hawke's beard

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What are their names, Hawk?

The bearded chibi is called Vladislav, the girl with curly hair Aurora and the white haired one is called Rachel n.n

Last night I got to see The Front Bottoms play a 20 song set, Smoke a blunt with Brian Sella (Pictured Right) and also throw a football around with TFB. Best night ever.

Mornings at the estate.

(I swear, everything coming out of that kitchen is in-character right now –

Fenris: Could you, like, MOVE?

Hawke: …I stepped on a noodle…


Fenris: Are you high? You look high.

Hawke: Well, I did inhale a lot of chemicals putting this beard on.


Fenris: …Is that a spider in your beard?

Hawke: Yeah, but it’s not staying. I think I need some of those fake cobwebs.

Fenris: I hope you know I’m not kissing you like that.


Hawke: Fenris. Hey Fenris, c’mere. I put a plastic bag on my head, it looks like a pope hat! :D

Fenris: …I’m done with you.