hawkeye initiative

I think someone should do a reverse Hawkeye Initiative (drawing women in men’s poses) and this is why:

The Hawkeye Initiative is this really cool thing, but a major protest from the people still clinging to the “you are throwing a fit over nothing” argument seems to be

“Well it doesn’t look stupid because the pose is wrong, it looks stupid because men and women are different and drawing a man in a woman’s pose is obviously gonna look off.”

So let’s combat that with this:

If a man in a woman’s pose looks ridiculous solely because it is a woman’s pose, then a woman in a man’s pose will look equally ridiculous, won’t it?

And thus begins the reverse Hawkeye Initiative, in which we draw women in the poses of Superman and Captain America and Batman and yes, even Hawkeye, and we realize that they don’t look off at all. In which we prove that no, it doesn’t look stupid because of different sexes.

It looks stupid because the poses are sexist.

Just a thought.

So just from an art major, exaggerated poses in comics with female characters is not the problem. The problem is the fact it’s often done purely to sexualize the character. If a characters waist is sinched when she has her back arched too much because she got hit in the face that’s to make the pose more dynamic. If a character’s butt and boobs are both head on then that’s a problem. Stop saying it’s bad for actions to look dynamic. The reason it’s not done in perfect realism is so it can be nonrealistic and overly exaggerated.


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Okay, so this it. @thehawkeyeinitiative is a issue that’s always been close to my heart because since reading comic books as a child I’ve always seen images of over sexualized women inviting the ideas that a woman can’t be strong and powerful, only eye candy or that they can be virtually undefeatable, but their “power poses” are publicly accepted porn that diminishes their power and characterisation through reducing them to a pair of tits or some ass. Just like Hirez do with some of their characters.  The hyper sexualized outfits that defy logic are yet another sensitive issue for me. So I decided to take some Gods from Smite and draw them with the women’s outfits on for comedic value but also with an important message. I tried to do it in the hawkeyeinitiative style and also a bit web comic-ish, excuse the terrible art, but enjoy! 

All done by me

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