure of what to do next.

The whole team looked down at their feet. “Do you copy HQ,” Nat tried to make contact to base.

“Copy,” a depressed sounding Key came through. “We copy.”

“What are those strange colors,” Thor stood up a little straighter and tried to peer at the colors. Hues of barely noticeable blues came through the cracks between some of the fallen bricks.

“Start digging,” Steve commanded the team. After digging for 2 minutes Tony decided that digging was going to slow.

“Stand back I have an idea,” the hand of Iron Man lifted after the fellow Avengers had backed away from the rubel. Sending little bits of ammo from the suit Tony was able to abliterate some of the bricks surrounding the colors; now all that was left was a couple layers of bricks. The team got back to digging and then they came across it.

“I’ll be damned,” Tony said. The team looked down to see the 6 kids sitting together silently crying. In the middle of them is where you laid. “She’s tough to kill I’ll give her that,” Tony commented.

Clint rushed down and touched the force field you have put up around you and the kids. Instead of repealing at his touch the field dropped. He walked over to the kids, “My name’s Hawkeye. We’re here to get you guys home, ok?” One of the kid’s knew English fairly well and was able to translate to the others. Steve rushed to your side, Natasha followed slowly behind. Thor and Clint and Tony grabbed two kids each and lead them to the QuinJet. Steve waited until they were out of earshot to speak. “She doesn’t have a pulse Natasha,” his voice was low and solemn.

Old man

- I’m so bad at this - I said, lauging and placing another cartridge on the gun.

- You are not. You just need practice.

- Oh, yeah, said Hawkeye.

- Do you think I was born with this aim?

- Uhm, yeah?

- I was not. It was by practicing and practicing.

- You talk like an old man.

- I am by your side.

- Yeah, you’re a dirty old man.

- Don’t say that, for God’s shake. You’re an adult.

- Yet 20 years younger than you.

- Doesn’t seem like you care. - he said, taking me by the waist.

- Not really. - I smiled, leaving the gun in the table beside me and placing my arms around his neck.

- What if we let practice for another day and we go and do another kind of exercise? 

I laughed.

- Okay, old man. I’ll wait for you in my room. - I kissed him, winked an eye at him and ran to my bedroom, knowing he was coming after me.


The Avengers travel to Baltimore to find you, believing they can help tame your errant powers. Things don’t exactly go smoothly.

Eventual Bucky x reader

Warnings: Mania, mentions of mental hospitals

Tony walked into the board room, a serious look on his bearded face. He glanced around at the others with tired eyes- he’d clearly been up for hours, before he called an impromptu Avengers meeting at 4am. Natasha, Steve, Clint, Thor, Bucky, Bruce, Wanda, and Sam all sat around the long table, looking sleepily at him. Clint and Wanda were still in their pajamas. Sam looked the sleepiest; since he didn’t currently live in the tower he’d been given the heads up a few hours ago and had driven there. No one knew where Vision had gone off to. He was a little odd.

“We have a potential addition to the team.” Tony slid a stack of files onto the table, one to each person. They all opened the folders and read the dossier. “We need to plan an extraction.”

“An extraction? For a manicurist in Baltimore?” Sam raised an eyebrow. “I can just, you know, drive my car and pick her up. You know that right?”

Tony frowned. “She’s a little more dangerous than meets the eye. Keep reading.”

Keep reading

which fma characters you should fight

edward elric | who wins: ed, probably

ok sure, ed is a nerd, but have you seen?? the shit he pulls off?? half his limbs are made of steel and he can practically control the earth by fuckin clapping. on the flip side, he’s short as hell and a fucking nerd so if you caught him off guard maybe you could win.

alphonse elric | who wins: alphonse

first of all, why the FUCK would you fight this golden ray of sunshine?? even if you managed to be enough of an asshole to actually go for it, he’s literally a hunk of animated steel that cannot feel pain or get exhausted, and he’s beat his alchemic-prodigy-genius-brother in every single fight. do not fight alphonse elric

winry rockbell | who wins: winry

do i need to even explain this. she is a fucking engineer she can and will give you a concussion with her wrench. she let herself be kidnapped by her parent’s murderer just for some mission literally she is the bravest bamf in fma, do not fight her above all costs.

envy | who wins: you

ok i probably should’ve put riza and roy before this lil shit, but i couldn’t wait, because you will win this fight. i dont care if he’s powered by millions of souls and can shapeshift and transform into a dinosaur, he’s fucking stupid and you’d be doing the world a favor if you punched him in the face. fight envy.

roy mustang | who wins: roy, probably

i mean, sure…he is a nerd, but this man has incinerated innocent people with a snap of his fingers. catching him off guard is a no-no, he has ridiculous reflexes. however, if you can catch him on a rainy day, you’ll be able to take him without a doubt. check your weather forecast before fighting roy mustang.

