Character Intro Post: Kate Bishop (Hawkeye)

First question: Hawkeye?? What? I thought that guy with the nice ass was Hawkeye!

Answer: Well, he is. And so is Kate. No one has more fun with that than they do. It’s all “After you, Hawkeye” and “Why thank you, Hawkeye.”

Origin: Kate is the only Young Avenger without a tangible connection to the original/older Avengers. Which means she didn't buy her way in. She got in on pure talent. 

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No, but really. She was born to a wealthy family, but her mother died, leaving only her father and older sister. She was attacked and raped, which motivated her to learn (and excel in) self-defense. 

Becoming a Young Avenger: Her sister’s wedding was held up and all the guests held hostage. The Young Avengers (then consisting of Iron Lad, Patriot, Hulking, and Wiccan) tried to save everyone and utterly failed. Kate saved the day. Then she followed them and demanded she  get a spot on the team. Then she got up in Captain America’s face. She essentially leads the team until after the events of Children’s Crusade. Captain America gave her the bow and title of Hawkeye after she got up in his face and told him what’s what. 

Relationships: She went on a date with Speed, but eventually chose Patriot. In one wacky alternate future, she is pregnant with Speed’s twins. But don’t ask about that alternate future, it’s confusing and depressing. She is no longer (as far as we can tell) dating Patriot and is just being a badass all on her own.

Events: see Intro Post to Young Avengers

Take a moment to appreciate the badassery

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Powers: Like the original Hawkeye, Kate has no superhuman abilities. She is 100% human. However, she is a skilled fighter, especially (obviously) at archery.

Currently: After Children’s Crusade the Young Avengers sort of fell apart. Kate shows up in the current Hawkeye run (the 2012 Matt Fraction version), still entirely flawless and awesome. 

EDIT: Right, she is also showing up somewhat in the current Young Avengers. She’s going to become more…there? in the next issue. She’s…involved with Noh-Varr. (She slept with him, but I don’t think it’s very official and dating-like). 

For more information: check out Comicvine or the official Marvel wikia. Better yet, just read Young Avengers and the current Hawkeye run (Fraction’s Hawkeye is only on it’s eight issue as of 4/9/2013 and is bloody fantastic). 

Proximity (10)-Boo at the Zoo Pt.2

Prompt: Sebastian meets his newest neighbor and immediately finds her to be an interesting and genuine person. Before he knows it, he’s developing feelings for his much younger friend that he tries not to act on because of their age difference, only the proximity of their lives has other things in store for the couple.

A/N: So this central plot has changed a bit, but the story will stay the same–Reader and Seb trying to make things work despite the challenges thrown at them. ALSO, I actually have a Hawkette fanfiction that’s hinted in this story (if ya’ll are interested, I can update it on here, if you’re interested in that kind of thing)

Warnings: i can’t remember XD maybe language

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(00) Prologue, (01) My Place at Six, (02) Just My Neighbor, (03) Forty Percent, (04) Writing My Goodbyes, (05) If You Want, (06) Oblivion, (07) IDFC, (08) Last Night, (09) Boo at the Zoo Pt.1, (11) Girlfriend 

“Tom, get down!” (Y/N) and Elizabeth yelled while the rest of the group urged the youngest member of their party to leap onto the fence post running along a small train track.

“Quit being moms,” Anthony slurred. “Tom’s doing something cool for once.”

“He’s going to fall,” Chris stated matter of factly.

“Thank you, Chris, for having some sense,” Elizabeth said while turning her attention to The Star-Spangled Man with a Plan.

“No, I mean he’s literally about to fall,” Chris said while pointing at Tom who tried to stand up and was wobbling on the post.

“Uh, guys?” he called out while everyone turned toward him. Being closest to the fence, (Y/N) hurried forward and grasped Tom by the forearm, steadying him while he tripped back over the fence and, like a cat, flailed mid-air before landing on his feet.

“That’s it, no more perching for Spider-Man,” Elizabeth scolded as Tom leaned back against the fence and tore his mask from his head for the first time that evening. The group had already been approached by a few fans before–some were sober enough to realize they were the actual Avengers while others were too drunk to see past the rag tag costumes.

“Fair call,” Tom muttered. Once he caught his breath, a couple of girls who had spotted him without his mask hurried over and tapped him on the shoulder. Of everyone, only Tom, Elizabeth, and (Y/N) were the most easily recognizable, but since no one knew who (Y/N) was, Tom and Elizabeth received the most attention from by-passers when unmasked.

“T-Tom Holland?” one of the girls asked him.

“Hi,” he smiled as the group started to disband and allow Tom time to take photos with his fans.

