hawkeye the dog

Roy: give it back to me, Hayate…
Riza: c’mon, Hayate, be a good boy…

Finally I finish to color this drawing of Black Hayate! (A thief Black Hayate 😂)
For the coloration, I experimented with some brushes in Clip Studio Paint, trying a different style 😊

I hope you like it ❤️
Under the “read more” you can find the static version fo the drawing and some object like t-shirt, mugs and phone cases that you can find in my shops on RedBubble and Society6 !

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in which Kate finds an old picture, circus-era old, and wants to know if Clint can still do that?

  • girly-girl I have no idea
  • let’s find out

and Lucky thinks it’s pretty great

  • dad what are you DOING
  • are we PLAYING?

Clint Barton doesn’t show up 15 minutes late with Starbucks. Clint Barton shows up an hour late with cheap pizza, a broken nose, and a stray dog.

- moodyrebelmage [x]

of course there is an explanation for the dog:  

I was around the corner from the gift shop where I got the balloon 

(this was the only ‘love’ one they had left, and it’s either clever or hopeless, I kinda futzing love it, I relate to this balloon) 

and these kids were harassin’ this dog, so I said ’hey leave the dog alone, c'mon, not cool.’

so then they’re like ’hey mister we’ll sell him to you.’

  • not gonna lie I admire that kind of moxie
  • they wanted twenty futzing bucks
  • I gave them a dollar it is seriously all the cash I had

dented pizza is still delicious, he’s laughing and blaming his afternoon on wearing a shirt with buttons ('I have never ever had a day go right when I wore a shirt with buttons’)

ladies and gentlemen the ever-unchanging clint barton

Black Hayate isn’t the first dog Riza ever had. When she was younger, she found a scraggly mutt dog that had been abandoned in the woods near her home. She used to feed her scraps of food and even built the dog a hutch to live in. Everywhere she went and everything she did, the dog would follow. All of this under the nose of her father. But then, one day the dog simply vanished and never returned home.

To this day she still doesn’t know what happened to her loyal first pet.