riza hawkeye | who wins: riza

you’re kidding, right?? i mean, if she doesn’t have a gun, you might be able to take her. after all, have we ever seen riza do martial arts? one problem with that. riza has guns at every moment. she probably has guns inside her guns. do not fight riza hawkeye.

maes hughes | who wins: maes

WHAT THE FUCK?? are you for real??? do not fight maes hughes. why the hell would you fight maes hughes. i dont even wanna talk to you if you fight maes hughes. you know what? go ahead and do it. you’ll find out the hard way he keeps literal knives up his fucking sleeves. he also has a wife and child and they love him so if you fight him they will be sad. fuck you. do not fight maes hughes

alex louis armstrong | who wins: you

sure, he has muscles the size of fuckin canada, but have we actually ever seen him win a fight?? he literally turns his weapons into statues of himself. what a big nerd. fight armstrong. 

olivier mira armstrong | who wins: are you fucking serious


yoki | who wins: you

yoki would probably die if you looked at him funny. punch him directly in his stupid fucking mustache. you will win no matter what advantages he has.

roy mustang’s mustache | who wins: nobody

nobody can fight the mustache. the entire fma fandom is at the mercy of the mustache. the mustache wont even fight a puny underling like you. stay far, far away from the mustache.

So contrarily to how I’ve been doing the other sick!Readers, I decided to make this one a continuation of my latest and only Natasha imagine. It worked rather nicely and though I’m not sure how well it actually turned out, I can say that Clint Barton is a sassy lil shit. Protect him at all costs. Anyway, enjoy, my darlings!

“Sweet and Sour” (Part 2)

Part 1

Natasha wasn’t often late. Even when she was, it was only by a few seconds and with an inarguable excuse.
“I was in the middle of a heist.”
“Something went down on the bridge.”
“I was following a lead.”
“I brought you guys bagels, leave me alone.”

So you can imagine the concern that arose when she didn’t show up to the tower at all.

Steve had called a meeting to discuss the upkeep of Avengers tower. A particularly nasty battle with HYDRA had left the tower in disrepair and the meeting was required to discuss living arrangements until the completion of construction. Whilst everyone else waited patiently, Clint’s mind began to wander.

Keep reading

Tail of Good Fortune

   Request: Hi again! I don’t know if you are awake because here is 06:08 am and I want to ask you before I go to School if you can do one where the reader is a mermaid victim of terrible experiments and Bucky!Winter Soldier, helps her to scape from the Hydra and the Avengers find they after some days! @mimisari234

Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: fluff, slight swearing, slight angst

All credit goes to Marvel

Word count: 2.5k

    “Buck, is that another Winter Soldier?” Steve asked tentatively, pointing at the cradle the girl’s body was in, frost slightly blurring the only visible part of your body- your face. Bucky stared at you, trying to recognize even the smallest detail of your sleeping features.

    “I can’t remember. Maybe she’s a new one. Look at the cradle, it’s not rusted like the one I was in.”

    “Bring her in. We can’t risk another HYDRA experiment trying to kill us. No offense, Barnes and Maximoff.” Tony called over the comms. Steve and Bucky looked at each other, sighing, before each of them grabbing an end of the cradle, carrying it to the quinjet. Each of the other team members joining the two men. All of them looked at you with curiousity.

    “You know, this is a really heavy cradle.” Steve thought out loud. Bucky nodded, noticing that too, but writing it off to just be the weight of the metal itself.

    “I found her file. Her name’s Y/N Y/L/N. She’s from Queens. It doesn’t say anything specific about what they did to her, only she’s listed as Experiment 379. I looked it up on their databases. Nothing.” Natasha said, slapping down Y/N’s file between the two men. There was an eerie feeling in the room. None of them knew what would be awaiting them inside the cradle, and none of them had a plan to contain whatever you were.

    “So how do we go about this?” Bruce asked, peering over the rims of his glasses as they all stood in the lab, your cradle standing at an angle, elevated about 2 feet of the ground.

    “Like this,” Tony carefully cut out the bottom of the cradle using a laser, but none of them were expecting what had just happened.

    A rush of water flew out of the cradle, soaking the floor and everyone’s shoes. In the middle of the puddle was you. Your entire lower half was lined with scales, and instead of two legs, you had one long fin. Your upper half had scales lining up the sides of your torso, breasts, and the sides of your neck. Your skin had a hint of a light blue hue to it.

    Your eyes shot open, “Oh, fuck!” You rubbed her head where it had dropped onto the hard floor and slowly took your surroundings in. Around you stood Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Thor, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Bruce Banner, Wanda Maximoff, Vision, Sam Wilson, and James “Bucky” Barnes. They all looked at you with varied expressions; some confused, some shocked, some downright bewildered. You propped yourself up on your elbows as you waited for them to take in your less-than-usual appearance.

