For the bittersamgirlclub Top 5 Sam Songs prompt! (I need to learn to stop cutting these so close!)
I have a lot of songs I associate with Sam, so this was mostly me picking and choosing from my Sam Playlist on Spotify.

Yesterday’s Son - Lifehouse
This is a song I associated with Stanford Era/early seasons!Sam from the moment I heard it. The amount of courage that it took for Sam to prepare for college and get his applications together while on the road, then leave his brother and father - and accept being disowned - to make the life that he wanted for himself still gives me chills. His goal in those early seasons to forge his own path and figure out who he was outside of the destiny that had been chosen for him is embodied pretty damn well in this song.

Reason to Believe - Dashboard Confessional
Sam continually pulls himself back together from the most awful of situations for the greater good: while he’s in the hospital dying, he wants to help another patient with her own problems, or trying to finish the trials to close the gates of Hell while his body is failing, or doing everything in his power to save his brother after he becomes a demon.
There’s a lot of meta that could be done here about how Sam views his body, but the consistency with how often he pushes it to its limits for the sake of others pairs well with this song.

Hopeless Opus - Imagine Dragons
You’ll be pleased to know I fought hard to limit myself to one Imagine Dragons song for this prompt, even though they’re one of those bands that I just associate with Sam.
“It’s not a picture perfect life/Not what I had in mind/Let me write my own line.”
So much of Sam’s storyline in the first five seasons (and on, but that’s a different point) was centered around his goal to do the right thing, no matter how bad it was for him or how bad it looked to those around him. It was Sam trying to make it in a life that kept knocking him down over and over again and trying to find the optimism in that.

Pressure - Youngblood Hawke
A Powers!Sam song. I don’t have a lot of deep thoughts behind this one except that I really, really liked that Sam embraced powers that had been given to him in the hopes that he would use them for evil, and chose to try to use them for good. He wanted to do the right thing.

Garands - Young the Giant
Again, we should all be happy that I limited myself to a single Young the Giant song here and, clearly, my problem is young Sam angst.
This song was written about the draft during World War II, technically, but the lyrics feel poignant when we’re talking about a person who was raised in the hunting lifestyle from the time he was six months old. He never had a grasp on what a normal life was because he was too young to ever remember it. He was young when he learned about the monsters his father was hunting, and he was still young when he had a gun shoved into his hands and told that what he was doing was the right thing - the good thing. And he questioned it; didn’t buy into the idea that all of the monsters were evil but rather found the will to think for himself. (Hence the reasoning behind choosing a screencap from “The Girl Next Door.”)

Runner ups include “Hey Brother” by Avicii, “Luck” by American Authors, and just about every Young the Giant and Imagine Dragons song there is.

draw yourself as: dragon age edition!

take as much creative liberty with this as you like! followers can request numbers, but don’t wait for a prompt to do this!! choose your favourite and practice art!! 

  1. as a grey warden/the hero of ferelden
  2. as hawke
  3. as the herald of andraste/inquisitor
  4. your casual daily outfit/mask in orlais
  5. your formal outfit/mask at the winter palace
  6. as a member of the tevinter magisterium (inspiration for outfits: maevaris tilani, gereon alexius, felix alexius) 
  7. as a qunari 
  8. as a dwarf (you choose caste / castelessness) 
  9. as an elf (city or dalish)
  10. as a chantry brother/sister/acolyte 
  11. as a circle mage (outfit inspo: wynne, bethany, fiona, jowan) 
  12. possessed by a spirit (friendly or unfriendly) 
  13. your armour (anything you want!) 
  14. riding a mythical creature of thedas (halla, dracolisk, giant nug, bronto, whatever you want!) 
  15. as a warrior/mage/rogue (bonus: with armour and weapons and accessories)
  16. as a red templar/red lyrium infected person 
  17. corrupted by the blight/tainted 
  18. fighting an in-game enemy you think is scary (shrieks, pride demon, darkspawn, ect.)