I started 1-2 days on this Pic befor i reached 700 Followers, now its kinda 1 week later and I’ve finally finished it in this Time 18 more Followers joined in on the Boot Tank!!!


The Name of THIS TANK is Iskanda (Alexander) one the Hull, you can also find the name Bucephalus, which was his Horse.

The Tank-Crew is composed of the Following Personas:

Drunken Celestia as Commander of the Tank.

GunRunner as a Commissar, who is accompanying the Crew.

QuestionPinkamena as Driver.

Hawkesho as Radioman.

the Parasprite-Pony Grey(I’m sry when I mixed the name up of this one) and Sherlock-Whooves as Leader of the Gunner-Crew.

and the followings as Loader/Mascots:

Sir-Lint-A-Lot and Rocky

and Puppysmiles.


This are some of my favored blogs and or very good friends of mine.


there are actually still many more blogs out there which i enjoy aswell very much and would deserve to be on this pic - on any pic - ever, allways, i love them all.


so liek… sorry for lack of updates. work and laze and super smash bros and stuff. so heres a make up post with some of my close friends :YYYYYYYY i have friends to draw but i work in like 20 minutes so yeah, later.

cool people in this post:

short blue fan pon




Sparkle Puff: B-But–!! H-How did you find me??

Bang: Oh Sparkle… Did you really think you ever escaped Novum in the first place?

(( ahhh jesusaskldf;asd… I’m done now. @____@ halp.. my hand broke. I blasphemed with Background shading and a hint of a plot and my hand broke. wtf.

I have been unloading a lot of crap on you guys lately, and for that I apologize. you deserve better. so to help make up for it, I went all out on this little bit. we’ll see how long I can keep it up.. Hope you enjoy! I miss you guies. :[ hopefully school and work will give me a break soon so I can update regularly again so I can show off more of my addiction to fluffy pon pons.

not likely, but I can always hope. for now sleep! |D night night.. ))

friday plannings

I want to play boardgames with you friday evening again (evening for me) and for the most of you it would be soon or late afternoon)…. i intent to host some lobbies at around 20:00 GMT+1 (for most of the american followers that would be at around 13:00 to 16:00 so when you have time and want to play boardgame-online with me and most certainly hawkesho you gonna shedule some time and nerves for that game at that time… i totaly intent to drag - with force - hawkesho in there so you all join me on my procrestination-quest there…. peace, love, im out, good night. (its 01:24 now)