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But the essential way of seeing women, the
essential use to which their images are put, has not changed.
Women are depicted in a quite different way from men - not
because the feminine is different from the masculine - but
because the ’ideal" spectator is always assumed to be male
and the image of the woman is designed to flatter him. If you
have any doubt that this is so, make the following experiment.
Choose from this book an image of a traditional nude.
Transform the woman into a man. Either in your mind’s eye or
by drawing on the reproduction. Then notice the violence
which that transformation does. Not to the image, but to the
assumptions of a likely viewer.
—  John Berger; Ways of Seeing, pg 64

reminds me of what the Hawkeye Initiative do
Sharon Carter got a raw deal, but...

we do NOT need a “movie series” about her. 

Ok. Agent 13 aka Sharon Carter got a raw deal characterwise. Yes. But there are a dozen other white female characters who we need a movie of first. A tv renewal or movie for Peggy Carter is much more important than Sharon. 

Like where the fuck is my movie about Black Widow or The Wasp (Janet Van Dyne, not the new one who is already going to share a movie with Antman) or Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)?! If any white bitch from MCU gettin a movie, it better be Natasha Romanoff (or Janet Van Dyne or Kate Bishop, but that’s probably never gonna happen).

Honestly, if they wanna do a movie about Peggy’s later years and have a little Sharon thrown in? cool. But she don’t need no stand-alone movie before all my other gals. Go ahead, give her a guest appearance in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I would honestly love that. But SHARON CARTER DOES NOT NEED HER OWN MOVIE OR SERIES.

The most demanded and likely one is Natasha and if we do not get a movie centred on Natasha, I would settle for a Budapest movie with Clint sharing the lead with her. Maybe some Hawkeye Initiative moments?

EDIT: Sorry for posting in the Sharon Carter tag… jeez

I think someone should do a reverse Hawkeye Initiative (drawing women in men’s poses) and this is why:

The Hawkeye Initiative is this really cool thing, but a major protest from the people still clinging to the “you are throwing a fit over nothing” argument seems to be

“Well it doesn’t look stupid because the pose is wrong, it looks stupid because men and women are different and drawing a man in a woman’s pose is obviously gonna look off.”

So let’s combat that with this:

If a man in a woman’s pose looks ridiculous solely because it is a woman’s pose, then a woman in a man’s pose will look equally ridiculous, won’t it?

And thus begins the reverse Hawkeye Initiative, in which we draw women in the poses of Superman and Captain America and Batman and yes, even Hawkeye, and we realize that they don’t look off at all. In which we prove that no, it doesn’t look stupid because of different sexes.

It looks stupid because the poses are sexist.

Just a thought.

Sooo, I know I’m a little late to the party with this, but I finally did one.  Original is by Rob Liefeld from “Badrock.”  I mean, how could I not do a Liefeld parody for my first Hawkeye Initiative?   I seriously could not force myself to make his anatomy as wonky as the original, though, I just couldn’t, it was too painful.  I think it still gets the point across, though.

I hope I get to do a lot more of these, because they’re fun *and* make a statement I can really get behind.