“Hawkette! Wait!” Immediately, (Y/N) turned around and faced the girls then pointed to herself. Upon doing so, the girls waved, asking her to come over. (Y/N) looked to Sebastian for reassurance as her face flushed of color.

“Go on,” he said with a smirk and prideful smile while giving her a little nudge.

“Can we have a picture of the two of you?” they asked.

“Don’t you want to be in it?” Tom asked in confusion.

“Yes, but first we want one of just you two,” the older of the two young women said.

“Um, okay?” Tom said with confusion while (Y/N) bit anxiously at her lip.

“Come on, Peter, put your arm around her,” the younger of the two urged. Tom obeyed and slipped his arm along (Y/N)’s waist and smiled while (Y/N) made a face that appeared to be fed up with ‘Peter’s’ antics, which made the girls laugh. “Perfect!” they smiled in reference to her facial expression.

“Can I ask what this is about?” Tom asked the two girls before they initiated a selfie with him and (Y/N).

“It’s a fanfiction thing,” one of the girls said with a blush.

“It’s called Hawkette so when we saw you two in costume, we were going to get a photo but then we realized you were you,” the other explained after snapping a few selfies with the pair, thanking them for their time, and then running off yelling ‘it’s canon’ at one another excitedly. Slowly, the rest of the group approached the (Y/N) and Tom with confused expressions.

“You better watch out, Sebastian, someone’s trying to steal your girl,” Anthony teased.

“What was that all about?” Chris asked.

“I guess you’re much more famous than you thought,” Sebastian teased (Y/N), causing her face to turn red and her lips to purse up at him, begging him to shut his mouth before he said anything more.

“What are you talking about?” Tom asked as (Y/N) shrunk back toward Elizabeth.

“Sebastian, don’t-”

“(Y/N) wrote fanfiction,” Sebastian cut off (Y/N) and said with a mix of pride and laughter in his voice.

“Will you shut up?” (Y/N) groaned.

“No way!” Anthony cackled loudly. “I’ve gotta see it!”

“What, is that what those girls were talking about?” Tom asked while turning his attention toward (Y/N). She groaned at Sebastian and huffed.

“I thought you loved me,” she teased him with a pout.

“I do,” Sebastian said while taking her in his arms in front of everyone. “I’m just also very proud of you.”

“You’ve never read it!” she protested.

“It has to be good for people to just know about it,” he said reassuringly while the rest of the group continued to pester her.

“What were those girls talking about?”

“Do you write sexy-time stuff?”

“Hold on, I’m looking it up!”

“Have you written about me?” (Y/N) shoved lightly against Sebastian’s chest and groaned as the other guys went back and forth with one another while Elizabeth stood silently with a subtle smirk on her lips.

“Fine, I wrote a Marvel character into the MCU and it got some recognition on a few of websites,” she explained. “It’s not a big deal. I just took Kate Bishop’s storyline, put her in Civil War and Homecoming, altered bits of Peter’s story into her background and made it all fit together without loose ends.”

“I found it!” Tom shouted. Immediately, everyone’s phones went off, signaling a message in the group chat.

“Yes!” Anthony cheered as Tom’s link to the story came through.

“No,” (Y/N) sighed while putting her face into her hands and feeling how hot her skin was turning. “Please,” she begged.

“Katherine Bishop was the youngest daughter of Derek and Eleanor Bishop. After her mother’s death she isolated herself and became a very lonely child. At a young age she witnessed her father brutally assaulting a business partner in his home office and further detached herself from her family, becoming stubborn, self-reliant, and distrusting of others,” Tom read out loud.

“The summer between junior high and high school she was sexually harassed and attacked in Central Park. Only one man stood up to the attacker, sacrificing his life to save the girl’s,” Anthony continued.

“Katherine hurried toward the dying man to be intercepted by Clint Barton, known to the world as former Avenger, Hawkeye. She immediately recognized him and, overwhelmed with grief and guilt, demanded he train her to defend herself,” Chris read. 

“Since she had distanced herself from her father, Clint became a role model for her. He taught her a variety of martial arts techniques, trained her in hand to hand combat, and strengthened her already existing abilities as an archer to the point where she was on par with him. After Clint’s “retirement” due to the Accords, and in opposition to and influx of recognition of a vigilante in her neighborhood called Spider-Man, Katherine’s adventure as a hero begins,” Sebastian stated.

“Will she be able to live up to her namesake?
Will Spider-Man pose a bigger problem to her ability to do her job?
Will the Accords affect her in any way?
…What do you think?” Tom finished the intro (Y/N) remembered writing nearly a year and a half ago. “Fuck, now I want to read it,” Tom muttered to himself.

