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So as you know avengers age of ultron is coming out VERY soon (I still don’t know if I’m ready) and a lot of you guys will most likely be dressing up. This year I’m going as Thor, and I already had a costume, but no hammer. So for any last minute cosplayers out there, here’s a tutorial that I threw together for making a Thor hammer. (Btw it’s HOLLOW for all of those candy bags I know that you’ll be stuffing inside your pockets)

1) materials: empty tissue box, paper towel roll, silver duct tape, hot glue, exact-o knife, and brown/silver acrylic paint

2) So first I cut a hole in the bottom of the tissue box big enough for my paper towel roll to just barely slide through. (The bottom of the box being the side opposite the opening on the top. Go ahead and cut all that plastic off of the top while you’re at if.)

3) Next, cut the paper towel roll like I did in the picture above. Put that through the hole that you made, then hot glue it down. Then duct tape the crap out of it. The more the sturdier.

4) After that I covered the top of the box (the side with the hole) tightly in duct tape. When you’re done with that, cut a slit in the middle. That’s how you’re gonna get to all of your stashed candy. I put tape over the edges of the slit and underneath it so that your hand can slide easily in and out without getting stuck on the tape.

5) Now cover the rest of the box with duct tape!

6) Finally, paint the handle, and if you want to draw the designs on the hammer you can. :)


In Mutual Bonds, Ed returns briefly from Creta on December of 1917 in order to spend holidays with his loved ones. As he stations on East City on the same apartment complex than Roy and Riza, he discovers Riza is not only pregnant but also about to deliver already. On December 28th, he will be the first one to meet Dan once he is born.

As a giant kids loving nerd, the following months Ed will be a recurrent visitor on Riza’s apartment.

(Colored this sketch just to introduce this HC that gives me all the feels 24/7 cos the relationship between Ed and Riza is presh♥). 

Imagine Hawkeye cast as cupid in a S.H.I.E.L.D. produced Valentine’s Project. He takes the role a little too far and has special arrows created with tips that inject a chemical that induces a love at first sight reaction (along with a caveman attitude when one’s love at first sight is being pursued by another). Luckily for you, you are a mutant with powers that make you immune to all toxins. Unluckily for you, more than a fair share of those hit by Hawkeye’s (Cupid’s) arrow see you first… including a certain God of Mischief.

The Hawkeye project is stupid [when partaken in as part of a feminist agenda] because men and women are objectified in different ways, especially in illustrations. A man drawn to be a sex object won’t be drawn with curves, won’t be drawn in the same sort of clothing, won’t be put in the same sort of situation. A man’s sex appeal, generally speaking, is different from a female’s. Drawing Hawkeye jutting out his hips isn’t making some beautiful liberation point or proving that men in comics aren’t being attractive, it’s just making him look funny. 

If men in comics weren’t drawn with physical attraction as a large motivator, why are so many of them so goddamn sexy? Superman/Aquaman/Manhattan/etc. aren’t exactly drawn so the female readership goes, “Oh, how boring, another unattractive man in unattractive clothing, when are they going to make a male hero I would tap?”

If Superman were drawn in the same clothing as Wonderwoman, the majority of the female readership wouldn’t find him nearly as attractive. I for one find Hawkeye far more attractive in his canon situations than in the Project illustrations. Now by the same token I would find female characters far more attractive in male garb, but that’s my personal preference and I recognize that most comic book fans (especially the males to whom the female sex appeal is marketed) would disagree. And if you think you’re being oppressed by THAT, then I guess you’re also oppressed by the existence of gay men because they don’t find any women attractive, and that’s sexist right?

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Do you have any OTPs?

Olicity from Arrow, Vane/Eleanor from Black Sails, Chuck/Blair from Gossip Girl, Pam/Jim from The Office, Mindy/Danny from Mindy Project, Widow/Hawkeye from Marvel (DAMMIT), Liv/Major from iZombie, Peeta/Katniss, Tris/Four, Mal/Alina, Kaz/Inej, Tamlin/Feyre, HAN/LEIA, etc.