    “Are you a-?” Bucky asked, pointing a quizzical finger at you.

    “Mermaid? You can say it. But yes, I am. Name’s Y/N, but I figure you already know that.” You said, gesturing to your now soaked file.

    “Why would HYDRA need a mermaid?” Bruce asked, more to himself than anyone else.

    You piped in, “Dunno, I think I was a fuck-up. They seemed pretty shocked to see my scales after injecting me with what was supposed to be their ‘greatest super soldier serum yet’.” You said, using air quotes. “Now, I hate to be a bother, but a mermaid can only be out of water for so long.”

    “Right!” Tony said, snapping out of his daze. “Wanda, can you move all her water into that cradle over there? Thor, lift the girl into it.” Just like that, a red orb glowed around the water covering the floor and you were being easily lifted by Thor, who still looked confused as he peered down at you. You gave him a flirty wink and he cleared his throat, gently placing you in the cradle, water instantly pouring back over your body and you breathed a sigh of relief. They all continued watching you as the water lifted into your palm, swirling it with your fingers to make a small hurricane. “So, does anybody have any ideas on what to do with her? Because I got nothing.”

    “Ooh! I know!” You called out, Tony immediately flicked his eyes to you, desperate for an answer. “How about we cut my legs out of this stupid tail?” He gave you a confused look and you rolled your eyes. “If you base everything you know about mermaids from ‘The Little Mermaid’, I’m a goner. The tail isn’t what makes me a mermaid, it’s my gills. The tail is just for aesthetics. My legs are still in here, see?” You tried to kick your foot forward in the tail, captivating everyone’s attention. “It’s like they’re stuck in mud.”

    “We could do an x-ray and see what we’re dealing with, if it is a viable option to try and cut her legs out. The question is more how would she survive out of water.” Bruce said. You were all silent for a moment, and you began to accept that you weren’t going to be able to get out of this tail or lifestyle anytime soon.

    “We build her a suit!” Tony exclaimed. He immediately went over to one of the boards and began drawing and writing all over it.

    “A suit that can self-regulate a constant flow of water to her body.” Bruce thought, coming up next to Tony and adding his own notes next to his friend’s.

    “Okay, I think I can do this. Give us two months tops. Until then, do you prefer freshwater or saltwater?” Tony asked, turning on his heel to face you, using his marker to point.

    “Freshwater, saltwater makes my hair feel gross.”

    “FRIDAY, close the pool on the top floor and drain it. Fill it up with freshwater.”

    “Yes, sir.” A voice spoke out of nowhere. You spun your head around as best you could to find the source of the voice.

     “It’s his computerized assistant, don’t worry, you’re not the only one freaked out by it.” Sam joked, earning a glare from Tony.

    “So I’m just going to be living in a pool for however long until I get a wetsuit? What happens after that?” You asked, you crossed your arms in front of your chest and looked at all of them expectantly.

    “Depends on what you can do.” Steve said in his captain voice.

    “Well, I can do this.” You spun a ball of water in your hand and hurled it towards his face, but pulling it back before it could crash on him, only getting the tip of his nose wet. You sniggered when everyone laughed at Steve as he wiped the tip of his nose.

    “Okay, so what? You can throw water at people while you’re sitting in a tub? What are you going to do in the field? Hate to break it to you, doll, but we can’t exactly carry one of those around on missions.” Steve said, his eyes narrowing. Natasha grabbed his bicep, ready to tell him off when your eyes glowed to an obscene color of bright blue. Everybody became curious and slightly nervous about what you were about to do, but nobody made a move to stop you. You visibly calmed, and began twirling another small hurricane in your hand. Steve dropped to the floor on his knees, cussing loudly.

    “Did you know that the human body is 60% water? The brain and heart having their own percentage of a whopping 73, but that doesn’t even compare to the lungs’ 83%.” You dropped the hurricane back to the palm of your hand where it was reabsorbed into your skin, and the pain coursing through Steve’s body was soothed away. Everybody stared at you for a few moments in shock. They had yet to see anything like you, and they’d seen a lot.

    “Right. So a suit.” Tony said, turning back to his boards and you winked at Steve.

