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Ok. So requests are closed and I know you're busy with "the thing" but I just see Nat and Wanda sharing a cup of coffee, complaining about "the boys" for International Women's Day.... as soon as I pictured it I thought of your adorable sketches! Have a great day you wonderful woman! Love, anm

This was originally going to be posted some time next week but since it’s your birthday today, I’m posting as soon as it is done! Happy Birthday @avenger-nerd-mom!!!

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  • Tony: Can you meet me inside?
  • Sam & Clint: [chanting] Meet him inside, meet him inside, meet him inside, meet him inside.
  • Bucky: Oh my fucking god, for the last time! This is not the Hamilton musical! Shut the hell up! Both of you!
  • Tony: Buckaroo?
  • Bucky: I'm coming, doll.
  • Clint: First of all, rude.


Hawkeye finally gets a lead on the top-secret case that brought her out to Los Angeles in the first place — and it might be more than she bargained for… In order to solve this mystery, Kate will have to take a good hard look and who she is and where she came from. But is she really ready to face the ghosts of her past?
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

Tony Stark's Daughter-Part two

Tony’s POV

Nine years…Nine years since she went missing, nine years since Hydra took her, nine years of constantly searching for my daughter. And after nine long years I still had nothing, there was no trace of her, she’d just vanished.

The avengers helped though, Banner and some of the others lived in Stark Tower and the others were always visiting, it was nice, made the house less quiet. It’s been hell not having

Y/N around, she’d be seventeen now, she’d basically be an adult. I think that’s what hurt the most that Hydra had taken her and probably done unimaginable things to her… they’d taken away her childhood.

“Tony, c’mon we gotta get going” Romanoff said snapping me out of my thoughts. We had a treaty to sign; this treaty was going to be hard on the team, trying to persuade Cap to sign it was going to be even harder. I grabbed my suit jacket and walked down the stairs hoping that this was all going to go smoothly.

Third person’s POV

“Let go of me!! Let go!!” Y/N screamed as the Hydra agents dragged her to the science lab. She was kicking and screaming trying to right the guards away but to no avail. They pushed her into a room with many other guards located around the room.

They strapped her to one of the operating tables and that’s when the scientist came into the room.

“Ah my favourite little lab rat” he said smugly as he inserted the first needle into my arm, then the second and the third and then he put a type of headset upon her head. Y/N looked terrified.

“No, please please no, not again.” Y/N pleaded.

“Shut up!” The scientist snapped as he began to press buttons on the computer desk that was hooked up to the headset.

“Please, please don't” Y/N continued to beg. She was just about to beg again, but before she could the scientist activated the headset and all Y/N could do was scream,her screams and pleas were halted when the scientist began to speak in Russian; she just stared blankly into space, only hearing the scientists voice echoing through her head.

Tony’s POV

Time skip

“What the hell is going on?” I asked as people began to run out of the room.

“It’s Bucky, he’s going mental again” Natasha stated.“There’s someone with him though” she continued.

“Who?” I asked as I walked towards the camera which was providing us film footage from the ground floor. I looked at the image that the camera portrayed.’..It wasn’t…It couldn’t be…’ I thought to myself.

“Tony you alright? You look like you’ve seen a ghost" Nat asked, knowing that something was wrong. I didn’t say anything, I just ran down the stairs to the ground floor, Nat and others agents following me.

We got to the ground floor in no time and saw Bucky beating up security guards; which is when Nat and another agent decided to fight him. I was going to help them, but that’s when i saw her. I saw my daughter, the daughter that I had lost all those years ago, was standing right in front of me, she looked so much like her mother, I thought becoming lost within these thoughts, but I was snapped back to reality when I was punched by her.

I couldn’t fight her, I couldn’t hurt her..So I just let her continue to punch me, but then Nat kicked her and they began fighting. When I looked up I saw Y/N on the floor and Nat holding a gun to her head.

“Don’t" I said quickly as I ran over to both of them.

“Tony she was going to kill you!” Nat remarked, looking at me with sheer confusion.

“She’s my daughter, Nat, please” I said and as I said those words I felt a tear run down my cheek. Nat didn’t say anything as she knocked Y/N out with the bottom of the gun.

“We need to leave.Now.” She said looking between Y/N and I. I just simply nodded as I picked up my daughter’s body and leaving the building.

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sometimes i remember that hawkeye is canonically deaf in the comics and the mcu erased his disability. that they ignored his abusive childhood and gave him a family - erasing his attachment issues. in the comics hes this self-destructive goofy disabled depressed guy who drinks coffee by the pot just to stay awake and is always covered head to toe in band-aids. sometimes i remember that the mcu erased everything about clint barton but the bow and arrow. and it ruins my whole day.