“It is really good, (Y/N),” Elizabeth said softly.

“You let Lizzie read it and not me?” Sebastian complained with a pout.

“I found it online one day,” Elizabeth explained. “I read everything that you have posted for that story and have been waiting for you to pick it back up,” Elizabeth stated with a sly smirk on her face.

“I’m going to find the scariest haunted house here and lock myself inside because it can’t possibly be worse than the nightmare I’m living,” (Y/N) grumbled.

“I always thought your dramatic nature came from spending so much time around Sebastian, but it turns out, that was all you,” Anthony laughed.

“I hate all of you,” (Y/N) grumbled with a laugh as she started walking towards the reptile exhibit and the adjacent haunted house.

“Come on, (Y/N),” Sebastian yelled after her while shoving his phone into is pocket and chasing after her. He grabbed her waist and pulled her back to the group with a smile on his face. “We’re just teasing you because we all love you.”

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about,” Chris admitted to her with a gentle smile that spread to the crocheted wings poking out over his ears.

“Yeah, if Tom can dress up in Spider-Man costumes until he’s twenty and not be ashamed, you’ve got nothing to worry about,” Anthony said.

“We won’t read it if you’re uncomfortable with it,” Sebastian said while rubbing his hand along her back. After contemplating everything she’s written, (Y/N) sighed and realized there wasn’t anything in the story that would cause her extreme embarrassment…yet.

“I don’t know why you’d want to read it, but I don’t care if you do,” she finally admitted.

“Good, because I’m on chapter two,” Tom announced as he stared at his phone screen.


Danny and Nathan choreographed nationals routine for Highland Hawkettes!

anonymous asked:

Will we ever see you post your Amalgam Comic team Young Vengeance?

You will, if only because I got to doodle on an iPad and ended up doing a quick sketch of Young Vengence. 


Natalie Sandsmark aka Iron Girl. When confronted by an evil version of herself from the future, teen genius Natalie used advanced tech and stolen mystical artifacts to escape being recruited. She became Iron Girl and formed Young Vegence in order to stop her future self from taking over the present. (Wonder Girl/Iron Lad.)

Eli Drake aka Eagle. A young man who discovered that his grandfather was the test subjects when the US was doing expirements with Super Soldier DNA during WW2. Wanting to honor his grandfather’s legacy and hoping to put America on a less self-destructive path, Eli became the Eagle. (Robin III/Patriot.)

Cas-El aka Ant Girl. When Superant’s daughter was killed by Doctor Doomsday, the organization known as SECRET cloned her in an effort to recruit her father. Using her tactile size shifting abilities, she escaped the facility and went to find her own way in the world. (Superboy/Stature)

Will Fite aka The Duke. When the Red Vision abducted one of her twins, the White Witch protected her remaining baby by sending him into the past. Adopted by SECRET agent Nick Fite, Will grew up ignorant of his true origins. When his mystical abilities manifested, he began to fight crime behind his anti-vigilante father’s back. (Billy Kaplan/Anita Fite.)

Not pictured: Kid Mercury, Slobling, Hawkette, Whisper. (Speed/Impulse, Hulkling/Slobo, Hawkeye/Arrowette, Vision/Secret.)

The PA, Really?

Anon Request: Harrison osterfield imagine where she’s one of the heads of marvel as in one of the actors/writers/ producers and she got he hired and they hit it off.

Warnings: fluff

Toward the end of filming Spider-Man: Homecoming, the main cast that would be returning in the next movies were brought in to speak with the writers producers individually about slightly altering MCU and introducing Andrew Maguire in the next movie.

(Y/N) hadn’t had much experience acting before. She had done a ton of plays throughout her childhood, but her strength was in writing. It was because of this that she was asked if the producers could take a fanfiction she had written titled ‘Hawkette’ and incorporate it into the Homecoming storyline. The fanfiction introduced Katherine Bishop in a new and interesting way, went into her background, and put her directly in the center of Peter Parker’s life. Because of how closely related the character’s personality was to (Y/N)’s, as well as the connection she had with Tom when they read lines, she got the part without too much trouble.

“We’re trying to introduce Alpha in the next movie and we’re just wondering what you think about this: how to incorporate him the way we did Kate, who should play him, that sort of thing. Mostly we wanted (Y/N)’s opinion since she successfully managed to make Kate such a pivotal person in Peter’s life.” Immediately all eyes were on (Y/N) as she pushed herself in half-circles in the swivel chair.