    It’d been a month since you got to the facility and everybody had already made you feel like part of the team. Tony and Bruce had been at work, spending countless hours designing a suit for you and trying to find a way to do the surgery needed. Thor had gone back to Asgard. Wanda and Vision kept to themselves for the most part, only coming out every so often to ask questions and talk. Sam and Natasha would come swim around in the pool with you. You’d play a game where you’d see who could stay under the water the longest, except you’d be completely out of the pool, laying on the ground near the edge. You’d roll over if you needed water and obviously they’d come up for air when they needed it. Steve would sit near the pool on a chair, reading the newspaper and the three of you would take turns flicking him with water and try placing the blame on each other. Surprisingly, Bucky had also joined in on many of your antics, sometimes diving in in the middle of a game or picking you up off the ground during a game and jumping in with you still in his arms, making you lose by technicality.

      Which is why it was no surprise when he walked up to the edge of the pool that night, placed a hamburger and root beer in front of you and cannonballed himself in. You laughed as you shoved a bite of hamburger into your mouth. He swam up beside you and held himself up on his biceps at the edge. “Sorry, I had to bring you dinner and I really wanted to do that.”

    “No worries, as long as I don’t have a soggy burger.” You laughed and he smiled next to you.

    “But that’s the best kind of burger.” He smirked, ready to grab it. You took it in one hand, taking a bite, and using the other hand to place on Bucky’s head and slowly push him underneath the water.

    You let him up after a couple of seconds and he glared at you, you shrugged at him and continued eating. “Thanks for the root beer, water gets old after a while.” He laughed.

    “I figured,” you both quieted down and you pushed your plate away from the edge.

    “What do you think is gonna happen to me after this surgery and the suit?”

    “Well, we all saw what you could do. I think you’re going to get the surgery and the suit, and then we’re going to train you to fight with hand to hand. If the suit reacts well to your body, you might be recruited into an avenger.”

    “I can’t imagine I’d be a very good one, I wasn’t made to be a good guy, you know.” He hesitantly wrapped an arm around your shoulder and you rested your head against him.

    “Well neither was I, remember? But look at me now. I have a feeling you won’t be much different.” He paused and you both relished in the silence for the moment. “I’m sorry they did this to you.” He said, referencing to HYDRA.

    “It’s okay. It’s not all bad. Besides, what kid didn’t dream of being a mermaid when they were little?” You propped your chin up on your hand and Bucky laughed.

    “That’s a way to think of it,” You smiled at him. “Well, I have to go meet Steve in the training room. You gonna be okay out here?” He pulled himself up out of the water.

    “You say that like I have a choice.” You said sarcastically. Bucky laughed and grabbed a towel from one of the chairs, wrapping it around his waist.

    “I’ll come down tomorrow, okay? Get some sleep.” You flapped your tail at him, splashing him with water as you smirked. He smirked back and left you on your own and you began to float on your back, staring at the night sky above you and you felt yourself smile in pure bliss.

    Bucky kept his promise. He came down the next day, and the next day, and the day after that. He hardly left your side, sometimes even sleeping in the pool area with you. It had gotten to the point where everyone knew how you felt about each other and how annoyingly cute you were together. Steve had never seen Bucky so happy since being out of cryo. Not to mention having Bucky to keep your spirits up despite everything helped lift everyone’s moods.

    Tony and Bruce had spent the last week putting the last finishing touches on your suit and Dr. Cho prepared for your surgery and each and every day you looked forward to getting rid of this tail more and more. And today was that day.

    She had warned you that there would be a brief adjustment period while your legs regained their strength, but you didn’t mind, you just wanted out of the tail.

    Right now, you were laid out on a table with all of your hopefully future team-mates by your side. Bucky was holding one hand and Natasha was holding the other. Everyone knew you would be perfectly fine, but they were still nervous. The surgery was supposed to take 3-4 hours and there would be a 24 hour recovery period but to you, you’d be happy to wait. “Y/N? Are you ready?” Dr. Cho asked, smiling warmly at you. You let out a shaky breath and smiled back.

    “Now or never.” She nodded at you and two other workers began pushing you to the operating room. You let your head fall back onto the stretcher and you took a deep breath, mentally pepping yourself up for this.

    “Wait!” Bucky called. The rolling of the stretcher stopped slowly and everybody looked at him with confusion. He jogged up beside your bed and grabbed your hand in his. “There are 1,000 better times to do this, but I’m not as good with the ladies as I was, so I’m just gonna go for it, and depending on your reaction, hopefully the anesthesia will make you forget. Either way, I promise I’ll be right here for when you wake up.” He rambled.

    “Bucky, what are you-“ and then his lips urgently pressed to yours, much to the dismay of everyone else in the room as disgusted groans rippled through them. His flesh hand cradled our head and his metal hand rested on the side of your stretcher. He pulled away, looking for any sign of not wanting this. “Well, hopefully I won’t forget.” You mumbled. You kissed him one more time with a small smile on your lips before the anesthesia kicked in, rendering you unconscious.

    Once again, Bucky pulled through on his promise.

There will be a part two to this! Let me know if you want to be tagged!