hawkeye but with cats


Superman & Wonder Woman / Clarkiana / Clark Kent & Diana Prince

Batman & Catwoman / Brucelina / Bruce Wayne & Selina Kyle 

Hawkeye & Black Widow / Clintasha / Clint Barton & Natasha Romanoff

Spiderman & Black Cat / Petelicia / Peter Parker & Felicia Hardy

ways to cheer yourself up number fourteen

let an elderly cat fall asleep on your lap

kittens are cute but for snuggles you really want an old cat the kind that basically turns into a heat seeking missile as soon as the temperature drops a tiny bit

watch them sleep and imagine how good it feels for them to have your body heat soaking into their old bones

Day 1 of Winterhawk week. :) Due to work stuff I wasn’t able to work in the themes to my offerings but hopefully people will like them regardless. I titled this one “Don’t Say It” (hopefully for obvious reasons).

Sort of inspired from a screenshot from ‘Whose Line is It Anyways?”, though I don’t think the expression translated perfectly.

Comic book things that made me really happy this Wednesday

Kate Bishop’s targeting solution in Thompson, Romero and Bellaire’s Hawkeye #2.  Get those fratboys and save the shouty woman…

Lying Cat’s face when deciding to stay with Sophie in Vaughan and Staples Sage #41.  so cute…

Young Mark Spector wearing a yamuka in Lemire, Smallwood and Bellaire’s Moon Knight #10.  It’s striking how rare it is to see characters wearing a yamuka in comics…

Sam and Rich Rider sharing the page together in Loveness, Pérez and Herrings’ Nova #2.  Finally!

Every single page of Whitley, Charretier and Wilson’s fantastic The Unstoppable Wasp #1!  This book was sooo good!


Stop butting in on everyone’s answers, Roy.

(Falman’s “bear” is a reference to the Briggs Bears)