hawkeye week

It’s RoyAi week and I’m here with a depression status? Like I have too much free time and I don’t know what to do with my life and felt my art was not good enought and here I am.

what is art consistency anyways

happy RoyAi week, I have a comic and another illustration for the weekend; i really wanted to participate in the themes but right now i don’t feel pretty good 



Regards everyone~


But your pain is a tribute / The only thing you let hold you / Wear it now like a mantle / Always there to remind you / I’m the same, I’m the same / I’m trying to change


Here you go, Nonny!
#8-Breakfast Date

Knowing these two losers, I have a feeling that their breakfast “dates” usually revolve around homework or paperwork =___=

P.S. Happy Oct. 3rd!!! ^W^

Day 1 of Winterhawk week. :) Due to work stuff I wasn’t able to work in the themes to my offerings but hopefully people will like them regardless. I titled this one “Don’t Say It” (hopefully for obvious reasons).

Sort of inspired from a screenshot from ‘Whose Line is It Anyways?”, though I don’t think the expression translated perfectly.

Comic of the Week: Hawkeye, written by Kelly Thompson, drawn by Leonardo Romero. (Also shout out to Annie Wu for drawing my favourite Kate Bishop.)

I wanted to get this out this week because issue #1 goes on sale Wednesday.

This book looks like it’s going to be putting Kate Bishop back in her environment from the Fraction run, and I can’t wait. Katie Kate is a get shit done type of character, but she’s young. That mix of drive, talent, and inexperience is what makes her such an amazing character. She has the Hawkeye habit of getting neck deep in all kinds of crazy, the Hawkeye history of getting her ass beat because of it, and the Hawkeye refusal to back down. She’s kind of amazing.