“Oh,” she said and cleared her throat. “Well, Andrew is kind of a strange character to cast just because the maturity Peter went through before getting a sidekick is because of age, but you could just chalk that up to everything he went through during this movie and Infinity War,” she suggested. “And if you’re seriously considering our suggestions for the actor to portray him, I think your best bet would be Harrison Osterfield.” 

“The PA, Really?” they asked in confused disbelief.

“Why not? He and Tom already have an established relationship and that chemistry would come across well on screen,” (Y/N) explained. “We could have him be a student that just transferred and kind of falls into their group of outcasts. It would only make sense that Kate and Peter eventually figure out Andy’s abilities.”

“And you’re sure that Osterfield is the best bet for the part? You wouldn’t go with someone who’s already a household name?” they pestered.

“You picked me to play Kate because I wrote a nice piece of fanfiction and Tom was still an up-and-coming actor when he got the part of Peter. The only people in this film that could be considered a household name are Zendaya and Robert.” The group of people nodded and then dismissed her, bringing Tom in to answer the same questions. As (Y/N) left, Harrison caught her arm and pulled her aside.

“Hey,” he smiled down at her. (Y/N) couldn’t help but blush; she had gotten to know Harrison fairly well through filming and was probably closer to him than she was to Tom. Harrison always seemed like a quieter person than Tom but he was just as excitable. Simply put, if Harrison and Tom were dogs, Tom would be a corgi–playful, bold, protective, outgoing–and Harrison was easily a golden retriever–kind, trustworthy, reliable, confident.

“Hey,” she smiled while tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Can you say what they’re wanting to talk to everyone about?” he asked apprehensively. The smile on her face widened as she thought about the fact that, as a writer on the Spider-Man projects, she had the resources available not only to get Harrison hired, but make his character her love interest.

“They didn’t tell me not to,” she smirked and leaned against the wall.

“So you’re just going to tease me?” he asked with a light laugh. She reciprocated his chuckle and caved.

“I figure Tom will just tell you anyway,” she sighed. “They’re wanting to introduce a new character: Spider-Man’s sidekick Alpha. He’s gotta be pretty new since he’s named after Tom’s predecessors but they were asking how they could bring him into MCU like I brought Kate in,” she explained. “And then I suggested you should get the part.” Harrison’s eyes lit up with excitement and his heart felt like it was soaring.

“You did not!” he accused.

“I did too,” she protested with a laugh. The smile on Harrison’s face started to grow even larger only to fall as he realized the possibility of him getting the part.

“Be serious, (Y/N),” he said sternly, “do you think I’d have a shot at the part?” She smiled and pushed up on her tip toes to hug him.

“I think you have a better shot than anyone else who could audition,” she stated.

“Do you really think that?” he asked, his voice starting to reveal just how much he was questioning his abilities as an actor.

“Harrison, you’re incredibly talented. They would be insane not to give you the part,” she stated. “You have more chemistry with the cast than anyone they could bring in and they know that chemistry will come off well. On top of that, you’re more qualified than I was for my role. I hadn’t been in anything of importance since I was Mary in a nativity play in fourth grade,” she laughed. Harrison allowed his arms to fall from her shoulders and (Y/N)’s throat leapt into her throat, disappointed they had let go of one another. She took in one last whiff of his cologne before Tom came back into the hallway, joining the pair.

“What did they have to tell you?” (Y/N) quickly asked as Harrison scratched at the back of his neck, hoping Tom hadn’t gotten the wrong impression of his relationship with (Y/N).

“They were asking a lot of questions about how I thought Harrison and I would work together professionally,” Tom stated.

“Did you say that the set would go up in flames on day one?” she teased them.

“No,” Tom sneered at her, “why did they ask you something different?”

“(Y/N) said they asked her how to bring Andrew Maguire into the next Spider-Man movie and that she told them to consider me for the part,” Harrison explained.

“No way!” Tom gasped. “When will we know?” 

“Probably just after Harrison does,” (Y/N) teased. “I’ll be the first person he tells and then you.”

“There’s no way Harrison will tell you before he tells me,” Tom huffed. “Isn’t there, Harrison?” Harrison shrugged his shoulders and then looked from Tom’s face toward (Y/N) who still stood beside him.

“I don’t know mate,” he began. “I mean (Y/N) put my name in the running for the part.”

“But I introduced you to the producers and brought you on as a PA,” Tom pouted. “And we’re basically brothers!”

“Yeah but (Y/N)’s much more easier on the eyes,” he smirked at Tom and playfully laced his fingers into (Y/N)’s, causing both of their faces to flush a bright red and Tom to fake vomiting noises at their flirtatious advances toward one another.