draw yourself as: dragon age edition!

take as much creative liberty with this as you like! followers can request numbers, but don’t wait for a prompt to do this!! choose your favourite and practice art!! 

  1. as a grey warden/the hero of ferelden
  2. as hawke
  3. as the herald of andraste/inquisitor
  4. your casual daily outfit/mask in orlais
  5. your formal outfit/mask at the winter palace
  6. as a member of the tevinter magisterium (inspiration for outfits: maevaris tilani, gereon alexius, felix alexius) 
  7. as a qunari 
  8. as a dwarf (you choose caste / castelessness) 
  9. as an elf (city or dalish)
  10. as a chantry brother/sister/acolyte 
  11. as a circle mage (outfit inspo: wynne, bethany, fiona, jowan) 
  12. possessed by a spirit (friendly or unfriendly) 
  13. your armour (anything you want!) 
  14. riding a mythical creature of thedas (halla, dracolisk, giant nug, bronto, whatever you want!) 
  15. as a warrior/mage/rogue (bonus: with armour and weapons and accessories)
  16. as a red templar/red lyrium infected person 
  17. corrupted by the blight/tainted 
  18. fighting an in-game enemy you think is scary (shrieks, pride demon, darkspawn, ect.)